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Tent city, Los Angeles

Tent city, Los Angeles

So Says “the Scariest Book Ever”

Ambitious, deeply researched, and far reaching in its scope and conclusions, Contagion is actually several books in one. Its summary of what AI is and will likely become is a standalone revelation.”

— Jeff Long, NYT bestselling author

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The positive contributions of robotics and artificial intelligence to humanity receive much media attention as do horror stories of robots possibly taking over the world.

A newly released book, The Artificial Intelligence Contagion: Can Democracy Withstand the Imminent Transformation of Work, Wealth and the Social Order by Law Professors David and Daniel Barnhizer raises serious questions concerning the ominous social impact of as many as half the world’s workers in the US, EU, China and Japan being replaced within the next 30 years.

It’s not just a question of manufacturing jobs: AI/robotics systems are already being designed to do increasingly high level work, impacting employment in the fields of middle management, finance and banking, medicine, law, transportation, high-tech, journalism, social work, the arts and more…

This massive paradigm shift in the human work place is like none other. And it is occurring in the context of already existing crisis scenarios on a multitude of levels—mass unemployment, lack of personal savings, underfunded or non-existent pensions, health care problems, an aging population, and a drug and opioid epidemic.

While tech entrepreneurs, developers and the military are salivating at their AI/robotics prospects, the impact of massive unemployment across the spectrum on society as a whole has yet to be confronted not only by government, but by the global workforce, who are accustomed to thinking in terms of “creative destruction”: that lost employment in dated industries leads to new opportunities in their replacements. But AI/Robots will be infesting the new jobs created in their wake.

What will be the social impact of masses of people who suddenly have unlimited free time? What will they do?

How will the existing economic and social ecosystem be able to address the needs of the millions of newly unemployed?

Heavily-indebted governments will see tax revenues plummet while public debt will rise dramatically. As financial benefits are diverted from human workers to a limited number of incredibly wealthy investors and managers, the world’s economic and political order will degrade. These conditions will drive many into hopelessness, homelessness, violence and crime.

All this will take place in an environment of increased AI-facilitated surveillance by governments, aggressive militarization using AI systems and autonomous weapons.

As New York Times bestselling author, Jeff Long, observes:

“Ambitious, deeply researched, and far reaching in its scope and conclusions, Contagion is actually several books in one. Its summary of what AI is and will likely become is a standalone revelation. It also offers a critique of socio-economic ripple effects that verge on dystopian, and essays and “case studies” of specific sectors or regions, notably a chapter on China’s fusion of AI and social control.”

David Cooper, President and technologist at Massive Designs calls this book “A sobering look at the far-reaching impact that artificial intelligence may have on the economy, the workforce, democracy and all of humanity. The Artificial Intelligence Contagion is a bellwether for anyone seeking to understand the global disruption coming our way.”

But while Kenneth A. Grady, member of the advisory boards of Elevate Services, Inc., MDR Lab and LARI Ltd., writes, “We see in the rush to develop AI the arrogance of the human species. Often buried by the exuberance over what AI might do is the massive dislocation it can cause,” he adds, “David and Daniel Barnhizer masterfully lead us through the societal challenges AI poses and offer possible solutions that will enable us to survive the AI contagion.”

Contagion addresses the pros and cons of innovative revenue and expenditure strategies, the viability of priming the pump, Universal Basic Income, government jobs and private sector job subsidies. It also includes a list of winners and losers in the evolving job market.

Author David Barnhizer, professor emeritus at Cleveland State, was a Senior Research Fellow at the University of London’s Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, worked in the Natural Resources Defense Council, the World Wildlife Fund/US and consulted with the UNDP and the World Bank.

Daniel Barnhizer is the Bradford Stone Faculty Scholar at the Michigan State School of Law, and holds a JD with honors from Harvard.

Rights to a Chinese edition have already been acquired by a major Chinese firm, Publishing House of Electronics Industry (PHEI) Co., Ltd, Beijing.

Business Manager
Clarity Press
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Greek-American Author Konstantinos Koskoletos Launches Indie Publishing House in Sparta, NJ

Welcome to the new world of publishing.

Books with innovative content, daring narratives, ferocious bloody battles, full of flashbacks through distant millenniums that will unleash our untamed imagination.

Τα βιβλια μας στα Ελληνικα

Introducing our books in Greek

"The Miseries of Occupation: A Child-Survivor Remembers"

Introducing our first book in English. English version “Beyond the Horizons” is coming soon under our Artemis imprint.

A new, independent publishing company, Artemis Arrow Books LLC, publishes Greek and English works focused on Greek-related stories.

Writing uplifts my spirits and rejuvenates my mind. Writing is the most creative accomplishment anyone can achieve.”

— Konstantinos Koskoletos

SPARTA, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author, Konstantinos Koskoletos, has launched an independent publishing company, Artemis Arrow Books LLC, to publish Greek and English language works focused on Greek-related stories like his memoir dealing with his tumultuous childhood during the Nazi Occupation of Greece, entitled "The Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers". The founder envisions publishing additional works by Konstantinos Koskoletos as well as other independent writers whose work would be of interest to Greeks and phyllo-Hellenes around the world. His aim is to educate and inform readers about important historical events of the past that people are unaware of and yet have a lingering impact in today’s world.

