Maryland Vegan Eats Continues Its Fight For Restaurants During Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week's Winter Edition

MD Vegan Restaurant Week Poster

MD Vegan Restaurant Week Poster

Assorted Fruits and Vegetables

Assorted Fruits and Vegetables

MD Vegan Eats Logo

MD Vegan Eats Logo

Maryland Vegan Eats celebrates its eighth semi-annual campaign by expanding Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week for the month of February.

It allows restaurants to flex a muscle they aren't always utilizing and expand their demographic to an underserved community. And please don't let it be another freaking salad!”

— Samantha Claassen & Naijha Wright-Brown

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Maryland Vegan Eats is expanding Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week for the month of February, from 2/5 – 2/28, as an opportunity for patrons all over Delmarva to visit new and past participating restaurants. As more people seek out and inquire about plant-based options on restaurant menus, customer demand continues to increase while at the same time motivating eateries that may not have otherwise been considered veg-friendly now looking for ways to introduce new plant-based offerings. As the public looks forward to Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, the organizers, Samantha Claassen of Golden West Café and Naijha Wright-Brown of The Land of Kush, anticipate patrons getting excited to see the new vegan menu items

Nothing brings people together quite like good vegan and plant-based food. Again, Maryland Vegan Eats is looking to entice residents within the state and visitors from the surrounding state borders to patronize participating establishments through carry-out, curbside, delivery (if within the service area), or dine-in (if permitted). Unlike a traditional restaurant week that provides a prix fixe menu, participating restaurants are encouraged to create a selection of plant-based items to be offered throughout the vegan weeks – with the understanding that inclusivity also means affordability.

Samantha Claassen stated, “It allows restaurants to flex a muscle they aren't always utilizing and expand their demographic to an underserved community.”

Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week allows for restaurants to be more creative with their cuisines using plant-based and vegan ingredients while at the same time expanding their reach into new markets. Part of the success of Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week is the liberty that vegan, plant-based, and even veg-curious patrons have in choosing these options over meat-centric dishes because of increased availability at more restaurant locations.

Naijha Wright-Brown expressed, “And, please don’t let it be another freaking salad!”

During Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, no longer do customers have to ask for a meal catered to their dietary restrictions which can leave some feeling embarrassed and awkward. Customers do not need to act shy or feel disappointed by salad or French fries being the only vegan options on the menu. Chefs are given the opportunity to show off their true culinary skills by creating plant-based food art with the hope that people will vote for their dish as the best. Restaurants wishing to sign up for this month-long challenge can go to for more information.

The list of current participating restaurants and eateries include:
Golden West Cafe, The Land of Kush, Gangster Vegan, Harmony Bakery, PLNT Burger (Columbia & Silver Spring), Treehouse Café and Juice Bar, MEZ, Tom Cat’s Kitchen, Charm School Chocolate, REVIVE, Foraged Eatery, Johnny Rad’s, Great Sage, Roland Park Bagels, Cloudy Donuts, Snake Hill, and STEM Farm + Kitchen.

Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week is sponsored by the Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland, Womxn Funders in Animal Rights, A Well-Fed World, VegFund, Eat The Change, Mercy for Animals, Fleet Street Write-Up, Blue Fork Marketing, and Midday Maryland.

Maryland Vegan Eats is the brainchild of the Land of Kush and the Golden West Cafe. The mission of Vegan Restaurant Week is to bridge the gap by increasing the awareness, benefits, and accessibility of a plant-based diet through a fun, innovative, and community-based experience. Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week became an instant hit when more than 30 local Baltimore restaurants joined for the inaugural event in August of 2017.

At Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, everyone is welcome at the table. Join in.

Visit for links to menus, locations, and more info.

Naijha Wright-Brown
Maryland Vegan Eats
+1 443-844-5046
email us here
Visit us on social media:

A Vegan Restaurant Week in Baltimore, Maryland? (Feb 2020)

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Hospital Feasibility Study Company – Wert-Berater, LLC

Hospital Feasibility Study Company - Call 1.888.661.4449

Hospital Feasibility Study Company – Call 1.888.661.4449

Hospital Feasibility Studies Nationwide”

— Donald Safranek

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 21, 2021 / — The USDA also requires a feasibility study for new construction hospital or expansion projects.

