Latin American Genset Market Predicted to Recover in 2019

Verify Markets B2B Market Research and Consulting

Despite the emphasis being placed on alternate forms of energy, gensets will continue to be the first choice of end users during the forecast period.

Competition from low-cost Chinese manufacturers is disrupting the market. In some countries, Chinese companies hold more than a third of the market share.”

— Verify Markets’ Senior Consultant Georgina Carraway

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 / — A new analysis by Verify Markets shows the Latin American Genset Market was valued at $652.5 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% from 2018 to 2025. This sound growth reflects the fact that gensets remains an excellent means of power generation, and despite the emphasis being placed on alternate forms of energy, will continue to be the first choice of end users during the forecast period. Predicted moderate economic performance of most countries in the region and Brazil’s economic recovery are expected to be the major drivers for this market.

Additionally, rapid population and urbanization, lack of long-term investment in energy infrastructure to meet the increasing energy demand, aging power infrastructure, and high dependency on hydropower is raising the demand for gensets, particularly for standby applications. "Stand by applications are likely to increase their share of the market, driven by the demand for standby power from the rapidly growing data center sector and other mission critical facilities who require a constant supply of power,” states Verify Markets’ Senior Consultant Georgina Carraway.

Among the three main countries analyzed in this report (Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico), Mexico is expected to experience the highest growth rates, driven mainly by increasing investment in infrastructure and new opportunities in the industrial and oil and gas segments.

There are some challenges genset companies must overcome in the short and medium-term. New investments in power infrastructure, especially on renewable energy technologies, will see gensets utilized more as emergency or backup power applications in the longer term, while the need for prime power is expected to reduce. Additionally, there is increased competition from low-cost Asian manufacturers and other European companies entering the market. "Competition from low-cost Chinese manufacturers is disrupting the market. In some countries, Chinese companies hold more than a third of the market share,” states Carraway. Finally, lower oil and gas prices, restrictive monetary policies, and the Argentinean recession are projected to affect generators sales.

The Latin American Genset Market report has been segmented by fuel, application, power output, and end user. Main customers include utilities, industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure. The infrastructure segment is the largest driver of the genset market; it is expected to be driven by an increase in activities in the construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries.

Some of the key companies covered in this report include Cummins, Inc., Caterpillar, Inc., Stemac S/A, Grupo Palmero, Volvo Penta, IGSA, S.A. de C.V., Kohler-SDMO, Cetec Sudamericana SA., Generac Holdings, Inc., Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG (MTU), and Himoinsa Power Systems, Inc. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the overall Latin American Genset Market. The report captures various market dynamics such as growth drivers, restraints, market revenues and forecast, market trends, and competitive landscape.

A copy of the Latin American Genset Market research report can be obtained at Follow us for more updates on Twitter @verify_markets and LinkedIn. This report is part of Verify Markets’ Energy & Power Equipment market research and consulting practice. Other energy and power market reports include:
• Global Power Rental Market
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Verify Markets’ research methodology consists of extensive primary interviews with key participants in the market along with secondary sources to validate our information. Verify Markets is a global B2B market research and consulting firm. Our project teams are comprised of industry market experts, creative thinkers, business analysts, and independent consultants located around the world. We work with our clients to bring solutions to every project and deliver reliable data and trends based on primary research. Contact us to see how we can help deliver valuable data and insights to your organization. Georgina Carraway is a senior consultant with Verify Markets. Georgina has over 10 years of expertise in global market research and consulting focused on retail markets, consumer products, and specific energy sectors such as renewable energy, power generation, and oil and gas. Her extensive experience includes monitoring, analyzing, measuring, and forecasting emerging trends, new technologies, and market behavior in Latin and North America.

For more information on this report and other research (including custom reports and consulting), contact or call 210.595.6987.

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Medify Air Totals 400+ rooms at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

Medify Air MA-40 (left) and MA-112 (right)

Medify Air MA-40 (left) and MA-112 (right)

Medify Air MA-100a AireSpa

It is absolutely a standout room product and one of the best I have seen.”

— Rob Pattillo, Director of Hotel Operations, Harrah's Resort Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, US, April 24, 2019 / — Medify Air is pleased to announce the continued partnership with Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, located in the marina district. Over the course of a three-year partnership, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City now features over 400 Medify Air models, including the flagship AireSpa® and new line items: the MA-40 and MA-112.

“We are proud to continue this successful partnership with Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City,” said J. Henry Scott, Founder of Medify Air. “Harrah’s has made a tremendous step in providing cleaner, medical grade air throughout their property. We are inspired by their commitment to the health and wellness of their guests.”

