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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2019 / — Most of the people who hold digital assets are more open and forward-looking, and have a high acceptance of Internet financial management. But when it comes to traditional digital asset exchanges, the first thing people think about is trouble, time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Problems in Traditional Digital Asset Exchange
A traditional digital asset exchange needs to register an account; the currency only has its own platform tokens; cross-platform needs to pay double handling fees; trade requires manual price comparison; cross-exchange arbitrage cycle is long, needs to invest a lot of funds, and handling fees are numerous. The tedious transaction and financial management process is daunting.

Innovation brought about by Tomato Grid Bank
Tomato Grid Banking Project is a digital asset financing project which was developed by the former Silicon Valley technology team and the Wall Street Foundation.
The birth of Tomato Grid Bank is the subversion of the digital currency exchange from the tool attribute to the product attribute, which makes the digital currency exchange more intelligent. Even the inexperienced novice can get started quickly and obtain high returns.
At the same time, with the application of programmed trading, when users use the tray, they only need to register a BiUP account to achieve cross-platform price comparison transactions, without 24 hours of tray or tray marking. Intelligent large data matching mechanism for programmed transactions, matching the lowest and highest bid and bid prices of all exchanges in the world in one second, and selecting the optimal price difference are the key to the mainstream mode of aggregate exchange plus grid strategy.
With the participation of more users, Tomato Grid Bank is expected to become an important factor driving the digital currency exchange to usher in the demographic dividend period in the near future.
Collision between Aggregate Exchange and Quantitative Trading to Achieve 150% Ultra-high Annualization Rate of Tomato Grid Bank

Unveiling the Mystery of Quantitative Trading
Quantitative trading refers to the use of advanced mathematical models instead of artificial subjective judgments, and the use of computer technology to select from huge historical data a variety of "probability" events that can bring excess revenue to formulate strategies.
It greatly reduces the impact of investors'emotional fluctuations and avoids making irrational investment decisions under the extreme fanaticism or pessimism of the market.
Uninterrupted: Digital money market 7*24 hours uninterrupted trading, through the procedural trading strategy to achieve unattended, time-saving and labor-saving
Variety: At present, there are many kinds of digital currency, together with different pricing currencies, to form more trading pairs, through procedural transactions will not miss opportunities.
Low latency: Some strategies are too late or time-consuming to operate manually, and can only be saved by programmed transactions, such as high-frequency trading and hedging.

Advantages of Tomato Grid Bank

First, Tomato Grid Bank makes decisions based on the results of the model operation, which can restrain the weaknesses of greed, fear and luck in human nature, overcome cognitive bias, and avoid decision-making errors caused by fanaticism.
2. Quantitative investment captures opportunities brought by mispricing and misvaluation through comprehensive and systematic scanning, thus discovering valuation depressions, and gaining profits by buying undervalued assets and selling overvalued assets.
3. Quantitative trading strategy can be timely based on market changes to carry out high-selling, low-attracting, low-buying, high-selling, stop-loss and other operations.

Big moves keep going! Tomato Grid Bank Client (pc/app) comes online

Tomato Grid Bank, an Intelligent Financial Management platform for Super Block chain Digital assets
TMT is committed to building a comprehensive community platform for digital currency players, providing instant media information content, market changes, community services and other functions.
TMT is not only a de-centralized digital asset management platform, but also a de-centralized trading platform.
Because of its technical advantages, TMT supports many kinds of "token" (BTC, ETH, USDT…) to store and transfer transactions quickly and safely. At the same time, its own arbitrage software for grid transactions can provide users with high-efficiency value-added.

Functions currently supported by Tomato Grid Bank Client:
App of Tomato Grid Bank is seamlessly connected with the PC version. At present, the client supports multi-currency currency transactions.
More than 50 international exchanges are available for investors to choose from. Users can switch between major exchanges at will and place orders freely for any transaction. Users can collect their favorite currencies on the client, collect and manage them, search quickly, and the process is convenient and simple.

For digital money investors, the market is an important reference for making trading decisions. Tomato grid bank client market achieves second-order response, hundreds of currency data interface seamlessly docking, withdrawal and filling money quickly to account, fundamentally eliminating the phenomenon of card, slow and ton.

In addition, Tomato Grid Bank APP collects the latest and most complete market, realizes full coverage, achieves complete classification and basic data, and uses professional K-line map, indicators to display and analyze. In addition to the market, the tomato grid bank client provides grid Trading method, stop loss and decline, tracking stop earnings, limit price trading, market price trading, system AI recommend the best grid strategy, can also order according to its own customized strategy.
In addition, in terms of stability, the APP data center of Tomato Grid Bank operates steadily for 7*24 hours, and constructs a five-level early warning system for infrared security. The professional team makes every effort to ensure the security of users'assets.

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Source: EIN Presswire