Shreveport Dentist Backpack Drive to Benefit Local Students

Shreveport Dentist

Shreveport Dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos

Dr. Ben Kacos, a Dentist in Shreveport Louisiana is holding his second annual backpack drive to benefit students at nearby Oak Park Elementary School

It is heart breaking for me to imagine that there are kids in our community that don't have the basic essentials to help them thrive at school. I want to help these kids reach their full potential. ”

— Dr. Ben Kacos

SHREVEPORT, LA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — Shreveport's Dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos and team are asking for support form our patients and community to donate to our local elementary students.

It's back to school and we couldn't be more excited to bring smiles to the faces of the kids and parents in Shreveport, LA. It's a small gesture that goes a long way for families who need support with the expense of back to school shopping. We hope you will join us in investing in the future leaders of our community by donating a backpack and or school supplies to our office. All donations will be delivered directly to local schools.

Donate a new backpack or school supplies to our office by August 15th and receive a FREE full series of 3D digital x-rays with your new patient exam. (Value of $108)

Donation Address:
230 Carroll St. Suite 3 Shreveport, LA 71105

Telephone #: 318-317-3296

Office Hours:

Monday: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Visit us on Facebook for backpack drive updates, photos and more!

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Benjamin M. Kacos
Shreveport's Dentist
(318) 618-0421
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Winners Announced at Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Awards 2018

Tampa Bay Human Resources Person of the Year Award

The Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Award celebrates the Human Resources industry and recognizes the outstanding achievements of local HR professionals.

Nomination for a Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Award is especially meaningful because it is the only HR award in the Tampa Bay community for which professionals are selected by their peers.”

— Patrick Moraites

TAMPA, FL, US, July 31, 2018 / — The 2018 Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Award winners were announced at the 4th Annual Awards Dinner on Thursday, July 26th, at the TPepin Hospitality Centre, Tampa, FL. The event and its awards are made possible by its outstanding sponsors and partners including Ogletree Deakins, Vaco Staffing and Key HR.

The Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Award was developed to celebrate the Human Resources Industry and to recognize those in the HR profession who exemplify outstanding achievement within the local human resources community.

Twenty-nine HR professionals vied for honors in three categories including HR Person of the Year, HR Consultant of the Year, and HR Young Professional. A panel of judges compromised of previous winners of the Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Award chose this year’s award winners after a rigorous nomination and selection process.

The award winners included:
• HR Person of the Year, Large Organization – Marlene Velez, MBA, SPHR; Chief People & Culture Officer – Power Design
• HR Person of the Year, Medium Organization – Stephanie Deiter, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP; VP, Human Resources – The SKY Family YMCA
• HR Person of the Year, Small Organization – Marie Graziosi, SPHR, SHRM-SCP; Chief of Staff – Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc
• HR Consultant of the Year – Jennifer Glor; Principal Consultant – livingHR
• HR Young Professional of the Year – Neil Williams, PHR; HR Manager – AVI-SPL, Inc.

Other sponsors include: HUB International, Cushman Wakefield, Oasis Outsourcing, Gehring Group, Aon Risk, Fisher & Phillips, LLP, livingHR, Bouchard Insurance, Grow Financial, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, MBI Worldwide, USAA, Shaker Recruitment Marketing, A Media Marketing & Maui Wowi Coffee.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please visit or contact
The Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Award is hosted by HR Shield, a division of FIRM Consulting Group.

Jenni Stone
HR Shield
email us here

2017 Awards Highlights

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Can You Receive Workers' Compensation Benefits for PTSD? A Workers' Compensation Lawyer Elaborates

Saffren and Weinberg - Personal Injury Attorneys

Jenkintown's Marc Weinberg of Saffren & Weinberg has been handling workers' compensation cases for decades.

Workers often think that PTSD is not something they can have or that it is not covered because it is not a discrete, single accident or illness.”

— Marc Weinberg, Partner

JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — Workers’ compensation provides important benefits, like medical care and compensation for missed work and lost wages, for people who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses. Workers are not always aware that this coverage expands beyond simple physical injury like a fall at work. Workers’ compensation claims can be for a wide variety of traumatic events, injuries, and illnesses, like chemical exposure and work stress-related medical problems.

One commonly overlooked illness that workers may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim for is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly referred to by the acronym PTSD. Workers often think that PTSD is not something they can have or that it is not covered because it is not a discrete, single accident or illness.

The following information provides a general overview to clear up some of the misconceptions about workers’ compensation for PTSD:

Understanding PTSD

The National Institution of Health (“NIH”) describes PTSD as a mental health condition or disorder, comprised of a number of different types of symptoms, that some people develop after experiencing a “shocking, scary, or dangerous event.” The duration and severity of PTSD vary from person to person as does the triggering event.

The triggering event leading to PTSD does not have to have an immediate negative physical impact on the person. For example, someone might suffer from PTSD after the sudden death of a close family member or after a home invasion even though they were not physically harmed.

There is no single list of symptoms for PTSD and there are many different physical and psychological symptoms that PTSD can cause, ranging from vivid flashbacks to being easily scared to uncharacteristic bursts of anger to vomiting. The many PTSD symptoms are divided into four different categories: re-experiencing symptoms, avoidance symptoms, arousal and reactivity symptoms, and cognitive mood symptoms. A PTSD diagnosis usually requires at least one symptom in each category and continuation of symptoms for at least one month.

PTSD Affects Everyday Individuals

One common misconception about PTSD is that it only impacts war veterans. The most publically known and severe cases of PTSD have been in relation to war veterans, police officers, first responders and others who engage in daily activities that routinely put them into traumatic events. There is an epidemic of PTSD in this country among veterans, but everyday individuals from construction workers to customer service reps at an insurance company may also suffer from PTSD. It is a mental illness that can be exacerbated by a workplace incident and turn into a long term workplace injury.

