AllianceTek Launches Alliance Resource 360: the Self-Learning Dashboard that helps Businesses Accomplish More Than Ever

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 / — The way companies are doing business is changing rapidly, especially in post Covid-19 world. Millions of Americans have made the switch to working remotely in 2020. This has drastically changed the landscape of business, with employees and employers alike coming to realize the incredible benefits of remote work. Working from the comfort of home may be undeniably beneficial, but it has come with a new set of challenges. AllianceTek has provided an innovative solution to solve these new issues for businesses. The solution, called Alliance Resource 360 is a self-learning dashboard that includes everything a business could possibly need to coordinate efficient collaborations, maintain excellent communication with employees while avoiding burnout, and so much more, all while providing industry leading customer support from implementation onward.

AllianceTek is a leading software development company that provides customized software and web solutions using technologies like .NET, SharePoint, PHP and mobile platforms like iOS, Android and more. They provide an onshore client service and project management team along with overseas developers and designers to deliver the maximum benefit to their clients. For over a decade, they have been providing innovative, technologically advanced solutions across industries including mobile solutions, ERP, EMR, E-learning, Enterprise Content Management, Cloud, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, Integration solutions, among others. AllianceTek's mission is to build a technological bridge that leads to economic prosperity for everyone, from sole traders with big dreams to well-known corporations.

Believing that the services they provide are the foundation for businesses of all sizes, both big and small, AllianceTek is motivated by providing excellent systems. The fundamentals of their existence is to assist companies with their digital transformation. At the end of the day, a company’s growth boils down to having the right people, leveraging the right processes, and building the right systems to foster said growth and AllianceTek is the company that has figured out the technologies needed to help companies do just so. They come to the business to help them build better processes and systems. In the past, a company would hire more people in order to grow, but Alliance Tek has helped businesses to see that a better growth strategy is building intelligent processes first and then hiring the people that will be in charge of those processes. That is just one example of how AllianceTek can help a company improve and grow, working from the core foundation outward.

Alliance Resource 360 is a completely comprehensive dashboard. It is similar to other dashboard products on the market today that help with project and time management, time tracking, and communication, but it sets itself apart and above with its unique self-learning capabilities and innovative core technologies. Alliance Resource 360 is a work operating system that allows teams to plan, run, and track processes, projects, and everyday work. It is geared towards organizations of all sizes and can be implemented across the entire corporation. It provides the flexibility to build and adapt to any workflow, project or process. It is especially helpful in remote working environments. When starting their day, many people would consult their email inboxes to know what the day would look like and what its top priorities would be, but a work operating system replaces that outdated and clunky way of trying to organize a day. Alliance Resource 360 becomes the new digital workplace, or dashboard, within an organization: its building blocks canbe combined into apps that manage any type of work. It collects information from external tools, helps teams communicate about objects in the context of the work process, and places all workflows in one place. This creates a centralized home for all work within one convenient dashboard. It also allows for management by dashboard, alleviating numerous challenges that companies typically run into when they have a large number of remote workers.

The importance of having a product like Alliance Resource 360 has become much more pressing with the uprising of remote work. It has become increasingly difficult for employers to know whether their employees are suffering from burnout, are being given equal task assignments, and other factors that directly impact production. Alliance Resource 360 addresses these issues and many more. From the beginning, AllianceTek will assist the company with implementing Alliance Resource 360 in a completely customized way so that the company has everything they could possibly need across their entire corporation, from upper management to individual team member profiles. Then, AllianceTek provides ongoing support if needed, but the amazing thing about Alliance Resource 360 is that is has a built-in framework that is a self-learning A.I. This self-learning A.I. will gather information and help each user with critical things like knowing what tasks they should be prioritizing each day.

Alliance Resource 360 will be completely customized for each company from the ground up with industry specific frameworks built into the product, therefore, time to get operational will be decreased. Based on the company and leading roles within its industry, much of the framework for Alliance Resource 360 will come pre-configured so that the company will not have configure the key details from scratch. It is built to work better with programs like salesforce, workday, Sap Hana, success factor, and others.
When a user opens their Alliance Resource 360 dashboard, they will see many helpful items including all open assignments, targets, and other items to be completed. Alliance Resource 360 also helps users know what items are approaching their due date, helps them to prioritize tasks and stay on top of aging items. The software will also have a built-in gaming component too, so that you are rewarded for completing items.
Another very crucial issue that has been presented to employers with the increase in their employees working remotely is that of knowing who is potentially getting burned out. Alliance Resource 360 helps upper management by providing them with a heat map of employee utilization so they can gain insight and see which employees may be getting overtaxed with their workload. Alliance Resource 360 provides companies and their employee with everything they need to be more efficient and productive and less taxed while receiving more support from their management, all of which have become essential in a post covid working world.

AllianceTek was founded by Sunil Jagani. Working his way up within the company, Sunil Jagani's role has evolved from technology specialist to the top position. He has now served as the company’s president for 10 years and has managed its growth to over 100 employees. AllianceTek has completed hundreds of business process management, customer communication management, and business intelligence projects. Before his work with AllianceTek, Sunil Jagani worked for finance companies, including Advanta and BiSys. His experience at these firms taught him about the types of technological shortcomings that many businesses face, and this knowledge informs his current decisions regarding AllianceTek’s consultancy services. His company provides cloud computing solutions, customer relationship management tools, enterprise content management services, and a variety of other solutions that help clients streamline operations and maximize profitability.

Sunil knows how to use technology to scale a business and help it make better decisions every step of the way. Sunil believes that one of the biggest transformations in the business is now taking place, but not everyone is well equipped to keep up. Though he doesn't blame the companies for that. Having worked in the industry for more than 20 years, he has realized that service providers on whom companies rely for their IT needs do not effectively serve every organization. In order to scale your business, you need tailored solutions that have been tailored to your framework and tailored to your needs. And the creation of on-demand business intelligence solutions is only possible if the organization is deeply analyzed and its potential identified.

AllianceTek was founded in 2004. AllianceTek employs a global team of more than 100 skilled developers and consultants who approach every project holistically, giving full around-the-clock attention to understanding clients’ needs and providing comprehensive, scalable and extensible development roadmaps.

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Sunil Jagani has recently been featured in Inspirery and Ideamensch, you can also see more information about him in his crunchbase profile.

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