Inflation is coming—Bitcoin may be the savior for investors as the price of each Bitcoin soars towards $1 Million

Inflation will rise and cryptocurrency will be a safe haven for investors. Bitcoin will shine like never before and reach new heights.

By selling 200,000 or more of our Bitcoins, we believe we will create a situation where there will be more demand for the coin, which in turn will drive the price of the Bitcoin even higher.”

— Private Seller

DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2021 / — As the world is coming out of the global pandemic, inflation is also going to creep in, reducing some of the gains that the housing sector has accumulated. Everyone knows that governments around the world have printed money in order to keep their economies going, as well as, helping to sustain life for the people. The housing market has fueled a strong presence here in the United States, but values are starting to level off and even come down in some areas. Everyone knows that when governments print money, somebody has to pay for it. It has been, and always will be, the people, who bail out the governments.

The Federal Reserve will soon start raising the overnight rates it charges banks for borrowing. When that happens, the housing market will cool down. As a direct result, fewer buyers will be able to afford to purchase their dream home, or possibly any home at all. In addition, equity in the housing sector will diminish because as rates climb property values will decrease.

Investors with money will be looking for new opportunities to invest their funds in order to increase their wealth. Gold and silver will make modest gains in the coming years, while stocks, housing and many other investments will begin to slide. That's when Bitcoin will take centerstage. The next bull market won't be the stock market, it will be cryptocurrencies. Investors will be looking to put their money in cryptocurrency, and as most people know, Bitcoin is the worlds leading cryptocurrency. The reason for this interest in Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is limited to approximately 21 million coins. Once all 21 million coins are owned by investors, there will never be another coin added to that total. Currently, approximately 19 million coins are owned, leaving just a small number of coins yet to be owned by the public.

Almost daily you hear about Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy, Inc., who is buying all the Bitcoins he can get. Why is he doing this? Because he has the vision that Bitcoin will soar to new heights in value and he wants in on the action.

We are fortunate to be in direct contact to a seller of a large amount of Bitcoin who is cashing in on over 200,000 coins. Though the seller would not disclose exactly how many coins are in their possession, and wanted to remain anonymous throughout the sales transactions, we wanted to gain some insight. We asked the seller why they are selling so many of their Bitcoins? Their response was "By selling 200,000 or more of our Bitcoins, we believe we will create a situation where there will be more demand for the coin, which in turn will drive the price of the Bitcoin even higher." The seller continued to say "This is like the Wild West and the Gold Rush of 1849 all over again." We then asked the seller how their organization intends to remain anonymous? The seller replied, "By using a third party attorney escrow that has a $5 Billion dollar liability insurance."

172 years after the 1849 Gold Rush of California, now comes the Bitcoin Rush of the 2020's. This is truly an historical event that is taking place right before our very eyes.

David DeFrancesco
Strategic Financial Holdings, Inc

Source: EIN Presswire