“A+” for Trump’s First Year: Law Prof Praises as Trump Begins Second Year


America First Lawyers Associaton

As Trump Begins His 2nd Year, D.C. Law Professor Grades Trump's 1st Year an A+ in Four Categories including Trump's Recent Fight Against the Schumer Shutdown

As Trump enters the second year of his presidency, the average American is far better off than a year ago. President Trump earns an A+ for his first year.”

— Prof. Victor Williams, Chair of America First Lawyers Association

WASHINGTON, D.C. , USA, January 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Trump earned an ‘A+’ grade for his first year in the White House,” states Law Professor Victor Williams.

Donald Trump is the most disruptive, successful Chief Executive in generations,” argues Williams as Trump enters the second year of his presidency.

“Across a range of four domestic and foreign policy categories, President Trump has earned the highest possible marks” according to University of Maryland Law Professor Victor Williams.

"As Trump enters the second year of his presidency, the average American is far better off than a year ago."

A Washington, D.C. attorney who has taught law for over twenty years, Victor Williams has prior academic affiliations with Catholic University ‘s Columbus School of Law, American University’s Washington College of the Law, and the City University of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

On the anniversary of Trump’s first year in office, Professor Williams states that Trump has earned stellar marks:

“Any objective analysis of Trump’s stellar domestic economic successes and foreign policy accomplishments would yield top marks for the 45th President. Sadly, most academics and media officials still suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. But the average American knows that Trump is an A+ promise keeper.”

Professor Williams lists four categories of the Republic’s 45th President’s stellar accomplishments:

1. Promoting Historic Economic Growth by tax cuts, business tax reforms, unnecessary regulation slashing, and a positive, pro-business bully pulpit;

2. Initiating Transformative Foreign Policy and National Security Reforms including defeating ISIS on critical fronts, instituting travel freezes (bans) from terrorist nations, withdrawing from the Paris climate ruse, and reaffirming America’s strong bonds with Israel including the embassy move to Jerusalem,;

3. Mandating Law & Order as a Civil Right with common-sense judicial appointments, deporting violent criminal illegals (they are all criminals), and marshalling resources against MS13 and other vicious gangs;

4. Putting America First in Immigration and Trade Matters by fighting both leftist Democrats and elitist Republicans for a merits-based immigration policy, ending chain migration, ending visa overstays/lotteries, building a southern border Wall, and demanding fair trade policies.

Most recently, Williams argues that President Trump showed tremendous resolve and dedication in fighting against the Schumer Shutdown of the federal government.

Amazingly, Democrats again put the interests of illegal aliens over the interests of the military and other hard-working Americans. Democrats continue a far-left shift with no concern about the safety or welfare of American citizens.

In comparison with the past four presidencies, Trump must be granted the highest marks.

Professor Williams states that in comparison with Barack Obama, Trump’s “A+” grade is perhaps not high enough. Trump’s stellar accomplishments serve to frame what a failure the Obama eight years were for average, working Americans and for American national security.

Professor Williams was an early primary and then a strong general election supporter of candidate Donald Trump. He founded and now leads America First Lawyers Association to support the Trump Administration. The academic is often referenced as Prof. Victor “4Trump” Williams.

Prof. Victor Williams, Chair and Senior Counsel
America First Lawyers Association
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DigitalPhone.io Strengthens Outbound Fraud Detection for International Calling Clients



DigitalPhone.io serving businesses, governmental and education across the country, announced that it has substantially strengthened its fraud detection.

Our stronger and more comprehensive fraud management program is offered to all of our customers, and significantly reduces the likelihood of unauthorized, improper or illegal VoIP phone system use.”

— Nicky Smith, President/CEO, Digital Phone.io

GREENSBORO, NC, US, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — DigitalPhone.io, a leading cloud-based hosted telecommunications company based in North Carolina serves businesses, government organizations and educational institutions across the country, announced today that it has substantially strengthened its fraud management program.

Key features of DigitalPhone.io’s enhanced and comprehensive fraud management program includes:

– Monitoring all outbound traffic to detect anomalies at the automatic number identification (ANI) level.

– Automatically blocking suspicious calling that may be the result of subscription fraud, IP PBX hacking, abuse of service terms and conditions, internal fraud, employee theft, phishing, pharming, and payment fraud.

