UMBRA Companies Inc. Enlists Alarming Facts About Veteran Homelessness

Homeless Sleeping on the Street

Homeless Sleeping on the Street

UMBRA Homes in California

UMBRA Homes in California

Immediate actions are needed to counter the alarming situation.


CENTURY CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2021 / — Veteran homelessness is a rising problem in the country. Veterans go homeless due to various reasons like physical or mental damage, lack of emotional support, or shortage of finances.

Needless to say, veteran homelessness isn’t an individual’s problem, it’s a nationwide threat that all of us should try to address. As part of our awareness campaign, we are sharing some important facts about veteran homelessness everyone should be aware of.

Most of the homeless veterans are males, 91% to be precise. The majority of them come from disadvantaged or comparatively poor communities. They have served in World War 2, Vietnam War, Lebanon, Panama, Korean War, Cold War, Afghanistan, or the military’s anti-drug efforts in South America.

Female veterans are increasing at a rapid pace.
According to a report by HUD, female veterans are around 2-3 times more prone to homelessness than any other adult population group in the US. It results in an increasing number of female veterans.

Young veterans are twice as likely to be homeless than the general public.
The probability of homelessness in younger veterans (between the age of 18 and 30) is higher than older veterans. Furthermore, veterans of this age group have double the chances to be homeless than the general public does.

Physical disability is a major cause of veteran homelessness.
Around 53% of homeless veterans have a physical disability. When compared to the general public, only 41% of the homeless citizens are disabled.

To fight veteran homelessness, UMBRA Companies Inc. (UCIX) has launched several housing projects in various states of the country. These projects are aimed to provide high-quality shelter to homeless veterans.

If you would like to be a part of UCIX’s fight against veteran homelessness, leave us a message by clicking here.

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