Direct Funding Now: Making waves in Southern California’s Lending Industry as a Trusted Solution

This is a combined effort from our whole team, we make it a point to exceed industry benchmarks for customer service, operation, product quality and ethical practices”

— Christian Murillo

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 28, 2019 / — Direct Funding Now is the nation’s premier business lending facilitator provides a smarter solution for business owners. Direct Funding Now offers short and long term loans, Equipment loans and Lines of Credit. Founded in 2015, Direct Funding Now’s unprecedented approach to lending with a customized solution has provided financial assistance to thousands of business owners for the past 4 years.

The company achieved one of their biggest milestone last month after funding $14.5 million to over 275 businesses nationwide. In achieving this milestone, the company has also confirmed its capability to expand its platform to fund other business verticals; Transportation, beauty salons, advertising agencies, Sports facilities, gas stations, etc. A large part of this accomplishment is due to the inability for traditional banks and credit unions to help out business owners. This gave Direct Funding Now an opportunity to take over the space and create more platforms which creates more solutions to a wider range of businesses.

Direct Funding Now’s enhanced commitment to the business community helps consumers borrow with confidence for accessing capital. Direct Funding Now’s consumer driven platform gives different term loan options ranging from 1-24 month terms or 1-5 year terms.

Their dedicated efforts also garnered them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau last month and has continuously held the highest consumer ratings on different consumer review platforms. “This is a combined effort from our whole team, we make it a point to exceed industry benchmarks for customer service, operation, product quality and ethical practices.” said Christian Murillo, Owner of Direct Funding Now.

With all this accolades being accomplished only the first quarter of the year, Direct Funding Now is definitely making its mark as an established and trusted solution.

About Direct Funding Now

Direct Funding Now, headquartered in California, provides multiple financing options to small businesses and for business owners to have access to credit and lower the cost of borrowing like traditional banks. For more information, visit

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Claudette Roche Explains Why Public Speaking is Critical for Professional Success

Historically, public speaking has been considered a soft or optional skill in the business world.

VERO BEACH, FL, USA, February 28, 2019 / — Historically, public speaking has been considered a soft or optional skill in the business world. However, today’s successful entrepreneurs and business titans all have one skill in common: They can deliver a powerful and persuasive public speech.

The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, explains this phenomenon. She outlines how public speaking skills are becoming more of a necessity in business rather than just another ‘soft’ skill. “If you look at those who have become very successful, they can deliver a powerful speech. Their story-telling skills can persuade the masses,” Roche says. “Take Steve Jobs for instance – He was an excellent public speaker, and he had great success because of it.”

Why is public speaking taking center stage now? “In the 1800s and early 1900s, the majority of jobs were on the farms. Today, the job market has significantly changed. The current job market is focused on selling and persuading people to take a certain action, such as buying a new product. Thus, you need to be able to persuade people,” Roche offers.

Yet, it isn’t to be assumed that these skills come naturally. “From my understanding, Steve Jobs had to work at it – as do many of these business titans,” Roche adds. In fact, many of these individuals have taken courses and degrees. They frequently boast that these certificates or degrees are more important than their business ones.

“Persuasive public speaking equates to money through opportunity. And money equates to the kind of lifestyle you lead. It really makes a huge difference,” the Accent Coach explains. She adds, “It could be the difference between a $40 000 salary and a $100 000 salary.”

Claudette Roche further believes that anyone can improve their public speaking skills. “It really just takes practice. I’ve had various clients who when I first met them lacked the confidence and skills in their public speaking abilities. But now, they’re successful. When you hear them speak, you’d never think that they had once struggled with it.”

Claudette Roche
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Prospanica Houston recognized as Chapter of the Year for 2018

This is the top recognition awarded nationally by the Association of Hispanic Professionals

HOUSTON, TX, USA, February 28, 2019 / — Prospanica Houston was recently recognized as Chapter of the Year for 2018. This is the highest recognition awarded by Prospanica -The Association of Hispanic Professionals fka the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, to only one of the more than 45 chapters throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico that are part of this national organization.

The announcement was made during Prospanica’s 2019 Leadership Summit celebrated in Hartford, Connecticut and presented to Candice Castillo, Prospanica Houston Board President since 2018. “I feel incredibly honored and humbled to receive this recognition on behalf of our Houston board, membership, and sponsors and partners,” said Candice. “I am so blessed to be part of a team of passionate leaders who work tirelessly to impact and grow our Hispanic professional community.”

