GoodFirms Recent Research: Around 16.7% of Businesses Will Replace In-Person Meetings Completely With Webinars

Reasons to Adopt Webinars

Reasons to Adopt Webinars



GoodFirms research highlights the plans for the future and tips on conducting a successful webinar.

The rising trend of webinar hosting activities is rising amongst businesses and organizations due to the health crisis.”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2020 / — Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world so differently, and it has affected many businesses. Therefore, most companies and organizations turn to top digital marketing companies to survive during COVID- 19. The various industries are endeavoring to market their products and services online, and have a strong digital presence to attract the customers, stay ahead of their competitors and earn revenue.

Apart from this, Best Webinars Software is in trend during the time of crisis. Companies are investing time and money in webinars software to conduct internal meetings, to connect with clients, and to share more information about their products and services with the audience.

Today, webinar softwares plays a huge role in helping online businesses. But most brick and mortar events like fairs, flea markets, conferences, workshops, and trade shows are also engaged with webinar software to run the various events virtually and continue to build their brands and generate required leads.

GoodFirms had conducted a survey in which 126 businesses and webinar hosts across industries & businesses anticipated to share their knowledge and insights of change in their webinar hosting activities, plans for future in-person meetings, and tips on conducting a successful webinar.

In the latest research of Rise in Webinar Hosting During COVID-19, about 46.5% of businesses said there was an increase in webinar hosting, and around 28.3% stated there was a significant increase. The most webinar hosting platforms Zoom is used by 42.1% of businesses; the other most used is GoToWebinar, which is about 15.1% and 7.1% usage of social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

Webinars are powerful tools that companies are using to market their products and educate customers. Around 16.7% of businesses are willing to replace completely in-person meetings with webinars for several reasons. It includes removing the geographical barriers, making it effortless for guest speakers to get onboard, more returns on investments, and more convenient and flexible. About 27.8% said that they would adopt a hybrid model, and 55.6% voted that they will not replace in-person meetings with the webinar.

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