It is not uncommon for PTSD symptoms to be overlooked or downplayed because the individual does not think they could suffer from it or that their trauma or psychological injury was bad enough. This is not the case. PTSD is a very serious medical condition that can continue to worsen and negatively impact an individual’s health and well-being if untreated. If you think there is a possibility that you are suffering, you should take steps to obtain medical treatment immediately.

Workplace-Related PTSD

Once PTSD is understood, it is easy to see how workplace events and environments can cause PTSD. There are two different ways that PTSD can arise from work: (1) Something scary, traumatic, or dangerous happens at work leading to PTSD from the event; or (2) Something scary, traumatic, or dangerous occurs outside of work but was triggered by something at work. No matter the exact cause of the PTSD, it must be “work-related” to be covered by workers’ compensation and qualify someone for disability benefits. A company's insurance carrier will need medical evidence to verify you are an injured worker entitled to workers' comp benefits.

PTSD arises from a person’s natural, but harmful, reaction to an event, not from the harm the event itself causes. Accordingly, both persons harmed in traumatic workplace events and those who are not harmed by the event itself but by their reaction to it may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from PTSD.

All situations are unique and warrant review by an experienced work injury lawyer, however, the following are a few examples of common types of workers’ compensation claims based on PTSD that have succeeded:

Witnessing a Violent Death at Work – PTSD often arises after a person has witnessed a violent death in the workplace. It is common in law enforcement officers who are exposed to violence as a part of their job. Unfortunately, other professions like teachers and administrators sometimes experience violence, in the form of shootings, at work as well and may suffer from PTSD as a result.

Injury in a Traumatic Work Accident – Actual injury resulting from a workplace accident can lead to PTSD in addition to the other physical harm caused by the accident. For example, a worker that suffers from a severed thumb when a piece of machinery malfunctions may continue to suffer from PTSD from the trauma of the event long after they have obtained the maximum medical recovery of their thumb and hand.

Witnessing a Traumatic Work Accident – As noted above, it is not just being injured at work that can lead to PTSD. Persons who observe a serious traumatic accident at work, like a co-worker suffering from a limb dismemberment, may also suffer from PTSD as a result and, if they do, they are entitled to pursue workers’ compensation as well.

A Near-Miss that Could Have Resulted in Death or Serious Harm – Even if no one is harmed, a situation that almost results in serious bodily harm or death is a common cause of PTSD symptoms in those present at the event. For example, a shooting that occurs at work where the assailant misses all shots could cause those present to experience PTSD symptoms after the event. Or another example, a portion of a building collapses on a construction site and narrowly misses falling on workers could lead to PTSD in the nearby workers.

Being Trapped – Mine workers, or any other worker that is trapped in a confined space at work, may suffer from PTSD as a result even if no physical harm occurred. This type of confinement is a very traumatizing event for many people.

PTSD Alone Not Enough for Workers’ Compensation

Unfortunately, merely suffering from work-related PTSD is not enough to obtain workers’ compensation. The PTSD must be severe enough to impair your ability to fulfill your job duties. If you are suffering from work-related PTSD but still able to function at 100% of your former level at work, you probably will not be able to obtain workers’ compensation for your PTSD. However, for your future health and well-being, you should still make sure to be seen by a medical provider to obtain treatment for your PTSD.

Pursuing a Workplace Related PTSD Claim

As with all workers’ compensation claims, when pursuing your PTSD claim, it is important to obtain medical evaluation and diagnosis regarding your PTSD claims, provide your employer with notice of your claims (which can be trickier since PTSD cannot always be tracked to an exact start date), and to complete all required employer and government paperwork.

PTSD workers’ compensation claims are some of the more difficult claims to pursue because of the nature of the disorder and the fact that the law on the issue is still evolving and not always clear. For this reason, it is usually prudent to find a work injury lawyer to help ensure you don’t lose the opportunity to obtain the benefits you are entitled to.

Marc Weinberg, Lawyer, of Jenkintown and Ken Saffren, Attorney are named partners at Saffren & Weinberg which is located in Jenkintown, PA. The team works tirelessly to help improve the situations and lives of victims that have been involved in auto accidents and suffered personal injuries. The firm is known as "The People's Voice In Court" and they make themselves available via email on the website or by phone 215-576-0100. They provide a no-charge, complimentary case review and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Marc Weinberg, Partner
Saffren & Weinberg
215 576-0100
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How Long Does a Patent Last and What Do Different Types Entail? An IP Lawyer Explains.

Trademark & IP Attorneys

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Your intellectual property rights are protected when you obtain a patent. But for how long?

‘How long does a patent last’ is a fairly common question and is difficult to get a straight answer for without seeking legal advice from a law firm or the U.S. patent office itself.”

— Alex R. Sluzas, Esq.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — There are two primary types of patent: U.S. utility patent and a design patent. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a utility patent is typically granted for 20 years from when the utility patent application is filed. The patent holder will have to pay periodic maintenance fees to sustain the enforceability of the patent. A design patent is generally granted protection for 14 years measured from the date the design patent is granted.

What is a Patent?

A patent is a term a new variety of people have questions about almost every day. While most people are aware that patents are an integral part of intellectual property rights, not everybody is aware of the facts or can even claim to know in depth what one is. According to Wikipedia, "A patent is a set of exclusive legal rights granted by a sovereign state or intergovernmental organization to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. "

More Information About How Long a Patent Lasts

The news about the tech giant Apple winning a Patent infringement war over its rival Samsung made headlines in 2016. However, in this landmark patent issues litigation, Apple was only awarded about $120 million instead of the whopping $2.2 billion it originally claimed. The matter was decided by the courts in accordance with 'Section 289 of the US Patent Act.'