– Implementing customized system rules using conditional criteria, which are based on known fraud trends and tactics.
Flagging calls to/from numbers linked to confirmed fraud cases noted in industry-wide “hot lists.”

– Creating and scoring profiles based on key risk indicators, such as volume, dialed destination, etc.

– Analyzing robocalls by researching and analyzing each telephone number, and accessing carrier and consumer reports.

– Automatically notifying customers if fraudulent activity is suspected or detected.

– Documenting and updating all cases in a dedicated fraud management system.

“Experts estimate that global telecom fraud losses in 2017 were $29.2 billion,” commented Nicky Smith, DigitalPhone.io’s Founder and CEO. “Nothing is more important protecting the security of our customers, and ensuring they get full value for their telecommunications investment. Our stronger and more comprehensive fraud management program is offered to all of our customers, and significantly reduces the likelihood of unauthorized, improper or illegal VoIP phone system use.”

For additional information regarding DigitalPhone.io, visit https://DigitalPhone.io or email inquiry@DigitalPhone.io.

About DigitalPhone.io

DigitalPhone.io (formerly Carolina Digital) is a pioneer of hosted phone services, and provides products that improve the capabilities of business and education telephony, while reducing their overall cost. The company’s offerings stand out for their excellent value, including very competitive pricing, the industry’s deepest feature set, ease of deployment, and many user-friendly packages – from a full turnkey setup including dial tone and VoIP phones, to automated call answering and routing solutions that work with existing landlines, cell phones or VoIP phones.

Nicky Smith
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Cloud-based Business Telephone System from DigitalPhone.io

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Steve’s Automotive


LONGMONT, CO, USA, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Steve’s Automotive
Name: Steve's Automotive – contact Liz
Phone: 303.682.9015
510 2nd Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501

Steve’s Automotive boasts discounts available for services in January 2018
Longmont, CO: Throughout the month of January 2018, Steve’s Automotive is offering the following discounts, with coupon:
• $10 off any alignment
• 10% off any labor (with a $50 limit)
• Check and Flush Cooling System service for $99.95
Coupons are available in the Longmont Times-Call or on Steve’s Automotive website at http://www.stevesautorepairlongmont.com/longmont-auto-repair-coupons/. Certain restrictions or limitations apply.
There is an additional coupon for $19.95 that provides customers with the following services:
• Oil Change
• Tire Rotation
• Brake Inspection
• Belts
• Hoses
• Fluid Levels
Each month, Steve’s Automotive offers a new set of coupons to ensure customers are always able to receive preventative and necessary service at an affordable price. Even without coupons, regular prices are reasonable for services such as alignment, vehicle diagnostic, tire repair and replacement, and fluid inspection. As a full-service repair and auto maintenance shop, Steve’s Automotive provides major engine work on domestic and imported vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks. General coupons, like the reduction in labor price, can be a huge asset if your car needs major repairs or adjustments.
As always, Steve’s Automotive is happy to provide shuttle service to help ease any inconvenience involved in automotive maintenance and care. They also provide free inspections and written estimates, so there are never any surprises on the invoice. It is usually possible to have cars in for service and back out on the road the same day. For short service trips, customers are invited to relax in the clean, welcoming waiting areas.
Steve’s Automotive specializes in wheel alignment and brake suspension, so you can feel safe and confident driving in a vehicle serviced by Steve’s staff. At Steve’s Automotive, everyone cares about the customers’ safety and happiness with their vehicle, which is why they offer helpful tips and hints on their website, so drivers can know exactly when to bring their car in for a tune-up. To make customers better car owners, their website offers causes and solutions for common car ailments, which can help prevent them from occurring in the future.

About Steve’s Automotive: Steve’s Automotive is a full service automotive shop in Longmont, Colorado. Owner Steve Powers has been operating in Longmont since 1993 and often assists with car shows and events in the community.
Through Steve’s Automotive full range of services, Steve demonstrates his passionate and commitment to the service and maintenance of classic cars. From hotrods and muscle cars to classic trucks, Steve can tune up any vehicle. His work ranges from regular maintenance to replacing transmissions and installing entire vintage air systems.
The rest of the team is just as committed. With decades of experience between them, they’ll work hard to have you driving smoothly out of the shop in no time. For service estimates and appointments, call (303) 682-9015 or visit http://www.stevesautorepairlongmont.com/ for more information.

