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By now, many people know what SEO is and how vital is it to a company's internet visibility. Our law firm marketing expert Mary Ann Fasanella weighs in.

No matter the size of your firm, we will find ways to save you money and build your client book. We offer free consultations to discuss your position in the market and how it can be greatly improved.”

— Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2018 / — When it comes to marketing, there’s no such thing as planning too far ahead. The budget has been approved and the results of the previous year are in. Now is the time to retool your SEO marketing. By everyone knows what SEO is and how vital it is to a company’s visibility on the Internet. It’s part of your business and has the power to get you ahead of your competitors. And as technology changes, so do the rules for SEO.

Google is the boss when it comes to creating signals for ranking. It has things it likes (e.g., NAP on every page) and things it doesn’t (e.g., keyword stuffing). Yet, there are things we can do to improve SEO. And to start off the new year right, let’s use some new SEO practices.

Actionable SEO Methods for your Firm

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. There are areas to look at when trying to improve your website’s ranking.

1. Load Time – The faster a page loads, the longer a visitor will stay. Per Google, mobile page speed will be a ranking factor starting July 2018. For example, thirty seconds for a page to load is considered slow. Ensuring a faster load will take some technical skills such as:
  a. Reducing the HTTP calls by merging CSS and JavaScript files.
  b. Compressing images.
  c. Implementing browser caching and Grip compression.
  d. Minifying CSS and JavaScript files.

This next tip has to do with branding. Do you have a personal brand for your law firm? This is more than just having an eye-catching logo; it’s about being recognized, which means getting your name out there and proving you are an authority in your practice areas, achieved by blog posts usually.

2. Link Building – To build a link, you have to work at it. You shouldn’t just contact someone out of the blue and ask if you can link to his or her website. This is like sending an invite on LinkedIn to someone who is a 10th or higher connection. The person does not know you and will ignore the invite. To efficiently build links, you’ll need to build relationships first. This means gaining people's’ trust. This can be done by:
  a. Creating profiles on social media networks that are appropriate for your firm.
  b. Consistently sharing content from other lawyers or law professionals along with your insight.
  c. Engaging with your audience – Respond back to those who left a review, commented on your Tweet, shared your infographic … etc.
  d. Consistently publishing content on your website (i.e. blog) and in publications. This will present you as an authority in your field. It doesn’t hurt to republish or update an older blog.

3. Schema – This is HTML code that you add to keywords and phrases to help Google’s bots tag and categorize them. The tags let Google (and other search engines) know that they are related to the legal profession and your law firm. You can attach the schema to emails, contact information, reviews, images and more.

4. Organization – This is very important to not only visitors but for SEO as part of your law firm marketing plan. People find content on your website page (aside from keywords) as part of its organization. For example, you should have a page for each attorney and practice area. The more pages you have, the more opportunities for keyword searches.

5. SEO Paragraphs – You already have a blog on your website, which should be at least 600 words. But what about the descriptions of your images and video? Instead of just a few words (e.g., alt tags), you should write small paragraphs to describe each image and video. The paragraphs should be at least 200 words. Google uses the descriptions to categorize the images and videos. And you’ll rank for your target keywords.

6. Create Keywords – In addition to using SEO tools to create your target keywords, you can create your own. This is beneficial when you write about a brand (your law firm), process or technique you created and name it. Since they are unique, they will always rank #1.

The Tip of the SEO Iceberg

These are just some ideas from our SEO experts. At Advisory Concept Evolvers, we have a full arsenal of digital marketing tools to help your law firm get the recognition it deserves. Ten years ago, having a website wasn’t mandatory as it is today. In the past five years, SEO has become a key part of web content as well as content on social media networks.

No matter the size of your firm, we will find ways to save you money and build your client book. We offer free consultations to discuss your position in the market and how it can be greatly improved. Call or email us today!

Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO
Advisory Concept Evolvers
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