QuikAds – Revolutionizing Online Classified Ads for Bangladesh

Classified Ads for Bangladesh

Classified Ads for Bangladesh

Why pay more for Online Classifieds?

Why pay more for Online Classifieds?

Times change & so should you. Change to QuikAds, Be Bold, Make the Move

Times change & so should you. Change to QuikAds, Be Bold, Make the Move

Making Online Classified Ads affordable for Bangladesh

Times change & so should you. Change to QuikAds Bangladesh, the future of Online Classifieds”

— S. S. Sarwar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With Online Classified Ads starting for FREE and then from just Tk. 100 only, QuikAds has revolutionized Online Classified Ads in Bangladesh reaching out to end-users who never used an Online Buy & Sell platform before. With its vision of making Online Classified Ads affordable to all segments of the society in Bangladesh, QuikAds caters to a huge audience who are looking for reasonable & affordable Online Classified ads to Buy or Sell Anything Online.

QuikAds is an Online Classified Ads Platform for Bangladesh. QuikAds Classified Ads website features Property for Sale or Rent, Land for Sale, New or Used Cars for Sale, New or Used Bikes for Sale, New or Used Mobile Phone in Bangladesh, and much more.

QuikAds Bangladesh and its affiliated websites are owned & operated by GoSourcing LLC – USA, a leader in Online Information, Buyer-Seller Networking platforms, and operating in 4 continents of the world. QuikAds Bangladesh is presented by GoSourcing LLC USA with its local partner in Bangladesh – CEMS Bangladesh.

With its super-affordable pricing, QuikAds is all set to be the leading new opportunity for millions of Online Buyers and Sellers nationwide. The reasonable pricing structure of QuikAds will see even new Sellers come to QuikAds who have never used an Online Classifieds platform before.

With its unique advanced and intelligent Online Classified Ads platform, QuikAds brings forward accurate information on products to the Buyers. Buyers can also send a direct Live Chat message to Sellers right from their account. On the other hand, Sellers have loads of new and interesting features to Bump-up their Ads or give a Featured Ad, which is further assisted with QuikAds extensive Online promotional program focused to all the consumer groups of the country reaches out to the entire internet active clientele of Bangladesh.

The Internet never sleeps hence no Seller or Buyer can ignore the power of Online Classified Ads marketplaces like QuikAds which is the most important Online Buy & Sell platform in Bangladesh for quick Buyer-Seller interactions and deals.

QuikAds focuses on a wider Buyer audience throughout Bangladesh, reaching potential decision-makers all over the country and putting the Seller’s products, items or services in front of prospective buyers online for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

QuikAds as an affordable Online Classified Ads partner is here to make Online Classified Ads more affordable for Bangladesh and is a Buyer’s best Online source to find a wide range of items, products, and services offered by Sellers. Buy or Sell Anything Online on QuikAds.

S. S. Sarwar
GoSourcing LLC

Making Online Classifieds Ads Affordable for Bangladesh

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