The exclusivity for the producing or using the concerned product that is patented, its process, or design is limited for a period of time. The details of patent protection are conveyed via a legal patent letter.

How long does a patent last’ is a fairly common question and is difficult to get a straight answer for without seeking legal advice from a law firm or the U.S. patent office itself. It is important to know about various kinds of intellectual property protection before you can find the correct reply to this subject matter. Remember that the law of the United States of America recognizes a number of different patents at present. Each of them remains valid for a stipulated period of time.

Before you are granted patent rights and become a patent owner, there are quite a few things to consider as you begin to understand how long are patents good for, including earliest filing date, non-provisional application versus provisional patent application, provisional filing date, patent extensions, public domain and any third parties IP rights.

Type of Patent

Knowing about the US Patent law happens to be the very first step to learn how long is a US patent good for. Each kind varies sharply depending on the nature of the patent. A design patent remains in force for as long as 14 to 15 years from the date that it had been granted the right. It depends on the date of filing as well. However, most individuals are interested in the utility kind when they expect an answer to the query of how long do patents last.

In the United States, a utility patent is granted for processes, compositions, and machines. This is also the most common type of patent filed and is valid for 20 years, which answers the most often asked question about the validity of a patent. However, the period is assessed from its first filing date. The matter gets intensely complicated if you have chosen to file for the patent multiple times.

Filing Date

The date of filing is all important here. Remember that each filing date is included in the records made available publicly. Going through the databases that are available to the public would give you access to the date that had been recorded by the patent office at the time of filing. It is easy to calculate the validity of the patent therefore once you are apprised of the filing date of a specific patent. Unfortunately, there is no restriction on filing and, a single patent can be filed on several occasions making the calculation slightly complicated.

Provisional Patents

Applying for a provisional patent is a common way of securing the filing for a utility patent. Think of it as the first step of the patent protection process. In fact, many companies, as well as individuals, opt for a provisional patent so as to include an informal provisional patent application on file. This will allow you a breather of up to a year.

You can use the time effectively to fine tune your products and machines. You are also welcome to find investors and create prototypes for your creations meanwhile. The process may be advantageous to a certain extent but comes with certain drawbacks as well.

The validity of your patent will be counted from the earliest date, i.e., the date of provisional application. The patent will be due to expire a year in advance, therefore. You must thus be sure of taking the right date into consideration while calculating the validity of the patent.

Pending Patents

Many people are familiar with the phrase "patent pending," but what does that actually mean?

The life of your patent is limited of course but the period of 20 years may be further reduced due to its pending status. The first filing date happens to be pivotal as the entire process will be hinged on it.

Although your patent remains valid from the date mentioned yet, you will not be able to enforce it until and unless the patent office issues it for you. Fortunately, you will be awarded a ‘patent term extension’ should an unnatural delay in claims occur due to a fault of the patent office.

If you've been searching for "patent lawyers near me" then look no further. Paul and Paul is the premier patent attorney you are looking for. We can help you with your patent questions and issues! Contact us today at (866) 975-7231 for a free case consultation.

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Alex R. Sluzas, Esq.
Paul & Paul Intellectual Property Attorneys
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The Lyle collection of Wave Crest, Nakara, Kelva and American Brilliant Cut Glass will be auctioned Sept. 7-8 in Kansas

Unmarked Wave Crest pipe holder plaque with a portrait of an Indian in full headdress.

Unmarked, 17.5-inch-tall Wave Crest vase, 10 inches across handles, with handpainted scenic decor.

American Brilliant Cut Glass table lamp, signed Gundy and Clapperton, with engraved scene of flying geese.

American Brilliant Cut Glass punch bowl in the Sunburst pattern by C.F. Monroe, with nine pattern-matched punch cups.

Marked 17.5-inch Nakara vase showing a night scene of sailboats in a harbor, with Vermillion blue highlights.

It's the lifetime collection of Don and the late Carrol Lyle, whose many outstanding pieces have been featured in books, trade publications and museum exhibits.

Without a doubt this is the finest Wave Crest collection to ever come to public auction. Don and the late Carrol Lyle were well-known collectors and beloved members of clubs and associations.”

— Jason Woody

DOUGLASS, KS, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — The lifetime collection of Don and the late Carrol Lyle – dedicated collectors of Wave Crest, Nakara, Kelva and American Brilliant Cut Glass whose items have been featured in books, trade publications and museum exhibits – will be sold without reserve in a two-day auction slated for Sept. 7th-8th by Woody Auction, in the firm’s auction hall at 130 East Third Street in Douglass, Kansas.

The Lyles, who hail from Washington state, began collecting glassware pieces decades ago, with their main focus being on items produced by the C.F. Monroe Company (Meriden Conn., 1882-1916). The Lyles loved the quality of the Wave Crest, cut glass and other items created by C.F. Monroe, and managed to assemble one of the foremost collections in the country that featured these lovely pieces.

“Without a doubt this is the finest Wave Crest collection to ever come to public auction,” said Jason Woody of Woody Auction. “Don and the late Carrol Lyle were well-known collectors and beloved members of the Wave Crest and American Brilliant Cut Glass clubs, as well as the American Cut Glass Association. Now their one-of-a-kind collection will be sold to the highest bidder, without reserve.”