This is the first time the Houston Chapter receives this top honor since Prospanica started awarding this recognition in 2007. The selection is based on chapters’ performance on the areas of compliance, financial health, programming & branding, leadership, and membership. “Chapter of the Year is an extremely challenging award to earn,” said Thomas Savino CEO of Prospanica. “Houston distinguishes itself from its peers by being exceptional in many areas. These include having exceptional leadership –both local and nationally, and conducting exceptional programming to a continually growing membership.”

For the past nine years, Houston has consistently performed within the top-10 chapters of the organization. Prospanica Houston is part of the founding chapters that formed the national organization back in 1989. In the history of the Houston Chapter, Candice has been the fifth female and first Afro-Latina president to lead the chapter board.

About Prospanica:
Prospanica is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the Hispanic community to reach their full educational, economic, and social potential. The organization was first formed in 1988 as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA), but outgrew its name, adopting its new name Prospanica in 2016. The organization advocates the pursuit of higher education and advancing Hispanic leadership. Prospanica is The Association of Hispanic Professionals with more than 45 Chapters and hundreds of community partners across the United States and Puerto Rico. For more information on Prospanica, visit To learn more about Prospanica Houston visit

Prospanica Houston
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New On-Site Seminars Coach Business Leaders in Mitigating the Hidden Costs of Grieving Employees

Leadership Grief Seminars by R. Glenn Kelly

grief_in_the_workplace Presenter R_Glenn_Kelly

R. Glenn Kelly

The Workforce Capital Recovery Program's "Grief in the Workplace Leadership Seminars" are available to business and organizational leaders across America

Let's Support Your Most Valuable Assets…And Your Bottom Line”

— R. Glenn Kelly

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2019 / — Today, award winning author, public speaker, former business executive, and bereaved father, R. Glenn Kelly, announces the nation-wide availability of business coaching seminars targeted at forward-thinking companies and other organizations who recognize that grief does have significant adverse impacts on both the employee and the entire enterprise.

Every year in America, indifferent organizations lose over $100 billion in precious revenue due to the hidden direct and indirect costs of employee bereavement and grief in the workplace. According to the American Hospice Foundation, over 4 million employees will experience the death of a loved one every year, and 25% of employees in any organization can be experiencing the emotional impacts of grief at any one time.

As the seminar presenter, R. Glenn Kelly brings a unique coaching approach through his experiences as both a former successful business executive and as a bereaved father. While many grief advocates will focus predominant on support for the grieved worker, R. Glenn balances the compassion needs of the employee with the knowledge that a business remains responsible to other employees, customers, suppliers, and more. Through proven preemptive concepts and reactive responses to numerous scenarios, the seminars identify the emotional impacts of employee grief and the resulting potential areas of risk to the organization.

One widely-accepted commissioned grief study was conducted with over 25,000 bereaved subjects who were actively employed at the time they experienced the unfortunate death of a loved one. Of those, 85% who identified as management personnel reported experiencing major errors in judgment on the job that went on for six months or longer. Another 90% of front-line employees who became injured on the job after the loss reported that grief influences contributed to the accident.

The three-hour seminars are conducted on-site at the client's business facility in a highly interactive format where the leadership attendees gain a deep awareness and understanding of grief on the job. The attendees will also obtain comprehensive employee grief support actions, an knowledge of inherent risks of grief to safety and productivity, as well as be able to design formal Bereavement Action Plans to mitigate all future grief in the workplace events.

About the Presenter
R. Glenn Kelly is first and foremost a bereaved father. In 2013, he would lose his sixteen-year-old son and only child to a rare congenital heart defect. Soon after, he would have his first of four grief support books published, and as a rare male willing to share his pains from loss with others, quickly became a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter. He has appeared and spoken about grief support on national and local television, radio programs, newspaper articles, and various live-stream webinars and podcasts. He has consecutively served twice as a Keynote Speaker at the headquarters of Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia, before an audience of bereaved Delta employees flown in from around the company for corporate support. R. Glenn was an active member of a Board of Advisors for the Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, and as a National Board of Director's member for three large non-profit national grief support organizations. He has collaborated on grief related subjects with such organizations as Coca-Cola, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Jude's Children's Research Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

To find out more about the Grief in the Workplace Seminars, please visit or contact R. Glenn directly at today.

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Mitigate Hidden Business Costs with The Workplace Capital Recovery Program’s Grief in the Workplace Leadership Seminar

Source: EIN Presswire Launched to Revolutionize Customer Intelligence at Banks

Aspire Systems, a global technology services player launches for banks to stay ahead of competition by providing superior customer intelligence.

We are extremely pleased to launch in Singapore. The greatest challenge banks face today is the lack of clean, consistent and precise data.”