Wert-Berater, LLC is your source for the appropriate required feasibility study.

See our experience at:

We have provided hundreds of feasibility studies nationwide and are approved with over 600 lenders. Lenders looks to Wert-Berater, LLC for the most comprehensive reports available. The feasibility study must include the following items:

1) Economic feasibility
2) Market feasibility
3) Technical feasibility
4) Financial feasibility
5) Management feasibility

For new construction or expansion hospital project, all items are evaluated, and revenues are projected based on competitive analysis, housing formations and competitive usage rates.

The cost of the feasibility study varies depending on the scale of the project. Please contact us at 1.888.661.4449 to discuss your project.

Since 1998,

Wert-Berater, LLC. aims to provide the ultimate level of evaluations of our clients. We work closely with all stakeholders and take pride in our communication, project management, and execution abilities. With our considerable experience in a variety of sectors, we can provide feasibility studies around the world, on virtually any undertaking large and small. Wert-Berater, LLC. is committed to providing the highest quality of feasibility studies in the industry to ensure we provide you with prime service and your ideal outcome.

Donald J Safranek
Wert-Berater, LLC
+1 888-661-4449
email us here

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Building Great Doctors After Graduation: Residents Medical Programs In the United States

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Residency programs in the US are meant to provide a good medical experience for students graduating from med schools. Medical schools impart theoretical and practical knowledge regarding different medicinal practices. However, that alone cannot make a good physician.

Medical practitioners often need to function in various settings and cope with many difficult situations and attendant challenges. That is to say, medical skills and knowledge alone do not make a good physician. The latter also need to be equipped with skills such as working in high-stress settings, making sound judgments depending on the situation at hand, having empathy for others, mental and physical stamina, emotional stability, maturity, and good communication/problem-solving skills.

Of course, not all of these can simply be learned by attending a residency program. The programs are intended to infuse these skills and abilities into med students to help them make the transition from good med school students to good doctors.

Apart from this, all residency programs also acquaint med school graduates with the many different processes and procedures that are part of the daily functioning of large medical facilities and hospitals. Residents learn to assess incoming patients, offer primary consultation, perform physical examinations, and order diagnostic tests. These will be often carried out in consultation with senior residents or attending physicians. According to one's specialty, residents in a program will also perform treatments and diagnostic procedures. Going on regular patient rounds and calls are also part of the responsibilities of a resident doctor.

With each passing year, residents will need to undertake more responsibilities, which also means that they are given more independence regarding their respective tasks. Senior residents, for example, will often carry out tasks similar to experienced attending physicians. They also play a key role in mentoring first-year residents.

Residents Medical Finding a Good Match

For the above reasons, finding an appropriate residency program—one that will most benefit a particular student and help them prepare for the realization of their future goals and ambitions becomes key. This is not an easy task. One needs to do their research to zero in on the residency programs of their choice, and then, of course, they will need to get selected by that program.

That is where a medical residency placement service, such as Residents Medical, can be of immense help to fresh med school graduates. Residents Medical, thanks to their extensive database, will perform research on behalf of the applying student.

Unlike many such placement services, Residents Medical has its own screening and assessment process. They will only offer residency placement opportunities for students who meet their established criteria (which include experience, USMLE scores, and
other credentials of an applying candidate).

Once a candidate has been accepted, the expert placement advisors of the Residents Medical Group will not only find the appropriate residency program for them but also prepare a bespoke education and guidance schedule to best prepare them for the interview at the program in question. For candidates who (in addition to meeting the standard criteria) are already emotionally mature enough and possess good social and interpersonal skills, the Residents Medical team will do their best to leverage their resources to place these highly qualified candidates at some of the best residency programs in the country.

Good Guy News
+1 801-542-5631
email us here
Jeff Hansen

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Amid Crushing Pandemic-related Financial Challenges, New Book Offers Plan on Avoiding Financial Disaster

Financial planning veteran, Scott B. Zuckerman, ChFC®, CFS®, CLU®, ChSNC®, releases tell-all financial education book – “Don’t Be A Financial Disaster”.

