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This article discusses several ways to help you keep your heating and air conditioning unit running properly all year around with the help of HTR Mechanical.

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LEVITTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2019 / — Most people do not realize how important basic routine maintenance is for your whole house HVAC unit. Nine out of ten times, its the simple things that go wrong that could have been prevented by keeping up on the maintenance with your unit. In this article, we will talk about several quick and easy things you can do, or just call HTR Mechanical to help you get your Bucks County HVAC unit running properly. The ultimate advantage is simply cooler, more fresh heating and air conditioning service for your whole house.

The first piece of advice is the most simple piece of advice. Make sure you are replacing your air handlers air filter at least once a month. This alone will help you keep the fan speed running properly by keeping the air flow consistent. If your filter is full of dirt and grime from your return ducts pulling in all of the loose pet hair and dust from your house, the supply vents will not have a strong air supply due to the clogged filter. This would translate to you trying to breathe through a straw.

Second, make sure your compressor has enough freon in the line set. This step is slightly more complicated and may require professional help on this step. We would recommend you give HTR Mechanical a call for this step. Once coordinated, these professionals will come out to your home and check the freon charge levels with their gauges to make sure their is enough charge in your system. If the charge is too low, you could have a leak in the line set or compressor causing the extremely harmful leak in your system. This will also cause the temperature of the air conditioning system to not allow your house to get very cool, and might convince you your system is too weak, while the reality could be you need to simply fix the leak and recharge your HVAC unit. A simple inspection of the insulated copper line could help you spot a leak if you have one by looking for a green slime like liquid leaking out of the line somewhere.

Third, if your outdoor unit is not turning on at all, then your compressor, which is inside this unit will not operate at all. This will prevent the heating and cooling function on your conventional heat pump system to operate at all. The fan can still turn on inside the house convincing you your system is running correctly, but if the compressor will not turn on then your air will not get cold or hot. To find a solution for this issue, you will most likely need a technician to help you fix this problem. Sometimes the solution will lead to a brand new outdoor unit so your compressor and all of the electronics on your defrost board are replaced to keep your system running properly for a long time.

In addition, HTR Mechanical offers great whole house humidifiers and mini ductless split units in bucks county to keep your heaters running great without drying out your house.

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