— Anand Subramaniam, Head, Artificial Intelligence Practice, Aspire Systems

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, February 28, 2019 / — Aspire Systems today announced the launch of, a revolutionary customer intelligence framework that powers insightful customer engagements for banks and financial institutions. With the company having a dedicated practice for Artificial Intelligence; is one of a kind AI/ML data driven framework that transforms account centric legacy systems to client centric producing intuitive interactions with customers. Key services within the loosely coupled framework include Data Optimizer, Customer 360 degree and Customer Intelligence.

Poor data quality and customer segmentation are one among the many challenges banks face today. To achieve intuitive customer interactions, the framework channels all perspective information like account history, transaction details and customer profile into creating a one true version of each banking customer.

“We are extremely pleased to launch in Singapore. The greatest challenge banks face today is the lack of clean, consistent and precise data. The amount of data banks derive from their customers is erroneous but deriving the right insights from them has always been a trial”, says Anand Subramaniam, Head, Artificial Intelligence Practice, Aspire Systems. helps banks to have all possible information about customers in one place, which in turn helps the bank to suggest customized products based on customer preferences. “The high rates of customer attrition are pushing banks to embrace the customer centric approach to enhance trust and loyalty among customers. helps build long term customer engagements and can reduce churn rates drastically. This is definitely a milestone for Aspire Systems in the AI/ML space”, says Srini Peyyalamitta, Head, Banking and Financial Services, Aspire Systems.

With the launch of, Aspire Systems is all set to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation for banks and financial institutions globally.

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Foam Swab Manufacturer Super Brush Appoints New Business Development Manager

Super Brush LLC 800 Worcester St Springfield, MA 01151

Super Brush Foam Swabs

Johan C. Sunryd, Ph.D.

Super Brush LLC has named Johan C. Sunryd, Ph.D. as Business Development Manager.

I view this position as an exciting new step in my career where I will leverage my technical skills to identify new market space and launch new products with Super Brush”

— Johan C. Sunryd, Ph.D.

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2019 / — Springfield, MA – Super Brush LLC. A manufacturing leader in foam swabs and applicators announced the appointment of Johan C. Sunryd, Ph.D. as Business Development Manager. Sunryd has extensive experience in interdisciplinary research and development efforts with an emphasis on medical devices.

“I view this position as an exciting new step in my career where I will leverage my technical skills to identify new market space and launch new products with Super Brush”, said Sunryd.

In his role as a Business Development Manager, Sunryd will focus on expanding the Super Brush portfolio, increasing brand awareness and ushering in the launch of new medical devices.

About Johan C. Sunryd, Ph.D.

Sunryd graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a doctoral degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

His doctoral thesis focused on the compartmentalization of the mammalian secretory pathway, which was followed by a postdoctoral research project aimed at developing novel assays to be used by a Fortune 500 company's drug screening efforts.

After his research in academia, Sunryd held positions where he was engaged in pre-clinical trials, contract research for the US Department of Defense and medical devices for metabolic diseases.

About Super Brush:

Super Brush LLC specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of foam swabs and applicators. From medical applicators to patented firearm cleaning swabs, Super Brush provides industries with technically advanced foam swabs for precision cleaning of equipment and delicate surfaces, removing excess materials, applying lubricants, solvents, adhesives, and a host of other solution. ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered.

Michael Lecrenski
Super Brush LLC
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JetBlack Corp (OTC: JTBK) Discusses OLCC Oregon Marijuana Producer Licenses

JTBK continues acquiring OLCC Licenses

JetBlack Corp (OTCMKTS:JTBK)

PORTLAND, OR, USA, February 28, 2019 / — JetBlack Corp. (OTC: JTBK) “the company” is in the process of finalizing agreements to begin the acquisition and transfer of an OLCC Oregon Tier 1 Marijuana Producers License. The company expects to sign agreements in the coming days and will begin the process with OLCC to begin transfer of ownership and location. This will be the second license the company is acquiring and transferring with OLCC. The first license being transferred is This Budz For You Farms LLC. The company has a third Tier 1 Marijuana Producer License application in Oregon that has been submitted before the June deadline. The company has acquired rights to this application and is expected to finalize these agreements as well in the coming days. In addition, the company has submitted some processing and wholesale license applications that are in queue.

The company has decided to not proceed with the Reg 1-A filing for various reasons. The company is looking for non dilutive financing and can not guarantee success at raising capital for the above projects.