The MA-100a AireSpa®, the only patented 4-in-1 unit, is the flagship product of Medify Air. Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City added the MA-40 and MA-112 models to complement the AireSpa® units, to tackle the air quality in common areas and to quickly remove smoke odors.

The MA-40 covers areas up to 800 square feet and is ideal for corridors and living rooms. Its sleek design and compact size also make it an excellent option for bedrooms.

The MA-112 covers areas up to 2,400 square feet and powerfully removes airborne pollutants with dual filters and DC motors. This model uses additional activated carbon to effectively trap odors, including smoke. All units feature proprietary filter sets, which include pre-filters, HEPA H13 medical grade filters, and activated carbon filters.

“Harrah's Resort Atlantic City was the first casino in Atlantic City to get the AireSpa unit 3 years ago. Our guests absolutely love their core features; air, scent, and sound! It is absolutely a standout room product and one of the best I have seen,” said Rob Pattillo, Director of Hotel Operations, Harrah's Resort Atlantic City.

About Medify Air
Medify Air is a subsidiary of AireSpa Worldwide Wholesale, who purchased the AireSpa® brand and product line. Medify Air features multiple medical grade units to address the needs of consumers and hospitality partners. The company’s mission is to alleviate indoor air pollution through the highest quality air purification systems. Using only medical grade filters, Medify Air is committed to spreading awareness regarding this crisis and bringing cleaner air to all.

About Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City
With its sophisticated marina setting and an infinite roster of world-class resort amenities, Harrah's Atlantic City Resort has become the premier Atlantic City hotel destination. Relax outdoors by the 25,000 sq. ft. pool, six hot tubs, or near the Xhibition Bar. The Pool After Dark has been voted among the top clubs in the U.S. Clubplanet, Nightclub & Bar Magazine and Ibiza World Club Tour. Enjoy the delights of live theatre during your Atlantic City resort getaway. The Concert Venue draws Broadway hits like The Producers and Hairspray. Harrah's restaurants serve up meals where you can feast on fun. Or you can whip up your own culinary wonders at the Viking Cooking School. In between parties, unwind with a massage or treatment at Red Door Spa.

Medify Air
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What Is the Role of the Patent Examiner and How Do I Become One?

Trademark & IP Attorneys

Intellectual Property Attorneys

A patent examiner is a person who reviews your patent application. They carry an advanced level of engineering and scientific skills.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 / — +++

What Is the Role of the Patent Examiner And How Do I Become One?

A patent examiner is a person who reviews your patent application. A patent examiner carries an advanced level of engineering and scientific skills and knowledge along with a bachelor’s or a higher degree in the relevant field.

Chief employers of patent examiners are the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office), EPO (The European Patent Office), JPO (The Japan Patent Office) and other patent offices across the world.

Role of patent examiner

The main role of a patent examiner is to examine or review the application of patent and determine whether the innovative idea or invention qualifies.

The Act of 1970 was the first law drafted in the interest of patenting. The job of patent examiners was highly in demand after USPTO was formally established in 1802.

According to USPTO, a patent examiner:

Searches existing technology for claimed invention
Serves as the protector/advocate of public interest in regards to intellectual property
Issues valid patents
Provides assistance and direct service to customers from inside and outside the USPTO
Serves as a judge on patentability in regards to claimed inventions
Reads and understands the invention set forth in Title 35 of the United States Code
Reviews patent applications and determine if those comply with fundamental format, principles and legal requirements.
Determines the scope of the invention claimed by the inventor
Searches for specific technologies and compare similar previous inventions with the latest invention claimed in the application of patent
Communicates the research as to the patentability of the applicant's invention through a documented action to patent/inventors practitioners.

How to become a patent examiner

Patent examiners generally study several courses and subjects related to science and technology and gain a deep understanding of these subjects. This will ultimately help you in becoming a capable patent examiner.

Completing your bachelor’s degree in physics, chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology or biology would help you in gaining scientific knowledge. Alternatively, you may select engineering at an undergrad level if you like solving problems or if you prefer the information technology field.

After completion of your formal education, you must apply for the role of the patent examiner at the Patent Office. Patent examiner traits include the ability to understand the idea and technology behind the patent. For instance, if someone applies to patent a diagnostic tool, the examiner must be able to understand how that tool works.

Duties of patent applicants

The patent applicant must submit duly completed application along with proper documentation and drawings to the USPTO. The application must have an invention title along with the description of the utility of the invention. All this information would help the examiner in gauging what he/she is applying the patent for.