MELVILLE, NY, USA, January 21, 2021 / — Zuckerman announced today that his new book, Don’t Be a Financial Disaster, will be officially released during a Facebook Live event on Tuesday, January 26th, at 6:00pm EST.

To attend, visit In the book, Zuckerman sets out to change the narrative of impending financial disaster that many Americans face. He does this by providing advice from his professional experience and by including numerous worksheets to help readers through the process of financial planning.

Ironically, Zuckerman’s passion for financial planning grew out of an unexpected financial disaster of his own. Back in 1999, he eagerly launched an online business during the boom but found himself bankrupt, in debt, and struggling to support himself. Fortunately, he came across an opportunity to train as a financial planner, and made the career move that would change the trajectory of his life’s work forever.

Now, with over 12 years of experience and his own boutique financial planning services firm, Zuckerman is bringing his financial wisdom to the masses at a time when Americans need it most.

“I know how defeating it can feel to be operating without a financial plan to help you move beyond your current situation.” said Zuckerman. "But don’t underestimate the power of incremental change over time. You can reach your goals and dreams if you are smart.”

Organizing Your Financial Junk Drawer

In Don’t Be a Financial Disaster, Zuckerman likens the average American’s lack of process in financial planning to “developing a financial junk drawer” where financial records are only pulled for occasional use such as doing yearly taxes. Instead, Zuckerman advises that people actively work toward building wealth by following a financial planning approach that utilizes five main components which he details in the book.

Overall, Don’t Be a Financial Disaster is a financial planning book written “for everyone” and is intended to motivate and educate.

Said Zuckerman, “Keeping your financial life organized is not an easy task. [But], like anything you do in life, with proper goal setting, discipline, and strategic planning, you can accomplish anything."

For more information on the book, visit

Scott Zuckerman
Don't Be A Financial Disaster

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Bay Valley Tech

Bay Valley Tech Code Academy


Stanislaus County Office of Education

New Three-Year Agreement with Bay Valley Tech Will Increase County’s Skilled Workforce and Create Local High-Paying Jobs

Bay Valley Tech's exceptional program is making a positive impact across the county, and we look forward to our growing collaboration.”

— Scott Kuykendall, Superintendent

MODESTO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — In a move that will expand opportunities for local workers and greatly bolster the region’s economy, Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE) has reached a three-year agreement with Bay Valley Tech to expand the firm’s free code academy and move its tech co-working space to downtown Modesto. Bay Valley Tech will utilize its new 1325 H Street location as a startup incubator to support local entrepreneurs with affordable offices, digital marketing expertise, software consultants and a steady flow of skilled talent from its fast-growing software training programs. The co-working space’s short two-week lead time will facilitate new companies expanding to the Central Valley, allowing them to skip painfully slow lease negotiations and tenant improvements altogether.

“Our expanded partnership with Bay Valley Tech will benefit the region’s students and economy for many years,” explained Scott Kuykendall, Stanislaus County Superintendent of Schools. “Bay Valley Tech’s exceptional program is making a positive impact across the county, and we look forward to our growing collaboration.” SCOE works to ensure Stanislaus County job seekers are ready to enter self-sustaining employment and careers.

Many code academy students have already secured software jobs at leading companies such as E&J Gallo, with demand for tech talent continuing to grow. According to last month’s Labor Report cited in a recent Wall Street Journal article, U.S. companies added 391,000 information technology jobs in December, while the nation’s economy shed jobs overall. Computer programmer shortages now affect most of California and the country. Next month, Bay Valley Tech plans to announce agreements with additional companies to hire more of its Central Valley and Bay Area code academy students.

“This unique training path aligns perfectly with our “Cradle-to-Career” initiative, and it’s paying dividends for students throughout the county,” stated Dallas Plaa, SCOE’s Director of Career Tech Education, overseeing its adult education, career training and the new Computer Support Specialist certification partnership with Modesto Junior College. “SCOE’s partnership with Bay Valley Tech has allowed our two organizations to achieve more effective and cost-efficient results than if we had operated separate programs. Our organizations’ common goal is to train and enable students to become productive citizens in our local community. Bay Valley Tech’s code academy is a complement to some of SCOE’s other programs at this same location. We are thrilled to expand this successful partnership,” he added.

