William Rosetti of San Francisco CA Discusses How Populace Will Change the Way We Teach Train and Learn

William Rosetti

William Rosetti

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA is the President of J&R Associates as well as a Director of Populace – a think tank dedicated to cultural & systemic change

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Populace was founded in 2013. “It’s a new kind of think tank,” says William Rosetti of San Francisco CA. “Populace blends thought leadership and public engagement with original research and grassroots advocacy.” The team at Populace consists of award-winning creatives, innovative educators, and field-leading scientists.

“We want to change America by unleashing its potential. Our country is made up of beautifully unique individuals. If we can ensure that each person in this country is able to pursue their unique talents, skills, and desires, who knows how far we could go? It would be a nation reimagined,” says William Rosetti of San Francisco CA.

William Rosetti Discusses Populace’s Research in Higher Education
“We conducted a private opinion survey asking people what they want and need from higher education. We found almost unanimous leanings towards the same ideals and institutional needs. But, unfortunately, these priorities of the people break sharply from what’s being offered by higher education today,” says William Rosetti of San Francisco CA.

One of the key findings of this Populace survey was that Americans are losing faith in our country’s higher education systems. “52% of Americans believe higher education is headed in the ‘the wrong direction,’ while 67% believe that colleges and universities put their own institutional interests first,” says William Rosetti of San Francisco CA.

“And the top three priorities people had for their institutions of higher education?” continues William Rosetti of San Francisco CA. “Affordable tuition, a commitment to helping students graduate debt-free, and being able to obtain a good-paying job within 9 months of graduation.”

The least popular attributes were an active social scene, a competitive sports program, and a school being considered “elite.” Often, these are the three most touted and advertised qualities of a college or university. "They are so out of touch that they think this is still what we want," says William Rosetti of San Francisco CA.

“Priorities are changing,” says William Rosetti of San Franciso CA. “The American people obviously want something other than they're getting, and if the higher education system doesn’t pivot to meet those rising demands, it’s going to fall to the wayside while we seek new solutions.”

“Now that we have information about what people really want and need, it’s time to put that information to work,” says William Rosetti of San Francisco CA. “That’s where Populace comes in. We believe that realizing a new future means public education and advocacy. When people are aware that they’re not alone, that they are, instead, part of a huge group of like-minded people, they can exert the pressure and manpower needed to change a cultural system.”

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