Steve’s Automotive
Steve’s Automotive
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Financial Fitness Group Board of Directors Appoint New CEO



Online financial literacy company promotes Miguel D. Vasquez as CEO to drive vision of providing unbiased, independent financial education for every American.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer. Miguel started as CFO and was quickly promoted to President and then CEO within just a few months.”

— Board Executive Chairman Patrick D. Quirk.

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Precision Information, LLC., DBA Financial Fitness Group (wwwFinancialFitnessGroup.com), headquartered in San Diego, CA, is the creator of a leading online financial literacy platform and actionable ecosystem designed to teach individuals about the language of money through interactive financial education for the financial services industry and fortune 5000 companies across the nation, announced today the promotion of President Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer of Financial Fitness Group by the Board of Directors.

"It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer", said Board Executive Chairman Patrick D. Quirk. "Miguel started as CFO and was quickly promoted to President and then CEO within just a few months. He brings with him 20 years of financial services and leadership experience in our key industries. He provides a strong financial management process which has improved our overall corporate financial trajectory and is an integral player in the growth of key strategic deals to move the company forward. We finished a strong 2017 and have a great 2018 ahead of us. Miguel is also an excellent mentor and commands great respect and loyalty from our employees."

Mr. Vasquez was first appointed as CFO of Financial Fitness Group in January 2017 and within 5 months he was promoted to President. Prior to his current role as CEO of Financial Fitness Group, Mr. Vasquez led a team of executives in educational management, behavioral science, community development and financial education as the Founder and CEO of the California Foundation Fund. The Foundation's main focus was to collaborate with socially conscious businesses for the development and delivery of financial education and empowerment initiatives. Mr. Vasquez was also a regional manager and Vice President at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation where he oversaw the expansion of HSBC's Premier Wealth Division. In 2012, Mr. Vasquez was appointed as the Director of Alliant School of Management's Center for Business Acceleration to grow and sustain emerging technology businesses. In 2013, he was appointed as Director of Commercialization at UCSD Rady School of Management to startup and launch its 3D virtual reality campus. Mr. Vasquez is on the board of directors at the California Foundation Fund and an active supporter of the Foundation's "FutureBoss" youth entrepreneurship scholarship competition.

"I am very excited for the opportunity to continue a purposeful and inspiring role to lead the Financial Fitness Group as CEO. I am proud that our talented team members provide real-life solutions within our actionable and unbiased online financial education platform. Americans at work are expected to make it possible to compete in the global economy, we have set out to provide a promising and transformational learning experience that empowers our nation's workforce, said Mr. Miguel D. Vasquez, CEO. "At the Financial Fitness Group, we are determined to engage the workplace with reliable educational lessons and actionable resources. Our partnerships with the country's most forward-thinking financial institutions and workforce service providers enable us to reach and improve millions of lives. It is my hope that I can continue the great work that began 20 years ago as an academic endeavor to expand on the potential of leading people into financial sustainability."

Over the next year under the leadership of Mr. Vasquez, Financial Fitness Group will continue to expand their strategic partnerships within the financial services industry to help leverage their online platforms massive library of over 10,000+ FINRA compliant content, customizable e-learning systems, and mega-data linkages. The company will also grow their end-user engagement to scale the company's business model while improving the lives of every American.


Financial Wellness in America
Since the 1970's, the United States has shifted the burden of saving for retirement from the employer to the employee. Pensions are now a thing of the past, and employees have taken on the sole responsibility for their financial futures. With that responsibility comes stress – the stress of the unknown related to money. Today, we have 80% of the workforce living paycheck to paycheck – with 46% of those employees stressing about finances at work at least 3 hours per week. Financial Fitness Group was created to help fill the void by enabling individuals to empower themselves, to become more profitable and less stressed in their daily lives. The Financial Fitness Groups online education platform was specifically developed to reduce the anxiety, lack of clarity or absence of financial planning that yields uncertainty related to money, including debt, medical bills, saving for retirement or children's education. Financial Fitness Group impacts people's lives by giving them the knowledge and information to confidently reach their financial goals.

About Precision Information, DBA Financial Fitness Group:
Financial Fitness Group (FFG) is an enterprise software company that developed multiple academically based financial e-learning platforms and actionable ecosystems designed to maximize employee engagement, personal financial knowledge, and predictive behavioral linkages. Since 1998 Financial Fitness Group has partnered with the country's most forward-thinking financial institutions and workforce service providers to empower more than 2 million employees within more than 1,000 major U.S. corporations, universities and government agencies. Our cloud-based, independent and unbiased financial education and engagement platform, assesses and benchmarks participants overall financial fitness. Our company was founded in 1998 based on scientific research around how to improve the financial literacy of the citizens of the United States. That research continues to this day and is the driving force, along with our clients, to continuously meet the new challenges facing those with financial stress.

