Jamie Levinson Consulting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Women have grown the confidence to take risks and do things differently. I love to see them take initiative to make changes.

— Jamie Levinson

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, November 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Just because you are talented and capable doesn’t mean you possess the necessary skills to be a leader. Even if you’ve climbed the corporate ladder to senior management, you may still have blind spots with regard to interpersonal communication, presentation, communicating a message. Thankfully, these are skills that can be developed.

Jamie Levinson is the president of Jamie Levinson Consulting, an executive coaching and leadership training services practice serving the greater New York metropolitan area. Levinson works with leaders, primarily women, to help them maximize their potential to be even more successful within their organizations.

“My clients are talented people whom the organization has identified as potential leaders to be promoted or given greater responsibility,” says Levinson. “These are not poor performers by any means, but perhaps there are skills they need to develop in order to move to that next level."

With over 20 years of experience in learning and development in financial services companies, Levinson creates a trusted and collaborative partnership that empowers her clients to be their best selves, to learn, and create a better future for themselves as leaders. Levinson says what makes her work different from other kinds of coaching, is that the organization is a stakeholder in the process. The focus is on improving the client’s ability to be more effective.

“What I bring to the coaching relationship is authenticity and a willingness to be vulnerable,” says Levinson. “I listen in a way that allows people to build trust with me very quickly. There are a lot of people doing this work, but I build a relationship with my clients through a comfort with myself. You need that trust and connectedness to do this kind of work.”

Levinson spent the early part of her career as a counselor before moving into corporate America, primarily in the field of financial services, to work with leaders, working as a group facilitator. She discovered that working one-on-one with leaders in a large organization was something she felt passionate about so she decided to go back to her roots and the one-on-one relationships. It was then that she became certified as an Executive Coach through iCoachNY, an Executive Coaching program at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College (CUNY).

“I’ve really come full circle. It’s a different population, of course. I’m working with talented men and women who are making a tremendous change as a result of the coaching. They’re having great results and happier work lives and they are happier in general.”

Levinson says the benefit for her clients is that they are able to move to the next level, whether it’s a promotion, or assuming greater responsibility. Levinson will often ask questions that challenge her clients’ pre-existing beliefs and help them explore their current way of thinking about themselves and their situation.

“I address not just the ‘what,’ but the ‘who’ of the client. The ‘who’ is the totality of the person and their strengths, the things that make them great,” says Levinson. “So I’m most proud when I see my clients perform in a way that demonstrates their belief in themselves. Women have grown the confidence to take risks and do things differently. I love to see them take initiative to make changes.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Jamie Levinson in a two-part interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 2nd at 10am EST and with Jim Masters on December 9th at 10am EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Jamie Levinson Consulting, visit http://www.jamieflevinson.com

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Global Food Service Equipment Market to Reach US$ 43 Bn by 2024: Report

The global food service equipment market is projected to grow at 5.2% CAGR through 2024 and reach US$ 43 Bn in revenues by 2024.

VALLEY COTTAGE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Food service equipment market revenues will witness another year of stable growth for 2016, increasing by 4.4% in 2016 to reach US$ 28.9 Bn in revenues. The food service equipment market in North America (US and Canada) will continue its upward momentum in 2016, driven by declining unemployment rates and prevailing low crude oil prices. Growing popularity of quick-service restaurants will also create growth opportunities in the region.

Low crude oil prices will also influence demand in Europe and Asia Pacific, with these key regions growing at 3.6% and 7.1% respectively in 2016. Gains from lower shipping costs, combined with higher sales, on account of steadily improving employment rate, will continue to positively influence the market in these two markets.

Request Report Sample@ http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/sample/rep-gb-1578

By product type, cooking and baking equipment will continue to be the leading segments in terms of revenue, whereas food preparation equipment will witness robust growth rate of 6.1% in 2016.

Full-service restaurants will remain the largest end-users, with total demand expected to reach US$ 19.1 Bn in 2016. Mushrooming of quick-service restaurants will have a favourable impact as far as overall demand is concerned, whereas caterers and hotels & club restaurants will provide additional support to sustain favourable growth for another year.

