Joni Fixel Reveals Qualities Crucial for Success as a Business Development Manager

Executive recruiter Joni Fixel outlines what she believes it takes for aspiring business development managers to succeed in the role.

OKEMOS, MI, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 / — Most commonly tasked with identifying sales leads, business development managers may also be called upon to pitch services or goods to new clients while simultaneously maintaining outstanding working relationships with existing contacts, among a wealth of other responsibilities. An executive recruiter from Michigan, Joni Fixel provides a closer look at the role and outlines three key qualities that she believes are central to success in the field.

"When recruiting, I revel in searching out and finding the right people for select positions," explains Joni Fixel, speaking from her office in Okemos, Michigan. "It's a great feeling to match an outstanding employee to a fantastic company," she adds.

Joni Fixel is an executive recruiter and fundraiser. Fixel herself is also a seasoned business development manager, making her uniquely positioned to offer expert insight into what she believes it takes to succeed in the role in her capacity as a recruiter.

Joni Fixel first starts with communication skills. "To truly succeed in this role, you need to be an exemplary communicator," she suggests. Not only are business development managers required to routinely speak to clients both new and existing, but they must also be prepared to communicate on a regular basis with everyone from finance department staff to senior management, according to Joni Fixel. An ability to coordinate through clear communication, she says, is essential.

Next, executive recruiter Joni Fixel turns to creative skills. Creative skills, Joni Fixel believes, are a commonly overlooked quality when considering success as a business development manager. A great business development manager will always be poised to lend a hand in the creation of any marketing literature that may be required, Fixel reports. "In some instances, a business development manager may even be expected to oversee the entire process," adds the specialist, "from start to finish."

Finally, and third among Joni Fixel's three highlighted qualities crucial for success as a business development manager is an eye for analytics. "Communication and creativity are only worth so much as a business development manager if an individual doesn't also boast an analytical mind," Joni explains.

An understanding of sales data and market trends from an analytical standpoint is often what cements a candidate's position as a potentially exemplary business development manager, according to the expert.

From finding the perfect person for an organization to brainstorming in order to discover new and innovative ways to achieve a company's goals, executive recruiter Joni Fixel is passionate about business development, whether a client is a fledgling business or an existing operation seeking a corporate reboot. Furthermore, Joni Fixel is also a cancer survivor and, for many years, has volunteered considerable time to cancer-related charities and nonprofit organizations.

Outside of her work as an executive recruiter and fundraiser, Joni Fixel is passionate about horses, horse riding, traveling, and—in particular—taking cruises with her family to exploring new locations around the world.

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