Mobile Apps Drive the Markets by Modern Consumers, Says G Smart Community.

NEW YORK, USA, October 21, 2018 / — Mobile APPs have become an essential part of businesses nowadays. They not only make companies look tech savvy but also provide a convenience to consumers when developed correctly. They can be a core component for multi-billion enterprises or simply just there to show “we have an APP”. The emergence of mobile APPs certainly changed the way we operated our everyday lives.

The G Smart Community is an enterprise that uses blockchain technology to enrich lives through interaction. While the novel idea may seem unconventional at first, the launch of their G Smart APP suggests that it is actually quite interesting and simple.

The G Smart APP is an open source blockchain underlying system that provides a rich interface for businesses, at the same time allowing community members to enjoy the vast functions made possible by the blockchain applications. The G Smart APP is characterized by the ability to implement smart contracts. Once the smart contract is established, it can be executed automatically without the involvement of an intermediary, and no one can stop its execution.

The G Smart APP not only displays the live price of the ETH but also encompasses a myriad of other functions as well. It also allows you to transfer your benefits directly through the APP itself, making it possible to create transactions instantaneously everywhere you go, without having to flip your bulky laptop out. With the ease of mobile APPs, laptops and “.com”s become so passé. You can upload adverts and videos when you want, and it even has an online shopping platform integrated within! It also has an e-wallet function and a QR code scanner to make transactions even smoother.

So mobile APPs are really a driving force for businesses nowadays. They provide more functions as compared to websites which provide basically more info. On top of that, they provide the ease of use which every business and consumer needs to make every deal that much faster, easier and convenient.

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Longtime Friend Makes A Very Generous Donation To The Gettysburg Foundation

Steven Pacholyk, longtime enthusiast of Gettysburg, makes a generous donation to the Gettysburg Foundation.

WESTPORT, CT, USA, October 21, 2018 / — It was at the tender age of 8 years old when Steven Pacholyk first expressed an interest in the Gettysburg National Military Park. What was supposed to be a short educational family trip to the historic battlefield became a 40 year fascination. "That first trip was more than a family trip for me," Steven recalled. "Gettysburg called out to me in a very personal way. It was then, that I decided to dedicate my life to studying the great battle and it has become a life long journey."

Mr. Pacholyk went on to become the youngest living Licensed Battlefield Guide in Gettysburg’s history and the second youngest to pass the Guide's exam at just 16 years of age. While he has gone on to have a very successful career in business and as an entrepreneur, Gettysburg remains close to his heart.

Steven deepened his commitment to Gettysburg by joining the Guardians Society and making a large estate gift of $100,000.00 to the Foundation stating, "It is our duty as Americans to preserve and respect this special place. The Gettysburg Foundation is an incredible organization that offers a unique opportunity for people of all backgrounds to come together for a common cause; to preserve this battlefield and the memory of those who fought here for generations to come."

Gettysburg Foundation President Dr. Matthew C. Moen said, "We are so appreciative of Steven's contribution to assist us with our vast preservation and education mission. His depth of knowledge and passion for Gettysburg and its expanded story is inspiring to all of us."

To learn more about joining the Guardians Society and making a planned gift to the Gettysburg Foundation, please contact Jay Zeiler at 717-339-2103.

Mr. Pacholyk is a successful business owner of Pozbud USA a CSC Company specializing in European style windows and doors. You can contact Steven at 203-810-4700, email him at or visit for more information.

Steven Pacholyk
Pozbud USA A CSC Company
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Quality Resolution Systems Suggests Solutions to Mitigate Ford's Tariffs Losses

Quality Resolution Systems, LLC

Quality Resolution Systems, LLC

Detroit, Michigan consultancy readies to provide Ford the leverage and added competence

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2018 / — Automakers, including Ford Motor Company, recently shared that they are absorbing substantial loss since President Trump's imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum entering the United States in 2018. Quality Resolution Systems, LLC, a Detroit, Michigan consultancy firm, today advised that domestic supplier connectivity could reshape the industry's culture and mitigate these losses.

The growing trade war between China and America in particular, is creating havoc which threatens jobs and revenue for many industries. Quality Resolution Systems, LLC (QRS) stated there are strategies Ford could implement in their restructuring program. It would require an aggressive shift in operations, but the business model could minimize tariff-generated, losses.

Jim Hackett, CEO of Ford, said in an interview last month that tariffs on imported steel and aluminum will cost Ford $1 billion through 2019.