In “The Miseries of Occupation”, the author traces the mystery surrounding how his father came to be falsely accused of a crime and then subsequently executed with sixteen other Greek resistance soldiers on the island of Aegina. This book is also a haunting journey from idyllic rural Greece through WWII with a front and center view of the troubled transition into the Cold War, and into the confused edge of US/British foreign policy and the Soviet Communist conflict. The journey is of a boy, Iasona, and how the boy survives the Nazi invasion, which also depicts the best and the worst of mankind during a very dark period in Greece's history. "The Miseries of Occupation" in it's original Greek version was first published in 2005 and was highly recommended for academic use on all levels in Greece. That same book ("Oi Athlioi ths Katochis") is now also available as a second edition, under the Artemis imprint.

“Péra ap tous Orizontes” (“Beyond the Horizons”) is a new Greek-language title about an adventurer-historian, much like the ancient Greek historian Pausanias. Starting in Constantinople, the Queen of the Bosphorus, the narrator travels 25,000 miles around the globe searching for the meaning of civilization both ancient and modern. The book deals with themes of political corruption, and the struggles of an immigrant to new lands. We will be guided by the old warrior, Pappou Stavro, a 1922 volunteer in the much-celebrated Greek military expedition to Asia Minor, and with him, we'll cross the Sagarius River, and live firsthand one of the most ferocious battles, where Greece's glorious army engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the savage Kemalists. In our quest to track Hellenic history, along with a relentless search for the truth, we shall also learn of triumphant victories won with the blood of thousands upon thousands of innocent lives. And as our tale continues, our veteran war hero Pappou Stavro, takes us further to explore the historical events, which will lead us on a tour of the holocaust of beautiful Smyrna, and the genocide of two million of the Hellenic population, whose home for countless generations was in Asia Minor. With Pappou Stavro, we will live the tragedy of when our glorious Greek army was betrayed by the Mother country, Greece, and its allies, and was ultimately forced to make an abrupt retreat, through the immense and deadly Salt Desert. As we continue to turn the pages of this tumultuous story, from a breathing distance, we'll also admire ancient achievements, with the pinnacle of all marvels and also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, awesome and unique in its grandeur: The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

Both of these titles have wide appeal for readers of all ages, and they are especially engaging for anyone who seeks a better understanding of the historical events of Greece, both during and after the Second World War. The founder believes strongly in publishing books that deal with aspects of human survival such as resilience and truth. Artemis Arrow Books is now accepting applications for publishing independent author’s works and welcomes Greek or any phyllo-Hellenes writers who are passionate about these topics, regardless of whether they are published or not.


Konstantinos Koskoletos graduated from the Archimedes Engineering Academy in Piraeus, Greece, with a degree in mechanical engineering. After some time spent on a merchant marine ship that took him around the world, he immigrated to America where he met his future wife, Magdalene, raised a family and settled in Kingston, NY, when he then founded and ran an engineering company for over 35 years. Now at 83, he is retired from his company, and living in Greece, where he continues to chronicle his memories of those early years.

Artemis Arrow Books aims to educate and inform readers about important historical events of the past that people are unaware of and yet have a lingering impact in today’s world.

Tina Koskoletos
Artemis Arrow Books, LLC
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The 70th Year Memorial Service of the 17 Greek Resistance fighters on Aegina Island, Greece

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EEACS Foundation Supporting Student Activities with Charity Golf Outing

Logo for EEACS Allentown Charter School

A charity golf outing is being held to support activities at Executive Education Charter School in Allentown

The charity golf outing will be held in May and will benefit extracurricular activities at the Allentown charter school.

It is a great opportunity for the community to come together and help support the 1,300 students at our school.”

— Steven Flavell, Founder & COO

ALLENTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Student activities and events at Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown are being supported by a charity golf outing held by the Executive Education Academy Charter School Foundation.

The golf outing will be held on May 18 at 7:30 am at Iron Lakes Country Club in Allentown, PA. The entry fee is $95 per player and $360 per team. This includes a continental breakfast, beverages, lunch, and giveaways.

Games include closest to pin, longest drive, pot of gold, putting challenge, 50/50, and chipping challenge.

Sponsorships are also available for Lehigh Valley businesses. They include tee box representation, marketing items and giveaways, and course sponsorship.

“We held this event last year with great success,” says Steven Flavell, founder and COO of the Allentown charter school. “It is a great opportunity for the community to come together and help support the 1,300 students at our school.”

The golf outing is one of several community events the Lehigh Valley charter school and the Executive Education Academy Charter School Foundation hold throughout the year. To learn more about the school’s community involvement, visit https://www.ee-schools.org/community-portal/.

About EEACS: Founded in 2014 by highly experienced educators and management, Executive Education Academy Charter School, authorized for grades K-12 by the Allentown School District, leads the way in education by offering its 1,300 students opportunities for growth both in and out of the classroom. EEACS combines all mandated studies with a unique student-corporate culture. To learn more, visit https://www.ee-schools.org/.

Bruce Johnson
Executive Education Academy Charter School
+1 215-896-1413
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About Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown

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Top Realtor San Lorenzo CA Secures Best Real Estate Agents in California – Roseanna San Lorenzo CA Real Estate Agents

Roseanna McCoy-Futch Certificate of Excellence San Lorenzo CA

Roseanna McCoy-Futch Certificate of Excellence San Lorenzo CA

Roseanna McCoy-Futch Local Real Estate Agent San Lorenzo CA

Roseanna McCoy-Futch Local Real Estate Agent San Lorenzo CA

San Lorenzo California Local Real Estate Agent

San Lorenzo California Local Real Estate Agent

Best Real Estate Agents San Lorenzo California

Best Real Estate Agents San Lorenzo California

Top Local Real Estate Agent San Lorenzo CA

Top Local Real Estate Agent San Lorenzo CA

San Lorenzo CA Real Estate Agent Beats San Lorenzo CA Real Estate Agents – Roseanna California Real Estate Agent Assist San Lorenzo CA Sell My House Quickly.