As part of the financial learning journey, the Financial Fitness Group developed the Financial Fitness SCORE™. This score allows participants to identify, benchmark, and positively change their financial aptitude, behavior, and confidence. Our exclusive, robust online content enables users to build up their Financial Fitness SCORE™ in a fun, engaging manner using a foundation of over 10,000 pieces of FINRA compliant content each user can select from. The platform is modular and easily adaptable to enterprise-level capacity offering solutions to meet each organization's unique needs.

Georgette Regan
Financial Fitness Group
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Imbue Botanicals, LLC Signs Distribution Agreement with Trifecta Pharmaceuticals, USA

Some of Imbue Products

k9capsules Small Breed

kittycomfort tincture

Imbue Botanicals, LLC has signed a distribution agreement with Trifecta Pharmaceuticals, USA for expanded online distribution.

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…Palm Springs, CA, January 17, 2018- (Press Release Point) – Imbue Botanicals, LLC a Wyoming based company, is pleased to announce that it has finalized a distribution agreement with Trifecta Pharmaceuticals, USA, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA was founded in 2007 and is a leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality OTC Topical Ointments, Creams, Gels and Oral Rehydration Salts.

Imbue Botanicals offers an extensive line of premium CBD products produced from organically grown Colorado hemp, including CBD tinctures, lotions, salves and capsules, for both people and pets.

“We are excited about introducing Imbue Botanicals to our online customers, as well as a higher level of involvement in this fast-growing market segment” said Svet Millic R.Ph., Co-owner of Trifecta Pharmaceuticals. “We are confident that the addition of this product line for our online customers will not only help drive revenue, but most important, will provide a whole host of alternative health solutions as well. We definitely wanted a product line that was US grown and manufactured, with a design and branding that lends itself to online sales. But we also wanted to provide a product line that provided our customers the finest hemp CBD products on the market. We believe we found that in Imbue Botanicals.”

“We’re thrilled to be part of such a forward-thinking group,” said Tom Bauer, Managing Partner for Imbue Botanicals. “Having our product line distributed through their online channels helps extend our reach and is truly a win-win.”

Trifecta Pharmaceuticals will begin introducing Imbue Botanicals to its customers this month.

ABOUT Imbue Botanicals, LLC:
Imbue Botanicals offers an extensive line of full spectrum, premium CBD products produced from organically grown Colorado hemp, including tinctures, capsules, topical CBD lotions and salves, their premium, Colorado grown hemp CBD products are non GMO, cruelty free, vegan and contain no added flavorings or sugars. Available through select retailers, their products offer exceptional quality, superb packaging and unmatched value.

Imbue Botanicals offers CBD products for both people and pets. For more information, visit: www.imbuebotanicals.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/imbuebotanical
Instagram: www.instagram.com/imbuebotanicals_cbd

ABOUT Trifecta Pharmaceuticals:
Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA was founded in 2007 and is a leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality OTC Topical Ointments, Creams, Gels and Oral Rehydration Salts. The company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with warehouses in Florida, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Shanghai, China.

Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA and Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd. work as a partnership in the manufacturing and supply of its products sold in the United States. It has several brands on the market in the United States such as our Globe brand, Rhuli Gel, TRIORAL, and Mayinglong Ointment. The company also offers National Brand Equivalent formulations for its customers store brand OTC Ointments, Creams, Gels and Oral Rehydration Salts.

For more information, visit: www.trifecta-pharma.com

Paul A Caudell
Imbue Botanicals
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B2SMB Institute Launches Leaders’ Forum, Set for May 16-17, in San Francisco

Exclusive peer-to-peer gathering for executives driving $500Bil business-to-small-business marketplace, focusing on high-level strategy & tactics

We are excited to be able to gather big business leaders and their partners to share insights on how to successfully design, offer and deliver real help to 20 Million small businesses in the US.”

— Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute CEO

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The B2SMB Institute, the first professional organization focused on advancing excellence in the business-to-small-business ecosystem, today announced the launch of the B2SMB Institute Leaders’ Forum, a by-invitation event for B2SMB thought leaders, taking place May 16-17, in San Francisco.

