500 KG Containerized Hydrogen Refueling Station, A Milestone in the Hydrogen Energy Industry

USA, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the rapid development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industries, the increase of public awareness of environmental protection, and the conscious guidance of governments and institutions, the preparation, transportation, and storage of hydrogen energy have become the focus of the world’s attention in the recent years. Meanwhile, the demand for hydrogen refueling facilities is also increasing exponentially.

Across the international market, the United States of America is the undoubted leader in the world’s hydrogen industry. The US government began to pay attention to hydrogen energy as early as 1973 and has established the International Hydrogen Energy Association. The US government has given a large amount of financial support to hydrogen energy research, aiming to reduce the cost of hydrogen production, improve the efficiency of hydrogen storage systems, and develop affordable hydrogen fuel cells.

Recently, as the expansion of hydrogen energy industry is heating up, Angstrom Advanced Inc. has successfully developed and produced a 500KG/day containerized hydrogen refueling station. This product has the characteristics of smaller footprint, simple installation and maintenance, low investment cost, and higher safety and automation level, which is a milestone in the hydrogen industry. The station has a daily refueling capacity of 500KG (12 hrs). The whole system includes a 40ft container (integrated manifold, compressor, dispenser, and safety & controls), a hydrogen ground storage (200KG@43.8MPa), a compression cooling-water machine chiller (for compressor), and a low temp chiller for hydrogen cooling. The refueling pressure is 35MPa, with TK16 and TK25 dual nozzle.

Angstrom Advanced Inc.
+1 781-267-4335

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SaaS Email Deliverability Platform Hits $1.56M ARR in Under 9 Months

Completely Bootstrapped Startup Folderly Uses AI to Solve Spam Issues & Offer 99% Email Deliverability

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Folderly, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that increases email deliverability, click rates, open rates, reply rates and more, announced today it has officially surpassed $1.56M annual recurring revenue (ARR) in less than nine months.

A completely bootstrapped company founded by Vladislav Pokolyako and Michael Maximoff, Folderly has been on an explosive growth path since its inception in 2019. On a mission to help marketers accelerate their sales by assisting them in sending emails that drive revenue, Folderly is paving the way for the industry by achieving an average of 99% email deliverability, 95% annual gross churn rate, 60% open rates and 200% revenue increases for its clients.

“With email marketing being more important than ever before, we were consistently seeing marketers blow large sums of money on campaigns that resulted in low open rates and often times landing right into the spam folder of the end-user. Through highly targeted research and understanding how DNS settings play a role in email deliverability, we were able to develop a highly revolutionary algorithm designed to optimize the messages being sent in order to guarantee spam-free delivery that results in a lower cost per lead and maximizing sales, said Pokolyako. “There’s truly no other platform on the market today that is as reliable, accessible and affordable as Folderly.”

Here is how the SaaS platform helps its customers reach the inbox and not the spam folder:

• Custom Email Templates: Companies are able to create their own, custom email template that is tailored to their specific needs. The marketer can then choose what templates to warm up and test during email spam test and email spam fix.
• Dynamic Premium Senders: The Folderly spam-fixing solution includes thousands of paid senders. These email addresses rotate daily so that at the end of the spam fix week each, the email being sent has a new list of senders to ensure consistent results through all users.
• Spam-Fixing Solution: Customers have the ability to connect to an industry-leading spam-fixing solution that not only marks emails as "not spam", but also labels them as "important", and moves emails from the spam folder back to the email inbox.
• GPT-3 Powered Intelligence: This platform is powered by machine learning enabled automatic email generation and reply processing to mimic human-to-human conversation when spam fix is active.

“When we initially launched as a B2B lead generation agency, we quickly realized our clients were repeatedly having trouble with their outreach emails landing in the spam folder or, in the best-case scenario, the promotion folder,” said Maxinoff. “With most of our competitors using a peer-to-peer warmup model, which may create some risks with privacy and hurt deliverability due to interaction with spammers, we know there was no legit solution to help increase the sender reputation on the market. So, that’s why we decided to build Folderly and simplify email deliverability topics for everyone.”