Being a San Lorenzo California top local real estate agent, I focus on helping others to find top local realtors near me in San Lorenzo CA to effectively sell their San Lorenzo CA residences.”

— Real Estate Agents San Lorenzo CA – Roseanna McCoy-Futch Real Estate Agency

SAN LORENZO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Best 5-Star Real Estate Agents in America has bequeath upon Roseanna McCoy-Futch, a top listing real estate agent in San Lorenzo California, its important Certificate of Excellence for topmost success in the real estate homeowner service business in America. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-Reviews.php

A local real estate agent can either be a purchaser agent or a seller representative or listing representative, depending upon the customer need. Although a single agent may list a house for sale as well as deal with buyers, each role will be a little different. To recognize why you need a local realtor and just what your agent needs to provide for you, let us take a look at each agent kind.

Speak with a number of realtors. See whether the realtor is paying attention carefully to just what you say and also recognizes your demands.

Your local real estate agent is an absolute requirement when it pertains to researching offered residences to buy. Your realtor needs to have geographic understanding and community knowledge, along with university details and various other insider details. Your realtor will certainly additionally have a network of relevant professionals to help you in finishing your realty transaction, including mortgage lending institutions, title companies as well as inspectors. When you are ready to write up a deal on a residence, your local real estate agent will generate the documents to offer to the seller as well as will work out details in your stead until you are either pleased with the terms of the sale or decide to proceed in another direction. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-Home.php

When you are ready to sell your home, discovering a listing representative is the initial step toward success. Your listing representative will certainly assess the market as well as aid you to value your residence appropriately. Your top realtor will also have ideas for improving the outside as well as inside of your house to make it a lot more appealing as well as salable.

Working with a seasoned realtor to help sell a residence will certainly be the wisest financial investment ever made. A real estate agent with expertise as well as experience in the career will certainly be able to boost your bottom line on a residence sale.

Roseanna McCoy-Futch has become successful as a seller agent in a profession among top local real estate agents in San Lorenzo CA and would be able to contribute worthwhile information and insight in this regard.

While advertising and marketing as well as offering your residence, your real estate professional will accentuate the favorable elements of your property and also downplay its drawbacks. A top realtor will ceaselessly show your residence and also remain in constant interaction with you. And when an offer is made on your residence, your top local real estate professional will certainly provide skilled advice on whether to take the deal, submit a counter-offer or decline the offer completely. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-About.php

When a legit offer is made on your residence, a top real estate agent will certainly show real value by working out every detail to your benefit. At this moment, you need to have enough confidence in your representative to trust the advice relating to the close of your sale. Then, put the paperwork in the hands of your real estate agent.

Provide a real estate agent the chance to educate you. An excellent real estate agent should explain the acquiring or offering process before revealing buildings or reviewing a specific deal. It is recommended to have an excellent idea of what you anticipate from a real estate agent as well as communicate your assumptions.

Why utilize a top real estate agent to market your house? A property is typically the largest investment that a person makes in a life time. When it comes time for you to market your property the bottom line is this. Am I getting the best sales price for my property? https://real-estate-agents-realtors-san-lorenzo-ca.business.site

As a top listing agent in the profession of the best San Lorenzo CA real estate agents, Roseanna McCoy-Futch is involved in the city too and keeps abreast about civic trends which are relevant in surveying the real estate market.

Locate a broker that matches your style. If your preferred method of interaction is e-mail, do not choose a broker whose most advanced innovation is a fax machine.

As you start the process of marketing your residence, you are confronted with many concerns. What is the right price? What should be done concerning advertising and marketing of my property? Just how do I see to it I'm dealing with qualified customers? Exactly what should I do about the closing? The solutions of a certified real estate agent specialist are of the highest value in responding to these inquiries. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/agents/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-1.php

Just what information is most critical when marketing a house? A seller needs to know just what the state needs as well as exactly what the lending institution calls for when it concerns residence sales transactions. A homeowner additionally should know the duration for all transactions. If the time frame is not adhered to, the contract can come to be void.

A top real estate agent has a strong understanding of the neighborhood property market, a high requirement of client service as well as the assistance of a solid local firm. Most significantly, a good representative saves you cash, time and also stress. Real estate agents know the value of property in your area. They must have the ability to show to you residential properties comparable to yours that will certainly help to establish a reasonable and also affordable cost on your home. They can contrast present residences available for sale as well as recently marketed residences. Price variables include age of the home, variety of bedrooms as well as bathrooms and swimming pool, garage kind, improvements and also other facilities. A realtor can assess the fair market price and also aid to set an agreeable asking price. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/agents/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-2.php

Obtaining exclusive real estate leads are a new convenience because exclusive online leads can help experienced real estate agents list new property owners, both luxury home owners and luxury home buyers. The referral fee may be “pay at closing,” thereby requiring little or no initial cost for the agent. This exclusive practice is now determined as the most highly fancied way to get the top real estate leads so long as the (1) referral fee is “pay at closing,” also called “paid at closing” or “paid after closing,” such as is the case with https://elleneleighreferrals.com, and, the real estate leads are (2) exclusive, not sent to multiple agents, (3) centered on listing referral leads primarily, or (4) dedicated to seller listing referrals, but not focused on buyer leads, and (5) promotes the real estate agent business rather than the referring service name for the purpose to (6) build the brand name of the real estate agent which (7) provides long term value and notoriety for the agent. The “real estate agent” then becomes the household brand rather than the “referring service” becoming the household brand. These exclusive real estate agent leads are determined to be the best exclusive real estate leads “pay at closing” by leading real estate agents. https://elleneleighreferrals.com/agents/best-exclusive-real-estate-leads-pay-at-closing-36.php

Any of you who are thinking of marketing your home could be thinking about the possibility of doing it on your own without the assistance of a top real estate agent. You may be believing you could save some expense by doing it by this means. You might conserve some cash, but is it really worth the risk? Your property would not obtain the needed direct exposure to the vast selection of potential buyers that are available, locally and nationally, to get the best price. You are only marketing primarily to those who happen to drive by your road or by word of mouth.

