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Third Wave Cafe – American BBQ – Port Melbourne

Plate of Delicious smoked meats and fries, with Mac n Cheese and Sauce

Smoked Ribs, Chicken Wings, Cornbread Fries, Mac N Cheese and Candies Bacon with BBQ Sauce

Very large hamburger dripping with cheese and bacon and more cheese, more beef and more bacon

Serious Burgers for Serious Appetites – Third Wave don’t mess around

THIRD WAVE CAFE IN PORT MELBOURNE – 189 Rouse St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 – A NEW MENU TO MATCH A NEW DECADE – Focusing on the finer things in life

This Year carnivores are hungry and we have been fine tuning our smoking and dry rubs, it will be crazy! For 9 years we have been getting better at 'slow-and-low' cooking. This meat tastes amazing”

— Greg Rips

PORT MELBOURNE 3207, VIC, AUSTRALIA, February 21, 2020 / — To celebrate the new year, and a fine new decade, Third Wave Cafe in Port Melbourne is kicking off this summer in style with the finest slow smoked BBQ you ever could eat.

Starting as a trendy inner Melbourne Cafe over 9 years ago, Third Wave Cafe has grown into one of Melbourne's favourite American BBQ restaurants loved by those with a discerning taste for the finer things in life.

In 2020 they will be putting a HUGE Texas Style Focus on perfecting tender slow-smoked meats and Burgers.

During the day they serve the public as a café, transitioning to an American BBQ and Burger restaurant from lunch onward into the evening.

As a café, they love coffee so much that only the best equipment and beans are used. No expense is spared to make sure that the coffee is always full of flavour and extremely smooth.

As an American style barbecue restaurant, they serve up some of the more imaginative brunch dishes in Melbourne.

If you are looking for American Slow-Smoked BBQ then look no further. You have arrived in carnivore heaven!

This style of Barbecue (especially updated for the 2020 menu) creates a succulent and flavoursome meat, you can learn more about our smoked meats ‘American BBQ’ and ‘Burgers’ for hungry carnivores across Melbourne at our flagship restaurant in Port Melbourne.

Third Wave Cafe also offers catering for those that want to eat out with a group or at a function

Third Wave Cafe is a true American BBQ success story – some of Melbourne’s, if not the World's best Slow Smoked meats come from this little restaurant – They have built a reputation that is unrivalled in their industry. Each portion is mouth wateringly juicy and you can taste the skill and care that has gone into its preparation. Their 2020 menu has been designed to reflect the changing tastes that have come with time, but still reflects and builds on the classics we all love.

You are always welcome to book a table at or give them a call on 03 9676 2399 if you have any questions.

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The Meat Rod @ Third Wave Cafe – “More meat”

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