Although the automobile industry may be looking at smaller countries to avoid the current tariffs, QRS suggested that it’s a great opportunity to seek new partnerships and relationships with U.S. manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

“American supplier connectivity is imperative in reshaping of the current culture,” stated Kiara Thomas, CEO of Quality Resolution Systems, LLC. "National expansion in domestic, business to business transactions could expedite new vehicle releases, increase profits, and more.”

“Exorbitant tariffs defeat the purpose of importing when the cost creates immediate and substantial loss,” stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Kiara Thomas. “Quality Resolution Systems is ready to deliver solutions that negate brutal, financial losses, and stimulate economic growth.”

Quality Resolution Systems, LLC is a Detroit quality management systems-based start-up company dedicated to bridge functional gaps between corporate and support location operations. QRS works to advance diverse industries through the development of people, processes, and product with the aim of creating a more structured, efficient, and operative workplace. Kiara Thomas, CEO of Quality Resolution Systems, LLC, is also a blogger for with MICHauto, Michigan Auto. For more information, visit

Detroit, Michigan native, Kiara Thomas says she was born with a passion for the automotive industry. The CEO of Quality Resolution Systems has a focus on Engineering Management, Automotive Technologies & Manufacturing Processes. She has worked for the top OEM Manufacturers and Tier-One Supplier companies for almost a decade. Her experience includes Process Development, Improvement, and Implementation, ISO/TS 16949, Risk Mitigation, Strategic Business Planning, Training & Personnel Development and various problem-solving methodologies such as 8Ds, Red-X, and Six Sigma. For bookings and interviews, please email her publicist, Fran Briggs.

Fran Briggs
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Tony Robbins shares The 5 Business Etiquette Mistakes We All Should Avoid in Business and in Life

Business Etiquette Expert Maryanne Parker with The World's #1 Business Strategist Tony Robbins

Business Etiquette Expert Maryanne Parker with The World’s #1 Business Strategist Tony Robbins

San Diego-based business etiquette expert Maryanne Parker meets with the biggest business strategist in history Tony Robbins at Real Estate Wealth Expo

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, October 21, 2018 / — “Your energy is the most important thing in business—people perceive you based on your energy!”

I was listening to the most successful business strategist in the world: the one and only Anthony Robbins. He is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and philanthropist, and more than 50 million people have been mesmerized by his electric personality at events all over the world. His motto is “Live with passion” along with a few more, including “Raise your standards and take massive action,” which I’ve adopted as well.
I felt absolutely amazing at this conference, which exceeded all my expectations. I made wonderful connections with people from all over the country, and I had the opportunity to listen to six self-made billionaires and many more self-made millionaires, such as Magic Johnson, who is a business powerhouse, legendary basketball star, president of the LA Lakers, and co-owner of the Dodgers and LA’s WNBA team, the Sparks. I had the chance to see a wealth of fantastic speakers, including the greatest living sales expert, Grant Cardone, and performer, educator, and activist Pitbull, who took his life from negative to positive against all odds. In general, I saw the best of the best. There were probably over 12,000 people in this one venue, all of us hungry for knowledge, and there I was, sitting in the first row of the VIP section, undistracted and ready to absorb all the secrets and knowledge.
You might say the business etiquette tips we learned are very basic, and that’s exactly the logic Tony Robbins espouses: life isn’t that complicated, and it shouldn’t be. Here are the top five lessons I learned from this incredible business strategist and motivational leader and the five business etiquette mistakes we all should avoid.

1. Not Operating with integrity — Honor your earnings by doing good work. People are very interested in you! They want to hear you speak, and they want to learn as much as they can from your wisdom. Be honest with them from the beginning. Involve them, and be a team player. Always have the decency to admit if you are wrong, and protect your reputation.

2. Not Living with dignity — This isn’t something we earn; we’re all born with it. Respect yourself enough to present the best content possible every single time! You don’t know who might be listening and how many people will be interested in your message in the long term. Have dignity, and be the best of the best in your field.

3. Not Adding value to people’s lives—It’s not always just about the money. Have you noticed that at these prestigious events, some people are always trying to nickel and dime you, working hard to try to convince you to buy their products? Why is that? Why do they need to try so hard but Tony Robbins doesn’t? Because he adds value for people every single time. People realize that and are drawn to him without his having to make an offer. He is not there to sell but to teach.