JetBlack Corp. through its family of subsidiaries operates in the emerging Cannabis Industry. The family of companies include: This Budz For You Farms LLC, Supreme Genetics LLC, CenAviv LLC, Top Tier Science LLC. The company is continually making advancements in the cannabis industry. The company is currently looking to lay a foundation for future growth. "Oregon is a difficult place to establish profitable Marijuana Businesses. The landscape is very competitive and only the best companies can survive. It is truly a free market, which allows the consumer to dictate what providers they would like to purchase from. We believe we can be successful and will have the ability to partner with other successful profitable businesses in Oregon and in other states, " stated CEO Daniel A. Goldin.

More information including pictures of our locations can be found at our website


This press release contains forward-looking statements. All statements other than statements of historical facts included in this press release are forward-looking statements. In some cases, forward- looking statements can be identified by words such as "believe," "expect," "anticipate," "plan," "potential," "continue" or similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements include risks and uncertainties, and there are important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. These factors, risks and uncertainties include market risks associated with our business, the inability to raise enough capital to complete our business, economic conditions and increasing competition. Investors should not place any undue reliance on forward-looking statements since they involve known and unknown, uncertainties and other factors which are, in some cases, beyond the Company's control which could, and likely will, materially affect actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. Any forward-looking statement reflects the Company's current views with respect to future events and is subject to these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions relating to operations, results of operations, growth strategy and liquidity. The Company assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise these forward-looking statements for any reason, or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future.

IR Department
JetBlack Corp
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Waite Enterprise CEO Daniel Waite Recounts Growth as Company Moves Closer to Corporate Vision and Objectives

Daniel Waite, CEO, Uses Blueprint of Past Growth as Guide to Future IPO

DALLAS, TX, USA, February 28, 2019 / — Daniel Waite is excited about the future of Waite Enterprise and why shouldn't he be? In the past few months the company has announced the addition of two new companies. First Ameriprint, LLC, a Texas based printing company was announced, and then CBD Organix, a company releasing a therapeutic non-narcotic cannabinoid topical cream that successfully treats pain and inflammation from various ailments was added to the ever growing roster. The diverse holding company, with a philosophy that offsets business profits with strategic investments and additional corporate developments, has grown tremendously in the past year. Next year he believes will be even stronger!

“We simply have had a great year and a half and the next few years look even better.” Waite recently explained. “We have negotiations to expand trade on some of our proprietary medical devices into Mexico and Asia in the coming year, we are filling sales orders, generating revenue, creating jobs at home and rolling profits into long term, leveraged investments. For example, we generate enough contracts and business and paperwork, we buy a printing company. We have a lot of work to do and have made a great, fast start. The future is going to make this pale by comparison though. Our strong leadership team, from Miles Clark at Clinical Based Research to Trevor Vick at AmeriConstruction, are focused on the end goal of building a comprehensive, fully integrated consortium. One Corporation that draws from diverse sectors to generate revenue, pool resources, cut waste, and foster growth.”

In the past year the company has opened a new corporate headquarters in Addison, TX , has added several new subsidiaries, and even ended the year sponsoring a successful Josh Abbott Band Veteran’s Day Fundraiser on November 10th in Texas. The concert was organized to help Veteran's in commemoration of Veteran's Day. But it may well be that the coming year looks to be even brighter.

About Waite Enterprise:

Waite Enterprise (subsidiary of Waite Capital, Inc.) is a diversified holding company with a vast platform of subsidiaries and investments that leverage resources and growth from various sectors, currencies and assorted commodities, from cryptocurrency to real estate to high end vehicles. The company is being developed by Daniel Waite with the intention of ultimately going public, offering a diversified investment platform designed as a basket that provides revenue streams from digital platforms, currencies, and businesses in the construction, healthcare and financial fields.

About AmeriConstruction:

AmeriConstruction is a leading construction company in the Dallas/Fort Worth region of Texas. AmeriConstruction has been a successful roofing specialist in the commercial and residential roofing business with over 30 years of experience working with homeowners, business owners and insurance companies in the area. They are noted for their quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.
About Clinical Based Research:

Clinical Based Research is a clinical research organization that focuses on post market clinical research as well as phase trials. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is expanding throughout the Southwest region of the United States.

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Guyana Goldstrike Reports Geophysics Survey, Identifies Priority Targets

Marudi Gold Project Digital Elevation Model Map from Airborne Geophysics Survey (13,500 acre / 54 sq. km)

Apparent magnetic susceptibility map of Mazoa Hill, Marudi North occurrences and Toucan Ridge exploration area showing drill hole collars and surface trench location. Magnetic susceptibility highs are shown in purple, red and yellow.