Currently attracting an average of 30 customers per month with a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $130,000, Folderly works with some of the country’s most recognized leaders in education, public service and technology including University of California, Berkeley, Titan Growth, Born & Bred, Cemtrex, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Texas Association of Business, Great Rochester Chamber of Commerce and Pibox.

Folderly integrates with the most popular Email Service Providers including Hotmail G-Suite, AWS, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, ZOHO, Gmail, GoDaddy, iCloud, SendGrid, ProtonMail, MailGun, and more.

For more information about Folderly, visit https://folderly.com/ or call 302-966-9083. To request a demo and to try a free 7-day trial, visit https://folderly.com/email-spam-fix.

Vladislav Podolyako
Folderly Inc
+1 302-966-9083

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Diversity Training: Leadership Development Programs Using Myers-Briggs and DISC Launched

Diversity Training

Diversity Training

Cooper Consulting Group LLC is pleased to announce that they offer 16 Leadership Development Programs for organizations using Myers-Briggs and DISC.

CHINO HILLS, CA, USA, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cooper Consulting Group is excited to announce they are offering 16 Leadership Development Programs to organizations in both virtual and in-person format. Leaders are central now more than ever as organizations face constant change and seek to keep employees engaged.

Businesses can gain a competitive edge by investing in their leaders. This will help them attract, develop, and retain talent, drive strategy execution, and increase organizational success in navigating change.

Cooper Consulting Group is a nationwide training development company that helps organizations get results. They have over 45 years of combined experience and are certified in powerful tools including the MBTI®, DISC®, Hogan®, FIRO-B®, and CPI 260®.

Organizations that are interested in leadership development can contact Cooper Consulting Group by calling (877) 461-1020 or by visiting CooperConsultingGroup.com.

Leadership development has been a hot topic for years now. Leadership development increases employee engagement and improves an organization's ability and capacity to address talent gaps. It also reduces turnover headaches and associated costs.

Great leaders inspire, motivate, and retain talent that helps organizations succeed. However, the skills to lead effectively are not automatic.

Many organizations are trying to find the best way to develop their leaders. Some of the most popular methods currently used include leadership coaching, mentoring, and group-based workshops.

The future of leadership development in the current environment and digital world is uncertain. New technologies and medical/wellbeing concerns have caused many companies to rethink the way people work, moving towards remote and hybrid work models.

The rise of virtual work has now seen effects including reduced employee engagement and more and more employees looking to change jobs/companies.

Not all leadership development programs are designed to adapt to this changing environment. This is because most leadership development programs are created using outdated models that are not relevant in the digital age or changing times.

Cooper Consulting Group takes all these factors into consideration when developing programs.

The most popular topics and skill areas for leadership development include:

– Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

– Improving Decision Making

– Improving Team Dynamics

– Uncovering Leadership Potential

– Understanding Interpersonal Needs

– Training Inspiring Leaders

– Inspiring Motivating Managers

– Increasing Leadership Effectiveness

– Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

– Coaching for Leaders

– Developing Effective Leaders

– Targeting Personal Development

– Investing in Executives

– Identifying and Developing Individual Talent

– Cultivating a Culture of Leadership

– Developing Stronger Leaders

Cooper Consulting Group is led by Dr. Christie Cooper, the founder and president. Dr. Cooper’s mission is to “Inspire Learning and Leadership Development to help leaders and teams be their best.” Dr. Cooper brings extensive real-world business experience that benefits clients, including holding senior positions as a Regional Manager and Corporate Trainer with Mars Inc.

Dr. Cooper holds an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University. She is a Master MBTI Practitioner®, a Board-Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Center for Counseling and Education. She is also a Certified Trainer in Emotional Intelligence, a Channel Partner with the Ken Blanchard Company, and a Certified Analyst in Behaviors and Motivators with Target Training International.

Cooper Consulting Group also conducts Job Benchmarking using a proprietary assessment.

Additional certifications and expertise include:

– DiSC® Assessment

– Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

– Hogan® Assessments

– FIRO-B® and FIRO Business®

– CPI 260®

– EQ Certified Trainer

– TKI® Conflict Modes

– Strengths-Deployment Inventory (SDI®)

– Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership

– Situational Team Performance

– IMPACT Teaching

Organizations that are interested in leadership development can contact Cooper Consulting Group by calling (877) 461-1020 or by visiting the website at CooperConsultingGroup.com.