Browse Full Report@ http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/foodservice-equipment-market

Manitowoc Foodservice Inc, Middleby Corporation, and Ali Group are the three prominent players in the global food service equipment market. Collectively, these companies account for 11.2% revenue share of the market. The key strategy of leading players in the food service equipment market is to expand through acquisition of regional players that have strong distribution networks. Furthermore, key players are using online platforms, including websites, apps, and social media to connect with their end-users.

Long-term Outlook: The global food service equipment market will expand at a steady CAGR of 5.2% through 2024 and reach US$ 42.92 billion in revenues.

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Future Market Insights (FMI) is a leading market intelligence and consulting firm. We deliver syndicated research reports, custom research reports and consulting services, which are personalized in nature. FMI delivers a complete packaged solution, which combines current market intelligence, statistical anecdotes, technology inputs, valuable growth insights, an aerial view of the competitive framework, and future market trends.


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Reusing Electronic Health Records Data for Clinical Research

Providing services for reusing electronic health records data for clinical research is profitable and sustainable in Europe

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, November 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — The results of a new study published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics suggest that the exploitation of a new technological platform which enables the reuse of hospital-based electronic health records (EHR) data for clinical research appears profitable and sustainable for service providers in Europe. This innovative platform was developed by the Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (EHR4CR) project funded by the European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), under the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

Dr Danielle Dupont, Chief Scientific Officer at Data Mining International, the independent research agency which has led this study, stated: “For the first time, using advanced simulation modelling, our study shows that the exploitation of the EHR4CR platform appears profitable and sustainable for service providers, in addition to generating added value and benefits for all stakeholders. These new operational solutions being scaled up across Europe, further robust value assessment studies are warranted in real-world settings.”

Professor Dr Georges De Moor, Head, Medical Informatics and Statistics Department, Ghent University, explained: “By reusing EHR data for clinical research, protocol feasibility assessments, patient identification for recruitment in clinical trials, and clinical data exchange can be processed much faster, and with greater precision. Resulting from the EHR4CR and other successful European Research and Development projects, the secure InSite® platform services are now being deployed. They will significantly enhance and speed up the conduct of clinical trials.”

Professor Dr Dipak Kalra, President of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (I~HD) added: “The EHR4CR platform will transform the clinical research landscape by enabling the re-use of hospital-based EHR patient-level data. Given the governing role of the I˷HD in this emerging multi-stakeholder ecosystem, EHR4CR and equivalent service providers will be well-positioned and supported to deliver trustworthy innovative solutions to facilitate and accelerate the conduct of clinical trials.”

Advanced financial simulations have established that the exploitation of EHR4CR solutions appears profitable and sustainable for EHR4CR service providers, in addition to generating substantial added value for clinical trials sponsors. This business model confirms that tangible benefits and value will be delivered by this new technological platform, to all clinical research stakeholders, in a sustainable manner.

Reference: Dupont D, Beresniak A, Sundgren M, Schmidt A, Ainsworth J, Coorevits P, Karla D, Dewispelaere M, De Moor G. Business analysis for a sustainable, multi-stakeholder ecosystem for leveraging the Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research (EHR4CR) platform in Europe. International Journal of Medical Informatics 2017 (97): 341–352. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijmedinf.2016.11.003

About Data Mining International: Data Mining International SA is an independent international research agency based in Geneva (Switzerland). Data Mining International is specialized in public health, data mining, big data analytics, business modelling innovation, advanced simulation modelling for decision-making, risk assessment, multi-criteria analyses, health technology assessment, eHealth applications, and development and validation of quality of life instruments. Data Mining International brings innovative solutions to the public and private sectors, including pharmaceutical and biotech industries, foods and cosmetics, public health organizations, academia, and other interest groups, stakeholders and decision-makers, across geographic boundaries.

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MEDraysintell will launch its Market Essentials reports

The “Market Essentials” reports aim to provide accurate facts in a condensed document with real added value for the reader.

LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE AND LALAYE, BELGIUM AND FRANCE, November 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — MEDraysintell plans to launch early 2017 two new “Market Essentials Reports” providing key facts on Nuclear Medicine and Proton Therapy to advice non-industry insiders on the potential for investments, merger and acquisitions (M&A), technology and market development existing in healthcare technologies using radiation for diagnosis and therapy.