3D inversion of magnetic susceptibility vertical section, north facing, through Mazoa Hill occurrence showing historic drill hole traces (in black). Magnetic susceptibility highs are in yellow and red.

Apparent magnetic susceptibility map of Mazoa Hill, Marudi North occurrences and Toucan Ridge exploration area showing drill hole collars and surface trench location. Magnetic susceptibility highs are shown in purple, red and yellow.

Receives Interpretation Report of Airborne Geophysics Survey,
Identifies Priority Targets to Expand Both the Known Mineral Resources and Discoveries

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, February 28, 2019 / — Guyana Goldstrike Inc. (TSXV:GYA) (FSE:1ZT) announced it has received the report on geophysical interpretation of the airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys on its Marudi Gold Project located in the Guiana Gold Belt, Guyana, South America.


Direct measurement on drill core from previous campaigns correlates strongest magnetic susceptibility from quartzite-metachert, the primary host rock for mineralization

3D magnetic inversion confirms direct spatial association of known Au mineralization at Mazoa Hill and Marudi North with strong magnetic responses

Brownfields targets identified adjacent to and at depth at Mazoa Hill which could add to current mineral resource
Less than 10% of the strike length of the Mazoa Hill magnetic horizon has been drilled, the remaining ~5km strike length is considered underexplored

Magnetic anomalies along Toucan Ridge correlate to anomalous Au from surface trenching and offer additional drill targets
Numerous greenfield targets based on magnetic responses exist, recommended for surface trenching or shallow drilling to upgrade

Mr. Peter Berdusco, President and CEO states, “The geophysics interpretation has greatly advanced our understanding of the controls on gold mineralization on the Marudi Gold Project and identifies priority targets to both expand the known mineral resource and discover new occurrences."

The geophysical survey confirms the direct correlation at large scale of mineralization at Mazoa Hill with a band of strong magnetic susceptibility.


Three types of geophysical targets have been identified for further investigation: along strike and deeper than the known mineralization (Mazoa Hill and Marudi North), to expand the known mineral resource; under the anomalous Au assay results from trenching in the Toucan Ridge exploration area; and numerous magnetic anomalies of similar character across the Property. The targets near the known mineralization from previous drilling and trenching are ready for the next stage of detailed modelling to optimize logistics and trajectories for drilling, whereas targets farther afield would require trenching or shallow drilling to rank prospective targets.

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Source: EIN Presswire declares the list of promising Hybrid App Development Companies for 2019

Top Hybrid App Development Firms for 2019

Top Hybrid App Development Companies 2019

Our research found 15 top performing Hybrid App Development firms more successful in satisfying clients by offering highly interactive solutions.

Hybrid Apps offer a profitable and productive business enhancement!”


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2019 / — A mobile app is one of the necessities that will make businesses to acquire a brand identity and reach new heights in profit making. Your presence in app stores will certainly gain you a noticeable entry into the customers’ world. Though mobile app is an important aspect for business augmentation to flourish your brand and gain you recognition all over the target community, choosing among the two main platforms – Android or iPhone will put you in a dilemma. In order to reach the maximum target group, the businesses need to build an app separately for Android and iPhone, for this the cost is the major concern.

Building a hybrid app is the best choice that seems workable here. Though native apps are highly preferred for their exceptional performance, hybrid app on another hand is gaining reception for its cost effective yet appreciable performance that is nowhere lesser to the potential of the native apps.

We have also studied the individualities of an extensive list of finest mobile app development companies in the industry, to know the best firms with proficiency towards hybrid app development. Through their finesse of hybrid app development expertise these companies can make things easier and productive for your requirements.

TopDevelopers’ research and analysts team has given a commendable effort in finding the competent Hybrid app development agencies that can reform your business on an efficient hybrid app that can perform smooth on both the platforms. The teams here are found to have an invincible practice in crafting interactive and challenging hybrid apps that has received wide appreciations from the users.

Find the most exclusive list of leading Hybrid App Developers
Konstant Infosolutions
Silver Touch Technologies Ltd
Dev Technosys Pvt Ltd
Hidden Brains
Nethues Technologies
Softweb Solutions Inc
Solution Analysts

Here are the top rated Hybrid app development firms that can craft an amazing hybrid app to mark your brand as the best among the other competing names.

About TopDevelopers is a leading directory for mobile app, web and software, and digital marketing service agencies. With an opportunity to understand and know the developers market worldwide, we research, analyze, research and choose the best among the efficient technical service providers. TopDevelopers’ team introduces the right technology partners to the service seekers with dedication.

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