Robin Schepper of Wayfinder Coaching and Consulting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2020 / — Research shows that when those in leadership roles work with a skilled coach it not only boosts their abilities to perform as leaders, it extraordinarily assists organizational goals and objectives to achieve success. When leaders are coached to realize their full potential, they create a better workplace where people are inspired and feel a greater sense of purpose resulting in happier more productive employees, where everyone literally thrives with vision, creativity, inspiration, and results.

Robin is an exceptional certified Executive Coach and owner of Wayfinder Coaching and Consulting.

“I work with organizations to advance and expand their overall well-being,” says Robin. “Using the most innovative assessment tools, I perceptively assist in identifying how an organization can be improved to create healthier, productive employees and improve greater profitability.”

Robin's has always aspired to make a difference in the lives of others. Prior to starting her own coaching and consulting business she spent over 30 fruitful years working in numerous prominent positions in the federal government, as well as, non-profits covering health, environmental, and children’s issues. Whether working as a consultant for the Athens 2004 Olympic games, serving under Michelle Obama's first Executive Director for her signature initiative Let's Move, or working in the U.S. Senate, all Robin’s work embodies mentoring, improving, and enhancing the lives of others. Now she is profusely bringing that level of expertise to her coaching and consulting work.

“I coach individual clients and groups specifically focusing on personal branding and assist individuals in work-related situations like preparation for speeches and interviews,” says Robin. “I hand them the tools to help raise funds for non- profit or get that much needed raise. I endeavor to help people find their way and achieve their goals.”

Having worked for high profile individuals and organizations like Michelle Obama, the Clinton administration, the Federal Government, and the Center for Disease Control taught Robin the necessary abilities required to help senior executives build leadership skills. Robin understands the high stress environment and the urgency to perform and wholeheartedly translates those skills to the clients she affably works with.

Robin also makes certain to distinguish between her coaching and consulting work. As a coach she is trained to be like a detective, asking clients thought-provoking questions to help them acquire their own appropriate solutions and come up with their own individual plan. Through her consulting work on the other hand, Robin offers people advice and provides them with the optimal solutions needed.

The main difference between coaching and consulting is that coaching draws out the answers from the clients while consulting actually provides them. With coaching, her clients discover their own personal strategic plan. With consulting, Robin hands them the tools they need to advance and propel forward.

“Whether I’m coaching or consulting it’s especially important to listen with empathy,” says Robin. “The more I can relate to people the better that I can serve them and help people find their value.”

Robin’s most profound objective is to see more women in leadership positions in the workforce and politics and hopefully a female President and/or a Vice President in the near future.

“Someday it will be the norm that women and men are doing the same type of jobs,” says Robin. “In leadership roles, women will absolutely flourish because they are inherently multitaskers and natural nurturers. Regrettably, there is much division in this country and men and women should bond and create an empathetic country. Even if we don’t agree on everything, we can still have conversations and respect one another’s different viewpoints and realize we are all trying to make the world a superior place for our children and our grandchildren.”

Robin says If we hope for peace in the world then we start creating peace within ourselves.

“It’s so important to model the behavior we hope to see in other people. When we shine the light within us on the rest of the universe, the opportunity to create a more harmonious world is endless. I love how my work finds the light in all of us, it’s the greatest gift I can give to the world.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Robin Schepper in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday January 24th at 2 p.m. EST with Jim Masters

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