Interested Students
Bay Valley Tech’s free code academy is an amazing opportunity for students seeking a rewarding career with strong earning potential. Interested students are encouraged to fill out the online application as soon as possible: ( academy-application). Additional classes are scheduled to begin in February and March. For more information, contact:

Corporate Sponsors
Companies and other parties interested in sponsoring Bay Valley Tech’s many developer events or providing code academy scholarships for students in need should contact:

About Bay Valley Tech
Bay Valley Tech is an innovative free code academy, training students in modern programming skills and connecting them with prospective employers. Bay Valley Tech also supports the broader tech community by sponsoring hackathons, software meetups, Women Techmakers, high school tech events and the Valley Agtech Summit.

Dori Jones
Bay Valley Tech
+1 209-985-4721
Visit us on social media:

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Trusted Arizona Cannabis Company, Giving Tree Dispensary, Expands Cultivation and Debuts New Retail Location

Lilach Mazor Power, Founder and Managing Director at Giving Tree Dispensary

The only dispensary in Arizona with majority female ownership, Giving Tree is transforming the patient experience with its new, open concept retail space.

We look forward to welcoming new and long time cannabis shoppers to engage, explore, and learn about our trusted products while still providing the same elevated service and patient care.”

— Lilach Mazor Power, Founder and Managing Director at Giving Tree Dispensary

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Giving Tree Dispensary (“Giving Tree”), an Arizona-licensed, vertically integrated seed to sale cannabis company, today announced it is moving to a new retail location on Monday, January 25th, at 701 W. Union Hills Drive in Phoenix. An official Grand Opening with event promotions and giveaways will take place on Friday, February 5th.

The only dispensary in Arizona with majority female ownership, Giving Tree is transforming the patient experience with its new, open concept retail space. Its former dispensary operation will be converted to expand cultivation and triple manufacturing capacity.

“We wanted to create a new kind of shopping experience and versatile retail environment at Giving Tree. We look forward to welcoming new and long time cannabis shoppers to engage, explore, and learn about our trusted products while still providing the same elevated service and patient care,” said Lilach Mazor Power, owner and founder of Giving Tree.

Offering a diverse product portfolio, Giving Tree features its own house cannabis brand as well as its esteemed Kindred and Katatonic product suites. Other top-tier Arizona brands will be available at the new location, including Venom, Baked Bros, Aries, Cresco, and PuraEarth. Renowned for quality service, Giving Tree’s innovative risk-free 30-day product guarantee allows customers to exchange any product if they are not satisfied.

The new 2,400 square-foot dispensary is optimized for product exploration and social engagement, featuring a lounge-like ambience and interactive, shareable elements. Customers may also place orders through touch screens for quick and seamless purchasing.

Dedication to a personalized experience will continue at the new location with the support of the approachable and knowledgeable team. Despite the challenges of 2020, Giving Tree experienced accelerated growth spurring an increase in hiring initiatives. The company added numerous team members last year, broadening its global staff to nearly 50 individuals.

Since its inception, Giving Tree has stayed true to its name and social responsibility values, donating over $100,000 in funds and volunteer time to the community. Recently, Giving Tree completed a successful fundraiser for the National Brain Tumor Society and built gardens at Streetlight USA, a shelter for young girls rescued from sex-trafficking. This year, Giving Tree plans to provide gardening education at the shelter and a day devoted to harvesting and cooking the vegetables grown.

The launch of the new Giving Tree location follows a milestone election year for the industry with the passage of Prop 207 legalizing recreational marijuana use in Arizona. The state cannabis market is estimated to reach $41.5 billion in 2021, according to research firm New Frontier Data.