4. Not Over-deliver — This is one of Robbins’s greatest secrets. Every time someone hires you, always over-deliver! Word of mouth goes far, and you’ll be the first choice for future prospects. Robbins’s own appearance at this event provides the perfect example. He is the peak-performing business strategist in the world, he owns an island, and he considers his smallest companies to be valued between $50–100 million, so it’s obvious he doesn’t need more money. Robbins was invited to speak at this event for two hours only, but he delivered a five-hour seminar that was absolutely outstanding, and the energy—I can still feel it! If he can over-deliver at his level, how about us? This should be mandatory.

5. Not being a philanthropist — The biggest satisfaction in life is to be able to give more than we receive. Our paramount thought should be “What can I give before I receive?” Robbins mentioned that he is currently helping to feed 50 million people every year. He told us a story about when he gave his last $27 to a little boy who had invited his mom on a dinner date. The little boy told Tony that although he had invited his mom, she would obviously pay for the dinner because he was still young—eight years old—and he didn’t have any money. Even though Robbins gave the boy the last of what little money he had, Tony did so with faith in his heart that he would be okay—and he is most surely more than okay.
Raise your standards, take massive action, and follow the steps above to make sure your business etiquette makes you memorable, keeps you humble, and allows you to use your gifts to make a positive difference in the lives of every person you meet!

Maryanne Parker is an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of Manor of Manners, a San Diego, CA, company that specializes in international business, social, and youth etiquette. She is the author of two international number-one bestselling books, The Sharpest Soft Skill and Posh Overnight.

Maryanne holds an executive diploma from Europe’s leading academic institution International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, Brussels, Minding Manners – London and she is certified by The Protocol School of Washington, specializing in diplomacy, business etiquette and protocol, and intercultural relations.
Parker speaks often on the topic of etiquette. Most recently, she has spoken at entrepreneurial conferences held at West Point, the Harvard Faculty Club, and NASDAQ. Maryanne has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, The Epoch Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Chicago Tribune, and she has appeared on CNBC, NBC, ABC, FOX, E!Entertainment, and many more.

Above all, she teaches her two children and her clients to model compassion, grace, and respect.

Maryanne Parker
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Nigeria – based consultancy company achieves faster turnaround while assuring Quality Management with MyEasyISO

VALLEY COTTAGE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2018 / — One of the fastest growing consultancy company based in Nigeria provides engineering and advisory services to clients in the oil and gas industry. Like many small-scale companies, this consultancy company wants to stay ahead of the competition in their sector and requires a solution to meet ISO regulation along with improving their services to keep the customer satisfied for the long-term approach.

The company's selection criteria when searching for the right solution include:

• Meet 100% requirement of ISO standard
• ISO Training and Implementation support
• Flexibility and ease of usage
• License cost

Their need brings them to MyEasyISO, which provides a configurable solution to meet all the ISO standard and many compliance requirements. MyEasyISO helps the organization to map out the process and can effortlessly see what’s going on in the organization at any time. It enables the organization to capture, track and maintain all the records through a centralized database.

MyEasyISO’s customer management module has the ability to track and monitor customer issues, complaints/feedback and maintain their records. It helps in managing complaint resolution planning, correction, root cause analysis, corrective actions and effective evaluation of the corrective actions for various complaints.

With MyEasyISO, managing the operational processes in a web-based solution enable the company to streamline their operations in line with quality compliance and economic challenges. MyEasyISO system allows the organization to be able to rapidly react to changing business needs as well as customer needs.

MyEasyISO helped many organizations to achieve many operational goals including:

• Faster turnaround on the return of investments
• Eliminating parallel work
• Saving cost and time
• Significant improvement in response and closure of customer issues
• Signification reduction of nonconformance
• Keeps the system always audit-ready by meetings all the requirement

MyEasyISO experts and consultants provide a complete guide to all the employees in the organization for effective onboarding support and implementation support to enable users to use the system and help them get certified by the best of the certification bodies. MyEasyISO’s affordable pricing, intuitive ability, the robust reporting capabilities and 24/7 support from QHSE experts sets this solution apart from other software solution vendors in the market.

About MyEasyISO

MyEasyISO is a comprehensive ISO QHSE software to implement and manage ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000 standards effectively. Its competitive, practical and user-friendly solution makes the ISO compliance value adding, fast and simple.

It is recognized as one of the best quality management software solutions in numerous independent surveys and reviews covering customer satisfaction, simplicity, ease of deployment, comprehensive coverage of various requirements, support, value for money etc.

With more than 4000 clients across the world, MyEasyISO is gaining fast popularity in the market and has helped clients across all industries by improving business performance, implementing, certifying and maintaining ISO standards.