All drawings and description must be precise with little or no room left for imagination other than the intended purpose of the invention. For instance, if drawings or descriptions are vague, the application may be rejected outright. Also, if a patent is granted basis vague descriptions/drawings and if any individual alleges such patent of infringement, the inventor may possibly be sued.

Various inventors have lost patent rights on the ground of vague descriptions and drawings.

Life of a Patent Examiner

Patent examiners must assess the applications and conclude whether the invention claimed must be granted the patent or must be rejected. After receiving an application, the examiner further compares it to the previous art, databases, patents, scientific literature, etc. The examiner or issuing office must also explain to the applicants any potential protest or objections existing against granting of the patent.

Basically, the responsibilities of a patent examiner revolve around reviewing the patent applications extensively and assessing whether those meet the legal requirements for granting a patent. Legal requirements for patentability include sufficiency of disclosure, novelty, industrial application or utility and inventive step or non-obviousness.

The job of a patent examiner is highly challenging as well as interesting. If you have an inquisitive and legal bent of mind, this might be the right career for you.

Paul and Paul can help you if you need help with patent laws! If you’d like to get a free phone consultation about patent laws, contact us at (866) 975-7231 for more information!

About Paul & Paul
Paul & Paul is one of the leading Patent Law firms in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. Our attorneys have the experience before state and federal courts throughout the United States, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Copyright Office, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

+++++ Disclaimer+++++ This press release is considered advertising and does not constitute any client-attorney privilege and does not offer any advice or opinion on any legal matter. This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC a digital marketing, Public Relations, advertising, and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

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Alex R. Sluzas, Esq.
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New Arabic Christian TV Streaming Channel goes live

The W stands for ‘What’ — World Healing and Transformation

A team of media professionals whose combined experience exceeds 100 years are starting a revolution: To win millions to Christ through digital streaming.

BOSTON, MA, USA, April 24, 2019 / — WhatTV Arabic is a new digital streaming channel for the Arabic speaking community, particularly located in the Middle East and North Africa region. Viewers can access its content from YouTube or through Google Android and Apple iOS apps. The brand name—'What,' is not just a catchy phrase, but also an acronym that carries a deeper meaning: World Healing and Transformation. 'What' is also a question, conveying the approach of answering important questions from a Christian worldview. These questions range from the spiritual (What's the meaning of life? What values should I live by?), to the functional (What career do I pursue? What friends should I keep?). In essence, WhatTV gives answers to ‘what’ people are looking for through innovative TV media (stories, news, shows, music, vlogs, etc.), which promote healing and transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our world is broken. Murder, disease, poverty and suffering are the norm. But there is a cure: the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe this gospel is the only cure for humanity, and it must be broadcast to every nation to fulfil Christ's mandate: "This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come" (Matt. 24:14).

While the gospel is sacred, its method of delivery isn't. WhatTV have abandoned traditional TV distribution in favour of digital streaming, because of the huge number of subscribers switching to this method. The convenience of users’ accessing their favourite media through an internet connection, browsing without being limited to a broadcast schedule—or worrying about DVR programming—makes traditional TV feel prehistoric. Research shows traditional TV services (e.g., terrestrial, cable and satellite) are rapidly declining, while digital video streaming is exponentially increasing. To give you an idea of the seismic growth of this market, video streaming users are set to increase to 4.92 billion by 2022. The future of TV is clear: the future is streaming.

Dr. James Sideras – President
With 25 years business experience, James earned his doctorate at the University of Hertfordshire after growing his own award winning UK business. James also travels the nations as a Christian evangelist.

Raffoul Najem — Arabic Director
Originally from Beirut in Lebanon, Pastor Najem has been proclaiming the gospel to the nations with power for 30 years. He also has 25 years media experience, co-hosting the "Good News Show" – a Middle East TV program, in partnership with "The 700 Club."

Rick Kay – Creative Director
With over 25 years media experience, Rick co-pioneered two of the largest Christian TV channels in Europe.

Danny Choranji – South Asia Director
Danny was with the BBC for 13 years as both presenter and producer. He won a national award for his Asian family program ‘Eastern Beat’ and his musical band, DCS, won double platinum.

James Sideras
+1 617-720-3460
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WhatTV Arabic YouTube Trailer

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Buffs4Life launches new website focused on mental health and fundraising to aid former athletes and coaches in need.

Buffs4Life Foundation serves University of Colorado former coaches and alumni athletes in need.

