Lisa Rangel of Chameleon Resumes & Job Landing Academy to be Featured on Close Up Radio

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 / — In the future, people will change jobs more often, even more so than they have in recent years. Soon, looking for a job will be a skillset everyone absolutely must have.

Lisa Rangel is on a mission to teach others how to land a job fast. Lisa is the founder of Chameleon Resumes and The Job Landing Academy. Chameleon Resumes specializes in executives and senior professionals searching for positions with six-figure salaries and above. Job Landing Academy is dedicated to more traditional professionals.

“Too many people are paralyzed by the ability to market themselves,” says Lisa. “They are amazing, smart, competent in every way, but when it comes to looking for a job, they crumble.”

As a search recruiter for 13 years, Lisa was always writing resumes. Her income was dependent on presenting a candidate to a company that had an open job. Lisa only got paid if the candidate got hired, so the resume had to reflect what the client wanted to see in the candidate to be incentivized to interview them.

In 2009, amid the financial crisis, Lisa was let go from her job but swiftly transitioned to writing resumes on her own.

“That's how I learned how to do resumes in a direct response way,” recalls Lisa. “There were a lot of people that year who needed them. I started charging for them and it kind of just took off from there.”

While most people develop one resume they can send out to 50 different positions, Lisa recommends taking the time to customize your resume for each job application.

“You can present your resume to 50 people and get 75 opinions,” says Lisa. “The resume needs to speak to the need of the open job to make it easy for the employer to see that the candidate has what they want. The biggest mistake people make is their resume is a historical obituary documenting everything they've ever done. They're just serving themselves up on a platter and hoping somebody chooses them instead of presenting themselves as the best fit for the position.”

Of course, customizing each resume may seem daunting, but those little changes make it easier for employers to see what they want to see. A resume isn’t a magical elixir; it's just the first step of the process.

“The resume or the LinkedIn profile alone is not enough. It's what you do with it,” says Lisa. “It’s also about your networking efforts, how you interview, and how you present yourself as the one to hire.”

Lisa says too many people go into an interview searching for approval when they should come to it from a stance of two equal partners seeing if there is a mutual interest. When you come to it with the latter perspective, you have more confidence and you come across that you value what you do and you're not waiting for somebody to place value on you.

“When interviewing, give your answers in a way that shows you're the person to meet the needs of the employer,” says Lisa. “It's a matching exercise. It's not the best person in terms of a degree or accolades. It's the best fit.”

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