How 5G Works!

RALEIGH, NC, US, July 1, 2020 / — Finally, 5G technology is coming to a city near you very soon. Most likely it'll be available for a variety of computers, cell phones, and other mobile devices beginning in late 2019. It'll make 4G look like a snail because it ranges anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster.

In order for telecom companies to offer this new 5G technology service, there will be a need for thousands of networks with hundreds of thousands of small cell transmitters placed on rooftops, poles, and signs across America. Why? Because 5G service requires EXPONENTIAL data which only travels short distances. In fact, the data travels only about 500 meters or 1640 feet. So in order to ensure that the service is what customers expect and demand, the 5G telecom operators are placing the small cell transmitters 250 meters or about 820 feet apart. Some say there will be as many as 486 units per square kilometer. Now that's a lot of small cell host locations!

Thousands of 5G networks will first be developed in high density urban areas around the country, and hundreds of thousands of small cell transceivers will service users in those certain clustered geographic areas.

The telecom industry states they will spend upwards of $500 billion to get this high- speed 5G service in most US urban markets over a multi-year buildout. It's an enormous task, but one that offers property owners who get involved NOW an incredible opportunity to realize some annuity-like, recurring income over the next few years. Speaking of opportunity!

HOW IT WORKS, the 5G National Registry Site, will focus on becoming a major SITE AGGREGATOR for the high-speed 5G technology deployment of Small Cell transceivers across America. It will provide the link, the connection between property owners, both public and private, and the participating 5G telecom operators. will provide a much needed service to both property owners and 5G telecom operators alike.

This property data will then be exposed, promoted, and will only be made code available to all Sponsored 5G telecoms in that specific market. This property data will help 5G telecom operators with their deployment in that it provides them with an endless source of potential small cell site locations.

It must be acknowledged and understood by all property owners that simply joining and posting their property data on, does NOT in any way guarantee that their particular location/structure will be selected by any 5G telecom operator and become a small cell site host location.

However, logic dictates that due to the sheer volume of locations/structures that are needed nationwide for the successful deployment of the high-speed 5G service, the probability of the posted properties being selected by at least one 5G telecom operator as host location is very probable.


All types of properties, both public and private, will be needed and used by 5G telecom operators in implementing this high-speed mobile service which initially will be in urban areas around the country.

That means the telecommunication carriers will place these small cell transmitters on rooftops of homes, condo and townhouse developments, apartment buildings and office buildings, as well as retail stores, poles, billboards, and signs that meet their specifications and jurisdictional approval.

Also, many municipal buildings like Town Halls, libraries, school facilities, city and county administrative structures, public access areas, and right of ways will be involved. The telecoms will, as they did with the cell towers, pay the property owners for allowing the small cell transmitters to be affixed to their property structures.
They will also pay a Service Fee to the Property Data Aggregator.

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Source: EIN Presswire