The Leaders’ Forum is an exclusive peer-to-peer gathering of the executives that are driving the $500 billion B2SMB marketplace. The program will focus on high-level strategy across a range of disciplines, including sales and marketing, product development, delivery, training, partnerships and investment. The format will feature Ted-Talk-like showcases, in which industry leaders will share what’s working, what’s needed and what’s next.

This is the first Leaders’ Forum hosted by the B2SMB Institute, a member-driven community of B2SMB decision-makers who share common needs, challenges and goals. Program highlights include:

Actionable Research. The B2SMB Institute’s latest proprietary and curated research about the B2SMB marketplace, including SMB identity and behavioral data, will help Leaders’ Forum attendees understand the complex, fragmented and changing profile of more than 20 million US small businesses.

Inspiring Keynote Showcases. The best and brightest in B2SMB present their successes and failures in Ted-Talk-like keynotes, opening their widely-varied playbooks for winning, keeping and growing small-business customers.
Engaging Networking. Unique networking opportunities offer attendees the chance to make authentic connections, including a collaborative and competitive Wine-Blending Party and Leaders’ Forum “Meat & Eat” dining groups.
Partnering Opportunities. Attendees will have access to a rapidly emerging collaborative community of B2SMB brands, resources and technology providers that are partnering to solve challenges across their sales and marketing, product development and delivery.

Tech Innovation. The San Francisco Bay Area, one of the leading centers of tech innovation in the world, serves as the ideal backdrop for the Leaders’ Forum. From hot startups and investment trends, to how SMBs respond to what’s new and determine whether to build or buy, tech innovation will be showcased throughout the program.
On-Your-Feet Labs. These mini workshops will feature select Forum leaders sharing their toughest and most immediate demands. Attendees will work-shop these challenges live, leveraging the collective brainpower of the Leaders’ Forum audience.

“The B2SMB Institute is a passionate advocate for a healthy B2SMB ecosystem,” said Dave Walker, CEO and founder, B2SMB Institute. “We are excited to be able to gather big business leaders and their partners to share insights on how to successfully design, offer and deliver real help and lasting solutions to the more than 20 million small businesses in the US.”

For more information about the B2SMB Institute Leaders’ Forum, including how to participate, visit: https://b2smbi.com/the-b2smb-institute-leaders-forum/. To request an invitation, email LeadersLeague@b2smbi.com. To request information on sponsorship opportunities, email dave@b2smbi.com.

About the B2SMB Institute

The B2SMB Institute is the first professional organization focused on advancing excellence in the business-to-small-business ecosystem. B2SMB leaders, practitioners, brands and enterprises rely on the Institute for critical market intelligence resources, peer-to-peer networking, best-practice guidance and specialized skills development. The B2SMB Institute champions small-business-centric thinking and practice, with a focus on how to reach, engage, win, keep and grow SMB customers. The member-driven organization serves as a dynamic, daily destination to find, meet and network with B2SMB decision-makers who share common needs, challenges and goals. Visit https://b2smbi.com/ for details on resources, benefits and membership opportunities.

Dave Walker
B2SMB Institute
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BluePay Enhances Credit Card Processing Solution for Hotel & Lodging Merchant Accounts

BluePay, a leading gateway and merchant accounts provider, has bolstered the functionality of its hotel and lodging credit card processing solution.

NAPERVILLE, IL, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — BluePay, a leading gateway and merchant accounts provider, has bolstered the functionality of its hotel and lodging credit card processing solution by adding specific industry-related addenda for improved data collection on each transaction for all applicable card types.

Through the hotel point of sale software, merchants can now pass through additional details to the BluePay Gateway such as folio number, room number, arrival date, and departure. Using the lodging data fields, transactions are routed to an appropriate interchange category, reducing the risk of downgrades and lowering processing costs.

"With every new technology development and product enhancement, our goal is to deliver a service that will provide the most value to our merchants," commented Jeffrey Punzel, Senior Product Manager at BluePay. "By offering this level of credit card processing for our hotel and lodging merchants, BluePay is able to deliver lower processing rates, while also providing the detailed reporting hotel managers and innkeepers need to streamline business operations."

For more information on BluePay's hotel and lodging credit card processing solutions, click here.