Never Again will a Colorado Buffalo stand alone. Depression and Suicide Prevention is everyone's issue. We stand #ShoulderToShoulder

Buffs4Life Never Again Campaign

Tragedy and perseverance drive 2019 donations to support beneficiaries Doc Kreis, former football coach, and the children of fallen Buff, TJ Cunningham.

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 / — The Buffs4Life Board of Directors, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping former University of Colorado athletes and coaches in need, kicks off their 14th Annual Buffs4Life Weekend June 23 – 24, 2019. The mental health campaign, “Never Again,” will be front and center throughout all events. Buffs4Life’s campaign is a direct result of mental health issues affecting coaches and former athletes of the University of Colorado.

2019’s Buffs4Life golf tournament will benefit former CU Coach Doc Kreis. During his time at CU, Doc Kreis was a central connection point for hundreds of athletes. If there were a Big-12/Pac-12 "all personality team," he'd be a consensus pick. From his famous quotes to his one-liners many recall – these words will echo through the hallowed halls of CU forever. Doc indeed was an inspiration to all.

Time has taken a toll on Doc's memory. He is currently living at a Memory Care facility near his Brother in Alabama. His memory started to fade ten years ago and now is a significant concern for his health and well-being. Buffs4Life invites you to join us on June 24, 2019, to celebrate his contributions to CU and raise funds for his continued care.

On Sunday, June 23rd, the community is invited to “Run with the Herd” in the 7th Annual Kyle MacIntosh Memorial Fun Run taking place on the CU Boulder campus. Runners and walkers are invited to register and join the fun with Chip, members of CU athletic teams and former athletes. The run begins and ends on the Buff Walk located next to Folsom Field. The post-face Finisher Festival features fun and games for kids young and older, including food and other activities.

The 2019 Kyle MacIntosh Memorial Fun Run will benefit a 529 College Fund established for TJ Cunningham’s children. TJ had a passion for youth and education. This year, we will run the 5K in his honor. An admonishment by the Pastor at his funeral reminds us, he saw150 uncles for TJ’s five (5) daughters. Collectively, we are working to support their future education, something TJ Cunningham believed in and lived as a high school principal.

For the past year, the Board of Directors, led by the former University of Colorado and NFL football player Sean Tufts, in conjunction with former coaches Gary Barnett and Brian Cabral, have worked to align the organization with mental health resources throughout Denver including the Colorado Crisis Center. On May 1, Buffs4Life will launch a dedicated crisis phone line to support those in need.

Help is available. We are here. We are listening.

SAVE THE DATE: Buffs4Life Weekend, June 23 – 24, 2019
7th Annual Buffs4Life Kyle MacIntosh Memorial ‘Fun Run’
University of Colorado Boulder
Sunday morning, June 23, 2019

Family BBQ & Pool Party
Omni Interlocken Resort Hotel Pool and Pavilion
Sunday afternoon, June 23, 2019

14th Annual Golf Tournament, Golf Ball Drop and Awards Banquet
Omni Interlocken Golf Club
Monday, June 24, 2019

About Buffs4Life:
Founded in 2005, Buffs4Life was created to give a platform to former Colorado student-athlete alumni, to support Buffs. Since its’ inception, the organization has produced events to raise money, and directly support former athletes and coaches in times of need. The group has raised over $850,000 and helped over 50 former athletes and coaches in the past 12 years.

A group of former Buffs, who were an integral part of the turnaround in CU’s football seasons, became aware one of their teammates, Anthony Weatherspoon (Spoon), had been diagnosed with leukemia. His prognosis was bleak, and the gravity of the illness hit his family hard in many aspects, including financially. As the burden of medical costs overwhelmed his family, his friends and teammates wanted to help; thus creating Buffs4Life.

The idea of establishing an organization predicated on Buffs helping Buffs in need was born. Spoon’s reputation as being a hardnosed and powerful fullback is synonymous with CU’s return to greatness, but his influence off the field is his greatest legacy. Even though Spoon lost his battle to leukemia later that year, his spirit lives on in the CU Football family. The Buffs4Life Foundation is ready to help those who have worn the Black in Gold in times of need.

Buffs4Life means just that. You are a Buffs4Life member, and not just for the years you wore the uniform. It is a great honor for our board members and for those who participate in our cause to be a part of something which brings our community, the University of Colorado, and the Forever Buff family closer together.

Kimbirly Orr
Knock Out Performance
+1 303-601-6931
email us here
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You are a Buff4Life. Our Board & those who participate in our cause bring the community, the University of Colorado, and the Buffs family together annually.

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Peregrine Acquires Interest in Allegheny County, PA


April 24 – Dallas, TX

Peregrine Energy Partners has agreed to acquire producing and non-producing oil and gas royalties in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania from an undisclosed seller.

