Local scrap metal yard explains the value of scrap metal recycling

Dismanteling a rail car for metal recycling, Mazza Iron & Steel

Dismanteling a rail car for metal recycling.

Scrap car for metal recycling, Mazza Iron & Steel

Scrap car for metal recycling

The benefits of recycling scrap metal for your wallet, the environment, and the economy. as explained by local experts.

FAIRLESS HILLS, PA, US, July 7, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recycling is as important as ever as we all have become more aware of how the ways of the past have been negatively affecting the world around us. Often times when thinking about the reduce, reuse, recycle process materials such as plastic and paper come to mind. It can be easy to forget that metal can also be recycled, therefore it more often than not ends up throw away instead.

Recycling scrap metal is important because of its benefits to the environment but did you know it can benefit you personally as well? Many scrap metal yards will pay you to recycle! Today we got all the details you need to know about scrap metal recycling from Mazza Iron & Steel. This company has been in the business of recycling metals, junk cars, and demolition for over 35 years and serves in the greater Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware state areas.

What is scrap metal recycling?

Scrap metal can come from many sources including junk cars, building structures, common household appliances, and even from things such as airplanes. These objects are broken apart, sorted out and the reusable metals are melted and reshaped into something new. Many metals can be recycled countless times making scrap metal recycling a vital resource to continue.

Metal that isn’t from a recycled source has to be mined out of the earth. Needless to say, mining causes damage to the landscape and the local life around it. Mining causes pollution such as poisonous runoffs, groundwater pollution, habitat destruction, and unstable geological conditions. Moreover, mining and new metal processing isn’t energy-efficient and contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions. So by contributing to recycling metals you can help in cutting back in the need for mining and thus reduce the amount of damage being done to the environment.

The Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling (ISRI) reports that comparatively, recycling scrap metal is said to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 300-500 million tons. Additionally, recycling, in general, is also better at saving energy than mining and traditional metal processing. According to ISRI an average of 90% of energy is saves by recycling metals like aluminum and copper. Steel is said to save around 55% of energy when recycled. It is simply incredible the difference between mining and recycling when it comes to the effects they have on the environment.

Scrap metal recycling also benefits the economy because it saves the government and many companies billions of dollars. Many smaller companies depend on the better prices of recycled metals to keep their business going. Mining and new metal processing are very costly and do not generate as much as recycling does. Recycling also contributes greatly to producing jobs and being that it is a skilled profession is also considered a well-paying career to have. So not only does it create tens of billions for the country’s gross domestic product but also creates millions of jobs.

What are scrap metal prices?

So now you know how scrap metal recycling benefits the world, but how can it benefit you personally? Well because many scrap metal yards will pay you cash for your scrap! So why hold on to things you don’t use? Instead of tossing it or letting it take up space consider selling it so it can be recycled and turned into something new!

Here is a shortlist on common items that have metal you can scrap for cash…

Old iron or copper pans and pots
Kitchen appliances (fridges, microwaves, etc…)
Household appliances (TV, computers, ACs, washer & driers, etc…)
Metal gutters, old pipes, and other, similar fixtures
Shed clutter (paint cans, lawnmowers, bicycles, nails, screws, etc…)
Junk cars or other metal transportation

Many of these common items will have metals like steel, copper, aluminum, and iron. These metals sell by the pound and its accurate price may vary by location and condition. In Pennsylvania, the average price currently for copper tubing or wires is about $1.93 per pound. Brass goes for a little less, and aluminum goes for the lowest average price but is also more abundant. Be sure to do your research in your areas for the expected scrap metal prices before your sell.

In conclusion, recycling your scrap metal is a win-win situation for all involved. You get some spare cash, your junk objects are now no longer cluttering your space and you played a part in the environmentally and economically beneficial recycling industry. Thank you to Mazza Iron & Steel for the valuable insider information on scrap metal recycling.

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