About BluePay: BluePay, a First Data company, is a leading provider of technology-enabled payment processing for merchants in the United States and Canada. Through physical POS, online, and mobile interfaces, as well as CRM and ERP software integrations, BluePay processes business-to-consumer and business-to-business payments while providing real-time settlement, reporting, and reconciliation, along with robust security features such as tokenization and point-to-point encryption. BluePay is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, with offices in Chicago, Maryland, New York, Oxford and Toronto. For more information, follow BluePay on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or visit www.bluepay.com.

About First Data: First Data (NYSE: FDC) is a global leader in commerce-enabling technology and solutions, serving approximately six million business locations and 4,000 financial institutions in more than 100 countries around the world. The company's 24,000 owner-associates are dedicated to helping companies, from start-ups to the world's largest corporations, conduct commerce every day by securing and processing more than 2,800 transactions per second and $2.2 trillion per year.

Jennifer Seebock
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Rutgers University Announces Start Date for Cyber Academy

The Center for Innovation Education at Rutgers University announces the start date of its online Cyber Security Certificate Program beginning February 12, 2018.



NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey, January 18, 2018 — The Center for Innovation Education at Rutgers University (RIE) has partnered with Socratic Arts, Inc. to announce the next start date of its intensive 24-week online Cyber Security Certificate Program beginning February 12, 2018. Development for the course was funded by the Department of Defense, and the curriculum was developed in partnership with government-selected information security experts. The program is now being offered to the public as a non-credit certificate through Rutgers RIE.

Students will gain a broad foundation of defensive and offensive cyber operations skills, including open source intelligence gathering, disk and memory forensics, network traffic analysis, exploiting websites, servers, and application software, reverse engineering, evading antivirus and intrusion detection systems, and social engineering and spearphishing.

Graduates of the Cyber Security Certificate program will:

• Solve state-of-the-art cyber operations/information security problems – Students will confront and solve difficult, authentic problems across the full range of cyber disciplines.

• Experience hands-on learning – The learn-by-doing approach is completely hands on – students will be asked to solve a progression of problems of increasing difficulty and will have access to our expert faculty to assist in completing tasks.

• Gain practical, job-ready skills and knowledge – In order to defend a network one must learn to think like an attacker, that is, to understand the techniques that sophisticated adversaries use. This curriculum was developed to understand and protect systems and networks against internal and external threats.

• Leave with a professional Cyber Operations and Information Security Portfolio – Graduates will have a portfolio of work exhibiting how they tackle real-world problems, and the offensive and defensive skills they have used to mitigate threats.

This course is offered to US citizens and green card holders only and will be limited to the first 75 accepted candidates. All applicants will be required to take a risk-free online assessment which will be evaluated by the course faculty prior to acceptance into the course.

"In keeping with Rutgers’ Center for Innovation Education mission of providing cutting edge, high demand employment curriculum, we are pleased to offer this challenging and stimulating Cyber Security course that will prepare graduates to tackle the complex challenge of protecting and securing computer networks," said Stephen Carter, Director of RIE.
Ray Bareiss, Senior Vice President of Socratic Arts, Inc. said, "Having developed this curriculum in conjunction with the Department of Defense, we looked for the right partner to offer this program, and the Rutgers Center for Innovation Education is the perfect University partner. The demand for Information Security professionals is exploding, and this program provides the skills and acumen required to succeed in this dynamic field.”

Development of the program was funded by the Department of Defense under agreement number C5-16-0023 issued by the Consortium for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Technologies (C5).

For more information about the Rutgers’ Cyber Security certificate program, visit www.rutgerscyberacademy.com. Online information sessions will take place at various times in January and early February with the next scheduled on January 25. Individuals can register for webinar information sessions at https://tinyurl.com/ycgf72n4.

About Rutgers and the Center for Innovation Education (RIE)

Rutgers is a leading national research university and New Jersey's preeminent, comprehensive public institution of higher education. Rutgers is dedicated to teaching that meets the highest standards of excellence; to conducting research that breaks new ground; and to providing services that help individuals and the local, national, and global communities.