Highlighting the two-day sale will be 350 lots of Wave Crest, Nakara and Kelva, plus over 300 lots of American Brilliant Cut Glass, which will play an equally significant role in the event. The Friday, September 7th session, starting at 5 pm Central time, will contain lots 1-250. The balance of the catalog (lots 251-670) will come up for bid in the Saturday, September 8th session, starting at 9:30 am.

Stars of the Wave Crest category include an elaborate handpainted panel featuring an early Venice, Italy scenic décor, signed “C.V.H.” (for Carl V. Helmschmied), mounted in a 29 ¾ inch by 23 ½ inch oak frame; and an unmarked pipe holder plaque in green and cream tones with a portrait of an Indian in full headdress, plus an embossed scroll design and set in a brass frame holding five Wooden English pipes.

The unmarked, 17 ½ inch tall Wave Crest vase (10 inches across handles), has a handpainted scenic décor showing two women near a bench and a reverse showing a chrysanthemum décor, with gilt metal feet and handles and a cobalt blue border, is outstanding; as is the unmarked Wave Crest dresser box in cream and blue tones with an underwater fish scenic décor, gold stencil highlights and gilt metal feet.

A Wave Crest banner mark vase, 17 inches tall, deep emerald green, showing a classic courting scene, with Vermillion trim highlights, gilt metal feet and handles, is nearly identical to the vase shown on page 47 of Cohen’s Wave Crest book. Also offered will be an unmarked Wave Crest wall plaque, 12 inches by 8 ½ inches, depicting a woman in a sheer pink dress, housed in an ornate gilt metal frame.

Additional Wave Crest lots of note include an unmarked wall plaque with cobalt blue border and scroll mold, depicting a woman in a sheer dress holding a wreath, in an ornate gilded frame measuring 16 inches by 12 inches; and a rare wall plaque marked C.F. Monroe, with a colorful floral branch décor, artist signed “S” (attributed to Gussie Stremlan) and mounted in a 27 ½ inch by 21 inch wooden frame.

American Brilliant Cut Glass (ABCG) is enormously popular with collectors and the Lyles were no exception. Pieces in the auction will feature a high-quality punch bowl in the Sunburst pattern by C.F. Monroe with an exact pattern matched base and nine pattern-matched pedestal punch cups; and a decanter in the Croesus pattern by J. Hoare, 12 ½ inches tall, with a ray cut base and quality blank.

Also sold will be an ABCG table lamp, 19 ½ inches tall, signed Gundy and Clapperton, boasting a fabulous cutting of hobstar cluster and Millicent stripes, with a finely engraved scene of geese flying over cattails; and an ABCG vase, 14 inches tall, in the Odolet pattern by C.F. Monroe, with a hobstar base and heavy blank, exactly as featured in the Monroe catalog #11, page 42 (only this one is larger).

ABCG top lots continue with a three-part epergne in the Starlight pattern by C.F. Monroe, having a trumpet vase center section with a sterling fitting atop the center bowl, and a sterling silver rest engraved with “Connor New Year’s Day 1907”; and a humidor in the Marlboro pattern by Dorflinger with an embossed floral wreath marked Dorflinger and a ray cut base, 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

Nakara is a trade name for a white glassware decorated in pastel colors and made about 1900 by C.F. Monroe. The glass was similar to that of Wave Crest. It had an acid finish and beaded or raised rococo scrolls. Boxes for dressing tables were the most common Nakara pieces. The mark isn’t found on every piece. A couple of gorgeous Nakara pieces from the Lyle collection being sold include the following:

• A marked, 17 ½ inch tall vase showing a night scene of sailboats in a harbor, done in cobalt blue with pale blue and cream side panels, Vermillion blue highlights and gilt metal feet and handles.
• A humidor marked Nakara, measuring 5 ¾ inches by 4 inches, done in brown and rust tones, with a portrait of an Indian in full headdress and the word “Cigars” showing on the humidor lid.

A preview will be held on Friday, the first day of auction, from 12 o’clock noon until the first gavel falls at 5 pm. For those unable to attend the event in person, Internet bidding will be facilitated by Online bidders are encouraged to register at least 48 hours in advance. For info, terms and conditions, visit the Woody Auction website:

Absentee bids will be accepted, with a written statement indicating the amount of the bid. The deadline to submit an absentee bid is noon Wednesday, September 6th. For convenience, absentee bids may be submitted by fax, at 316-746-2145, or e-mail, at There is no phone bidding.

For lodging, there are three hotels in the area. The Comfort Inn, in Augusta, KS (316-260-3006); the Holiday Inn Express, in Andover, KS (316-733-8833); and the Hampton Inn, in Derby, KS (316-425-7900) are all within a 15-20 minute drive from the Woody Auction facility. Woody Auction will conduct regular auction events in the Douglass location and occasionally at other venues in the area.

Woody Auction’s 5,000-square-foot showroom is located at 130 East Third Street in Douglass – south and east of Wichita, not far from I-35 and Hwy. 54/Kellogg Rd. Moving forward, most auctions will be held in the Douglass gallery, starting at 9:30 am Central time, unless otherwise noted. The firm has a full slate of auctions lined up for the rest of 2018. These will include the following:

• August 18, 2018 – The Margaret Ireland collection of Carnival glass.
• September 7-8, 2018 – The Lyle collection of Wave Crest, Nakara, Kelva, ABCG.
• September 29, 2018 – Part 2 of the Headlee collection of RS Prussia.
• October 20, 2018 – The Rex collection of Brilliant Period Cut Glass.
• November 9-10 – Antique auction, to include sterling silver, furniture, art glass, dolls, music boxes, clocks and more.
• December 1, 2018 – Brilliant Period Cut Glass, antiques and other items.
• December 15, 2018 – Antique auction (details to follow).