“This acquisition features natural gas production under what we consider the top-tier operator in the region, Range Resources,” commented Peregrine’s Co-Founder, C.J. Tibbs.

“We’re excited about our latest acquisition as we feel the Marcellus Shale is arguably the most appealing natural gas in the U.S.,” said Josh Prier, Peregrine’s Managing Director. “With Range Resources allocating 90% of their 2019 Capital Program to further development in this area, they continue to both show a commitment to the basin and further strengthen their position as a top operator in the Marcellus Region,” mentioned Prier.

ange has produced over 2.2Mmcf/d in the first quarter of 2019 alone which follows the solid year of reserve additions they exemplified in 2018. “To us, this proves that Range will continue to be the best in class operator for this region and keeps Peregrine eager to continue looking for similar opportunities moving forward.”

Peregrine has been particularly active in the northeast basin known as the Marcellus Shale for the past decade as they remain bullish on the production from the region. “ Range Resources has 3,700 undrilled locations in their core acreage across the basin,” commented Prier. “This large inventory of low risk future development gives Peregrine confidence that this investment will continue to see capital expenditure from the operator over many years to come.”

Over the past 18 months, Peregrine has been very active working with mineral owners nationwide, deploying over $40 million to mineral owners looking for divestment options for part or all of their producing royalties.

“I think with the inherent fluctuation in oil and gas prices, some royalty owners want to take some of that risk off the table” said Tibbs. “Many of our clients don’t sit down and look at their royalties from a tax or estate planning perspective,” Tibbs remarked. “After completing our full appraisal, many of our clients are surprised to learn what they stand to gain by divesting part or all of their interests.”

Peregrine Energy Partners are private purchasers of oil and natural gas royalties with over 50 years of combined experience. Over the past 15 years, the company’s founders have enjoyed working with hundreds of mineral owners in 30 states across millions of acres.

With its corporate headquarters in Dallas and an acquisition office in Denver, Peregrine provides value and optionality to royalty owners to maximize the value of their minerals while delivering institutional quality royalty properties to cash and 1031 investors looking for long-term monthly income from a non-correlated asset class.

To learn more or to obtain a valuation of your minerals, contact Josh Prier at (303)-256-6275 or

Josh Prier
Peregrine Energy Partners
+1 303-256-6275
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Ways to Successfully and Kindly Communicate with Dementia Patients

Comfort Keepers Philadelphia, PA..

Philadelphia Caregivers

Dementia is a multi-natured disease that affects millions all over the world.

PHILADELPHIA , PA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 / — ++

Dementia is a multi-natured disease that affects millions all over the world. Dementia embodies a group of symptoms that affect memory, thinking, and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily life and functioning.

Problems with Dementia begin with at least two different brain functions, such as memory loss and impaired judgment. This could also include the inability to perform daily activities such as cooking or paying bills. Dementia also can diminish a person’s communication skills gradually.

Difficulty with Communication: Look for Clues

When looking for changes in communication skills, look for ones that are aligned with the symptoms of Dementia. Examples of symptoms of Dementia are:

-Use familiar words often
-Inventing new words to describe everyday things
-Losing train of though often
-Reverting to a native language
-Having difficulty organizing concepts in a logical way
-Speaking less often

Communication During the Different Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia:

What to Expect
In the mild and early stages of Dementia, an individual is still able to engage in daily dialogue, deep conversations, and social activities. However, the person may unknowingly repeat stories, have difficulty finding the correct word, or feel overwhelmed by excessive verbal stimulation.

The middle stage is usually the longest and can last for several years. As the disease progresses, the person will have greater difficulty communicating and will require a lot of direct care.

The severe stage can last several weeks to several months. As the disease advances, the person may rely on nonverbal communication. This could be through eye contact or body language. Around-the-clock care is usually required at this juncture.

The Best Ways to Communicate

Dealing with Dementia is a struggle. People that have Dementia usually have more difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions than a person without Dementia.

Here are some ways on how to help you be successful at communicating with Dementia Patients:

Before You Speak
-Stay composed. Take a moment to calm yourself before engaging in a conversation.
-Remain focused. Consider what you are going to talk about and stick to that topic. Try always to be positive. Show your positivity in your voice and body language.
-Be the primary focus. Make sure you grab the person’s full attention, and that they can see you clearly. Try to maintain consistent eye contact and remain at their eye level.
-Minimize distractions. Turn off the TV or radio to reduce background noise.
-Match your body language to your words. Make sure that your body language/facial expressions match with what you are saying.
-Never stand too close. Instead, respect the person’s personal space, for this could be intimidating. Allow the person to feel as though they are in control of the situation.
-Use physical contact. Show that you care by holding the individual’s hand or putting your arm around him or her.

