MyPractice9 Announces Major Service Expansion

Company Expands Services To 10,000 Additional Private Practice Dentists

The MyPractice9 membership team has been getting calls from Oregon to New York from dentists wanting to connect with a quality traveling dental specialist.”

— Nicole Baker, National Marketing Director

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 31, 2017 / — MyPractice9 ( announced today that the Company will be opening its online services to several additional west coast markets encompassing 10,000 more dental professionals beginning February 15, 2017. The Company also announced plans to hire an additional 50 sale professionals over the next several months.

MyPractice9 provides a platform for connecting private practice dentists with itinerant dental specialists like oral surgeons and periodontists for the purpose of providing in-house specialty dental treatments. The Company announced it is beginning an aggressive marketing push to more than 10,000 additional dental professionals within the United States.

“Our roll out is focused and strategic because MyPractice9 is a change of behavior for many private practice dentists," said Nicole Baker, MyPractice9’s National Marketing Director. “The MyPractice9 membership team has been getting calls from Oregon to New York from dentists wanting to connect with a quality traveling specialist. We are working with great urgency to accelerate our capacity to support more markets.”

The private practice dental industry is under tremendous financial pressure from corporate dental chains which use massive advertising budgets within local markets to disrupt the patient-dentist relationships and cost-to-value proposition. These dental service organizations completely change the fee-for-service dynamics of every market they enter leaving private practice dentist with significant business challenges. In addition, reduced insurance reimbursements for basic dental treatment services continue to provide tremendous financial stress on dental practices. As a result, private practice dentist's are looking for new ways to generate treatment revenue while hanging on to their patient base. One way of doing this is through treatment in-sourcing.

Traditionally, certain dental procedures like tooth extractions, root canals and implant surgery have been outsourced to local dental specialists. The value of outsourced dental treatments is well over $6 billion annually. MyPractice9 provides a thoughtful platform for private practice dentists to bring much of that treatment revenue back into their practice.

Dentists simply post a specialty treatment request and indicate how much of the treatment revenue and cost they would like to split with the local specialists. The treatment post is then sent to dozens of local (county-based) oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists and even well qualified dentists who are willing to travel to the dentist’s practice to perform the procedure. Specialists submit treatment proposals for the dentist to review. Once a specialist is selected, contracts are sent out to both parties.

"There are several key benefits to the private practice dentists. Dentists regain control of the entire patient experience because all the treatments are done in their own practice. In addition, dentists recapture thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, each month that used to be forfeited when referring patients to traditional brick and mortar dental specialists. Finally, because the private practice dentist is now the record of revenue, the actual value of their practice increases with the corresponding increase in production revenue," claimed Baker.

MyPractice9 is free to dentists but specialists pay a monthly subscription fee to have unlimited access to local treatment leads. The site is already enjoying a wide subscriber membership base that extends beyond itinerant dental professionals.

“We find that many of the subscribers are not just traveling specialists, Baker indicated. There are a lot of brick and mortar specialists, dental labs and even a few well known dental supply companies who are now subscribing as well.”

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