Woody Auction is always accepting quality consignments for future sales. To consign an item, an estate or collection, you may call them at (316) 747-2694; or, you can e-mail them, at To learn more about Woody Auction and the auction on September 7th-8th, visit

# # # #

Jason Woody
Woody Auction
(316) 747-2694
email us here

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Burisma Group supports Ukraine’s largest kids festival "Chornomorski Games"

Burisma Group supports Ukraine’s largest kids festival “Chornomorski Games”

Burisma Group supports Ukraine’s largest kids festival “Chornomorski Games”

Burisma places great importance on creating favorable conditions for talented Ukrainians, supporting and enhancing the energy of Ukrainian song worldwide

Burisma places great importance on creating favorable conditions for talented Ukrainians, supporting and enhancing the energy of Ukrainian song worldwide

The company initiated a special prize for the "Best Ukrainian Original Song" in order to support the talented youth and develop Ukrainian music

The company initiated a special prize for the “Best Ukrainian Original Song” in order to support the talented youth and develop Ukrainian music

Ongoing support for talented children is a major part of the corporate social responsibility program exercised by Ukraine’s largest gas producing company

This is the energy for the future, which together with the energy that our company produces, can bring positive change, making our country energy-efficient and secure”

— Vadym Pozharskyi, Adviser to the Board of Directors at Burisma Group

KYIV, KYIV, UKRAINE, August 1, 2018 / — The International Energy Group Burisma became a patron of the XVI All-Ukrainian charitable kids’ festival “Chornomorski Games”. This year's vocal contest received over 500 participants from all over the country. Fifty of them, the strongest vocalists, competed for the main prize at the sea-front in Skadovsk.

The Grand Prix of the festival was awarded to Elina Ivashchenko. She also became the winner of the nomination “Girls, senior group”.

“I am very happy. The emotions are incredible. I am holding this statuette in my hands, and I can't believe that this grand prix is mine, I became a winner’, – the laureate of Chornomorski Games Elina Ivashchenko shares her feelings.

Ongoing support for talented children is a major part of the corporate social responsibility program exercised by Ukraine’s largest gas producing company, Burisma Group. The Group’s operating companies are actively involved in infrastructure projects in the regions where they are based. These projects include fixing roads, schools, playgrounds, as well as promoting community growth and development.

The company initiated a special prize for the "Best Ukrainian Original Song" in order to support the talented youth and develop Ukrainian music. This year's winner in this nomination is "Kachayu" song, performed by the duo of Arina Nikonova and Viktor Shevchenko, the laureates of Chornomorski Games as the best band. Special prize from Burisma Group was awarded to the authors of music and words – composer Tymofiy Reshet’ko and poet Andriy Osadchuk.

“Support that we at Burisma offer to talented youngsters is a contribution towards sustainable development of our country. This is the energy for the future, which together with the energy that our company produces, can bring positive change, making our country energy-efficient and secure. Ukraine’s largest song festival has already become recognizable worldwide. For many years now, this annual event facilitates cultural dialogue between different nations and states. Burisma became the festival’s patron, because we fully support this major socio-cultural project and care for Ukraine’s future”, – says Adviser to the Board of Directors at Burisma Group Vadym Pozharskyi.

The company places great importance on creating favorable conditions for talented Ukrainians, supporting and enhancing the energy of Ukrainian song worldwide.

Among the most prominent participants of Chornomorski Games in various years are Tina Karol’, Nadia Dorofeyeva, Nastia Kamens’kyh, Ivan Dorn, Mika Newton, Ivan Berezovs’kyi, Olexandr Panayotov, MamaRika, Julia Voice, Kyrylo Turychenko, Zhenia Anishko, Julia Savina and other Ukrainian performers. This year, the celebrities rocked Skadovsk stage and communicated their song energy to Ukrainian public.

Burisma Media Relations
0 800 212 996
email us here

Burisma Group supports Ukraine’s largest kids festival “Chornomorski Games”

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Busy Families Can Benefit From This Meal Kit Delivery Service

What a Crock Meals To Go Logo

What a Crock Meals to Go is the next big meal kit delivery service. Eliminating processed foods, this company is starting to change the meal delivery landscape.

Chemically processed foods are made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substances. Our crock pot creations are made fresh and then frozen immediately–serving a healthy alternative.”

— Brieanna West, Founder

BROOKHAVEN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — We live in a world of innovation. As a society, we are constantly looking for ways to simplify tasks and save time. This holds true to food preparation and has become apparent with the rise of meal prep delivery options.

About a decade ago, a phenomenon started occurring in American grocery stores. Someone had the genius idea of selling meal kits that contained all of the ingredients you would need to feed a family of 2 or 4 instead of needing to purchase and measure all of the ingredients separately. Additionally, some retailers had the idea of pre-slicing or cooking the ingredients to help save preparation time along with including recipe cards of instructions. This meal option was met with overwhelming success, and it was only a matter of time before someone turned this small, grocery shopping idea into its own business.

If by chance, the majority of the components are included and pre-measured, what else could these retailers do to make the meal prep process easier? Get the meals sent to your home.

Meal Kit Delivery: A New Culinary Industry

From New York City to the deep Southern states, many meal kit companies have emerged that all claim they’re the best. Whether it’s Martha Stewart or Amazon Fresh, they all can’t be the best. An industry has been created, threatening grocery stores and the traditional way of preparing dinner as we know it. There are now more than 100 meal delivery plans available in some form or another, from those who specialize in microwavable meals and juice cleanses to those who sell healthy crockpot meals.