How to Speak Correctly

-Make sure you Speak calmly and clearly. Be aware of how fast you are talking and your clarity in words. Be sure to use a gentle and relaxed tone. A lower pitch is better to use since it is seen as more calming.
-Speak at a slower pace (slightly). Allow time in between sentences for the person to process the information and to respond at their own pace.
-Include the person in conversations with others. This will reduce feelings of exclusion and isolation.
-Avoid confusing and vague statements. If you tell the person to “hop in the shower,” he or she may take your instructions literally. Describe the action in a more direct way to make your directions more clear: “Please come here. Your shower is ready.” Instead of using unclear antecedents such as “it” or “that,” name the object or place directly. Rather than “Here it is,” say “Your coat is right here.”
-Repeat questions or information as necessary. If the person does not respond quickly, wait a moment for them to think. -Then ask the person one more time.
-Turn your questions into answers. Provide the patient with the solution rather than an open question. For example, say “Your lunch is right here,” instead of asking, “Are you ready for your lunch?”
-Turn negative things into positive things. Instead of saying, “Don’t go there,” say, “Let’s go here.”
-Try to laugh with them about mistakes and confusions. Humor and fun can bring you closer together with the person and relieve any tensions.

What to Say to the patient
-Clearly Identify Yourself. Advance the conversation from a frontal view and maintain good eye contact.
-Call the person by name. It helps keep the person in reality and grabs their attention.
-Use short, simple words and sentences. Lengthy stories or requests can be overwhelming.
-Offer a guess. If the person can’t find the correct word to use or uses the wrong word, try helping them guess the right one.
-Avoid asking too many direct questions. People with dementia often become frustrated if they can’t find the answer. If you have to, ask questions, ask only one question at a time and put them in a way that allows for only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.
-Try not to ask the person to make difficult decisions. Try always to give the person a choice. Too many options can be frustrating.
-Avoid criticizing or correcting. Don’t discourage the person’s effort by telling them that they are incorrect. Instead, try to understand what they are trying to say, and encourage him or her to always correspond their thoughts.
Avoid arguing. If the person says something you don’t necessarily agree with, try to let it go. Fighting makes things worse. It will also heighten the level of agitation for the person dealing with dementia.

How to Listen
-Always try to Listen attentively to what the person is trying to communicate.
-Try to be caring and supportive. The person may need more time to process thoughts in conversation. Let the person know you are listening to them.
-Pay attention to hints. If the individual has difficulty finding the right word to use or finishing a sentence, maybe ask them to try to finish it in a different way.
-Remain sympathetic while listening. If the individual is feeling unhappy, let them express their feelings without dismissing them right away. This will show that how much you care.
-After listening, get confirmation. When you have not fully understood what they are saying, tell the person what you have comprehended and make sure you are correct. You may have to repeat yourself to clarify.
-Always use the best judgment. Some people will not remember personal things, such as medical history, family, or friends. You will need to and act appropriately in these situations. For example, they may say that they have just showered when you know they haven’t yet.

Always Keep Corresponding, and Be Respectful
Remember to always treat a Dementia patient with respect and dignity. Don’t talk about them as if they are not there, or speak to them as you would to a young child. Remaining patient is crucial.

Always offer them ongoing comfort and reassurance, too. If he or she is having trouble communicating, let the person know that it is alright. Try to give support to the person to continue to explain his or her thoughts, no matter what.

Comfort Keepers provides exceptional Dementia care and many other services for you or your loved one. Our caregivers are locally based and well trained to help any situation. To contact one of our caregivers call (877) 698-9394.

About Comfort Keepers Philadelphia:
Owners Michele Berman and her brother, Marc Reisman, took over Huntington Valley Comfort Keepers in 2000, when their father, Richard Reisman, was diagnosed with lung cancer and became increasingly ill. They experienced firsthand the care and comfort provided by Comfort Keepers. In fact, Richard Reisman originally started the business when his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. At that time, there weren’t many options for those in need of additional support and quality care. Today, the owners are proud to carry on the legacy of their father, but they are even more proud of the difference Comfort Keepers is making to those who need their help the most.

To find out more about Comfort Keepers' commitment to excellence, please call 215.885.9140.

This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA.