An excellent realtor will certainly see to it that the customers consist of quality customers coming in your home. As a professional in the house offering process, a top real estate agent will encourage you of your rights, choices as well as obligations. Their negotiating skills aid in figuring out appropriate offers, providing counter-offers and also getting for you the highest sales price. They can help break down the legal jargon of the agreement and also streamline the procedure of closing the sale. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/agents/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-3.php

Examine the real estate agent’s office. Seek a realtor agency whose real estate agents could equip you with property proficiency as well as resources and give first-rate consumer support.

Why does a home homeowner even require a broker? If there is no agent to discuss specifics between the buyer and also homeowner, you could come to be deadlocked on terms, have your home tied up, or end up in litigation. If your residential or commercial property is tied up for months you might have missed out on the right buyer that is prepared and able to pay the price you want. Also a real estate agent will not have the psychological connections to the purchase that a seller has. The broker’s objectives are also separate from the buyer’s goals.

The best real estate agents in San Lorenzo California are fortunate to host an accomplished local real estate agent like Roseanna McCoy-Futch in their community who clearly contributes an elevated degree of respectability to the real estate industry in San Lorenzo CA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m4Kya2Qa_U6

Wouldn’t you rather have a top real estate agent who can care for this entire process for you and make it as worry-free as possible? What a relief to have someone that can allow you to simply focus on your relocation, which is an experience by itself. Bear in mind, a top real estate agent functions to aid you as well as it is in the local realtor’s highest concern to ensure the procedure of selling your building proceeds as smoothly as feasible. Top local realtors are very familiar with all the issues that might arise, something that can make your life a lot simpler. Your top local real estate agent will certainly work hard to make certain your contract does not fail, due to the fact that if it does the real estate agent will not earn a commission. Some would rather take the entire task upon themselves simply to save a couple of added dollars. However, it is generally advised to hire a local real estate agent unless you have lots of free time and you do not care how long it takes to offer your home, and you don't care whether your contract falls through or if something goes wrong because of lack of understanding on your part. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/agents/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-4.php

Thinking of offering your home by yourself, without the aid as well as expert guidance of a certified real estate broker? You could want to re-consider your decision to do so, because chances are good that you will certainly not boost your gain by marketing your home. Could you possibly believe your cost savings on fees will be your reward after you go to a seminar on marketing your own residence?

A residence transaction is a complicated collection of deals with multiple parties. Not just is it time-consuming, assessment as well as management with experts at every step is needed. Participation at a seminar does not make you a professional on residence selling. Typical people will certainly purchase only a couple of homes in a lifetime, unless they are residential property capitalists. A top producing real estate agent will average 5-10 purchases monthly. A real estate broker with expertise and experience in the profession will be able to improve your profit on a residence sale.

When making an offer on a residence you intend to get, there are certain requirements you want to include in the preliminary deal. It would certainly be awful to find that during the time prior to closing on the property the backyard has been ruined, or your home has actually been trashed. Include criteria such as working home appliances, a non-leaking roof, un-cracked windows, pipes without leakages, a well-kept backyard and any kind of trash or debris has actually been eliminated from the property. A top real estate agent could make sure that you are protected from these worries in the agreement. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/agents/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-5.php

When a homeowner in San Lorenzo California is considering the idea of “sell my home quickly,” such a person should contact a proven local real estate agent professional such as Roseanna McCoy-Futch Real Estate Agent San Lorenzo CA, (510) 230-0755. https://best-5-star-real-estate-agents-in-america.com/Roseanna-McCoy-Futch-Real-Estate-Agent-San-Lorenzo-CA-Contact.php Why should anyone take chances when wanting to achieve the best price for your home in San Lorenzo California in the shortest time period?

Real Estate Agents San Lorenzo CA – Roseanna McCoy-Futch
Roseanna McCoy-Futch Real Estate Agency San Lorenzo CA
+1 (510) 230-0755
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Best Real Estate Agent in San Lorenzo CA

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Orlando's Record Number of Job Openings Challenging Employers and Recruiting Budgets to stay Competitive.


Jobs in Orlando Florida

For the last 11 years, OrlandoJobs.com asks over 80 employers to give insight on their hiring in 2019 including all challenges.

The big challenge is just not all the job openings; it is also the location of jobs, wage competitiveness and true skill set match”

— Roger Lear, President OrlandoJobs.com

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Central Florida’s Record Number of Job Openings in all Sectors Challenging Employers and Recruiting Budgets to Stay Competitive.


April 24, 2019 – Orlando, FL – The 11th Annual OrlandoJobs.com Employment Survey, in which phone interviews were conducted of 81 employers who represent 211,066 workers in Central Florida. In this survey, it was evident that employers are having a hard time finding skilled talent to fill the record amount of jobs that are open in Central Florida. In all 17 sectors surveyed, employers are spending record recruiting budgets to fill open positions so they can stay competitive and maximize company profits.

“The big challenge is just not all the job openings; it is also the location of jobs, wage competitiveness and true skill set match” states Roger Lear, author of the survey and President/CEO of OrlandoJobs.com. “We have had record employment the last three years but this year is different because many employers surveyed said their low compensation isn’t attracting new workers and current talent are leaving for companies with more vibrant compensation packages.”