A meal kit delivery subscription is a complicated purchase. The traditional services mail you three nights’ worth of portioned, fresh ingredients and the corresponding recipes to prepare them. Is there a perfect meal kit delivery service?

According to experts, the industry is predicted of being a multi-billion-dollar market by 2022, and about 19% of adults claim that they have tried a meal kit service at least once. Which is the best? There are many factors that go into determining that.

How What a Crock Compares

When trying to decide which meal kit delivery service option is best, there are a few factors to weigh. What are the cheapest options? Which choices will provide you with the best home-cooked meals? We’ve highlighted five of the most popular meal kit delivery services in the country to see how What a Crock compares:

1. Plated
According to Money, Plated is the “best meal kit service on the market.” Plated offers creative recipes that you probably wouldn’t usually prepare on your own. These recipe options require a bit of skill in the kitchen and don’t always come with all of the ingredients you need to make the dish, such as oil or eggs.

How What a Crock Compares:
What a Crock has less prep time but doesn’t necessarily have dishes that are as “creative” or “adventurous” as the ones through Plated. The aspects that What a Crock does have instead is a larger variety of meals, a lower minimum order requirement, and the option to ship to the entire country.

2. Blue Apron
When it comes to meal kits that are prepared with recipes, Blue Apron is one of the best. It is not necessary of being a culinary whiz to take on a seared steak or saffron pasta dish. However, Blue Apron’s recipe database is quite limited. Each week you are only given about 8-12 options to choose from and the prep/cooking time tends to be longer than other services; about 40-70 minutes on average. Blue Apron sets themselves apart from the rest with a wine delivery program which finds the best wines to pair with your meal plans, delivered right with your food.

How What a Crock Compares: What a Crock’s menu is much more in-depth. Meal prep time virtually disappears. What a Crock’s $40 minimum order requirement is also much lower than Blue Apron’s $60 requirement.

3. HelloFresh
HelloFresh has a similar model to Blue Apron but with quicker prep times; usually 20-30 minutes. HelloFresh breaks down their categories into “fit” meals, “quick” meals, and “variety.” The meals are also a bit simpler and less adventurous than the others we’ve highlighted. Depending on the culinary journey, it could either be good or bad based on what the consumer wants to experience.

How What a Crock Compares: HelloFresh was the most comparable to What a Crock in terms of variety, healthy options, low prep time, and low price.

4. Sun Basket
Sun Basket prides itself on offering health-conscious recipes that can accommodate almost any diet. Sun Basket’s main talking points are about its use of organic produce to have a fully organic meal with clean ingredients. You are also able to swap out ingredients for premium ones. For example, you can swap out a recipe that uses salmon with a better ingredient like halibut.

How What a Crock Compares: Sun Basket is incredibly environmentally conscious which makes it tough to beat in terms of sustainability. However, Sun Basket fails where their ingredients are usually pre-cut and pre-chopped, making it so the consumer has to use the ingredients very quickly before they go bad. With, What a Crock, your crock pot creations are saved in the freezer until you use them. What a Crock has a more expansive product offering, and the portions are cheaper.

5. Home Chef
Home Chef is similar to Blue Apron in the way that they offer a different set of available options each week. However, due to that, the offerings are limited (8-12 options). All options include easy-to-follow recipes. You can also choose a family plan based on how many servings you’ll require.

How What a Crock Compares: Home Chef offers fruit and smoothie options where What a Crock only has options that can be prepared in a crock pot. Home Chef also beats What a Crock’s shipping charges by a slim margin. However, What a Crock’s menu is more robust with lower prices per serving, on average.

Why What a Crock Meals are the best options

We believe that there are quite a few reasons why What a Crock meals are the best meal kit delivery service:


Everyone loves processed foods. A lot of us were raised on processed foods due to how cheap they are, how long their shelf life is, and how easy they are to keep around when you live a busy life and need a quick bite. One of the downsides to processed foods, though, is that they tend to be much less healthy than meals equipped with fresh ingredients. These processed foods are usually found with harmful ingredients such as preservatives, other artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup, and sugar. These ingredients are one of the main causes of obesity in the United States and also contribute to other health-related issues. Our crockpot creations are all healthy meals. It’s also important to note that slow cookers use water and time to cook food, as opposed to added oils and fats found in other traditional, ready-made meals. What a Crock’s healthy crock pot meals cater to dietary restrictions such as vegetarian options and gluten-free ones as well.

More variety and creativity

The best meal kits seem to offer many options but not a lot of variety. With What a Crock Meals To Go, you have the option to choose from more than just dinner options. On top of dinners, we offer dips, soups, sides, and multiple dessert options to always have something new for your weekly recipes. We also offer bundles where we select a group of items that pair well together. For example, our Trip to Italy bundle features some Italian favorites such as Grandma’s Homemade Meatballs, Sausage Scallopini, Chicken Marsala, Tomato Basil Bisque, and more. We also have a No Gluten for Me bundle which brings some of our favorite, gluten-free crock pot meals together.

When you’re busy or crunched for time

Goodbye, unhealthy fast food and takeout. Hello, healthy crock pot meals delivered. No matter how busy your schedule may possibly be, prepared crock pot meals are the best solution for saving you time and money while also giving you optimal convenience when meal prepping. Your slow cooker is best for healthy, simple, and wholesome prepared meals that you and your family can enjoy at the end of any long day. Slow cooked crock pot creations are perfect for days that you’d rather spend by the pool or relaxing on a hammock instead of running around the kitchen. There are tons of summer-ready crockpot options available that would make any outdoor dinner or barbeques complete such as philly cheesesteak dip, old bay crab chowder, slow cooker steak sandwiches, and more.


