Announcing Talent Transformation Day – 20th October 2020

20th October is Talent Transformation Day, supported by the Talent Transformation Guild to celebrate opportunities for tomorrow's talent and to encourage change

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2020 / — We all know that 2020 has been a severely challenging year. Now, the Talent Transformation Guild aims to encourage our leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, and HR teams to think about how we can move forward by taking part in Talent Transformation Day. The Guild is asking them to start to imagine how they will build tomorrow's organizations using new talent while also deploying existing talent into our changing workforces. Talent Transformation Day is all about encouraging change and adopting new ways of working to improve tomorrow.

Guild co-founder Eric Shepherd explains: "Organizations have shown how adept they can be during the current pandemic, changing business processes and embracing digital transformation. But we believe that this same kind of transformation must also be applied to their talent pools. So we're encouraging our members and others to think about the kind of new roles we're going to need to fill and new tools we might use to overcome the challenges created in a world that has been changed forever by Covid 19. That includes encouraging them to look at new ways of recruitment, supporting talent, and building their organizations and understanding how we can use new technologies such as AI and automation."


Some of the ways that the day is being marked include:
· Key to the day is the launch of a new book from Eric Shepherd, and Joan Phaup called Talent Transformation: Develop Today's Team for Tomorrow's World of Work. You can order your copy here.
· We'll publish new links to interesting articles and ideas to help people embrace the changing nature of talent. These will appear on social media throughout the day. (hashtags: #TalentDay #TalentTransformationDay).
· The Talent Transformation Guild is announcing a major virtual conference scheduled later in the year. Look out for announcements on the day to find out how you can be part of the event and save the day!
· Talent Transformation Day will occur every year on 20th October. This year and every year, it is all about building understanding to help leaders understand the changes and trends driven by automation. It is about embracing change, not resisting it, so that we can make tomorrow's organizations.


The Talent Transformation Guild provides resources for professionals preparing for upskilling triggered by the 4th industrial revolution and accelerated by Covid-19. Members include c-level executives, human resource professionals, consultants, and coaches. As a member-driven organization, it promotes best practices via webcasts, webinars, podcasts, articles, white papers, research, and conversations to improve and make the best of individuals' talents for the benefit of themselves and the organizations they work for.

The Guild enables stimulating and meaningful discussions to help professionals prepare for talent transformations at an individual, team, and organizational levels. The Guild supports the Talent Transformation Pyramid, an open-source model explicitly designed to recognize the broadest possible range of talent influencers and skills. To date, many decision-makers are caught in traditional, linear thinking and immediate concerns to consider this. The Talent Transformation Pyramid enables you to address the challenge by promoting more strategic thinking, focusing on an organization's readiness to perform.


According to the World Economic Forum, new and emerging technologies affect our lives in ways that indicate we are at the beginning of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. This new era will build and extend the impact of digitization in new and unimaginable ways. The Fourth Industrial Revolution can be described as the advent of "cyber-physical systems" involving new people and machines' capabilities. This will see new ways for technology to become embedded within societies and even our bodies.

With process automation, robotic automation, the internet of things, the nature of work will change. Some analysts predict that more than 40% of tasks currently performed by humans will be delegated to machines. This does not mean that 40% of people will be put out of work, but it does mean that most workers will have to upskill. HR experts are predicting this will dramatically change the landscape of our workforce.

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