Those “Market Essentials” Reports will be real assets for the healthcare industry or for the financial community (investors, investment bankers and M&A professionals) to support their audit and to make informed decisions with unbiased and factual intelligence from experts.

The “Market Essentials” reports aim to provide accurate facts in a condensed document with real added value for the reader. These documents are also intended to take the opposing view of the many recent articles and market reports written by non-experts which are regrettably providing misleading, outdated or inaccurate information on nuclear medicine as well as in particle therapy. MEDraysintell identified recent publications reporting about confusing information on a new potential Molybdenum-99 shortage, or unrealistic projections for the PET versus SPECT market, while not recognizing the growth in radiotherapeutics too often erroneously associated with brachytherapy. For the proton therapy industry, several market reviews presented inaccurate facts such as data about the installed base or ignoring several major equipment vendors even mentioning companies not linked to the proton therapy market.

The “Nuclear Medicine Market Essentials” and the “Proton Therapy Market Essentials” reports will include important insights on the market, key drivers, vendors, products of interest for the coming decade, as well as companies to monitor, mostly in tabulated forms with the most recent and precise figures and names.

MEDraysintell believes it is the right moment to publish such “Market Essentials” reports as both the nuclear medicine and proton therapy have entered an era of high potential for growth, involving new technologies and a high number of products close to being marketed or under advanced stage development. This business will trigger the interest of new investors as well as the conventional pharmaceutical industry to support these markets which are rising up to three times faster than the global healthcare market.

MEDraysintell has already supported numerous companies globally helping them to better understand these markets, and welcomes your requests for specific intelligence needs in these areas.

About MEDraysintell
Strategic intelligence for the radiation healthcare
Bringing value to Businesses and Investors!

MEDraysintell is a team of international experts providing first-rate strategic intelligence in nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, proton therapy and brachytherapy.

We offer the most comprehensive set of reports and directories, with over 1,800 pages of unrivaled intelligence covering some of the most exciting healthcare technologies using radiation for diagnosis and treatment. We offer client-specific intelligence in the field of radiation healthcare, with the upmost knowledge leveraging our extended network of worldwide contacts. We are proud to support numerous companies globally, helping them better understand the markets, competitive environment as well as the potential of merger and acquisitions (M&A) and technology development. We have repeat satisfied clients operating in the field of medical radiation, investment banks and institutional investors, large international consulting firms and universities research laboratories.

MEDraysintell was created in 2013 by Paul-Emmanuel Goethals and Richard Zimmermann. It combines over 40 years of experience in radiation healthcare. www.medraysintell.com

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Acino closes the deal to divest its patch business to Luye Pharma Group Ltd.

Acino closed the deal with Luye Pharma Group Ltd. to sell Acino's transdermal patch and implant business.

The divestment allows us to focus on growth in our key markets. We believe that Luye’s vision and strategy will further the expansion of the existing R&D and manufacturing capabilities in Miesbach.

— Kalle Känd, CEO Acino

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, November 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — On November 30, 2016, Acino International AG and Acino Pharma AG (together “Acino”) closed the deal with Luye Pharma Group Ltd. (“Luye”), which they announced on July 25, 2016, to sell Acino’s transdermal patch and implant businesses. The divestment includes Acino’s transdermal manufacturing operations in Miesbach, Germany, distribution, and R&D capabilities.

The divestment is in line with Acino’s strategy of shaping the organization for growth in emerging markets and further expanding Acino’s regional commercial presence in its key markets of the Middle East and Africa, the CIS region, and Latin America.

The divestment allows us to focus on growth in our key markets, and we believe that Luye’s vision and strategy will further the expansion of the existing R&D and manufacturing capabilities in Miesbach. An R&D focused company like Luye will be able to leverage the high potential of our transdermal business in the best possible way in the future, including further global expansion”, says Kalle Känd, CEO at Acino.

Acino retains the marketing rights to certain transdermal patches in its strategic emerging markets.

