Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage celebrates 1 year anniversary

Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage provides an operational update for stakeholders and a thank you to the local community.

“We’re consistently testing our marketing and registration infrastructure to make storage easier to access for our customer base…the facility continues to maintain over 90% occupancy”.”

— Andrew Soave

PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 28, 2020 / — Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage is pleased to announce and celebrate 12 months in service as of April 2020. The company would like to thank all supporters, clients, and local stakeholders for their continued involvement in driving a successful business launch.

“This is an incredibly important milestone for our business”, states Andrew Soave in an interview. Andrew manages the facility through professional services firm Stallion Enterprises International Corporation (“Stallion”) and is the majority owner of Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage.

“We’re consistently testing our marketing and registration infrastructure to make storage easier to access for our customer base. Despite the recent challenges to the economy and the winter industry demand, the facility continues to maintain over 90% occupancy”.

In 2020, Andrew sees the business continuing to focus on its strengths: “we have ‘affordable’ in the name for a reason – there is a lot of demand in the growing Niagara region evidenced by more supply coming on the market. However, this business intends to maintain its reputation as being the lowest cost provider”.

Low prices aren’t the only strength the business boasts though. Andrew estimates that most tenants can register and start moving within 10 minutes of calling.

“Convenience is critical in the 21st century and we’ve set the registration process up accordingly. Everything is no-touch and digital, over the phone or online, which is incredibly important for health and safety given current circumstances”

Andrew has recently posted a position for programming support from students at the University of Waterloo to make a self-serve option: “One of the trends seen in all industries right now is that calling around for availability and reservations is time-consuming and most of society is in a hurry. As we develop these options it allows the business to better scale while meeting the changing demands of consumers”.

Another key goal for Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage in 2020 is to partner with local organizations and governments to showcase and improve the local industrial area. Given the facility’s proximity to Sugarloaf Marina and the Welland Canal it will become a significant opportunity for tourism. The company is currently in discussions with a local restaurant and is looking to partner with both food trucks and businesses that want to advertise on the storage building.

As the first year of operations closes, Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage and Stallion Enterprises International Corporation will disclose financial statements privately to its investors. Further opportunities for expansion have been identified for 2020 and potential investors can contact Andrew Soave directly at

About Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage:

Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage is a local leader in self storage, providing an economical solution to customers seeking an accessible yet secure storage location. The primary facility is located only steps away for the downtown area of Port Colborne and is a preferred partner for many local businesses storing inventory, tools, and for residents storing household contents while moving. Through its investments in security, technology, and customer service, Affordable Port Colborne Self Storage is well positioned to provide a superior customer experience while delivering a strong return for investors.

About Stallion Enterprises International Corporation:

Stallion Enterprises International Corporation provides its clients a strong return through the purchase, management, and profit improvement of businesses and other assets. Since 2014 the company has provided consulting and contract work to companies and improved their profitability through improved sales, optimal pricing, or lower costs through process improvement and simplification. Stallion Enterprises International Corporation is involved in several industries such as real estate, self storage, and moving; property management and services; professional services such as accounting, consulting, and recruitment; financial services such as banking and insurance; energy; healthcare; and retail and food services. The company is based in Oakville, Ontario and has additional offices in Canada.</i>

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