Dr. Christie Cooper
Cooper Consulting Group
+1 877-461-1020
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Credit Scores are No Longer a Barrier for Retired Federal and Military Employees Seeking Loans

BMG Money Logo

BMG Money Logo

Retirees formerly employed by the military or federal gov now have personal loan options during financially challenging times, thanks to BMG Money

Loan eligibility depends on retirement income – not credit history – a needed relief for consumers who have low credit scores or are otherwise denied by traditional lenders.”

— Jose Patino

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — FEDERAL & MILITARY RETIREES HAVE NEW LOAN OPTIONS FROM BMG MONEY – Credit scores no longer a barrier to federal & military retirees’ ability to pay for healthcare and manage unexpected expenses.

Despite being the wealthiest and most abundant generation, many baby boomers still struggle with their finances. One such challenge is emergency expenses related to healthcare, which have been increasing steadily over time. According to the Retirement Management Journal, American retirees spend an average of $4,500 per year on healthcare expenses, excluding long-term care costs. Unfortunately, when seniors encounter health emergencies or other unexpected expenses, fixed incomes may not be sufficient to cover the costs. Retirees too often find themselves with nowhere to turn.

For retired federal employees and retired members of our military, access to personal loans is now possible through the BMG Money LoansForRetirees program. Jose Patino, Vice President of BMG Money, explains, “loan eligibility depends on retirement income – not credit history – a needed relief for consumers who have low credit scores or are otherwise denied by traditional lenders and shut out of the financial mainstream.”

The BMG Money LoansForRetirees program offers loans starting at $2,000 with competitive interest rates and instant funding available, useful in times of emergencies or unexpected expenses. The program also offers affordable repayment options, with loan terms of up to 2 years, making it easier for borrowers to protect their household budgets.

Retirees can apply on-line from a smart phone, computer, tablet, or any mobile device. BMG Money’s customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern, ready to assist consumers with applications. Secure loan applications may be found at www.bmgmoney.com, and customer service is available at 800.316.8507.

About BMG Money
BMG Money has been helping protect employees from predatory loans since 2011 and currently operates in 36 states and our nation’s capital.

BMG Money works tirelessly to create loan programs addressing the many different needs of the employed and retired populations. BMG Money’s goal is to enhance the financial wellness of underserved consumers with a combination of financial education, credit monitoring solutions, and emergency loans, all tools that retirees and employees alike need to secure better financial futures.


For more information about this topic, please call Jose Patino at 305.776.6612, or send an e-mail message to jose.patino@bmgmoney.com.

Jose Patino
BMG Money
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Suffolk FCU To Launch a Full-Service, Digital Insurance Agency through Partnership with Insuritas

One of New York's top credit unions has partnered with Insuritas, a full-service digital insurance agency platform

Suffolk FCU will now be able to provide simple, seamless access to competitive options for their members' insurance needs, delivering the right coverages at the right price at the right time.”

— Jeffrey Chesky, Chairman and CEO of Insuritas

EAST WINDSOR, CT, USA, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Suffolk FCU ranked as one of New York's top credit unions, has partnered with Insuritas, a full-service digital insurance agency platform, to begin offering insurance brokerage services to Suffolk's more than 64,000 members. The new insurance agency, a credit union service organization (CUSO) wholly owned by Suffolk, is expected to launch in early 2022. It will be engineered to offer personal, ancillary, and commercial insurance products, supporting Suffolk's commitment to providing the widest array of financial products and services to their members.

The agency will include more than 40 carrier partners and will offer products including life, home, renter's, auto, pet, identity theft, travel, and professional liability insurance, among many others.

"We're delighted to announce our relationship with Suffolk and are proud to have earned the opportunity to build, launch, and manage a full-service, digitally-powered insurance agency for the credit union and its members," said Insuritas Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Chesky. "Through our relationship, the credit union will now be able to provide simple, seamless access to competitive options for their members' insurance needs, all with a focus on delivering the right coverages at the right price at the right time."

