Fighting COVID-19: A New Hospital Facility Innovation

Lloyd I Aronoff, Principal Consultant

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We Developed Solutions For A Missing CDC Application And Procedural Void

We discovered a missing CDC, Center For Disease Control application and a procedural void. Subsequently we initiated a quest for a practical, economic and internationally understood solution”

— Lloyd Aronoff

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 22, 2020 / — TAMPA, FL. (September 21, 2020) – Sterling Langley LLC has completed another innovative engineered design project. This healthcare project however was special, it had a sense of prioritization and urgency to help the international fight against COVID-19. The project was proposed, designed and completed with functional prototypes fabricated in just weeks. These efforts resulted in a recent US Patent Application submitted to the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, in Washington, DC.

Lloyd Aronoff, the Principal Consultant, indicated the latest project is a series of uniquely designed appliances that prevent airborne pathogens from resting on the surface of medical gas ports and electrical and data receptacles commonly found in a Patient Service Console. These Consoles are typically found installed on the wall at the head of each patient bed.

These new appliances, the first in each related industry, was designed by understanding COVID-19 protection requirements, considering the needs of the patient first. This prioritization resulted in the final products providing subsequent additional protection for the medical staff, patient visitors, and facility support staff, without adding an additional labor burden or additional costs.

The new appliances also include a new simple 2 step protocol that compliments the stringent recommendations of the CDC, Center for Disease Control, Washington DC and their document dated 4/21/20 titled “Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities: in RLS”. Lloyd Aronoff said "After a careful review of the latest CDC recommendations, we discovered a missing application and a procedural void. Subsequently we initiated a quest for a practical, economic and internationally understood solution".

The fully functional prototypes that were successfully demonstrated for this project fills the void discovered and provides a solution to curtail the spread of “high-touch surface contamination". The new protocol also assists in “contact tracing” of any hospital staff that handles an associated device. These new appliances, although initially designed for hospital use, are well suited for multiple other commercial applications.

Domestic Licensing opportunities for the new appliances are expected to commence within this fiscal year with an International Licensing search following soon after.


Sterling Langley LLC is a Tampa based multi-discipline boutique industrial design firm that is motivated to uncover hidden value in a company’s existing investment of products and systems. All too often, a manufacturers R&D staff have been reduced or eliminated for corporate economic survival. Subsequently, brand new innovative product market share erosion may be recognized too late to economically adjust to competitive market demands.

Our prime objectives are discovering renewed product value by providing engineered modifications, revisions or brand-new fresh innovating application engineered products to complement an existing product line.

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