Wondering how MyEasyISO can help with successful ISO implementation and certification? Contact us or Visit our website for a free consultation with one of our experts.

Sree Vidhya
Effivity Technologies LLC
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Fibank Wins Prestigious Award at an International Innovation Competition

Fibank (First Investment Bank) won second place in the Offering Innovation category of the Efma-Accenture DMI Awards 2018

Fibank (First Investment Bank) won second place in the Offering Innovation category of the Efma-Accenture DMI Awards 2018

SOFIA, BULGARIA, October 20, 2018 / — Fibank (First Investment Bank) won second place in the Offering Innovation category of the Efma-Accenture DMI Awards 2018, which brought together some of the world's most renowned institutions and companies in the retail segment.

At the ceremony held on October 17, 2018 in Lisbon, the Fibank prize was received by Mr. Nedelcho Nedelchev, CEO of the Bank, Mr. Theodor Petrov, Director Card Payments and Ilona Staneva, Director Marketing and Advertising.

The Efma organizers and an authoritative international jury highly appreciated Fibank’s innovation, launched for the first time in the Bulgarian market: a microchip for children and teenager debit cards, as well as the Bank's early financial education program.

Competition in the category in which First Investment Bank participated also included the Polish Alior Bank, which was selected as the winner and the British HSBC, which ranked third. The final ranking was determined entirely by online voting.

Ivailo Alexandrov
Fibank (First Investment Bank)
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Zebpay, India’s Largest Crypto Exchange Officially Launches In Malta In Pursuit of European Growth

Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has today announced it has officially commenced operations from ‘Blockchain Island’, Malta

Governments and regulators around the world are waking up to the potential of Blockchain based technologies. But Malta stands out with its progressive regulations for this emerging sector”

— Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana

TRIQ STELLA MARIS, SLIEMA, MALTA, October 20, 2018 / — Leading cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has today announced it has officially commenced operations from ‘Blockchain Island’, Malta. The crypto exchange has received a warm welcome from Malta’s Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister Silvio Schembri who expressed his satisfaction over Zebpay’s decision to join Malta’s Blockchain ecosystem.

Malta continues to be a fast-rising hub for innovators, entrepreneurs and developers in the crypto and blockchain space, with its forward-thinking regulatory agenda.
The country was recently cited as the number one spot for crypto trading in a study published by Morgan Stanley. Its Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muscat, is highly enthusiastic for the applications of blockchain technology in everything from businesses to governments, as he recently outlined in an address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Zebpay brand is widely trusted in India, and its crypto exchange has served the market at scale, securing 60% market share in the country. Zebpay will use Malta as its base in pursuit of European growth. The Zebpay VFA exchange that has launched in the region will be operated by Malta-based Awlencan Innovations Malta Limited.

The Zebpay VFA exchange will implement strict KYC & AML procedures within its ecosystem and at this time is only available to residents outside of U.S sanctioned economies.

“I look forward to seeing the company applying and obtaining all the necessary licences from the regulatory in order to be able to operate in Malta. Our aim is to provide the legal certainty for operators and all the necessarily protection for customers and investors within this space” said Schembri.

Malta provides a legally certain and safe environment for crypto innovators, customers and investors. Being 100% compliant is in the ethos of Zebpay and the company is thankful to the Maltese government for the forward-thinking regulation.

“Governments and regulators around the world are waking up to the potential of Blockchain based technologies. But Malta stands out with its progressive regulations for this emerging sector,” said Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana. “Choosing Malta as our global launchpad was a no-brainer, and I would like to wholeheartedly thank Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat for his visionary approach.”


About Zebpay
Zebpay is one of the fastest growing and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Headquartered in Singapore, the Zebpay brand is widely trusted in India, and its crypto exchange has served the market at scale, securing 60% market share in the country. With a newly established presence in Malta the company is rapidly expanding, attracting both retail and professional traders with their platform that focuses on security, ease of use and execution speed.

Zebpay Key Links:
Official Website:
Android App:
iOS App:
Zebpay media relations:

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Clay Clark, Founder of Thrivetime Show, Celebrates Two Year Anniversary of Podcast with Over Half a Million Downloads

Award-winning team has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and Pando Daily.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2018 / — Clay Clark, founder of Thrive15 and creator of the “Thrivetime Show – Business School Without the BS,” is ready to celebrate the two-year anniversary of his podcast November 5th, 2018 with over half a million monthly downloads.

A man of many talents, Clark has been called the “Jim Carey of Entrepreneurship.” He was “Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year” at the age of 20 and the “U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner” at the age of 27.

