Herbolea lands in Asia with a new cannabis extraction agreement

Herbolea lands in Asia

Herbolea Biotech and Amara Asia sign Licensing Agreement for use of Bio-Herbolysis and Hydrocan extraction technologies in Thailand

FLORENCE, ITALY, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Herbolea Biotech and Amara Asia sign Licensing Agreement for use of
Bio-Herbolysis™ and Hydrocan™ extraction technologies

Amara Asia Co Ltd. (“Amara”), a company formed by the cooperation between Bienestar T&N and Social Enterprise “Visahakijchoomchon Kasetsamoonpridekownar”, is a leading botanicals and cannabis cultivator and manufacturer of plant-based medicines & supplements in Thailand, and Herbolea Biotech Srl (“Herbolea”), an Italian biotechnology company developing proprietary botanical extraction technologies, are pleased to announce the signing of a Licensing Agreement granting Amara the rights to utilize Herbolea’s Bio-Herbolysis™ and Hydrocan™ extraction and purification technologies in Thailand.

Bio-Herbolysis™ is a patented, solvent-less and environmentally friendly technology that can extract cannabis’ full phyto-complex starting from wet or dry material, yielding 90%+ extraction efficiency, while preserving its original acidic forms and terpene profile.

Hydrocan™ is a patent-pending disruptive concentration protocol capable of selectively transferring cannabinoids from any lipid-based carrier to a water-based medium, delivering cannabinoids (CBD, CBG and other minor compounds) powders with 90%+ potency, while simultaneously remediating THC below quantification levels. This feature is not only achieved in a highly efficient way, but with the added value of not utilizing chromatography equipment or solvents at any step, resulting in a highly cost-competitive process that does not introduce potentially harmful substances into the final products.

Both technologies are highly scalable, highly efficient, solvent-less, environmentally friendly, GMP and Organic eligible.

Amara is pleased to collaborate with Herbolea to bring one of the most modern extraction technologies to Thailand. Amara is constructing a modern GMP-certified extraction facility in Buriram, Thailand, and the facility shall be approved and certified by The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (Thai FDA), a department under The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). We aim to build the extraction facility and showcase the equipment as the most efficient yet nature friendly technology in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

As part of the agreement, Herbolea commits to deliver Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant equipment to Amara’s facility, with the capability to process 100 Kg of dry flower or its wet equivalent per batch.

By signing this agreement, the parties will create the first Asian hub for manufacturing pharma grade cannabis products, leveraging Italian scientific expertise and innovative post-processing technologies together with Thai cultivation capabilities and medicinal expertise of Amara and its business partners.


– Targets of the agreement: the production finished products deriving from cannabis and hemp.

– Production capacity: The equipment is capable of processing more than 40 tons (on dry basis) per year.

– Capex Savings: HBT to provide the equipment, eliminating the associated capital investments. Estimated reduction of capital expenditure of €2,500,000. The savings consist of initial extraction equipment as well as post processing options of comparable technologies for 40,000kg of yearly capacity.

– Opex Savings: Saving on operating costs estimated in the range of 65% for oil-based extracts and tinctures and 70% for concentrates and broad-spectrum distillates (compared to SCFE and Cryo-ethanol).

– GMP Equipment: extraction line built to the specific requirements of Amara. To be delivered within the first 120 business days of the signing of the agreement and subsequent design agreement.

– Facility Costs and Processing: Significantly lower permitting costs due to eliminating the need for solvents and the elimination of drying rooms. Improved cash conversion cycle from reduced inventory.

– Tolling Services Profit Sharing Agreement: Herbolea and Amara will revenue-share at the rate of 40-60% for third-party extraction services.


Amara Asia, a company formed by the cooperation between Bienestar T&N and Social Enterprise “Visahakijchoomchon Kasetsamoonpridekownar”, is a leading botanicals and cannabis cultivator and medicines & supplements manufacturer in Thailand. Our passion and focus on medicinal botanicals, together with Thai Government Institutions & universities, with the help of international business partners and doctors, we created a unique and sustainable botanicals and cannabis ecosystem in Thailand. Currently, Thailand is the only country that legalize cannabis farming and usage in Asia, our aim is to become one the most important Medicinal and Recreation Cannabis Hub of Asia.


Herbolea Biotech is an Italian extraction technology company focused on offering its partners industrial solution to transform botanicals into superior quality products through proprietary, highly efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Bio-Herbolysis™ extracts cannabinoids with an efficiency above 90%, and allows for processing of wet material, preserving the full acidic forms as well as the original terpene profile. Visit www.herbolea.com to learn more.

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Source: EIN Presswire