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Hot tub filters have been the same for more then 30 years until Egon Gruber has invented a better way to filter your spa water by using brand new technologies

USA, December 13, 2019 / — hot-tub-filters from EGO³ filter finer, longer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than standard hot tub filter cartridges!

Ego³ spa filters replace your existing fleece or paper hot tub filters. This 30 year old technology with a simple filter fleece is now finally replaced by a new technology, which offers you more comfort and pleasure with your hot tub.

We all know all the problems that a conventional hot tub filter cause us. They are constantly clogged, go very difficult to clean, an exchange of the hot tub filter costs relatively is a lot and frequently necessary, in winter the replacement of the filters is particularly unpleasant, much of the dirt goes down when the hot tub filters are turned out and remains in the Water and the filters are also extremely unwieldy. That has already disturbed us imer everything and 4 years ago we had then the igniting idea for a new hot tub filter.

He shouldn't have all these mistakes anymore and now we are happy and very successful with the new EGO3 hot-tub-filters due to its many advantages. A hot tub filter as it should be! The only hot tub filter with the 7-times YES warranty!

TRUST YOUR EGO³ hot-tub-filters!

The only hot tub filter with 4 months MONEY BACK WARRANTY if you are not satisfied.
1. filter cheaper – YES, washable, reusable and it only needs to replace the filter material by simply replacing the filter balls and not the whole hot tub filter every time. can be exchanged. SAVE MONEY and relax! And if you throw away the filter material each time and replace the dirty balls with new ones, it is still cheaper and you save time. SAVE TIME and relax!
2. filter more reliably – YES, since EGO³ spa filters can hardly clog up, due to the unique Twirling Technology and therefore always filters with an enormously large 3-dimensional filter volume. NO STOP – 3D FILTERVOLUMES, only whirlpool filters from EG SpaSolutions GmbH offer this.
3. easier to clean – YES, the cleaning is extremely easy like with a sponge. How the EASY SQUEEZE TECHNOLOGY works can be seen on the underside "Cleaning the hot tub filter". EGO³ spa filters are the easiest to clean hot-tub-filters on the market.
4. fine filtering – YES, because EGO³ hot-tub-filters filter even the smallest particles after only a few days due to the adhesive technology. We're talking about the ZERO DIRT TECHNOLOGY. That means there's zero dirt in the hot tub. Your spa filters from EGO3 filter 100% of the particles! This is absolutely unique!
5. filter longer – YES, due to the huge cylindrical 3D filter area, EGO³ hot-tub-filters can absorb much more dirt. We call that the 3D-HIGH VOLUME FILTER TECHNOLOGY!
6. keep the dirt in the spa filters – YES, as the particles are sucked into the filter interior, they remain in the filter even when turned out. And according to a popular saying in Las Vegas. only hot tub filter manufacturer say: What happens in an EGO3 filter stays in an EGO3 filter! All dirt remains in the EGO³ hot tub Filter!
7. filter more environmentally friendly – YES, by PET RECYCLING FILTERMATERIAL (Made in Germany) and reusable hot tub filter cartridges. We protect the environment! No other hot tub filter does so!

EGO3 hot tub filters stand for sustainability and environmental protection

In addition to the advantages of filtration, handling and the cost factor, it was particularly important for us at EGO3 to make an ecological contribution to the design of a new hot tub filter system.

Our system stands for reusability and waste reduction, as you only have to dispose of the EGO3 filter balls after a certain period of time. This is usually only a small heap of polymer fibre. and can be disposed of as residual waste. In addition, cleaning agents and disinfectants for filter maintenance can be completely dispensed without reducing the amount of filtered water. The need for general pool chemistry is only 30-50%. This enables us to achieve a waste reduction of up to 80% compared to conventional hot tub filter cartridges!

By the way – the EGO3 filter balls are a recycled product – made in Germany from 100% recycled PET bottles!
EGO3 hot-tub-filters rely on GREEN TECHNOLOGY

With the cartridge filter, you have to throw away the complete filter when it is full and can no longer be cleaned. With the EGO³ spa filters, only the filter material has to be exchanged. It falls so a lot less garbage. So you don't just save money, have more beautiful water, no you also improve the environment. A win win situation for hot tub customer and environment.

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Source: EIN Presswire