Additional key findings from the 2019 Central Florida Employment Outlook Survey:

• A total of 11,081 currently open within the 81 surveyed companies with another 18,555 open for the rest of
• Largest labor force ever (1.30 million) in the Orlando MSA.
• 98% of companies plan on hiring at least one person in 2019
• 80% of companies currently have open jobs
• 32% of companies surveyed will be hiring 50 or more employees in 2019
• Hiring challenges in 2019 include employee retention (quit rate is historically high), competition for top
talent and lack of resources for hiring.

“Orlando leads the state and most the county in job growth” states Lear. “With a record number of workers in professional services and hospitality, the region jobs growth needs both higher salaried skill employees and many entry-level hourly employees to keep moving forward. With unemployment under 4%, it will be hard to sustain this growth”.

The entire report (and past reports) can be downloaded at www.OrlandoJobs.com/jobreport (no cost).

# # #

OrlandoJobs.com, part of the Great Job Spot Network, is the powerful, pre-eminent career platform in Central Florida, and the only digital job board optimized for mobile, on-the-go usage by jobseekers. With more than 100,000 visitors per month, and over 2,400 employers, there is no better place to find a job. The site was founded in 2005 by Roger Lear and Scott Kotroba, and is the official employment website of the Great Orlando Society of Human Resources (www.GoSHRM.com). OrlandoJobs.com’s sister company, the GreatInsuranceJobs.com Network, is the leading insurance employment network in the nation. The OrlandoJobs.com and Great Job Spot Network proudly partner with and power the career centers on OrlandoWeekly.com and GOSHRM. Facebook.com/Orlandojobs

Roger Lear
+1 407-645-4611
email us here
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Onera Health raised $9.3M+ in Series A funding to revolutionize sleep diagnostics

Onera Health Logo

Onera Health Management Team

This funding is a key step towards bringing the healthcare startup closer to realizing its mission.

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Onera Health Inc., a leader in sleep diagnostic solutions and services, announced it raised $9.3M+ in Series A funding. Led by Jazz Pharmaceuticals, imec.xpand, as well as other investors including imec and BOM, this funding is a key step towards bringing the healthcare startup closer to realizing its mission – to revolutionize sleep diagnostics with the world’s first at-home medical grade sleep diagnostic patch system.

The need for better sleep testing is great. One in five people struggle to get through the day because a sleep disorder affects them at night. Whether it’s insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy or a host of other disorders, people suffering with these conditions don’t often seek out a proper diagnosis. For many, the process of being tested at a sleep clinic is uncomfortable, inconvenient, intimidating and expensive, and even motivated patients often need to wait months for an appointment.

“We believe the solutions Onera Health are developing could transform diagnostic and treatment-monitoring processes in sleep medicine,” said Jed Black, M.D., Senior Vice President, Sleep and CNS Medicine at Jazz Pharmaceuticals and adjunct professor, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine. “Onera’s hardware and software innovations, as well as its streamlined service model, have the potential to empower clinicians to provide patients with optimal sleep care.”

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, with R&D offices in the Netherlands, Onera focuses on breakthrough sleep testing solutions that are quick, convenient and clinically accurate. Two simple patches will replace cumbersome sensors usually attached to the face, scalp, chest and limbs. Doctors will benefit from test results matching the accuracy of conventional in-lab sleep clinics while patients will rest easier being monitored at home or in a medical setting suggested by their doctor. Ultimately, patients and physicians alike will enjoy easier access to accurate sleep diagnostics at a fraction of the cost.

“Imec.xpand invests in companies that have the potential to become global players by disrupting their entire industry,” said Tom Vanhoutte, Partner at imec.expand and Board Member of Onera Health. “We’re convinced that the Onera team, and their close cooperation with imec, has the skills, business acumen and vision to set the new gold standard in sleep diagnostics.”

Onera answers to millions struggling to get a good night’s sleep, solving pressing issues for:

– Patients – The very people who need help are stymied by difficult-to-get appointments, cumbersome diagnostics and monitoring outside their natural sleep setting.
– Hospitals and Sleep Centers – Currently, sleep testing takes up too much space and staff time for setup and monitoring, valuable resources that could be used to treat other ailments; on top of that reimbursement and profits are low.
– Referring Physicians – Many doctors are unfamiliar with sleep disorders and have little time to understand and act on sleep study reports.
– Sleep Center Physicians – As medical directors and staff physicians, they’re overburdened by managing technicians, clinic logistics, frustrating pre-authorization requirements, and declining reimbursements. They need to rechannel their efforts toward patient care instead.

Onera’s goal is to resolve these pain-points through the development and use of its sleep diagnostics service model. As Onera’s Co-Founder & CEO, Raphael Michel says, “Our mission is to help the medical field provide the much-needed answers for millions who are affected by sleep disorders. For far too long, people avoided searching for those answers because understanding their issues was expensive, inconvenient or unreliable. And nobody enjoys spending hours hooked up to sensors in a sleep lab. Soon, thanks to our technology partnership with imec, our medical-grade, disposable patches will accurately diagnose sleep-related ailments in the comfort of a patient’s own bed and using it will be as simple as putting on a band-aid. We’re making sleep diagnosis accessible to many without compromising quality. And thanks to the investment from Jazz and others, we keep expanding the continuum of sleep care.”

