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Anoj Willy, President and Co-Founder of Xentaurs

Anoj Willy, President and Co-Founder of Xentaurs

Xentaurs believes that Digital Transformation impacts everyone

CALIFORNIA, USA, August 7, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Xentaurs, as characterized by its mythological description, strives to provide a link between human and machine, placing the initiatives that their company can offer at this interphase. They are the leading consulting and systems integrator specializing in digital business transformation.

They continue to provide bigger and better platforms for the development of their clients’ businesses. Xentaurs has enabled fortune 1000 companies over the past 4 years to have better reach in terms of marketing and partnerships by making a digital transformation in their operations. The digital initiatives of Xentaurs accelerate the outcomes and allow independent function with quality performance.

As a people company passionate about upholding the talents of its employees, Xentaurs believes that the potentials of their workforce are essential in making digital business transformation a reality and empower the IT channel.

“Xentaurs, along with our top-quality manpower, aims to provide the best digital technology advantages and solutions to enterprise customers. With digital transformation, your company will be able to save a lot of effort, time, and resources in any processing and operations of the entire company. It is about time that we should embrace the benefits of technology and develop it to our advantage. In that way, our work as a company will be more efficient, faster, and with ease. Our accelerated outcomes are also assured of excellent reliability and precision. This innovation is continuously improved to attain only the best with clients’ satisfaction as our highest standards.” Anoj Willy, President and Co-Founder of Xentaurs

In this modern age, more and more companies appreciate the advantages of digital transformation. Many aspire to start but have no idea where and how to do it. Their mechanism of helping their clients is proven to guide them all the way in their journey in driving continuous innovation.

Xentaurs provides a way of dissecting the technology stack so that enterprises can take a complex problem and break it into more manageable steps through their Unified Framework which includes: DevOps, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Cloud and Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI).

DevOps provides ways to develop, deploy, and deliver new features into products in a consistent, accelerated, and secured fashion. Infrastructure-as-code (IAC) forms the automation layer that orchestrates and automates all the resources asked from the DevOps platform and sometimes direct IT and BU requests. Cloud Infrastructure is a great foundation for building common architecture patterns with security and costs controls with unrivaled scalability. Software-Defined Infrastructure enables your data center to transform into an optimized cloud platform, thus providing you consistent and secure user experience. All of these are the elements that contribute to a unified solution in the digital transformation of your companies.

“Our digital solutions here at Xentaurs are considered advanced, specializing in data-driven and solution development,” said Anoj Willy. ”Our team has found a way to tackle digital initiatives in a highly technical approach enabling teams to run on their own with our proven methodology that guides companies on the right path towards success. Innovation is something that is easy to achieve when you partner with us.”

About Xentaurs
Xentaurs is the premiere digital technology consultancy and services integrator for enterprise customers. With a focus on Infrastructure as Code, Software-Defined Architectures and Cloud platforms, Xentaurs offers strategy, integration, and enablement to make digital business transformation a reality and empower the IT channel. To learn more visit https://xentaurs.com

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