KOSEC, Kodari Securities Launches Lotus Blue Investment Portal

After years of research and product development, KOSEC – Kodari Securities launches a revolutionary investment portal.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, July 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lotus Blue Investment Portal aims at making investing or trading in the stock market simple and easy for both institutional and retail investors.

The investment portal seeks to minimise risk and maximise profits by filtering the best performing businesses on the ASX, picking stocks that have a large market cap, are more liquid, covered by major institutions and have a track record of success, focusing on the quality of their product/service, competitiveness in their industry, strong financial indicators and a solid management team.

These companies are all from different sectors and have at least 2-3 years of financials showing;
• An increase in Return on Equity (ROE) or showcasing consistency
• An increase in revenue, earnings, operating margin and cash flow or showcasing consistency
• A reduction in debt or generating more revenue from utilizing more debt

Taking a real macroeconomic approach the user can sort out based on current macro-economic factors, the best performing sectors in the market and then have the top companies listed for review.

They can then get an overview of the business, its past five-year financials, valuation, management team and chart with technical analysis already conducted to make a more informed decision. There is the latest article written on stock and the option to rate each company or make any comments.

When the user logs on to Lotus Blue in addition they receive daily market news & updates in the form of a video, keeping them in touch with developments that could impact their investments. They will also receive “Hot Opportunities” based on daily investment meetings conducted by KOSEC CEO, Michael Kodari, which includes reasons why it could be a great buy, the fundamentals of the business, the valuations set my major institutions and technical analysis, focusing on indicators such as Donchian Channel, MACD, Stochastic, ATR and Williams Alligator. This helps investors to get the timing correct to buy low and further increase their returns.

Lotus Blue also provides educational material to extend investors' knowledge with a breakdown of all things market-related and further research, with a collection of company, industry and macroeconomic news to keep investors well informed before making any investment decisions. If there is any question they can receive general advice by contacting an RG 146 (Securities) accredited advisor for a complimentary fifteen-minute consultation.

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