“Imec is proud of the progress made by Onera. It’s inspiring to see another imec spin-off having great success in creating breakthrough medical technologies,“ stated Luc Van den hove, President and Chief Executive Officer at imec. “Onera is capitalizing on its new funding to revolutionize the field of sleep studies, adhering to imec's core focus of innovation in nanoelectronics and digital technologies.“ John Baekelmans, Managing Director and VP at imec in the Netherlands, is pleased to see Onera’s progress and is excited for its future with imec: “Eindhoven is a great incubator for successful startups, and Onera continues that tradition. Imec looks forward to continuing to support and collaborate with this ambitious entrepreneurial team.”

Over the next several months, Onera plans to launch pilot programs across the country to work with leaders in sleep medicine, including pulmonologists, neurologists and psychiatrists, ENTs, pediatricians, and the military. Hartmut Schneider M.D., Ph.D., Onera’s Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, and Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, explains: “Being a leader in sleep research, I’ve always strived to teach sleep specialists and primary care physicians alike, passing on the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. Onera’s innovations are like finding the missing piece to a puzzle; the medical field finally has the tools they need to offer comprehensive sleep care.”

Max de Leseleuc
Onera Health
+1 805-574-0845
email us here

Onera Health

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Quikteks Tech Support Offers Ransomware Mitigation Techniques

IT Security | Quikteks

Quikteks Tech Support Offers Ransomware Mitigation Techniques

If someone sends you a file you're not expecting, think twice about opening it.”

— Andrew Rich, CEO

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quikteks Tech Support has seen an increasing number of ransomware cases over the past few years. According to the FBI's 2017 Internet Crime Report, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), received 1,783 ransomware complaints with losses exceeding $2.3 million. In the past, ransomware targeted random individuals; however, recent ransomware iterations have begun targeting specific organizations and their employees.

According to Quikteks Tech Support owner and CEO Andrew Rich, "In either case, employee education and ransomware mitigation is more important than ever."

With that in mind, Rich offers the following 5 ransomware mitigation techniques.

1. Raise Employee Awareness — Ransomware often arrives via email attachments. infected websites, and downloads, making it crucial to educate employees about safe Internet practices. "If someone sends you a file you're not expecting, think twice about opening it," Rich said. "Always be suspicious."

2. Back Up Your Systems Regularly — Having a good, current backup can get you out of a lot of binds. This is by far your best insurance against ransomware as having a bulletproof backup means you can get your data back without being extorted. Rich stresses the importance of disconnecting the backup from your systems so that ransomware can't infect the backup as well.

3. Put Up Code Execution Roadblocks — One way to ensure that ransomware cannot encrypt your data is to put obstacles in its way. For example, if you use access control to restrict code execution, any ransomware that executes from temporary or data folders will not have appropriate access control, and thus, can't execute data encryption.

4. Terminate Default Admin Accounts and Restrict System Access — Are you still using the default admin account to administer your system? According to Rich, that's just asking for trouble, especially because some ransomware carries out its mission by using the default system administrator account. If you don't have that account, the ransomware will have a much more difficult time taking over your system.

5. Keep Your Computer Security Software Current — Computer security and anti-malware software is a must, but keeping it current with the latest updates is essential. After all, as new ransomware variants are discovered, patches are released, protecting your system from new threats. However, if you don't update your software, you won't benefit from that protection.

For more complex malware mitigation efforts, please contact Quikteks Tech Support by visiting Quikteks.com or calling 973-882-4644.

About Quikteks Tech Support

Based in Fairfield, New Jersey, Quikteks Tech Support delivers cutting-edge, reliable and cost-effective business technology solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the Tri-State area. The company's computer solutions include 24-hour tech support, help desk support, computer support, advising, and storing valuable and confidential data in a secure cloud.

For More Information:

Email: info@quikteks.com

Phone (973) 882-4644

Web: https://www.quikteks.com

Andrew Rich
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Recent New Jersey case on issue of waiver of subrogation provisions, reviewed by insurance law attorney Jared E. Stolz

Blog of insurance by Jared E Stolz, New Jersey

Blog of insurance by Jared E Stolz, New Jersey

Jared E Stolz, attorney in Flemington, New Jersey

Jared E Stolz, attorney in Flemington, New Jersey

Jared Stolz, insurance lawyer in New Jersey

Jared Stolz, insurance lawyer in New Jersey

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey

Insurance law attorney Jared Stolz comments on ACE American Ins. Co. v. American Medical Plumbing, Inc., a recent decision of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

Stolz & Associates, LLC (N/A:N/A)

The court explained that the waiver applies if during construction the Owner insures properties, at or adjacent to the site by policies separate from those insuring the Project”

— Jared Stolz, insurance lawyer in New Jersey

FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Attorney Jared E. Stolz comments on a case dealing with waiver of subrogation provisions in a widely used form construction contract. The complete article will be available on Jared Stolz’ blog at https://jaredstolz.law.blog/

“ACE's insured, Equinox Development Corporation (Equinox Development), contracted in March 2012 with Grace Construction Management Company, LLC (Grace Construction), to build the ‘core and shell’ of a new health club in Summit. American was a plumbing subcontractor. Sometime in April 2013, after the work under the contract was completed, a water main failed and flooded the health club.”

At the time of the water main failure, Equinox and its subsidiaries were covered by ACE’s insurance policy. Thus, ACE paid out almost $1.2 million for the damages covered by the policy.

“ACE eventually filed suit against American, claiming it was at fault for the water-main break and seeking recovery of its payments to Equinox. American promptly answered, invoking [the form construction contract] A201's subrogation-waiver provisions. Soon thereafter, American filed its motion for summary judgment, which the trial court granted, relying mainly on an unpublished federal district court opinion.”