About Insuritas
The Insuritas mission is to connect people to the insurance products they need through a seamless, transparent shopping experience where carriers compete to provide them with the right coverage at the right price. The Insuritas' Embedded Agency as a Service' platform, is installed across a network of financial institution partners serving over 11M customers nationally, empowers financial institutions to leverage proprietary data-mining techniques and integrations with a broad array of insurance carriers to make highly personalized, digitally optimized insurance offers to their depositors, all within their brand. These strategies help further their commitment to the financial well-being of their customers, while driving a critical source of non-interest income for their institution. For more information, visit www.insuritas.com.

Jeffrey Chesky
+1 8606531134
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Arlington Health Insurance Could See Increased Subsidies If Some Lawmakers Have Their Way

Affordable Health Insurance Arlington

Affordable Health Insurance Arlington

Health Insurance Arlington

Health Insurance Arlington

Arlington Health Insurance Agent

Arlington Health Insurance Agent

Group Health Insurance Arlington

Group Health Insurance Arlington

Health Insurance Broker Arlington

Health Insurance Broker Arlington

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent, says blue state lawmakers are pushing a new plan that is being viewed by many to be bigger than the ACA.

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent, says this newest version of the ACA is a symbol that lawmakers are intent on providing affordable options to those hit hardest by COVID-19 layoffs.”

— Rick Thornton

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Arlington health insurance and the people who have it could see a dramatic expansion in subsidies should a new law that promises to be bigger and more beneficial than the original Affordable Care Act go into effect. According to newsnationusa.com, blue state lawmakers moved to make permanent a dramatic expansion of the ACA that includes giving government subsidies for health insurance to the poor and wealthy alike. The subsidies-for-all measure was approved by the House Ways and Means Committee, which also removed a requirement that low-income people pay something toward their insurance under the ACA, the article states.

More information can be found at: http://insurance4dallas.com/arlington-health-insurance

According the published report by new nation, the committee vote “added the legislation to the $3.5 trillion social welfare bill that democrats are currently assembling and plan to ram through Congress in party-line votes.” What does this mean for millions of Americans, especially those with health insurance in Arlington? Only good news. Expanding the program will continue to allow for affordable insurance for those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it. But since the program also includes higher-income people, those who previously made too much money would suddenly qualify for ACA.

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent said this news shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people. The current administration went out of its way to add a special enrollment period that just expired in August. He also echoed what the above-mentioned article said, which was that as a trade-off to permanently expanding the ACA, blue state lawmakers would delay adding coverage for dental treatment for seniors through Medicare until 2028 while adding less expensive coverage for vision and hearing. Thornton said time will tell what happens next, but added that all Americans should take notice.

Insurance4Dallas, (I4D), helps insure all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, Virginia and Florida. Insurance4Dallas provides consumers with detailed information on health insurance with the ability to purchase health insurance online. Insurance4Dallas provides a full spectrum of health, dental, vision, life and ancillary insurance products, providing a diverse selection of price and benefit options complemented by personal customer service. Available via phone, email or fax, Insurance4Dallas answers consumer questions throughout the purchasing process and during the utilization of its health insurance policies.

2131 North Collins, Suite 433-517
Arlington, TX 76011

Rick Thornton
+1 817-607-3321
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Arlington Health Insurance And ACA At Critical Impasse As High Court set to rule

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Casos de éxito en la Licitación Electrónica y Tramitación de Expedientes de Contratación

Calculando el coste del proyecto

Descripción de algunos proyectos exitosos en las áreas de Licitación Electrónica, Contratación Electrónica y la Tramitación de Expedientes de Contratación

MADRID, MADRID, ESPAñA, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A continuación, PIXELWARE describe brevemente algunos de los múltiples proyectos exitosos que ha implementado en las áreas de Licitación Electrónica, Contratación Electrónica y la Tramitación de Expedientes de Contratación.

* ARAG – ARAG es líder del sector de los seguros de defensa jurídica en España y cuenta con 80 años de experiencia en el mercado. El proyecto se basa en la implantación de un flujo de avisos para las entregas documentales y las diferentes obligaciones con las administraciones y organismos públicos, así como una solución de gestión documental para el almacenaje y posibilidad de consulta posterior de estos documentos generados.

* ASEPEYO – ASEPEYO es mutua colaboradora de la Seguridad Social, cuenta con una plantilla de más de 3.300 profesionales y con una gran organización sanitaria distribuida por todo el territorio nacional. El proyecto cuenta con un gestor Electrónico de Expedientes de Contratación con registro de entrada y salida de documentos presencial, además de una Plataforma de Licitación Electrónica.