The Rutgers Center for Innovation Education offers a variety of certificate and non-degree programs that can help you increase your earning potential, meet licensing and certification requirements, transition into a new career, and update your professional skills. Its mission is to provide the most current and up-to-date professional and continuing education for technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

About Socratic Arts

Socratic Arts is a premier provider of performance improvement solutions. Founded and led by artificial intelligence expert and visionary Dr. Roger Schank, our team of experienced instructional design and facilitation experts has developed and delivered effective learning experiences to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and post-secondary schools for over three decades. https://www.socraticarts.com/

For more information contact:

Name: Dennis Stoutenburgh
Phone: 214.613.0417
Email: dennis@socialstrategy1.com

Name: Stephen Carter
Phone: 732.921.8294
Email: scarter@rutgers.edu

Name: Dylan Floyd
Phone: 214.281.8574
Email: dylan@socialstrategy1.com

Dennis Stoutenburgh
Social Strategy1, Inc
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Top Communications Consultant, Richard Harmer, and Operations Guru, Trent Wunstel, MBA SSGB, Unite

Medium-Sized Businesses Rejoice after Richard Harmer & Trent Wunstel Unite to Form Harmer | Wunstel, LLC. – Clarity in Strategy, Communications and Operations

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dallas, TX – January 19, 2018 – After more than a decade of collaboration and partnering as they independently served clients around the country, highly sought-after consultants, Richard Harmer and Trent Wunstel, MBA are uniting to form one organization: Harmer | Wunstel, LLC. The merger allows capacity to expand and better serve clients. The new company will focus on strategy, communications, and operational performance. Harmer | Wunstel, LLC. will provide medium-sized businesses the same tools that large, successful corporations implement, and benefit from.

“Our mission is simple,” says Richard Harmer, “Grow the bottom line of medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations by refining their corporate strategy, clarifying communications, and installing data-driven measurement tools so they run operationally efficient.” The team’s passion is to bring medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations the tools, resources, partners, and know-how that large, successful companies benefit from. Trent Wunstel says, “Six Sigma, Lean Strategies, Strategic Planning, and KPI’s aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies. Everyone in business today can use these tools to help them run lean and more efficiently. We focus on removing daily obstacles so leadership can focus on the future and vision of the organization. Unlike many consulting firms today, we don’t just consult, we teach you the methodology and then implement and execute these strategies alongside you.”

Harmer | Wunstel, LLC. is a new breed of consultancy firm aligned with strategic partners and a seamless implementation process for organizations. They will be headquartered in Dallas, TX with an office in Denver, CO. Both partners will continue to service their current clients as usual as the process of the merger unfolds.
“We couldn’t be more excited,” says Richard. “The synergy we’ve had over the last decade energizes Trent and I to move from the planning stage to the implementation stage. We appreciate the efforts of our team members who will combine efforts and march with us to grow Harmer | Wunstel, LLC. into a great company with an amazing culture.”

About Harmer | Wunstel, LLC.

Harmer | Wunstel, LLC. is a full-service strategy, communications, and operations consultancy firm that bridges the operational and communications gap for medium-sized businesses and helps them improve profitability. Harmer | Wunstel, LLC. partners with nonprofit organizations to achieve financial stability and raise awareness. Richard Harmer says, “We enhance organizational effectiveness by implementing real-world communication and operational strategies.” From deploying process improvement projects to launching a full rebranding or marketing campaign, Harmer | Wunstel provides the clarity needed in today's chaotic marketing world for organizations of all sizes to thrive.



Richard Harmer
Harmer Wunstel, LLC.
email us here

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Michaan’s Auctions

Gallery Auction February 10 Previews: February 3,4,9 and by appointment

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, January 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — PRE SALE PRESS RELEASE

Press Office Contact
Talesa Eugenio
(510) 740-0220 x 116


Gallery Auction Saturday, February 10


February 3,4, 9 and by appointment

Michaan’s Auctions
2751 Todd Street
Alameda, CA 94501

Furniture to Collect, Art to Inspire and Gifts of Jewelry to Have and to Hold: Michaan’s February Gallery Auction Early American furniture and glamorous 20th-century portraiture are among the highlights of Michaan’s Gallery Auction on February 10.

