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Sees Artificial Intelligence as Important Tool for Cybersecurity focus on Behaviors rather than Malware Signatures for IoT Networks, Systems, Devices, and Data

AI is a very Important Tool for Cybersecurity to Focus on Behaviors rather than Malware Signatures, especially for IoT Networks, Systems, Devices, and Data”

— Mind Commerce

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2019 / — Looking beyond signature based solutions to defeat malware, and reactionary methods to deal with network and device assaults, Mind Commerce sees a key role for artificial intelligence in the cybersecurity battleground. Leading companies such as BlackBerry (who recently acquired AI based cybersecurity firm, Cylance) are anticipated to make a positive impact, particularly in the area of Internet of Things systems, devices, and data.

AI will play a key role in identifying more than malware and intrusion attempts for IoT. This is because IoT is increasingly comprised of interconnected IoT systems have the potential for cascading problems should a cyber threat get out of control. Accordingly, Mind Commerce sees AI as both a front-line point-of-attack defense, for predicting potential offending entities, and a back-line defender of networks, devices, and data that is indirectly involved due to interconnectivity, data exchange, and command and control directives.

With recent high-profiles events such as alleged espionage on the part of Huawei, cybersecurity is getting extreme attention at the government level. By way of example, The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2019 is being introduced. Accordingly, securing data, operating systems, and networks from spoofing is a fast growing cybersecurity market opportunity area. The total global government data cybersecurity will become an almost $64B USD market by 2024.

As edge computing grows in importance, so will the market to protect edge nodes, data, and access to networks. Accordingly, the total global cybersecurity associated with edge networks and equipment will reach nearly $72B USD by 2024. In related research from the Mind Commerce report, Multi Access Edge Computing Market by Infrastructure, Deployment Type, Use Case, Application, Industry Vertical, and Region 2019 – 2024, it is anticipated that the industrial segment, (specifically manufacturing) will be a fast growing vertical for edge computing. Accordingly, protecting both computing infrastructure and data associated with production and product-related software will become increasingly important.

Mind Commerce also sees AI working hand-in-hand with blockchain technology to protect network infrastructure, devices, and data. The two technologies complement one another in support of critical AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) functions for telecom networks as well as enterprise, industrial, and government systems. It will be particularly important with the expansion of IoT, anticipated to occur in conjunction with 5G based network operations.

The Mind Commerce cybersecurity market report, Cybersecurity Market by Segment (Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, Government), Use Case and Solution Type (Hardware, Software, and Data), Industry Verticals, and Regions 2019 – 2024, examines security technology and solutions while assessing the risks and operational issues relative to current and anticipated cybersecurity technologies. The report also analyzes cybersecurity market opportunities from a regional perspective.

The report evaluates leading cybersecurity solution provider companies, product and solutions, and impact on industry verticals. The report includes global and regional cybersecurity forecasts for the period 2019 to 2024 by product and solution, managed services, professional services, security type, deployment model, industry verticals, and threat platforms.

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