The court first noted that “[i]n broad terms, A201 requires the owner and contractor to procure, respectively, property and liability insurance; and requires the owner and contractor and its subcontractors (and sub-subcontractors, agents and employees) to waive all rights against each other for damages covered by the required property insurance policy.”

On appeal, ACE laid out several arguments for why its claim was not barred by the subrogation waiver. First, “ACE contends that the subrogation waiver under section 11.3.7 has a spatial limit, applying only to claims for damage to the Work itself but not adjacent property, as well as a temporal limit, applying only to claims arising before construction is complete. Since the bulk of the water damage affected not the health club's ‘core and shell’ but its internal construction and furnishings, and since the claim here arose after the Work was completed, ACE concludes that section 11.3.7 does not restrict it from suing American.” Second, even with respect to subrogation waiver that applies to post-completion insurance, “ACE contends that its insurance policy was not ‘other than’ a policy that insured the Project during construction.”

The court rejected ACE’s argument, explaining that “the waiver applies ‘[i]f during the Project construction period the Owner insures properties, real or personal or both, at or adjacent to the site by property insurance under policies separate from those insuring the Project.’ The waiver also applies ‘if after final payment, property insurance is to be provided on the completed Project through a policy or policies other than those insuring the Project during the construction period.’” Thus, the court concluded, that ACE’s policy was subject to the subrogation waiver in the form contract. The case is ACE American Insurance Co. v. American Medical Plumbing, Inc., Docket No. A-5395-16T4.

About J. Elliott Stolz, Esq.

Jared Elliott Stolz is an attorney in New Jersey, focusing on insurance law and litigation. He is the managing partner of Stolz and Associates. Jared Stolz received his undergraduate education at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and graduated with honors from Seton Hall University School of Law. Jared E. Stolz has been the managing partner of Stolz and Associates since 2004, specializing in providing individual and customized attention to insurance carriers needs on substantial coverage disputes. Mr. Stolz has nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry and strives to offer the clients a combination of tried and true legal analysis along with tactic, brought to it by today’s technology, with a focused eye on expenses. He has represented prominent clients in numerous noteworthy cases with published opinions and has published and given seminar on insurance law topics.

Bio on law firm website: http://www.stolzlaw.com/about-us/about-the-founder/
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jared-stolz-18088012
Blog: https://jaredstolz.law.blog/
Attorney Profile: https://solomonlawguild.com/jared-stolz%2C-new-jersey
News: https://hype.news/jared-stolz-esq
News: https://attorneygazette.com/jared-stolz%2C-new-jersey#991b3c34-b5d9-4d08-be41-b22cd3ce1795

Lilly Shebey, Administrative Assistant
Stolz & Associates, LLC
+1 856-232-1600
email us here
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Kochies Biz: Does my business need insurance?

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WP AOS Launches New Service Focused on All Things WordPress

WordPress Maintenance and Support

WP AOS is pleased to announce that it is launching a service focused on WordPress website support, maintenance, security and development.

RIGA, RIGA, LATVIA, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — WP AOS is pleased to announce that it is launching a service focused on WordPress website support, maintenance, security and development. This new service aims at keeping WordPress websites safe, secure and up to date and allowing WordPress site owners to focus on their business.

No matter what your WordPress site needs, WP AOS can handle it. The firm has a dedicated team of WordPress professionals and fanboys with a mission to help as many businesses as they can with their websites. They offer monthly, weekly or daily reports of website analytics, updates, backups, SEO rankings, security, performance and uptime.

If you’re looking for a WordPress support service to make your life easier, WP AOS has you covered. They partner with and use many of the same WordPress hosting companies, themes, plugins and solutions that you rely on. That’s what makes them the leading experts on WordPress support.

WP AOS offers a highly effective WordPress maintenance service. WordPress website maintenance keeps your website running smoothly, fixes website errors, update systems to add features and protect from unwanted hackers. You will also want to update your site to keep up-to-date with your information and look and feel to make your site more attractive to potential customers.

Backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipped with advanced technologies, the professionals at WP AOS can offer you premium WordPress custom development service that guarantees exclusivity, quality, and impeccability. Their services are delineated in a way to offer customers with solutions that are incomparably flawless and perfectly compatible with your business model.

With WP AOS, you can stop worrying about WordPress updates, security and performance, and start focusing on your business.

About WP AOS
WP AOS stands for WordPress At One Spot. The service was launched in 2018 by a group of expert WordPress web developers with a mission to maintain as many websites as possible to have less vulnerable, outdated or even hacked WordPress websites.

Alexey Seryapin
+371 22 300 150
email us here

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Immunitor запустил вторую фазу испытаний пероральной иммунотерапевтической вакцины для лечения рака головного мозга

мы используем версию аллогенной вакцины из пула раковых клеток, но в случае необходимости можем произвести индивидуальную аутологичную вакцину по заказу любого пациента всего за одну неделю”

— Aldar Bourinbaiar

Гонгконг, Гонгконг, April 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Immunitor China Ltd. (Гонконг) заявила о начале испытания иммунотерапевтической вакцины V-Boost на пациентах с наиболее распространенной формой опухоли головного мозга – мультиформной глиобластомой (МГБ). Ожидается, что в открытое исследование фазы II (NCT03916757), в которое в настоящее время проводится набор, будут включены по меньшей мере 20 пациентов с впервые диагностированной или рецидивирующей глиобластомой с историей хирургического удаления опухоли.

