Credit Counsel, Inc. Leads the Charge in International Collections

Credit Counsel, Inc. explains International Collections and how they operate within the field.

SOUTH FLORIDA, FLORIDA, USA , January 17, 2020 / — Christopher Mihoulides, a founder of Credit Counsel, Inc., explains that there are numerous difficulties that present themselves when attempting to collect debt internationally. The first thing to know, Christopher Mihoulides tells us, is that there are no international laws concerning the collection of debt. Instead, these laws are handled on the national level, meaning each country has its own specific laws concerning attempts to collect.

When it comes down to which country’s laws apply, the law of the country where the debtor is located must be followed. So, if you’re trying to collect on someone living in Germany, you’ll need to make sure you (or whoever is collecting on your behalf) is following German debtor law to the tee. The ability to actually speak German is also an obvious skill needed in this situation, along with the drive to attempt to resolve the situation in the most amicable way possible. If court as a means for resolution can be avoided, it should be at all costs.

Christopher Mihoulides, Credit Counsel, Inc. founder, goes on to present a hypothetical situation (though it may hit close to home for some): suppose you’re dealing with a debtor not just in Germany—but, also, a debtor in Italy, another in India, and yet another in Tokyo. This could quickly become a nightmarish situation, but Credit Counsel, Inc. provides a unique, relief-inducing solution.

Credit Counsel, Inc., according to their website’s International Collections service page, is “a debt collection services provider that will consolidate all of your worldwide commercial debt collection endeavors into one efficient and effective collection program”. Due to Credit Counsel, Inc.’s forward-thinking business practices, a seemingly impossible international collections situation can turn into a simple affair. CCI’s Web Portal also allows their clients to view their account’s activity in real-time, receiving updates on the status of their international collections in an easy-to-read format.

This is an impressive service to be sure; made possible by the fact that Credit Counsel, Inc. has representation in a multitude of countries.

This international representation doesn’t come with any sacrifices to the quality of their expertise. Christopher Mihoulides makes special note that the company’s focus on ethics and their core philosophy of hiring only seasoned, experienced professionals is always retained and followed, no matter whether they’re working on a case in their hometown or in multiple countries halfway around the world. Credit Counsel, Inc.’s focus on ethics is what makes them stand out from other collections agencies—their ability to maintain the goodwill of their clients and strict adherence to work standards place them firmly in the role of “industry leader”.

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