As the result of his endless work ethic, he’s been able to found and co-found several companies including: DJ Connection, Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, and

However, Clark came from humble beginnings. “Poverty. I saw entrepreneurship as a solution,” Clark states as his original inspiration behind starting a business podcast. “My parents vacillated — they moved from middle class to financially struggling to middle class, but whether we like it or not, money is how we buy health insurance, how we feed ourselves, how we get gifts for people. I wanted to move from surviving to thriving. I knew there was a better way to do it.”

The Thrivetime Show allows viewers to “Experience business school without the BS” with Clark and his co-host: optometrist turned business tycoon Doctor Robert Zoellner. The award-winning team has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and Pando Daily. Currently, the podcast has over 1,300 episodes, and has featured Emmy Award-Winners, New York Times best-selling authors, NFL Players, and NBA Players.

Clark, who over the years has also worked as a business growth consultant, educator, and entertainer of choice for countless clients, continues to teach others when he can. “My dad was a college graduate, and there was that fallacy that if you graduate from college you’ll know how to make money,” Clark explains, “a lot of people don’t have moms or dads or people in the picture to teach them, and this is a way we can do it — on the web. We want to help people thrive and live at their peak.”

Andy M., a podcast listener on Stitcher, praises, “It’s a fantastic radio show. Clay and Dr. Zoellner have owned and worked with so many companies. The experience combined with their continual relentless humor makes the show very hard to not listen to everyday. I love it.”

Aurora DeRose
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Mad Crazy or Genius? Entrepreneur Pitches Building $200 Million Film Studio But He Wants It Built In His Own Country

Paul Brough, A Bold Dallas Serial Entrepreneur, Plans To Build A $200 Million Film Studio In His Own Nation On A Caribbean Island

Paul bodaciously promised the first 100+ employees will be millionaires within seven years.”

— Paul Brough

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2018 / — One Dallas serial entrepreneur Paul Brough is legally changing his name to King Pink next month in preparation of him having his own country. For over a year, Mr. Brough has been covertly working with several Caribbean governments on his $200 million film studio vision that he wants built in his own country. That's right, his own country.

Now one of the best islands in the Caribbean, Aruba, is Paul's #1 Caribbean island to make a land deal with for his visionary film studio project and the formation of a new country. In exchange for land on the undesirable, backside of Aruba, Paul guarantees government officials his project will become the most desirable tourist destination in the Caribbean. Plus create hundreds of new jobs, inject billions of dollars into Aruba’s economy and secure Aruba’s financial future for generations to come.

Eager to get his project approved, Paul guaranteed government officials he’d deliver on what he said or he would spend the rest of his life in an Aruban prison. Paul agreed that his new country would never have a military or police force and the country's population would never exceed 200 citizens. And, Aruba's government collects – forever – an undisclosed percentage of all the revenue generated by Paul Brough's new nation. Aruban laws will govern Paul's country while Aruba's currency, the Florin, will serve as the country's currency.

Living nearly five years in Aruba, Paul believes his former island home is the perfect place for his project. “Aruba has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. Aruba sits outside the hurricane zone. Near perfect weather year long. Tons of water, land, and nighttime activities. Amazing hotels, food, and culture. The friendliest locals in the Caribbean. ” states Paul Brough or soon to be King Pink.

One question we asked Paul is, “Why do you want your own country for your project?” He replied, “It’s the most outrageous marketing, publicity stunt you could imagine. People from around the world will come to vacay at Aruba to visit the one-of-kind global tourist attraction – a new country. A country where everything is painted pink. Pink is the universal color of pink.” Paul's mandating that his citizens must volunteer ten hours a month at local Aruban nonprofits and Aruban citizens can get free training in the areas of technology, film production, and entrepreneurship through Castle V's vocational school.

Visitors will be welcomed to visit the centerpiece of the new nation, Castle V. Castle V is a modern-day castle with apartments and almost every conceivable amenity. Planned inside Castle V is a film studio that will produce the 350+ films Paul Brough has secured. The plan is to power the country with 100% renewable energy sources and provide water through an onsite solar water-desalination plant. Paul’s future expansion plans include building a world-class aquarium, zoo, water-park, and themed-ride amusement park which will always be free for Aruba's citizens. Visiting Paul's country will require tourists to arrive exclusively through Aruba’s airport or cruise ship terminal.

Earning money to support his country will come from companies spanning several industries that include entertainment, technology, media, and education. WIth 148 new reality series concepts secured, Paul plans to launch Yeahclix, a monthly Netflix-like subscription service. As a goodwill gesture, Paul agreed to produce several weekly reality shows that will showcase Aruba.

