The Virus Project to Host First Contagion Conference

A Look at the Critical Issues and Most Promising Technologies in COVID-19 Testing.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — The first Contagion Conference will focus on COVID-19 testing and will mark the launch of The Virus Project, an initiative to address pandemics by fostering collaboration among the world’s leading scientists, physicians and entrepreneurs.

The December 10th Conference will present the current commercial status of promising testing technologies and will engage thought leaders in discussion of how to best use testing to enable businesses and schools to open fully and avert the need for lockdowns now and in the future.

“Success with testing can help bring back normalcy to society and avoid the lockdowns that have shattered the lives of millions” said Brett Johnson, Director of the Virus Project and CEO of Altru Institute which formed the Virus Project as a platform and to address the pandemic through collaboration. “Testing is central to controlling the spread. Bringing together the smartest scientists and most talented entrepreneurs is fundamental to addressing this crisis. Collaboration is essential.”

Technological advances will include those from firms which received NIH Funding as part of the RADx “Shark Tank” competition to identify the most technologies with greatest potential for near term impact on the COVID testing challenge. A primary objective of the Conference is to provided Business development opportunities for firms to find capital, distribution and licensing arrangements in order to help them scale.

The half day virtual event will be anchored by panels discussions on the core issues for testing to facilitate the reopening of schools and businesses.” said Edward Borrelli, Contagion Conference Director.

Research reports for the Virus Project library will be built around conference topics and will include:

• Screening, Surveillance, Diagnostics Tests. What is the differentiation?
• Viral Load. Infection vs. Contagion At what level does contagion occur? Can this be measured?
• Contact Tracing. How should tests integrate with quarantining and contact tracing?
• Regulation. Are regulations slowing progress on advances and thwarting life-saving innovations?
• Safe Schools. How to keep kids in school in the midst of a Pandemic.
• Bubble Strategies. A theoretical model to enable small municipalities to become COVID free.

The event will also include an update on new therapies that show promise to treat those who test positive and thus nearly eliminating the need to hospitalize.

The Virus Project which was created to provide a connecting platform for the brightest ideas and most capable individuals interested in collaboration to find solutions. It is an initiative of the Altru Institute, a New York based think tank focused on addressing complex challenges through collaboration.

Future Contagion Conferences will focus on therapies, vaccines and containment and will aggregate accurate and trusted content on each area. Those with recommendations for technologies can SUBMIT their ideas at The Virus Project news and information site.

The event will also mark the formation of the Testing Consortium, a non-profit group of leading testing companies committed to collaboration to accelerate progress.

Those with expertise in any of these areas or with information on promising technologies are encouraged to contact The Virus Project. Visit To register to attend the conference. REGISTER.

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Source: EIN Presswire