* ASTRAZENECA – Es una compañía biofarmacéutica global e innovadora, centrada en el descubrimiento, desarrollo y comercialización de medicamentos bajo prescripción médica. Diferentes áreas de trabajo de AstraZeneca, gestionan contratos de diferente tipología que implican el tratamiento de múltiple documentación que es preciso centralizar y determinar su estado de tramitación.

* AYUNTAMIENTO BILBAO – Bilbao es la capital de la provincia de Vizcaya, cuenta con 355.731 habitantes. En el informe de 2009 de Transparencia Internacional fue nombrado el ayuntamiento con la gestión más transparente de España. La implantación de la Plataforma de Licitación Electrónica para el Ayuntamiento de Bilbao y Cimubisa (Servicio informático municipal)permite la centralización de toda la información relativa al proceso de la Licitación Electrónica.

* AYUNTAMIENTO DE BARCELONA – Con una población de 1.620.809 habitantes es la segunda ciudad más poblada de España, y la undécima de la Unión Europea. El volumen estimado para los procesos de adjudicación del Ayuntamiento es de 42.400 contratos anuales, que serán gestionados por un total de 272 gestores de contratación, provenientes de un total de 40 órganos de contratación y entidades dependientes de los Ayuntamientos.

* AYUNTAMIENTO DE MURCIA – Murcia es la capital de la comunidad autónoma de la Región de Murcia. En 2017 la Unión Europea otorgó al Ayuntamiento de Murcia un Sello de Calidad como reconocimiento a la implantación y gestión de proyectos a nivel europeo marcados de buenas prácticas. El objetivo del proyecto es mejorar la eficacia y la eficiencia de la gestión municipal y de los servicios municipales por medio de la implantación de la plataforma de Licitación Electrónica.

* AYUNTAMIENTO DE SANTANDER – Santander es la capital de la comunidad autónoma de Cantabria, en ella viven 171.951 habitantes. El objetivo es acabar con el papel y asegurar que las nuevas herramientas electrónicas que se van a poner en marcha mejorarán el acceso de las empresas a la información municipal y facilitarán sus trámites. Dichas herramientas se encuentran dentro de la plataforma de Licitación Electrónica y la plataforma de tramitación Electrónica de Expedientes de Contratación.

* FREMAP – FREMAP gestiona y protege los riesgos, accidentes y enfermedades profesionales de más de 4,5 millones de trabajadores. La Plataforma de Contratación Pública le permite, ya desde la fase previa, sumar las necesidades de los diferentes centros que sean susceptibles de contratación conjunta, facilitando el acceso rápido al estado de un expediente.

* GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA – La Generalitat de Catalunya cuenta con una arquitectura global de Contratación Pública Electrónica, eContractación. Dentro de estas plataformas se sitúa el TEEC. TEEC cubre todas las fases de los procedimientos de contratación desde el inicio de la necesidad hasta la extinción del contrato, a la vez que se integra con los sistemas corporativos de contratación electrónica de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

* GOBIERNO DE NAVARRA – El Gobierno de Navarra dirige la administración de la Comunidad Foral. Cuenta con 272 municipios y una población de 636.924 habitantes. La plataforma de Licitación Electrónica da respuesta a todos los organismos y entidades públicas de Navarra sometidas a la Ley Foral 6/2006, posibilitando un servicio multientidad, multiexpediente y multiusuario.

* MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN – La Gerencia de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos de Cultura (GIE) es responsable de la ejecución de infraestructuras y equipamientos que sean competencia del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, así como de la gestión del patrimonio inmobiliario afectado al Departamento. El proyecto pretende dar cobertura a todas las fases del ciclo de vida de los contratos, desde la solicitud hasta la formalización, ejecución y recepción del mismo.

* PARLAMENTO DE GALICIA – El Parlamento de Galicia es la institución donde reside el poder legislativo de la comunidad autónoma de Galicia. La plataforma de Licitación Electrónica dispone se encuentra integrada dentro de la web del Parlamento, a la que pueden acceder las empresas para solicitar y obtener servicios telemáticos completos relativos a los procedimientos de contratación.

