Bridge Branding Group Announces International Launch

Firm Delivers Clients’ Success During a Time of Intense Uncertainty and Change, Proving the Power of Purpose-Led Communications to Drive Growth

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / — Bridge Branding Group, a global marketing strategy and branding firm, today announced its official international launch. The company’s mission is to help clients define, communicate and connect their purpose to growth through original marketing, branding, and digital transformation initiatives. Originally slated to launch during SXSW 2020, the agency swiftly shifted its efforts to help clients adapt and thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic and the waves of numerous other social, environmental and political challenges. The result is its admirable client portfolio of progressive consumer brands and agencies, global AI, data and technology companies transforming the future of their sectors, and leading public-for-good and nonprofit organizations. BBG’s clients have successfully operationalized their commitment to purpose beyond profit and are leading their sectors.

According to a Deloitte study, CMOs today face an ever-changing marketing environment with constant shifts in technology and consumer behavior. Nearly 60% of consumers care more about customer experience and are willing to pay more for purpose-driven, ethical brands that align with their values. CMOs can create a competitive advantage by incorporating two major shifts into their strategy: agility and ability to fill the talent gaps at different stages of growth and focus; and partners that can straddle both strategy and execution across public relations and full-funnel marketing programs.

Bridge Branding Group's leadership team is composed of brand, media, technology, marketing and communications veterans Kris Greaves-Moyo, MBA , Lisa Steinberg, and Chase Litwin, in partnership with communications legend and Vanity Group founder Kim Jensen. The agency is headquartered in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Winnipeg. The firm’s global network of partners and advisers provides clients with the ideally tailored team and essential services needed for success, including Marketing and Communications Strategy, Branding, Content Development, Public Relations, Digital Transformation, Crisis Communications and Owned and Paid Communications. All engagements are monitored and measured to ensure alignment with each company’s unique goals.

“We are living in rapidly changing times, in which the ability to effectively execute marketing programs and transformation initiatives that align growth with purpose and ethics matter more than ever,” said co-founder and CEO Kris Greaves-Moyo, MBA. “Delaying our own relaunch to focus on our clients’ businesses and pain points allowed us to come to market with a standout portfolio of clients and case studies that prove the Return is quantifiable and distinct.”

“We have come to market with a proven track record of helping organizations operationalize their purpose and objectives for maximum distinction and growth,” said co-founder and chief strategy officer Chase Litwin. “Now more than ever, companies of all types must find ways to connect with all stakeholders on a genuine, trustworthy, and ethical basis to achieve their business goals. It is our team’s mission to deliver on a clear and measurable road to success that is tailored for each client to achieve a standout niche within their market.”

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