Мультиформная глиобластома (МГБ) – это самая смертельная форма опухоли мозга, состоящая из дифференцированных опухолевых астроцитов – подтипа клеток образующих центральную нервную систему (ЦНС). Глиобластома клинически классифицируется как астроцитома IV степени и отличается от анапластической астроцитомы (III степень) наличием некротических тканей и гиперпластических кровеносных сосудов. В последние годы глиобластома стала более знакома публике благодаря широко разрекламированной связи данного заболевания с именами сенаторов Теда Кеннеди и Джона Маккейна, а также сына Джо Байдена Бо, скончавшихся от МГБ. По приблизительным оценкам, у 15000 человек в США ежегодно диагностируют глиобластому со средней выживаемостью от 12 до 15 месяцев. Из них менее 5% больных остаются в живых через пять лет. Почти каждый пациент с данным злокачественным заболеванием имеет крайне неудовлетворительные шансы на выживание, поскольку годовой показатель смертности от глиобластомы практически равен аналогичному показателю заболеваемости ею.

Поиск эффективного и в то же время нетоксичного средства для лечения опухоли головного мозга является непростой задачей. Применение одобренных управлением по санитарному надзору за качеством пищевых продуктов и медикаментов США раковых препаратов, как то темозоломида, бевацизумаба, динутуксимаба, ломустина и кармустина, приводит лишь к незначительному повышению выживаемости без прогрессирования или общей выживаемости, но к очень малому проценту полной ремиссии. Десятки кандидатов лекарственных препаратов, изученных за последнее десятилетие, не смогли повысить выживаемость пациентов выше уровня стандартного медицинского лечения. Различные иммунотерапии и противораковые вакцины, испытанные за последние несколько лет, не принесли существенного прогресса, не смотря на что исследования упорно продолжаются в надежде найти исцеление.

V-Boost компании Immunitor – это вакцина против рака, способная сохранять стабильность при комнатной температуре и полученная из пула раковых клеток пациентов, циркулирующих у них в крови, и образцов их опухолевых тканей, которые подвергаются гидролизу и затем пакуются в запатентованные нами пероральные таблетки, которые следует принимать один раз в день. Опухолевые антигены доставляются через антиген-презентирующие клетки, выстилающие тонкий кишечник – самый большой иммунный орган в организме человека, который играет роль, подобную роли дендритных клеток. Предыдущие исследования показали, что иммунные клетки, сформированные под воздействием V-Boost, могут преодолевать гематоэнцефалический барьер и вызывать должный иммуный ответ, но без нежелательной воспалительной реакции. Считается, что V-Boost эффективнее вакцин на основе дендритных клеток, поскольку последние представляют собой лишь небольшую часть клеток, участвующих в иммунной регуляции.

В ходе исследования фазы II участники будут получать ежедневную дозу таблетки V-Boost в дополнение к стандартной терапии, которая может включать в себя хирургическое вмешательство, химиотерапию, облучение или ингибиторы контрольных точек иммунного ответа. Основная цель исследования – оценить влияние на динамику роста опухоли и проанализировать общую выживаемость или выживаемость без прогрессирования в качестве вторичных конечных точек исследования. «Реакция на наш препарат, которую мы наблюдаем у некоторых пациентов с заболеваниями головного мозга, очень обнадеживающая и не ограничиватеся только данным заболеванием. Рынок препаратов для лечения МГБ, который по прогнозам достигнет 1,15 миллиардов долларов США к 2024 году, составляет лишь малую долю глобального рынка терапии ЦНС, равному 128,9 миллиардов долларов», – говорит доктор Аллен Бэйн, директор Immunitor Inc. из Ванкувера. «Мы надеемся скоро получить результаты второй фазы испытаний, чтобы подтвердить наши предварительные выводы. Потенциал развития при положительном исходе исследования будет существенным, поскольку направлен на излечение рака мозга – категории заболевания, не имеющего каких-либо эффективных средств лечения», – заявляет д-р Алдар Буринбаяр, генеральный директор холдинга Immunitor. «Клинические исследования нашей вакцины V-Boost были начаты несколько лет назад. Учитывая превосходную безопасность и эффективность этого препарата для лечения пациентов с нейродегенеративными заболеваниями, наши усилия, направленные на получение его одобрения для лечения раковых опухолей, будут значительно упрощены. В настоящее время мы используем готовую версию аллогенной вакцины, производимую из пула клеток разных пациентов, но в то же время в случае необходимости можем произвести индивидуальную аутологичную вакцину по заказу любого отдельного пациента всего за одну неделю», – поясняет д-р Буринбаяр.

О компании Immunitor
Immunitor является биофармацевтической компанией, вышедшей на коммерческий уровень развития и зарегистрированной в Гонконге, с имеющимися дочерними компаниями в Пекине, Улан-Баторе, Москве, Йоханнесбурге и Ванкувере. Преимущество и лидирующая позиция компании Immunitor заключается в разработанной ею платформе доступных по цене пероральных вакцин, подтвержденных многочисленными клиническими испытаниями, проведенными за последние два десятилетия. Immunitor имеет в наличии 22 препарата для пероральной иммунотерапии, предназначенных для лечения заболеваний в основных областях здравохранения, т.е. инфекционных болезней, различных аутоиммунных и метаболических заболеваний, и с недавних пор – заболеваний в иммуно-онкологической сфере. Immunitor успешно запустил в производство вакцины против гепатоцеллюлярной карциномы, холангиокарциномы и рака поджелудочной железы. В прошлом году Immunitor начал пять клинических исследований фазы II у женщин с эндометриозом, миомой, раком шейки матки, яичников и молочной железы, которые активно ведутся в настоящее время. Компания так же проводит и другие исследования по иммунотерапии для иных клинических показаний.

Aldar Bourinbaiar
+1 301-476-0930
email us here

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