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Homemade food -

Snaqing – The marketplace for homemade food

Snaqing is an online marketplace for passionate chefs and bakers who sell their homemade authentic food products to users nearby.

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2021 / — The COVID pandemic brought with it drastic alterations that upset many sectors of the economy. Among them, the industry that underwent a significant change is the restaurant industry. Against the backdrop of social distancing and quarantine, this business was quick to get affected, and as a result, the sales plummeted.
Dine-in being shut off completely, many employees that were associated with this industry were laid off. And many people lost their jobs.
Here, the concept of – Every cloud has a silver lining, is apt in context with the COVID stricken societies. As restaurants closed their doors for customers, take away, and delivery emerged as the new normal. A new direction was seen as the way forward, and yes, it really did offer remarkable support to this rapidly declining industry. With the convenience offered through digital solutions, overcoming two major challenges, i.e., unemployment and lack of sales, seemed a possibility. And that’s how Snaqing came into existence!

What is Snaqing?
By figuring out a solution to connect the passionate home chefs and offering them a platform to be able to meet their customers, Snaqing devised an application that does just that! It serves as a marketplace for certified home chefs, giving them an opportunity to start a meaningful income stream in these testing times.

Connecting Home Chefs to Customers
Snaqing bridged the gap between the consumers and the sellers. Keeping in high view the quality and hygiene concerns during the onslaughts generated by the pandemic, Snaqing prioritized healthfulness over everything. And so, a network of home chefs was brought on board who wanted to sell their handmade dishes to people. This way, Snaqing is able to create a win-win situation that benefited the chefs at home and the customers who desired some good homemade food in the comforts of their homes.
With the core objective to offer authentic homemade foods, Snaqing offers a variety of cuisines that are readily available to customers just a finger-tap away. Locals can collect their food from their homes chefs.

Snaqing – What's in the in Store?
There’s a variety of dishes that users can choose from. Cuisines from Thai food, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and of course American foods, users won’t find their choices limited here. From Crème Brûlée to Thai Basil Stir Fry, every item is available on their menu, awaiting just a click to be served to the customers.

How Snaqing Works
Users are free to sign on to their app and explore the wide variety of homegrown or homemade food products, aka snaqs. After choosing snaq/s, add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout flow.
Home chefs (aka Snaqers) would also have to sign up on Snaqing to sell their food after getting approved. After Snaqers are certified, a Snaqer would be all set to list their first snaqs on the application.
One of the best parts is that Snaqers are present all over the country. So users in Seattle or in Michigan, everyone can easily get food from the Snaqer nearby.
Moreover, users are free to customize the order as well. When users order a snaq, there is an option to leave a request for the Snaqer. Contacting directly to the Snaqer via their messaging feature would further assist in making the request heard.
The Snaqing app is designed in a way that is easy to use for all. Its self-explanatory features and outlook assist both the Snaqers and the customers in using the app or their web version.

Why Should Users Go for Snaqing
Snaqing kick-started its operations with the mission to serve authentic snaqs to the community. Locals can get the opportunity to savor their favorite dishes from all around the world. Their focus is to support locals who are passionate cooks and who have a knack for baking and cooking. Snaqing might also be able to bring back a lot of memories from childhood. Customers who miss having homemade food can consider Snaqing their number one choice!
As Snaqing believes in empowering the chefs at home, we look forward to helping out more potential Snaqers to showcase their creativity and talents presented as delicious food items that can make their customers’ day.
This is what one of the Snaqer on the application had to say about this opportunity,
“I am originally from Algiers, Algeria and food is my passion. I have been cooking since I was young, learning many ethnic Berber (native North African) dishes and pastries from my mother and grandmother. When I moved to the United States I kept cooking traditional and modern dishes. I worked as a manager at a middle eastern restaurant in NYC for ten years where I had the chance to learn how to create many middle eastern dishes and desserts. I love to host parties at my house and have cooked for many of my loved ones' weddings. I love to cook Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African dishes. Enjoy! “

If someone is a passionate cook inside of themself, then explore Snaqing as an opportunity and inspire people with cooking by taking the first step toward it!

A Must-Try for All the Foodies Out There!
Foodies who finds it hard to satisfy her cravings with the limited options y'all have at hand can benefit from Snaqing! Entre, main course, and desserts from different cuisines will make the mouth water and will definitely give taste buds a succulent treat!
A good reason to order via Snaqing is to relish the flavors of homemade food. Enjoy meals that are not only piquant but also healthier as food is made with fresh ingredients, with good hygiene as a priority.
So don't wait! Head over to their website, Snaqing, and download their application.
Scroll through their menu. Refer to the images of the dishes, read the main ingredients, and as the mouth starts to water, place an order and check out!

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