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Banque Saudi Fransi selects Wavetec to Organize, Engage and Measure Customer Journey across all branches in Saudi Arabia

Wavetec Customer Experience Solutions

BSF partners with Wavetec in a bid to enhance customer experience, eliminate bank queues through installation of various customer flow management technologies.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) has announced a partnership with Wavetec in a bid to enhance customer experience, eliminate bank queues through installation of various customer flow management technologies in all their banking halls.

BSF is a full service commercial bank serving the local and international banking needs of its clients. It is a leading provider of comprehensive financial services and products in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other markets.

Wavetec will deploy its complete enterprise solution at BSF based on its ultimate service area design approach, Wavesphere- an unmatched range of customer touch points, presents a holistic approach to improving customer experience in service areas to strategically organize service areas, engage customers, and effectively measure a customer’s experience.

Products that will drive seamless customer journey encompass Virtual Queue Management System, Donatello Digital Signage and Opinion Pus for Customer feedback. Moreover, BSF will have access to real time business intelligence reports and dashboards through a centralized reporting system. This will allow business managers to extract comprehensive insights in terms of customer flows, staff performance and service area efficiency.

These advanced customer experience solutions will allow BSF to achieve consistency and increased engagement at all key touch points.

About Wavetec

Wavetec is a multinational technology company offering an ecosystem of solutions for the improvement of the service areas, meeting the company's needs in organizing the influx of people, guaranteeing a valuable engagement experience, and obtaining relevant measures for the decision-making process so as to improve business results.

Wavetec Customer Experience Solutions are located in different regions with applications in various areas and industries such as hospitals, retail and banks. Some examples of the technology can be found in the BCI Chile, Barclays, KCB, Emirates Airlines, Interbank, Tesco, LIDL and Chilexpress.

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Organisations encouraged to start their ISMS implementation projects by creating ISO 27001-compliant documentation

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 29, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — IT Governance, the leading provider of cyber security and ISO 27001 expertise, is encouraging organisations to start their ISO 27001 compliance projects with IT Governance’s No. 3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit.

Developed by ISO 27001 practitioners, the No.3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit is designed to help organisations implement an information security management system (ISMS). The toolkit helps organisations reduce implementation costs by providing a range of tools, including the official ISO 27000 standards, industry-leading implementation guidance, pre-written documentation and risk assessment software.

The duration of an ISO 27001 implementation project depends on the size of the organisation, the scope of the project, and the resources and skills available. Even so, in the ISO 27001 Global Report 2016, more than 50% of surveyed organisations reported that it took between 6 and 12 months to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Moreover, 32% of the organisations surveyed used documentation toolkits to achieve and maintain their ISO 27001 certification.

Alan Calder, the founder and chief executive officer of IT Governance, said: “Implementing an ISO 27001-compliant information security management system requires information security professionals to put a substantial amount of time and effort into researching, developing and approving each policy and procedure. Our No.3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit contains hundreds of documents and templates intended to help organisations meet the documentation requirements of ISO 27001:2013 and reduce room for error.”

IT Governance’s No.3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit is suitable for organisations worldwide of any size and enables them to accelerate their ISMS implementation project while reducing their costs.

In addition to ISMS documentation templates, the No.3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit includes the risk assessment software tool vsRiskTM, which is indispensable in tackling the complex task of risk assessments and can help save time, effort and expense.

The documentation toolkit delivers return on investment by reducing room for error, saving time and costs, and providing organisations with expertly developed, established methods for implementing an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS.

For more information about IT Governance’s No. 3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Documentation Toolkit, please visit IT Governance’s website, contact their consultancy team direct at servicecentre@itgovernance.co.uk or call them on +44 (0)845 070 1750.

– Ends –


IT Governance Ltd is the single-source provider of books, tools, training and consultancy for IT governance, risk management and compliance. It is a leading authority on data security and IT governance for business and the public sector. IT Governance is ‘non-geek’, approaching IT issues from a non-technology background and talking to management in its own language. Its customer base spans Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. More information is available at www.itgovernance.co.uk.