Unlike the meals found in other dinner delivery services, What a Crock’s meals can all be frozen after they are prepared. This means that you can make a meal and freeze whatever you don’t use for a later time! This not only reduces food waste but also saves your budget. And what better way to save cooking time than by saving it twice?

Easy to make

What if we told you that it is possible to make an entire meal for your family in one single step without doing any prep work? It’s true! Most competitors require about 40-70 minutes of prep time. Cooking is so easy with a crock pot. Open up one of your What a Crock meals, pour it into the crock pot, cook, and serve. That’s it. You are able to set up your slow cooker in the morning before heading out and when you come home dinner is done and ready to serve. Also, most slow cooker recipes are so simple and require no culinary skills.

Clean up is a breeze

With other meal kit delivery services such as HelloFresh and Blue Apron, you’re given the task of preparing the meal yourself. This means cutting up all of the veggies, using multiple pots and pans to cook the dishes, and making a mess of your kitchen. With our prepared crock pot meals, there is no prep work associated with the meal that will make a mess of your kitchen. The only aspect that is in need of cleaning is your crock pot. You’re able to spend that time you would have wasted by preparing the meal on other parts of life such as hanging out with friends and family.

Food tastes better

Slowly cooking meat in a crockpot can effectively soften even the toughest of meats. In addition, you are able to purchase cuts of meat that are less expensive and would be tougher to chew if they were prepared on the stove or in the oven. There is a lower chance of your food being scorched or burnt due to the low temperatures that a crockpot uses to cook.

What a Crock: The Meal Delivery Service You Need

What a Crock began with a simple idea: produce healthy crockpot meals that help families save time and money. We have retail locations in Brookhaven, Garnet Valley, Ridley, Chestnut Hill and Quakertown. Make planning dinner easy without bundles. Choose from seafood, pork, chicken, sandwiches, soups, vegetables and more! Call us today at (484) 474-0451 or visit our website to place an order. Don’t forget we have gift cards!

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What a Crock Meals To Go
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How the CIO, CDO and CMO can join forces to drive digital innovation

Jane Alexander, Chief Digital & Information Officer, The Cleveland Museum of Art

Sue Workman, VP for University Technology/CIO, Case Western Reserve University

Tracy Marek, Executive Vice President of Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena

Hear from local women leaders in tech and marketing who will discuss their ​evolving​ roles ​in step with the​ technology advances ​of​ today’s marketplace

In its 12th year, the Amplify speaker series continues to seek thought leaders that educate, inspire and provide a networking opportunity for executives and business leaders in Northeast Ohio”

— Renee DeLuca Dolan, Founder, President of Contempo Design + Communications


CLEVELAND, OH (July, 23, 2018) Business leaders will convene at the September Amplify event to learn about relevant topics in tech. Speakers will discuss topics including who owns the tech stack at their companies and how their company CIOs, CMOs and CDOs communicate internally and externally about new technologies being employed in their organizations. The Amplify Speaker Series is produced by Contempo Design + Communications and gold sponsors Kent State University’s College of Business Administration and Expedient.

The networking and luncheon program will take place on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at the DoubleTree Tudor Arms Hotel at 11:30 a.m. and is open to the public.

Deborah Spake, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Kent State University, will facilitate the program that will feature local tech and marketing leaders who will discuss their ​evolving​ roles ​with the​ technology advances ​of​ today’s marketplace. Each guest speaker will present a 10-minute “TED-style” talk, followed by audience Q&A.

Brad Nellis, Director of Market Strategy for Expedient’s Cleveland market will discuss the state of technology in NEO. Prior to joining Expedient, Nellis was Executive Director of OHTec (formerly NEOSA), the technology association for northeast Ohio.

Topics and Presenters:

– Jane Alexander, Chief Digital & Information Officer, The Cleveland Museum of Art, is responsible for technology implementation and digital strategies, as well as long-term strategic planning. Under her leadership, the CMA completed the award-winning Gallery One and ArtLens Gallery that transformed the museum into one of the most technologically advanced and engaging art destinations in the world.

– Tracy Marek, Executive Vice President of Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena, and has over 20 years of marketing and event production experience in the professional sports and entertainment industries. Tracy will discuss how her role and that of the CIO and CDO have evolved in her 15+ years at the CAVS organization.

– Sue Workman, VP for University Technology/CIO at Case Western Reserve University, will discuss the areas of responsibility in higher-ed IT and how these differ from typical businesses, the innovative CWRU facilities, how CWRU is using holograms to teach and teamwork at the C-level in higher-ed IT. Sue is responsible for creating the vision and strategies that enable the delivery of technology solutions supporting the university’s mission of teaching, learning, and research, along with the day-to-day functions of the university.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $45 each and tables of eight and sponsor packages are available at www.contempocleveland/events

About Amplify ​:

​The Amplify Speaker Series is a program presented by Contempo Design + Communications, a full-service design and communications firm founded by Renée DeLuca Dolan in 1996 and headquartered in Warrensville Heights. The program, now in its 12th year, brings business and community thought leaders together for an active forum on issues of relevance to greater Cleveland.

​Find more details on the event and sponsorship opportunities visit and our social channels. Follow our topic discussions at ​#AmplifyCleveland

Renee DeLuca Dolan
Contempo Design + Communication
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Bobby Jersey promotion to Senior Relationship Manager

WARRENVILLE, IL, USA, July 31, 2018 / — Gar Wood Securities, LLC is pleased to announce the promotion of client service specialist Bobby Jersey to Senior Relationship Manager.

