Dutch company launches the highest grade for leather – an innovation with major impact for fashion and leather industry

Its name, EXECUTIVE LEATHER, is related to the exclusive high standards of qualities, becoming one of the most important fashion improvements in recent history.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Undercolor B.V. is pleased to announce the exciting launch of its most anticipated product to date – its EXECUTIVE LEATHER.

Undercolor B.V. is a leather wholesale trading company, supporter of evolution, innovation, and creative trendsetter with authentic movements for the leather and fashion industry of tomorrow. The company’s mission is to always model respect for humanity, animal rights, and the ecosystem through its fair and sustainable production processes.

Today, Undercolor B.V. is announcing the official launch of its EXECUTIVE LEATHER, that possesses remarkable characteristics – making it one of the most important improvements in the fashion industry in recent memory.

“Together, with the management from my partner factory in India, we came up with the idea for EXECUTIVE LEATHER. It started in May 2020, during the ongoing global pandemic, when we realised that, from not being able to disinfect leather garments, would have become a banned product,” says Director of the company, Eliot Paus. “As such, we did a lot of research and now, with all the evolved product attributes, we have created an incredible innovation. By being able to properly sanitize leather, we have developed as a world premiere, fashionable leather socks available for customization as Private Label.”

The following characteristics of EXECUTIVE LEATHER, confirm the innovation status:

1. Machine washable at 30 degrees, using detergent for black laundry, or any other which does not contain bleach or sodium
2. Comes with a 3-year warranty for color, smoothness, and strength
3. Full-grain leather, exclusively top selected raw hides, sourced from sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide or buffalo
4. Occasionally, it can be placed in the dryer until semi-dry
5. Maintenance is not required
6. No need to feed the leather, the contact with body oils will do that
7. Tanning process made exclusively with vegetable extracts
8. Non-allergenic properties, chrome and iron free
9. No need for ironing, after washing, the leather does not wrinkle
10. Possesses industry records for the thinnest size while maintaining high strength. Its thinnest sheepskin and goatskin leather is 0.3mm, while cowhide is up to 0.6mm,
11. Can be produced with high elasticity
12. Produced matte or glossy
13. Breathable
14. Produced in any Pantone color
15. Sheepskin and goatskin leather are surprisingly perfect for summer clothing, as full leather outfit or combined with textiles; ideal for protecting body from fully sun and heat
16. Ideal for garments without linen or any inner impeachment
17. Proven safe for lingerie production
18. Safe for the environment as only vegetable extracts are used in the process, and sustainable, with raw skins coming from the meat industry
19. Even though it is a leading-edge product, is not overpriced
20. With all the above features, EXECUTIVE LEATHER can also be produced with waterproof attributes

According to the company, this product could potentially change the mentality of people who reject real leather for the fake one. Nowadays, very large amounts of hides from the meat industry are destroyed instead of being processed in a safe and sustainable manner.

“To license this innovation with global recognition, we have sent invitation to Guinness World Records and, within weeks, an Official Judge will assist at testing and validate the authenticity,” says Eliot. “To discover the unknown, we need to wish, stay positive, focus, accept and learn from failures, and work to create the impossible. The result will melt your heart when you become aware of the impact you create for the better world.”

For more information about Undercolor B.V. and its game-changing, EXECUTIVE LEATHER, please visit www.executive-leather.com.

About Undercolor B.V.

Undercolor B.V. was founded in 2018 by director, Eliot Paus in Amsterdam. Eliot boasts 8 years in event productions and holds a university degree in International Business. The company is the exclusive owner of EXECUTIVE LEATHER, and fully licensed on trading goods internationally, with garments being manufactured in Romania and leather produced in India.

Eliot Paus, Director
Undercolor B.V.
+31 6 11802611

Source: EIN Presswire