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Charles Gregory Hair Stylist lands film "Come Sunday" starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Martin Sheen

Celebrity Hair Stylist

Renowned Hair Stylist Charles Gregory shoots for the stars

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 28, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Hair Stylist Charles Gregory lands Department Head of Hair position on the upcoming film “Come Sunday” starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Martin Sheen, Danny Glover and Condola Rashad.
The film is based on a 2005 episode of “This American Life” episode about Carlton Pearson (Ejiofor), a renowned evangelical minister in Tulsa, Okla., who stirs up controversy with his revelation that there is no hell. He loses everything and must rebuild his church and his family and find his own personal faith.
"I was very elated to be chosen to head the hair department on this film, based on the true- life events of Evangelist Carlton Pearson, and Martin Sheen portraying famous Evangelical Preacher Oral Roberts" Gregory said. The story line takes place in the late 90.s. Mr. Gregory is doing extensive research on the hair styles of that era to ensure the proper look of the film being period correct where hairstyles are concerned. I will more than likely utilize a custom wig for Mr. Ejiofor, in order to capture the look of Carlton Pearson.
Period films are one of my specialties and I enjoy recreating eras gone by, depicting hairstyles that look authentic. Mr. Gregory was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Hairstyling for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special
HBO’s Lackawanna Blues (2005)which was also a period film.
When Gregory is not working on film and tv projects, you can find him in his salon, Charles Gregory Dry Bar, located in Atlanta’s Midtown on the famous Peachtree Street.

charles gregory
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103 Countries and Growing!

Sustainability Experts Work to Fill Paris Accord Gaps…and more

In a relatively short period, we've organized over 40 events, built a community of over 2,500 people, and now have members from 103 countries.

— Janine Finnell

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, November 29, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — From energy conservation, sustainable architecture, and the transition to a clean energy economy, Leaders in Energy has grown in just four short years to become a renowned multi-discipline, global forum. The organization provides a community where private sector, academic, government, entrepreneurial, and non-government organizations proactively advance meaningful discussions around clean energy, water, waste management, vertical agriculture, green finance and green jobs…all in context of the circular economy and resource sustainability.

Are you interested in connecting with other professionals to further the use of innovative energy technologies, policies, and solutions for a more sustainable energy system and world? if yes, then you've come to the right place! Since our 2013 inception, we've organized over 40 events, built a community of over 2,500 people, and now have members from 103 countries.

Our goals are simple while also being far-reaching: Leaders in Energy fosters a community of green technology and conservation measures that will allow society to provision goods and services in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner.

While our operations are from Metro Washington DC, we've built a US base that spans most major metropolitan areas as seen in this membership chart. We're delighted to report that our monthly events are well attended, often ranging from 80-100 attendees. We see this as a testament to the topics and speakers…plus it underscores our stewardship efforts are being viewed favorably by our members.

Our final event for 2016 is our "Four Generations of Leaders in Clean Energy and Sustainable Solutions" Awards and Holiday Event on Friday, December 2nd in Crystal City, VA. If you're in town, this is one you don't want to miss. See more information here on event registration.

We welcome you to join our Leaders in Energy Community and build a sustainable future.

Janine Finnell
Leaders in Energy
(703) 203-0766
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EVA Announces new head of Power Practice

EVA Announces new head of Power Practice

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, November 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — ARLINGTON – Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc. (EVA), announced today that Robert DiDona has joined the firm as a Partner, heading the Power Practice business unit. Mr. DiDona joins EVA from BNP Paribas where he was the Head of US Power Trading managing proprietary trading books, client flow and structured transactions.

Mr. DiDona's experience and knowledge of the power markets will help EVA improve its existing business in power market modeling and forecasting and expand EVA’s offerings into new consulting areas such as power asset valuations, power contract hedging strategies and investment advice.

Prior to BNP Paribas, he was a Director of Asset Optimization at PSEG Energy Resources and Trade managing the Northeast Asset Portfolio as well as proprietary books. Before PSEG, he was at Con Ed Energy where he managed a wide range of assets and wholesale/retail electric load contracts.

Mr. DiDona earned his Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Pace University in New York. He will be based in EVA's Arlington, VA office.
Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc. is a world-class energy consulting firm offering in-depth knowledge and expert guidance to clients in the electric, natural gas and oil, coal, and renewable power industries

For more information about Energy Ventures Analysis contact sales@evainc.com

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Energy Ventures Analysis

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