MoonXBT Introduces Copy Trading, A Win-win Solution For All Traders

Copy Trading is avaliable Now

CAYMAN ISLANDS, November 18, 2021 / — As the first social cryptocurrency trading platform, MoonXBT launched the Copy Trading feature which could benefit all traders. The innovative solution also offers investors the chance to connect with professional traders and learn from the experts before making their decisions.

What is Copy Trading, and why start Copy Trading at MoonXBT?
Copy Trading (also known as mirror trading and shadow trading) allows followers to mimic the trading strategies of professional traders while receiving a portion of the profit. It is an excellent tool for bitcoin investors who want to develop their wealth on autopilot. 

If you don't have time to watch the markets personally, this is the simplest method to benefit from. All traders have a completely visible trading history. Therefore, you may examine every trader's trades, data, and metrics accessibly in the marketplace and choose the most suited to your risk/ reward ratio.

MoonXBT traders can use the Copy Trading feature on the mobile app and the web. Users may select their favorite traders and replicate their orders, or they can apply to become traders themselves and earn additional commissions by allowing users to copy their trades. Furthermore, the followers at MoonXBT can sort traders based on ROR. Win rate. Trading style, total ROR, trading days, etc.

Rate of Return or ROR, which is calculated using the formula,
ROR = PnL of all orders / maximum margin

Win Rate = Number of Winning trades / total number of trades.

MoonXBT Copy Trading has the following advantages:
1. All the traders are extensively audited, transaction history is open to the public, and the data is accessible.
2. All the trader data is sourced from the MoonXBT open market, ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date.
3. You may follow numerous traders at the same time to increase your winning rate and profit potential.
4. The exchange protects the privacy of PRO-TRADERS as it won't show the size of their margin.
5. You may change the copy settings at any moment and stop copying or close positions at any time; everything is in your control.
6. Online service has been provided on the MoonXBT platform to better assist users with whatever queries they may have.

MoonXBT Profit distribution, flow, and double income:
1. Traders can set the Profit distribution ratio (1%~10%) freely, which can produce enough competitiveness.
2. Traders can gain followers and a huge number of contract users by using the platform.
3. Traders may examine the number of followers and the income of orders in the order management office at any moment.
4. Both PRO-TRADERS and INVESTORS can freely set some specific trading pairs. Its advantage is that PRO-TRADERS can set specific trading pairs that they reckon is sure; As for INVESTORS, they can copy specific trading pairs that they reckon, which is low-risk and fair for both parties. 
5. In addition, at 0: 00 on the next day, the platform calculates the total PnL of the day and settle according to the proportion of the current trader's profit.

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Source: EIN Presswire