* RTVE – La Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE) es una sociedad mercantil estatal que organiza la gestión indirecta del servicio público de radio y televisión de España. La Plataforma permite a RTVE definir licitaciones, tramitar las publicaciones de las mismas, recibir la documentación asociada, proceder a la apertura de ofertas, su adjudicación y formalización. Soporta todos los procedimientos de contratación previstos en la LCSP.

* TELEFÓNICA – Con más de ocho décadas de experiencia y crecimiento constante, Telefónica es hoy un operador integrado de telecomunicaciones líder en España. La plataforma complementa la gestión de Documentación Financiera de la entidad en que se recoge el tratamiento de toda la documentación de carácter contractual asociada a las operaciones financieras del Área de Derivados de Gestión Financiera de Telefónica S.A.

El interesado puede ver más casos de éxito en esta página.

Jorge Gemelo
Plataforma de Licitación Electrónica
+34 918 03 95 34
email us here

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WhiteFox Appoints New CEO and Executive Chairman

Chris Wilson and Jef Graham

Chris Wilson and Jef Graham

Chris Wilson joins WhiteFox as CEO, and Jef Graham has been appointed as Executive Chairman.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — WhiteFox Defense, the trusted global leader in drone airspace security, has appointed Chris Wilson as their new CEO and Jef Graham as their new Executive Chairman. Luke Fox, Founder, Chairman & CEO of WhiteFox, will transition to the position of Chief Science Officer & Board Member.

Chris is an experienced technology executive who has created and accelerated business growth for companies ranging from seed funded to global public companies, having most recently been part of the executive team at Cylance, an AI cybersecurity company acquired by Blackberry in 2019. Previously, Chris was with McAfee & Intel Corporation.

“WhiteFox’s unique mission and value proposition truly differentiate the company. Having spent my career in security technology, military aviation systems, and as a pilot of both drones and airplanes-I am excited to join such a talented team solving a vital problem for the future of drone usage. I am thankful Luke is trusting me with this amazing team, and I am excited to scale the business as we continue to provide best-in-class drone airspace security,” says Wilson, WhiteFox CEO.

“It has been an honor to serve WhiteFox as CEO since founding the company in 2015. I am confident Chris is the right person to take on this role, and I look forward to these next steps in our mission to secure trusted autonomy,” says Fox. “Jef has been a valued advisor, and his new role as Executive Chairman will unlock new future growth opportunities for WhiteFox.”

Jef Graham has served on WhiteFox’s Board of Advisors for the past two years and has Executive, CEO, and Board leadership experience at many notable tech companies, including HP, 3Com, Peribit Networks, RGB Networks, and NetGear. Graham has worked with Silicon Valley’s leading Venture Capitalists, raised many rounds of venture capital, and delivered successful outcomes for many companies.

“I am honored to assume this new role with WhiteFox. Having been connected with Luke for the past couple of years, I’m thrilled to be more actively involved. I am confident working with Chris that we will advance WhiteFox’s growth trajectory,” says Jef Graham.

About WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.:
Headquartered in California, WhiteFox’s mission is to keep the sky open for responsible pilots by creating solutions that advance drone technology for a better world. As the trusted global leader pioneering the safe integration of drones into society and offering worldwide drone airspace security solutions, WhiteFox secures trusted autonomy through transparency and accountability in our skies.

Shannon Kummer
WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.
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New 2021 Tips For A Successful Yard Sale

Yard Sale Tips

Yard Sale Tips

MENASHA, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — For many, the next best opportunity to make some extra cash is by holding a yard sale. This can be an easy way to get rid of old items that are taking up space in the home and making money simultaneously. But before a homeowner decides to hold one, there are several things they should consider. For example, what day will work for everyone involved? What type of items do they want to sell? How much are they willing to spend on advertising the event? To help answer these questions, we have compiled six tips for hosting a successful yard sale.

1. Set an opening time and close time

When homeowners decide it is time to have a yard sale, they will need to decide on a start and end time. If the yard sale is within the homeowner’s neighborhood, they often try for an earlier date so people can come before work or school starts. However, if this option isn’t available, it may be better to choose a Sunday morning as starting time since more customers are out during that day.