One of few remaining recurrent live auction events in the Bay Area, the Gallery Auction offers buyers a traditional hands-on experience while also reaching a global base online. February’s sale offers diverse estate property of fine quality and excellent provenance. Bidders are invited to visit the gallery in Alameda, CA on preview days and to view the catalog at www.michaans.com. Fine design and craftsmanship were highly valued in Colonial and early Federal America. The burgeoning merchant and professional classes appointed their fashionable homes with furnishings that reflected their discerning tastes and high standards. Furniture from this period has long been prized by collectors for its elegant lines and lustrous woods. A prime example is the mid-18th century Queen Anne maple highboy circa 1740-1770, which features the iconic carved scallop shell decoration associated with the style and period. It is estimated at $3,500 – $4,500. A second fine maple highboy crafted in New England during the fourth quarter of the 18th century is estimated at $3,000-$5,000. Also highlighted is the “lolling” armchair (c. 1800. With an upholstered high back and roomy seat, this piece ($1,500-$2,500) was the luxury lounge chair of its day. It is made of rich mahogany, which caught on like wildfire in the English and early American furniture industry after trade expanded with Caribbean colonial producers of mahogany timber.

Another fine piece to be auctioned in February is the upholstered walnut wing chair, of the mid-18th century period and estimated at $3,000-$5,000. The auction also features French furniture, Parisian and provincial, with complementary decorative items like the French mantel clock of white marble and bronze, embellished with putti and estimated at $700-$900. February’s sale also includes a large Flemish tapestry (2,000-$3,000), an English oak pew reputedly from Lloyd’s of London ($800-$1,200), and an excellent scenic vellum plaque ($2,000-$3,000) from storied Rookwood Pottery. Rookwood was founded in 1880 by Cincinnati heiress and arts patron Maria Longworth Nichols, who discovered Japanese pottery at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia and developed a great passion for the art form. Recruiting top artisans, Nichols built Rookwood into America’s premier pottery studio. The first female-owned manufacturing company in the United States, Rookwood enjoys a reputation for quality and innovation that endures to the present day.

Collectors of fine art are drawn to Michaan’s not only by world-renowned artists but also by the allure of discovery. Featured in February’s Gallery Auction are several stunning female portraits by Lai Kui Fang (b. 1936). Fang, a prominent Singaporean who won a scholarship to study at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris is a skillful portrait artist with a great eye for sensuous natural beauty and stylized refinement. His paintings are unmistakably modern, with a singular freshness and more than a hint of glamour. In a sophisticated Hollywood Regency interior, a Fang portrait
would fit perfectly and command the center of attention. “Woman in Burgundy” is estimated at $4,000-$6,000 in the February sale. “Christine Baranger,” included in the 1972 catalog of Santa Clara’s Triton Museum of Art is estimated at $3,000-$5,000.

Also featured in February is the art of Christo Coetzee (1929-2001), a native of South Africa prominent in international avant-garde art movements. The untitled abstract offered in February’s auction at $5,000-$7,000 is a mixed media work dated 1959. Coetzee was living in Osaka at that time, associating with the Gutai Group of avant-garde artists and exhibiting at the Takashimaya Gallery. The Gutai Group was a Japanese post-war phenomenon whose manifesto included this ambitious mission statement: “Discarding the frame, getting off the walls, shifting from immobile time to lived time, we aspire to create a new painting." The Coetzee work offered by Michaan’s fully realizes that stated ambition. A riot of texture, lines, and curves, its energy is unbound by the canvas, expressing the clash of apocalypse with optimism that characterized the 20th century.

Each of Michaan’s monthly auctions is highly anticipated by Asian art collectors. February’s focus is on fine jade figural carvings, silk embroidered textiles, and a treasure trove of snuff bottles including jade, agate, and carved lacquer. Also noteworthy are Japanese bronze vases such as the bamboo form vase with silver inlay ($500-$700) and the Meiji period dragon form bottle vase ($600-$800). Buddhist objects, valued highly by collectors, include the gilt lacquered wooden figure of Buddha 17th-18th century, $2,000-$3,000.

Jewelry is another of Michaan’s leading departments and in February, buyers will find many one of-a-kind estate jewelry items, perfect gifts for a lady or gentleman. Gold, diamonds, cultured pearls and fine timepieces are offered. A lovely example is the Mikimoto necklace of eleven cultured pearls interspersed with 18k gold link chain forming a 16-inch necklace ($300-$500), a contemporary way to wear fine pearls. Also striking a modern chord is the suite of a necklace and matching bracelet formed of 22k yellow gold swirls, estimated at $1,800 to $2,500. From Tiffany & Co., the pair of diamond-studded 18k gold cufflinks is offered at the attractive estimated price of $300-$500.

Michaan’s offers online and phone bidding in addition to the live event at the auction gallery. For the complete 2018 auction calendar, including preview days, visit www.michaans.com.

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