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About Homecare QSD

Michele Berman, Owner
Comfort Keepers
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Omni-Channel POS Software Cegid now Offered by LPA Retail Systems

LPA Retail Systems President Tim Lano

LPA Logo

LPA Retail Systems, a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology, has recently been certified to sell and support the Cegid Retail POS offering.

We are very enthusiastic about being selected as one of the founding members of a point of sale dealer consortium that will sell and support this world renowned retail product in the U.S.”

— LPA Retail President Tim Lano

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., U.S., April 24, 2019 / — LPA Retail Systems, a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology solutions, has recently been certified to sell and support the Cegid Retail POS offering. The Cegid business, omni-channel POS platform solution is used by regional, national and international clients with multiple locations in sectors that include: fashion, jewelry, gifts, footwear, professional sports, and more. Benefits of Cegid for LPA clients include: an outstanding omni-channel shopping experience and top-tier analytics.

LPA Retail Systems President Tim Lano said, “We are very enthusiastic about being selected as one of the founding members of a point of sale dealer consortium that will sell and support this world renowned retail product in the U.S. It is our intent to expand the number of retailers that we serve and to continue to increase our services for our clients. Cegid is a highly respected company with a loyal client base that includes some of the largest, most recognizable high-end retailers in the world. This will allow us to expand our offerings to clients; from both a features and geographic perspective.”

Developed in collaboration with sales associates, the Cegid product, called Shopping, is: intuitive, ergonomic, and customizable; available on both fixed and mobile POS devices; and functional on-premises or in the cloud via an SaaS subscription model.

Omni-channel inventory ensures that customers never find conflicting information or make a store visit that leaves them empty-handed and disappointed. An item that is ordered or purchased in any channel is immediately removed from available inventory across the channel. Cegid further enables and supports this omni-channel retail experience by allowing:

• Customers to shop the store’s website and have it shipped to store
• Customers to use the store’s app to indicate whether the items are in-store; the customer can then reserve them and buy on arrival
• An associate to let the customer know that another store has stock and notify that location to reserve, pick, pack and/or ship
• The customer to shop the store and have an associate send browsed items to the customer’s online account
• The associate to find and order online any items that are out-of-stock in store

The Cegid Shopping platform allows retailers to provide all omni-channel customer services in-store. Features include:

• Connected services: e-reservation, click and collect, increased assortment, omni-channel order taking, etc.
• Cataloging: retailers can display stock status in stores, warehouses and networks in real-time, and access an extensive digital catalog.
• Clienteling: provides retailers with a 360-degree view of their customers’ shopping journey (offline-online-social), purchase history, and RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary value) score.

LPA Retail System’s experienced support team, backed by the company’s service guarantee “A friendly service professional in less than 10 minutes”, is certified for a number of platforms, including Cegid.

Headquartered in Greater Minneapolis, LPA Retail Systems Inc. is a recognized leader in omni-channel retail technology that includes POS software, hardware and related services. They are a complete solution provider for multiple sectors including gift shops, corporate stores, liquor, lawn and garden, specialty foods, apparel, and sporting goods. LPA Retail enables clients to leverage the Web and POS —reducing labor costs, better managing inventory and increasing sales. The company’s ability to customize POS software and link to ecommerce insures a solution that is tailored to each client’s business. A premier NCR partner since 1993, LPA Retail Systems works with multiple POS hardware and software providers. Long-term clients include a full portfolio of independent retailers and Fortune 500 companies. Email or call 952-814-4800/877-846-5266 toll-free. News Room, visit: . For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications; 630-363-8081.

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Mobile Payment App for Financial Institutions with Same Day ACH Announced by Design Center and ExcheQ

Design Center Logo

The app solves a simple problem that was previously unsolvable: how to transfer money, through an app, to a recipient that doesn’t have the app.

As with all of our digital solutions, ExcheQ is innovative, practical, highly responsive, and users love it.”

— Design Center President Ken Haus

ST. PAUL, MINN., U.S., April 24, 2019 / — Design Center has partnered with North American Banking Company to create groundbreaking mobile payment solution ExcheQ. The app solves a simple problem that was previously unsolvable: how to transfer money, through an app, to a recipient that doesn’t have the app. Having this capability helps independent financial institutions level the playing field with industry leaders.

ExcheQ works in the following way:

1. The financial institution offers the app to its customers.
2. The customer downloads the app, which is connected to the customer’s bank account, into a mobile device.
3. The customer uses the app to set up a transfer to any other person with a bank account (whether or not the recipient has the app).
4. The app sends a message to the recipient notifying them of the transaction request.
5. The recipient enters their financial institution’s information.
6. The transfer into the recipient’s account is complete; fully secure and with no transaction fees to the recipient.