2. Have a variety of items to sell

If a homeowner only has a few items, this may not be the best route to go. Instead, if possible, they should try and have a variety of things that are sold so people will want to come back for more sales in the future. For example, suppose there is furniture, clothes, or other types of household products being sold. In that case, it may entice customers who would otherwise buy one item at a time from different people.

3. Price items at a reasonable price point

When most people go to a yard sale, they don’t expect to spend a fortune. However, those having a yard sale should make sure they price their items at a reasonable point. If the prices are too high, people may not want to purchase anything and instead go elsewhere for better deals. Plus, if someone decides to buy multiple items from one person, it might be difficult or impossible to keep track of how much everything costs when combined.

To help with this process, there are several websites where people can find prices for different items. For example, if someone has an old record player they want to sell at the yard sale, there are several resources online that could give them a general idea of what it might be worth in today’s market.

For furniture and other larger items like this, one may also consider using this strategy.

4. Include signs that are easy to read with transparent prices on them

Before someone has a yard sale, they should clearly write out the pricing of each item or group of items. This will make it easier for potential customers to see the price and decide if they want to buy something. If items are priced too high, people may not want to look at them, or they may try negotiating with the homeowner before making a purchase.

5. Have good signage, so people know where the sale is located and how much it costs for admission or parking

Advertising is a great way to get people to come to someone’s yard sale. Putting up signs in town or at the end of the street can help advertise when and where the yard sale is located. In addition, there are many affordable yard sale signs at discount stores which will make it easy to promote the yard sale.

6. Get permission from the homeowner association before holding a yard sale in front of other homes

Many homeowner associations have rules about doing yard sales. Before someone decides to hold one, they should get permission from their association or check the bylaws of their neighborhood. If not allowed in an area, it could cause problems with other homeowners who may think there is too much traffic and noise because people are over all day long.

If there are leftover items after a yard sale, homeowners should call a junk removal company to care for any items they cannot keep. Truck N Junk in Wisconsin is a full-service junk removal company that will haul away all old junk. Call them today at 920-858-1455 or visit their website https://trucknjunk.com.

Bill Kizewski
Truck 'N Junk
+1 (920) 858-1455
email us here
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InsightsNow Expands Client Service Capacity with New Hires

Behavioral research firm adds three new directors to expand client service and innovative insights studies

We continue to grow and deliver the best possible behavioral insights to assist our clients”

— Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer at InsightsNow

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — InsightsNow, a behavioral research firm, has expanded its team with the addition of Christina Holstein, Michelle Pretto and Sara Yang. Holstein and Yang both join in the role of Senior Director of Client Partnerships, tasked with growing existing client accounts through strategic innovation planning as well as developing new client and industry relationships. Pretto will be focused on customer service, operational logistics and research project details to ensure delivery of strong, actionable insights on market research projects.

“The addition of Christina, Sara and Michelle is a great asset to both our internal teams, and to our clients,” said Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer at InsightsNow. “With their strong expertise, we continue to grow and deliver the best possible behavioral insights to assist our clients in bringing innovative products and services to market, and make sure we continue to stay at the cutting-edge of innovation in behavioral market research.”

Christina Holstein joins InsightsNow as a senior director of client partnerships, and brings her passion for meaningful connections and conversations through active listening and deep collaboration to the team. In her various professional roles, Christina has acted as a trusted advisor and partner—designing research in response to business needs to deliver actionable, impactful insights that drive growth. Previously with Ipsos, she now brings her experience to the InsightsNow team from across a range of industries including consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, personal health care and retail.

Michelle Pretto joins as a project director at InsightsNow, to drive the successful management and execution of research studies and to ensure high quality field work and data collection for the company and their clients. She will work closely with various internal departments at InsightsNow to achieve organizational and client objectives. Pretto graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology, and a double minor in Public Relations and Business. https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellepretto/

Sara Yang joins InsightsNow as a senior director of client partnerships, bringing experience from client-side research, corporate strategy, product development and manufacturing at scale. Her hybrid thinking approach will bolster InsightsNow’s client projects to create insights that solve business problems. Yang has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Georgia and her doctorate in food science from the University of California, Davis, with a focus on sensory and consumer science.

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