Are You Crazy to Buy Replacement Windows in Austin Online?

Getting a quote for replacement windows should not be an ordeal.

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Zen Windows Austin Ask, "Why Should Consumers Endure a 4 Hour Sales Pitch Just To Get A Price For Their Replacement Windows? Why Can't it be Done Online?"

With the internet what it is today, there is only one reason for a replacement window company to insist they come to your house to give you a quote. It's so they can apply sales tactics and pressure.”

— Dan Hatcher, The owner of Zen Windows Austin

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — Zen Windows Austin is taking part in the shake-up of the world of replacement windows in Austin. Breaking the generations long tradition of in-home salesman, Zen Windows Austin gives accurate vinyl window replacement quotes by utilizing the power of the internet, the phone and email.

The Zen Windows motto is "Relax. Window Quotes in 5 Minutes." Contrary to the expectations of it's competitors, Zen's "online" approach, like Amazon, is becoming more mainstream with each passing day.

As long as people have had houses, people have been replacing windows in them in one way or another. Since longer than anyone alive can remember, the way people have purchased them involves a salesman coming to the home. In that 2-4 hour presentation you will receive a masters degree in replacement window tech. You'll learn there is seemingly no end to all the benefits you'll receive by replacing your old, outdated and worthless windows with the new, state of the art, ion infused, krypton coated, fancy, modern, hi-tech replacement windows.

Dan Hatcher, the owner of Zen Windows Austin, put it this way… "One of the reasons that more and more people are comfortable with the Zen Windows approach is that since the days of high speed internet, anyone who wants to know that much about windows can simply "Google" it! People are smart. For one thing, they already know they need new windows and the benefits that will bring. Why else would they be looking? They also know what they want and they don't need a stranger in their home to 'make them comfortable' with their decision. We email them all the information about our windows that they need to make an informed decision and are always available for any questions. It's really pretty simple."

Zen's no money down policy, which is different than almost all their competitors, also lends a level of confidence in what their customers are buying. Zen customers don't pay anything until their windows are installed and they are happy with both the replacement windows and the installation.

Zen's no money down policy shows confidence in both the product and in their installation crews that can't be demonstrated any better or in any other way. Dan Hatcher says of that, "People understand, sight unseen, that I 'simply must' deliver a superior window and a fantastic installation crew or I can't expect to get paid for the windows. People understand that for an owner of a company to put his money on the line like that, he means what he says and he will do what he says he'll do."

Couple the "No Money Down" policy with the fact that their replacement vinyl windows and sliding glass doors carry a transferable lifetime warranty and it speaks volumes in the space of a thought that a salesman can't convey in 3 hours.

It's a matter of course that someone from Zen will indeed come to your house. It just doesn't happen in the sales process. Once a person decides to purchase the windows that are quoted, Zen will send their installation foreman to measure the windows before ordering. Once the custom made replacement windows arrive in Austin, an installation appointment is set and the replacement windows are installed.

The greatest advantage to purchasing replacement vinyl windows in Austin the "Zen Way" is not in the no hassle approach they take. Because Zen Windows is a virtual company without showrooms and salespeople and all the overhead that brings to a business, Zen can offer top of the line windows for a price that does not include all that overhead and sales commissions in the price tag.

Mr. Hatcher said, "Zen doesn't sell cheap windows. We sell windows that compare in looks and performance to the windows that top name companies sell for two, three and four times our price. Because of our no money down policy, we simply can't risk delivering cheap windows to our customer's homes. So even though we don't have all the overhead of those 'Big Name' companies, you'll find that our windows are not the cheapest windows in town. We could sell cheap windows, but we don't. So our market is for those who want top of the line and quality windows at the best price in town, not the bargain bin shopper."

If you are looking for a top shelf replacement window in Austin at the best price, go to and request a quote. No salesman will come to your house. No sales pitch must be endured, even over the phone. With just a little bit of information about your current windows and what you want, you can get your quote via email in as little as 5 minutes.

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