Bobby joined Gar Wood in 2010 as a client service associate on the Gar Wood Pro Desk and worked directly with new clients and brokers. He has been instrumental in the numerous accolades and rankings the firm has achieved over the past eight years.

“Bobby has done a great job in supporting our brokers and clients since joining us, and I am confident that he will thrive in this newly formed position,” said Craig Gantar, Sales Manager of Gar Wood Securities, LLC. “We feel this extra commitment to our existing relationships will help our clients feel more comfortable and secure.” said Gantar.

In addition to Bobby’s promotion, Gar Wood would like to acknowledge their Cedar Park TX branch overseeing the daily customer support for all of Gar Wood’s business. Andrew Eicher, Hugh Daniels, and Josh Vore joined the firm in the Spring of 2016 as a branch office. They have done an outstanding job supporting our trading platforms and the business housed at Interactive Brokers and COR Clearing.

“I am confident our Austin team is up to the task. Their knowledge and experience make this a natural transition for the firm.” said Dennis Gerecke EVP & COO of Gar Wood Securities, LLC.

About Gar Wood Securities, LLC

Gar Wood Securities, LLC is a U.S. broker-dealer and member of FINRA, SIPC and NFA, trades solely on an agency basis, and provides their clients access to all major global markets covering equities, options, futures, fixed income, mutual funds and alternative investments in hedged funds and CTA’s.

The firm is known for its derivative execution and prime brokerage businesses and has been recognized in several industry surveys as a TOP broker in client services from the hedge fund community. Its clients include money managers, active traders and family offices. Additionally, Gar Wood supports a network of independent brokers that use Gar Wood’s infrastructure and compliance oversight to help them service and manage their brokerage businesses.

Formed in 2004, the firm is headquartered outside of Chicago with branch offices in Florida, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and Texas.

Additional information on Gar Wood Securities, LLC is available at

Craig Gantar
Gar Wood Securities, LLC
(312) 662-1275
email us here

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How Does a Hospital Stay Open When Its Water Supply is Cut?

The first time a Utah hospital used an emergency water filtration system was a success

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, July 31, 2018 / — Early Saturday morning, July 14, flash flood waters that ran over the site of the 2017 Brian Head fire in Utah overwhelmed and contaminated the spring water collection boxes that feed into the Panguitch, Utah culinary water system. It caused the rural city of 1,800 to declare an immediate "No Water Use" order for culinary water. What that meant is: absolutely no water use, even if boiled.

What did this mean for 14-bed Intermountain Garfield Memorial Hospital, managed by Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare system, who used the city's culinary water? Water is used in so many ways inside a hospital, not just for drinking or bathing. There’s food preparation, dishwashing, laundry services, hand washing, and sterilization of instruments.

The Intermountain Healthcare Emergency Preparedness team was ready. They immediately responded to the notification, putting into action the water disruption emergency response plan for the hospital. The hospital needed both bottled water and filtrated water, and not knowing how long the “No Water Use” order would be in place, also needed water filtration systems.

The Southwest Utah Healthcare Preparedness Coalition was contacted for help. This coalition is comprised of healthcare representatives from five southwest Utah counties, and includes six hospitals, three of which are Intermountain hospitals. This coalition was formed to pool knowledge, resources, and support in case of emergencies. The Coalition had used federal grant funds to purchase low and high-density water filtration systems. Neither filtration system had ever been made fully operational, but coalition members had previously trained on how to use them. These filtration systems were transported to Intermountain Garfield Memorial.

By 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon, the filtration systems were fully hooked up, filtering water through a four-stage process. Before the filtrated water was used, a water sample was taken by the local health department and tested to make sure the filtration system was functioning properly. The testing showed the water was clean and safe to use, so the filtrated water was used for drinking, handwashing, bathing and food service operations.

Thousands of bottles of water were sent from other Intermountain hospitals as well as food service items like disposable plates, cups, bowls and cutlery, as dishwashers couldn’t be used.

Intermountain Garfield Memorial's chef created six-day food plans for all the inpatient, caregiver and long-term care residents, and coordinated how foods would be prepared and managed without use of culinary water.

Another issue to solve was laundry services. Intermountain Garfield Memorial washes their laundry on-site. Another rural facility, Intermountain Sevier Valley Hospital (about 100 miles away) coordinated with Intermountain Garfield Memorial to do their laundry, keeping the hospital supplied with clean linens.

Sunday afternoon, July 15, Panguitch City moved from the "No Use Water" order to "Boil Water" order. But the "Boil Water" order did not mean it was yet okay to use the culinary water system at the hospital. Even though the water could be boiled for use elsewhere in the city, the hospital still only used bottled or filtrated water.

The "Boil Water" order for Panguitch was lifted on Wednesday, July 18. At this point, it was time to fully clean the hospital's water system. The process was a highly systematic, thorough one. Water was fully drained out of pipes, filled with chlorinated water, allowed to sanitize for several hours, then fully flushed out of the system. Once that was done, the water was tested once again to ensure it was clean and safe.

Alberto Vasquez, administrator at Intermountain Garfield Memorial, said, "I am so proud of our team and how our hospital has responded. When a hospital has never experienced something like this before in our state, it's hard to know what to expect and there are so many elements that must be considered and handled proactively for the safety of all. And having been able to ensure the safety of all has been a testament to the above-and-beyond attitude of all involved, along with the training, foresight, and everyone working together."

Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 22 hospitals, 170 clinics, a Medical Group with about 2,300 employed physicians and advanced practice clinicians, a health plans group called SelectHealth, and other medical services. Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs. For more information about Intermountain, visit

Daron Cowley
Intermountain Healthcare
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