Orca Intelligence’s AI-Powered Swiftly Software Solution Receives Top Barrow Wise Rating

Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC

We have awarded Swiftly a five out of five rating”

— Tanesia Barrow, President, Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC

ROCKVILLE, MD, USA, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Barrow Wise Consulting, LLC announced today the company has awarded Orca Intelligence’s Swiftly software product its top software testing and evaluation rating. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software solution auto-generates tasks and documentation requirements for software projects.

“We have awarded Swiftly a five out of five rating,” said Tanesia Barrow, CEO at Barrow Wise. “When used to generate documentation for an existing software application, Swiftly reduced the time required to create test case scenarios and other requirements by more than 55%.”

During the Barrow Wise testing and evaluation process, the team compared the completion of manual generation of software documentation, including behavior-driven cases and essential user stories for a minimum viable product, to the use of Swiftly. In the test scenario, 346 personnel hours over two months were used for manual creation, with two full-time staff members tasked with the project. Allocated resources were reduced to 120 hours and from two to one full-time equivalent needed when using the automation tools available with Swiftly.

Barrow Wise's Orca Intelligence Swiftly Testing and Evaluation Findings:

• Predictive Analysis – When compared with a broad range of software development products, Swiftly offers the only predictive task and documentation solution available. Swiftly is powered by a data library that helps improve scenario predictions processed through its proprietary algorithm. The software tool enables project teams to start with a requirements foundation and framework.
• Innovation and Vision – Swiftly offers integration and a repeatable requirements framework that is scalable for different project sizes. With automation, Swiftly empowers teams to leverage existing tasks and documentation with minimum manual intervention. An association with regulations and NIST security requirements allows for rapid Independent Verification and Validation (IVV). Swiftly also offers quality control features and a mature algorithm to support short-term and long-term roadmap creation. VR/AR technology implementation combined with Swiftly’s predictive datasets is revolutionary.
• Multi-domain Support – With multi-domain support scores, Barrow Wise sees adaption possibilities for Swiftly across multiple domains outside of software development. For example, Swiftly can support hardware, manufacturing, and other tangible product implementation areas.
• Use Cases – Swiftly has multiple use cases in addition to software development. For existing software implementations, Swiftly can migrate organizations from one Agile framework to another (e.g., Scrum to Scaled SAFe Agile, Custom Hybrid to Lean with Behavioral Driven Development). In addition, Swiftly can automate documentation for existing applications, thereby reducing the time it takes for manual creation.

Swiftly was created to solve the problem of keeping one source of truth for product requirements. With automation powered by AI, the software tool generates scenarios based on wireframes. It is an adaptive, scalable, and automated change and requirements management tool for small to medium-sized project teams. The technology solution helps simplify and accelerate Epics, Features, and Scenarios generation, including associating scenarios with NIST 800 security requirements and Federal and State Regulations. Swiftly is unique in performing an impact analysis, auto-relating requirements, and autogenerating additional requirements. It integrates seamlessly with JIRA, Aha!, ClickUp, Inflectra, and other productivity tools.

Learn more: https://orcaintelligence.com/swiftly-application

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