New Anti Aging Peptide Released. Test Subjects Looked 7 Years Younger In 21 Days.

Powerful Compound Works 21 Times Faster Than Standard Peptide. Replexium Promises New Era In The Beauty Industry.

This isthe single biggest breakthrough we have seem in 20 years and will change how women take care of their skin for the foreseeable future”

— Ron Cummings, AminoGenesis

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 11, 2018 / — – In clinical trials research giant BASF study revealed that 60 percent of women aspire to look five to ten years younger, and that 80 percent of them expect a quality skincare product to help achieve this aspiration. This inspired BASF to develop Replexium® as a solution for consumer expectations. Replexium® is a skin-bioavailable synergistic complex of two patented BASF peptides.
Targeting new and different areas of the skin:
The Replexium® peptide blend has been shown to work on various layers of the skin by targeting specific proteoglycans (lumican and syndecan-1), as well as collagen XVII. These dermal and epidermal components are responsible for providing skin’s biomechanical properties and all have been shown to decrease with age.
Extensive Clinical Research Shows 2,000% Improvement
In vitro studies demonstrated Replexium’s ability to increase the synthesis of lumican, syndecan-1, and collagen types I and XVII in various skin cells and skin models. In clinical studies, Replexium® demonstrated its ability to significantly decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: 11 percent after three weeks, and 23 percent after eight weeks. It also improved dermal density 21 times faster than the industry’s peptide-benchmark.
“On a number of parameters, Replexium® outperforms other well-known active peptides on the market,” said David Herault, R&D Global Director for BASF Beauty Creations. “It is our first solution that addresses all three major facial wrinkles, as well as skin firming, and should prove ideal for high-performance skincare products.”
“With the launch of Replexium®, we are providing an active ingredient that will support the differentiating needs of many brands and will create a new benchmark solution for the anti-aging segment of face care,” said Daniele Piergentili, Vice President, Business Management Home & Personal Care, North America for BASF. “Our scientists focused on efficacy, safety and regulatory compliance in the main markets while creating Replexium®, so that development times for the brands can be dramatically shortened.”
Replexium® is currently only available from AminoGenesis, a California company. A 60 day Supply is $79. For full information, education video and other details visit Contact Ron Cummings, 1-877 534 4455 or

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Source: EIN Presswire