Fort Collins-based Company FVC Americas Opens “Mesh Fort Collins”, Keeps Old Town Co-working Space Operational in 2017

FVC Americas Saves Co-working Space at 242 Linden Street, Seeks to Minimize Disruption During Transition, Enhance Regional Venture Community Through Networks

Our long-term vision is to weave Fort Collins into the network of local and international investors, as well as corporate partners.

— Denichiro Otsuga

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, USA, December 29, 2016 / — FVC Americas (FVCA, dba of EnConnect Holdings, LLC) announced today it has finalized lease terms with Blue Ocean Real Estate Management as the new operator of the co-working space at 242 Linden Street in Fort Collins. The space was formerly leased by Denver-based Galvanize, which announced in late November that it will be closing its Fort Collins campus. Headquartered in Fort Collins and led by President Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga, FVCA will assume a control of the space as of January 1, 2017. Entrepreneurs who established an agreement in 2016 to rent co-working space will have the option to renew their agreements with FVC Americas at the same standard rate during the transition. FVCA is a fully owned subsidiary of Future Venture Capital, Co. Ltd. (FVC), one of Japan’s most prestigious venture capital firms. Just last month, FVC and FVCA named Fort Collins, Colorado as its headquarters for the Americas region, and named Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga as President to lead it.

“After talking with several interested parties, we couldn’t be more pleased that EnConnect will take over the Fort Collins campus,” said Galvanize co-founder, Lawrence Mandes. “It has been our goal to find a successor who would be a supportive partner for and with local entrepreneurs, and for and with the Fort Collins community; EnConnect is that partner. Galvanize stands at the ready to assist EnConnect, and we will continue to support Northern Colorado entrepreneurs and the startup community.”

"We are pleased to welcome EnConnect Holdings to the 242 Linden building,” said Phil Hodgkinson, General Manager of Blue Ocean Real Estate Management. “The co-working environment in Fort Collins will be well served by Denny and his team."

“We are excited to formally announce a presence in Old Town Fort Collins, a future hub of venture businesses,” said FVCA President, Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga. “Despite recent news of co-working space closures in the area, we see significant potential in the co-working space at 242 Linden Street,” which is due north of Fort Collins’ historic Old Town Square. “Our priority is to ensure a smooth transition for the staff and the entrepreneurs who either already have or seek a space to rent.” Interior and service changes will be kept minimal, and the membership fee structure will remain the same for now. “With a focus on providing a wide array of resources to venture and startup businesses, FVCA looks forward to enhancing the vibrant startup community here.”

“FVC Mesh” will be the brand name of FVCA’s co-working spaces, and the building at 242 Linden Street will be named “Mesh Fort Collins”. Each additional campus will bear the name of the community it serves. “The name ‘Mesh’ reflects our intention to create a tight-knit community where multiple threads of connections can gather and form into a synergistic network that has strength, function and purpose. FVCA aims to develop a regional network in Colorado that will connect the venture communities here,” said Otsuga.

“The City of Fort Collins is very excited to hear that 242 Linden Street will continue operations as a co-working technology hub,” said Josh Birks, City of Fort Collins Economic Health Director. “Our startup community benefits greatly from the culture and networks that have formed here, and will now continue to grow with guidance and support from FVC Americas.”

“Opening a co-working space in communities where we have a presence is part of our strategy to develop a venture based economy,” remarked Yuji Fujinaga, Chief Strategy Officer of FVC. “The decision to open Mesh Fort Collins is one component of our commitment to the City of Fort Collins that we made when we chose to open an office there. In 2017 and beyond, we will continue to execute on our commitment to the Northern Colorado region.”

FVC/FVCA Background:
When the company began in 1998, the vision of FVC (Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd.) was to create sustainable venture communities in rural areas of Japan. FVC Americas (dba of EnConnect Holdings, LLC) expands this vision to the countries in the Americas region, starting with Fort Collins, Colorado. FVC Americas brings a unique vision and aims to create an unprecedented network of resources to the venture community and startup companies.

FVC (parent company to FVCA) operates several co-working spaces in Japan, and with a new operation in Fort Collins, it joins a growing international network of co-working spaces. “At FVC, we have found that a place to gather is a critical element in the creation of a community,” stated Otsuga. “While gathering space is a necessary component of the infrastructure, it is not sufficient. As we move into 2017, FVCA will bring other infrastructure elements to Fort Collins, such as a risk capital in the form of venture capital fund, education, and events in collaboration with the City of Fort Collins and Rockies Venture Club, just to name a few. Our long-term vision is to weave Fort Collins into the network of local and international investors, as well as corporate partners. FVC Mesh and Mesh Fort Collins is the first step in FVCA’s plan to enhance the venture community that is growing in Fort Collins.”

In addition to the infrastructure, FVCA will develop a unique network locally and internationally with key partners. “Contrary to common belief, I believe keeping all the internal resources locally is not the best way to create a vibrant and sustainable economy,” Commented Otsuga. “The power of network lies in creating a flow of resources inward, outward and inside the community. FVCA will be a platform that connects communities large and small, while also providing a way for resources to flow in both directions.”

About FVC Americas (FVCA): 
EnConnect Holdings, LLC is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado and doing business as, FVC Americas. FVCA works with FVC to incubate a value creating ecosystem for the small and early-stage venture companies in small and medium size communities. Additional FVCA offices will emerge as FVC grow its regional presence in other countries. FVCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of FVC. Read more at

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