New Program Helps Private Businesses Leave Hostile States for Friendly Ones

Grow Your Business by Relocating It

Grow Your Business by Relocating It

Combination of Coaching and Consulting Helps Small and Medium-sized Business Owners Make Sound Decisions About Operating Where it's Easier to Grow & Prosper

There is no such thing as a perfect community, an ideal city, or a matchless region. But there are optimal locations that meet your current and future needs.”

— Joseph Vranich

MCKINNEY, TX, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2021 / — Relocation has become more important for small and medium-sized business owners recovering from COVID-19 while operating in states with high taxes and overly harsh regulations. To help companies find greater prosperity in new locations, Spectrum Location Solutions has launched a Coaching service designed to help smaller companies that lack the resources of major corporations.

The new service could not have come at a better time as the Biden Administration’s upcoming tax increases will hit small businesses hard because many business owners pay the IRS through their personal income taxes. That will result in a greater impetus to relocate out of California and New York where taxpayers will face the new, highest tax rates, at 66.2 percent and 64.7 percent respectively.

“The comprehensive approach combines Coaching and Consulting. Coaching allows the client to evaluate whether relocation makes sense from a business and personal standpoint,” said Joseph Vranich, president of Spectrum Location Solutions. “Only after the owner concludes that a move might be beneficial will Consulting work begin to gather and evaluate extensive data on promising locations.”

Time and again business owners say that “The hardest part is getting started.” The Coaching part comes first, which eases the exploratory discussions, and no effort is made at any time to persuade the business owner to relocate.

“The program allows an individual to shift from speculating about the future to ultimately selecting the community that is the optimum location for the company’s new headquarters, back office, small shop or factory,” said Vranich, who has been an Executive Coach and Site Selection Consultant for many years.

“I like to say that Coaching helps people grow and Consulting helps companies grow,” Vranich said.

Some thoughts from Joe about the Site Selection process:

“There is no such thing as a perfect community, an ideal city, or a matchless region. But there are optimal locations that meet your current and future needs. Identifying them requires an organized, unbiased approach,”

"A site selection project that identifies potential new locations for expanding, relocating or consolidating facilities is a relatively infrequent event that requires a skill set not usually found among internal staff. That is true for projects involving headquarters, manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, research and development centers, and back offices."

"As a business owner you’ve got a company to run, you can free your time by relying on an impartial expert to help in ways that are tailored to meet your requirements."

Vranich is a co-author of the recent Hoover Institution report entitled, Why Company Headquarters Are Leaving California in Unprecedented Numbers (PDF), which found that the number of firms relocating their home offices out of California is running at double the rate of recent years. The report’s co-author is Lee S. Ohanian, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution at Stanford University and Distinguished Professor of Economics, UCLA.

Three previous California Governors – Gray Davis, Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian – cited findings from an earlier version of Vranich’s work when expressing concerns about companies shifting their operations out of state.

Joe Vranich can be reached confidentially to explore whether a relocation makes sense for your company regardless of what state you are located in. It is a no-fee, no-obligation consultation.

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