For the thousands of creative people that have already applied to be part of Paul's vision, only 150 will be selected. Paul has bodaciously promised the first 100+ employees will be millionaires within seven years. On top of salaries, profit-sharing, Castle V's amenities, employees will enjoy rent-free living, shared toys, debt forgiveness, and free medical, dental, and plastic surgery.

World peace is Paul's ultimate vision. Until then, Paul’s bold philanthropic goal is to give away 90% of his country's profits to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers to go and help the world. Let me not forget to mention that Paul Brough is also running to be the next president of the United States. God told Paul, "If you run, you will win". Is Paul mad crazy or is he a philanthropic genius entrepreneur? Only the future holds the answer. Either way, it's going to be fun to watch him. One possible name for King Pink's new country was hidden in the words above. For more information go to, www.SoultainmentStudios,,,

Andre Paul
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The Pink Preacher Of Dallas Launches The World’s First 1090 Ministry

Through Ecclesiastic Entrepreneurship, The Pink Preacher plans on having 10% of the members financially supporting the remaining 90% of members.

. God has called the Pink Preacher to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers with 150 Ecclesiastic entrepreneurs.”

— Andre Paul

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2018 / — In Acts 6, seven people were appointed to wait tables, that is, to make money through Kingdom Entrepreneurism. The wealth they created supported hundreds to spread the Gospel. The result? The number of souls saved MULTIPLIED!!!! The goal of Bolder Doers is to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers with 100+ Soulprayners to reach millions of souls across the globe.

Members tithes, instead of going to build buildings or to church staff salaries, go to build Kingdom businesses. The profits from these businesses go to support Bolder Doers members to go and do God’s work. Eventually, these kingdom businesses will financially support 90% of Bolder Doers members to do God’s work.

And Bolder Doers members are expected to watch our weekly messages at their convenience and financially donate to Bolder Doers. If they can’t donate, they can Crash Tables (www.CrashTables.Com) once a week. Vote in large Bolder Doers ministry decisions. Complete the Bolder Doers course and meet with Bolder Doers in their community once a month. They are encouraged to continue to attend their local church.

Bolder Doer's seven-year goal includes supporting 18,000 Bolder Doers across the globe with salaries up to $72,000.

One report states seven out ten kids are leaving the church. 47% of people don’t go to church in America. For every 1000 people that attend Sunday church in America, only 2 people are financially supported to reach the lost. Only 4% of the tithes that go into a church goes outside the four walls to help people. 90% of Christians would quit their jobs to expand’s God kingdom if they were financially supported.

Like it or not, as an employee – hourly or salaried – people are just economic slaves. Western churches keep Christians in financial slavery because they operate as a traditional money-making business and provide no hope of economic freedom. Jesus set people free spiritually. He also left an economic model to set Christians economically free too. Bolder Doers ministry is based on the Biblical V-model found Acts 6 that will set members free from financial slavery. In Acts 6, there's a Biblical model that allowed seven people to financially support – wait tables – so hundreds could go and do God’s work.

"Don’t take our word for it. Read Acts 6 and discover for yourself the Biblical model that allowed seven people to financially support hundreds to go and do God’s work," states the Pink Preacher. Paul Brough, the Pink Preacher, is the founder of Bolder Doers. For 20 years he was fearlessly living the perfect life absent of God. He didn’t suffer one day of depression in 20 years. Then 12 years ago, an undeniable miracle occurred that convinced him that God is Alive. God called Paul to give up his $3,000 a day IT career and his perfect Caribbean life. By faith, he faced his greatest fears and invested $100K in God’s outrageous Kingdom business. Paul was in AWE as he experienced 15 miracles and a divine 4 month ROI. God has called the Pink Preacher to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers with 150 Ecclesiastic entrepreneurs. Or as Paul calls them, Soulprayneurs.

Everything Bolder Doers ministry does glorifies God and lifts up the name of Jesus. We’ve already gathered talented, creative people to be part of the a new 1090 Kingdom film studios. The film studio, Castle V, will eventually provide the economic financial engine to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers to go and do God's work.

"Rejoice Doers, change is coming," states the Pink Preacher. Within the next seven years, Bolder Doers’ kingdom businesses will be able to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers and reach millions of souls around the world. God also told the Paul Brough if he runs to be the next President of the United States he'd win.

Do you want to be a Bolder Doer? Go to…

Andre Paul
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