Trump’s Pick for Attorney General likely to continue leveraging Operation Choke Point

Sessions strong feelings on marijuana incentive enough to use every tool in his arsenal

Operation Choke Point has redefined what is lawful to include negligence in the absence of due diligence and controls and Sessions will almost certainly leverage its power.”

— Howie Morgan, Election Impact Group

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 29, 2016 / — Donald J. Trump has confirmed his pick for the nation’s top law enforcer to Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a controversial choice for several reasons including his very strong feelings toward marijuana. Just this April, Sessions opined with certainty that “Good people don't smoke marijuana,” and that it was a "very real danger" that is “not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.” Sessions feelings aren’t new and go way, way back. As an Alabama U.S. Attorney in the 1980s, Sessions said he thought the KKK "were OK until I found out they smoked pot.”

It’s likely that the new Attorney General, if his nomination is confirmed, will use every resource in his arsenal to further an agenda of combatting what he considers to be a very real danger. According to Howie Morgan, a Republican political consultant with Election Impact Group who has worked with, among other conservative national candidates, Rick Perry and Mike Huckabee, Sessions will almost certainly leverage the Justice Department’s Operation Choke Point to hinder marijuana companies access to the federal banking system.

Howie Morgan: “Operation Choke Point’s original intention was noble. That was to ensure that banks and credit card processors keep bad money out of the Federal Reserve by mandating that banks and credit card processors conduct due diligence and implement appropriate controls. It was never intended to prohibit them from offering services to lawful businesses."

And although its intentions were noble, Morgan says that "Operation Choke Point has redefined what is lawful to include negligence in the absence of due diligence and controls and Sessions will almost certainly leverage its power.” That's not likely to change under the new administration.

Many in the marijuana industry are watching this closely out of fear and according to Carlos Salazar, a compliance expert with Pilum Global Shield who specializes in the Merchant Processing Industry, so should the credit card processors that are now navigating these and other higher risk industries.

Carlos Salazar: “Whether their acts are intentional or not, Credit Card Processors are exposed to civil and criminal investigations, fines and even lifetime bans under current law and under Operation Choke Point if they don’t take steps above and beyond their conventional corporate compliance programs.”

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