ExcheQ was selected as one of three award finalists in the Payments 2019 ACH Network Challenge. The competition is designed to develop new ways to use same day ACH to improve efficiencies and add revolutionary capabilities to the payments system. The winner will be announced in Orlando, Fla. May 6.

Design Center is working with ExcheQ to incorporate the app into digital solutions they build for clients. Ken Haus, President of Design Center and Vice President of ExcheQ, said “Not many design and development studios are offering financial tools like this. As with all of our digital solutions, ExcheQ is innovative, practical, highly responsive, and users love it.”

The app was designed to be as simple and secure as possible, requiring neither a debit card nor a paper check. Unlike Venmo, PayPal, Popmoney and Zelle;
• No payee registration is required.
• Funds are FDIC insured.
• It works with all ACH processing systems.
• There are no third parties accessing the customer’s bank account information.
• Transaction data is stored less than 1 hour.

The app was conceived by Michael Bilski, President of ExcheQ and CEO of North American Banking Company, when he was invited to participate in discussions on faster, more seamless payment systems with the Federal Reserve Bank’s Faster Payments Task Force.

“This app solves a simple problem that no one was able to solve before—being able to transfer money to another person through an app, even if the other person doesn’t have the app,” Bilski explained. “While this app is ideal for smaller financial institutions, it can be scaled to institutions of any size.”

Now that customers at North American Banking Company have been using the app successfully for more than a year, other financial institutions are eagerly adopting it. The app is distributed through UBB (United Bankers’ Bank) and available to end users through the Apple App Store and Google Play Apps.

For more information on ExcheQ visit or contact Michael Bilski 651-628-6626,

About Design Center

Founded in 1969, leading software designer and developer Design Center turns strategic insights into reality through app development, virtual reality solutions, custom software and more. Rooted in design and energized by digital, Design Center creates engaging, long-term solutions that streamline business and spark conversation. The company’s user-experience-focused approach to design, development and implementation produces solutions that deliver value and profitability for clients. Among the company’s value adds is AppKits, a proprietary application management engine, that ensures the company’s solutions perform at the highest level. Design Center serves some of the world’s largest organizations from their headquarters in centrally located St. Paul, Minn. To contact Design Center call 651-699-6500 or visit Review project information and client references at: News Room, visit: For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications; 630-363-8081.

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Business Book Marketing Latest Topic of “All Things Book Marketing” Podcast

Smith Publicity Book Publicist Kristi Hughes

Smith Publicity Book Publicist Kristi Hughes

Cherry Hill, NJ office staff

Veteran business book publicist Kristi Hughes offers actionable insights, tips and advice for marketing business books.

Through the "All Things Book Marketing" podcast we’re able to provide tailored, actionable tips and strategies for specific genres by interviewing some of our top publicists.”

— Dan Smith

CHERRY HILL, NJ, U.S., April 24, 2019 / — In the latest episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, Kristi Hughes, one of Smith Publicity's most experienced business book publicists, speaks with Dan Smith about a wide range of topics related to business book marketing.

Hughes, a ten-year veteran of Smith Publicity, is one of the firm’s go-to book publicists for business book clients. She is the second Smith Publicity publicist interviewed as part of a new series of genre-specific episodes on the podcast. Senior publicist and Publicity Manager Janet Shapiro was recently interviewed and discussed book marketing for lifestyle and wellness authors.

“Our podcast has become quite popular,” says Smith Publicity CEO Dan Smith. “In addition to broader book marketing insights and industry perspectives on a variety of topics, after numerous requests from listeners we’ve started a series of episodes that focus on specific genres. While the information is certainly valuable for all authors, we’re able to provide tailored, actionable tips and strategies for individual genres by interviewing some of our top publicists.”

Discussion points of the business book marketing episode include:

• Strategies and tactics to secure the most impactful media coverage for business books and authors
• How business authors can leverage publicity and use the book as a business card
• Why many authors use publicity as the marketing arm of their business and generate new business and build
their expert brand
• The changing business media landscape and how this affects book marketing for business authors
• The power of byline articles, excerpts and expert commentary
• The importance of a book publicity campaign being a team effort, and how authors can augment and maximize the results publicists produce

About Smith Publicity

Founded in 1997 by Dan Smith as one person-one client operation, Smith Publicity has grown every year and promoted over 3,500 authors. An “equal opportunity book marketing firm,” the agency works with authors ranging from self-published, first-time authors to New York Times bestsellers released by major publishers.

Bella Asher
Smith Publicity
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Smith Publcity Company Profile Video

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