Giving Tree is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. For more information visit

About Giving Tree Dispensary:
Established in 2013, Giving Tree Dispensary is an Arizona-licensed, vertically integrated cannabis company headquartered in Phoenix. Led by founder and managing director, Lilach Mazor Power, the company is one of the longest standing, well-respected cultivators and trusted retailers of premium cannabis products. The dispensary provides an inviting retail experience for experienced cannabis consumers, and for those taking the first step in their cannabis wellness journey with personalized shopping assistance and a 30-day risk-free guarantee on purchases. The company is home to a portfolio of cannabis lifestyle brands including Kindred, Katatonic, and house brand, Giving Tree. A dedicated community partner, Giving Tree Dispensary’s corporate citizenship program has contributed to various charities and donated countless volunteer hours. Giving Tree Dispensary is located at 701 W. Union Hills Drive, in Phoenix, Arizona. For information, contact or visit

Neko Catanzaro
Proven Media Services
+1 401-484-4980
email us here
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Metro Infusion Center's new office in Wichita, Kansas, delivers personalized infusion therapy treatment

Metro Infusion Center

Affordable Infusion Therapy Metro Infusion Center

Metro Infusion Center prides itself on ensuring the lowest possible out-of-pocket costs for our infusion patients.

Weekend and evening infusion therapy times available.

From flexible appointments, convenient locations, to our comprehensive insurance support, Metro Infusion Center has everything you need to make your visit comfortable and hassle-free.

Infusion treatment for patients with psoriasis, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other complex chronic conditions.

I always look forward to the great service. I can't ask for more caring and attentive nurses. They truly listen to your needs and make you comfortable.”

— Tammy Wilson

BURR RIDGE, IL, US, January 21, 2021 / — Metro Infusion Center — a tenured nationwide provider of infusion therapy for chronic conditions — has opened a new treatment center in Wichita, Kansas. The new office is located at 3876 N Woodlawn Blvd, #400, and is one of several new Midwest offices recently opened by Metro Infusion Center. Metro Infusion Center delivers personalized infusion treatment for patients with psoriasis, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other complex chronic conditions.

Metro Infusion Center prides itself on having staff members who are kind, understanding, and compassionate about making patients feel comfortable and at home during their appointments. Patients from various Metro Infusion Center offices have praised their nurses, saying the care they provide is unmatched.

"I always look forward to the great service," said Tammy Wilson, a Metro Infusion Center patient. "I can't ask for more caring and attentive nurses. They truly listen to your needs and make sure you're comfortable." Tammy is one of many patients who has been receiving ongoing infusion treatment from Metro Infusion Center for several years.

Metro Infusion Center gives patients the flexibility to receive biologic infusion therapies in a highly personalized, non-hospital setting. All Metro Infusion Center offices are easily accessible and offer convenient parking, and they are located all around the United States to give patients with chronic conditions an additional treatment option outside of hospitals. Staff members even go above and beyond to help patients find pharmaceutical rebates that can reduce the cost of their infusion therapies.

The infusion practitioners at Metro Infusion Center are highly knowledgeable about the treatments they administer and thoroughly understand the dosing, reporting, and follow-up care associated with infusion therapy. Patients of Metro Infusion Center can feel entirely at ease with all staff members and ask questions to help them comprehend and learn more about their treatments.

With over 100 infusion centers located around the United States, Metro Infusion Center is devoted to providing the most extensive array of infusion and injection therapies for complex chronic conditions. Metro Infusion Center continues to expand its operations to offer more options for patients nationwide.

About Metro Infusion Center

Metro Infusion Center is one of the nation’s most tenured and experienced infusion providers with more than two decades’ expertise. Every practitioner maintains an expert knowledge of all infusions we deliver, understanding every aspect of dosing, administration, reporting, and follow-up care.

Our compassionate physicians and nurses go above and beyond to ensure you get the highest quality infusion therapy care. From the moment you schedule an initial visit, our team approaches your situation with knowledge, kindness, and compassion, listening to you closely and creating a comprehensive care plan.

Metro Infusion Center has provided thousands of infusions, and this number continues to grow as physicians are finding our facilities to be more convenient and economical for patients.

Weekend and evening hours available upon request.

Learn more about the services and infusion therapies offered at Metro Infusion Center by visiting

Neil Stanton
Metro Infusion Center
email us here

Metro Infusion Center

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FieldMetrix Now Converting Sample Paper-Based Job Cards Into Electronic Reports for Free for New Clients

An industry leader in software for businesses has expanded its services with a special deal for new clients.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Representatives with FieldMetrix announced today that it is now converting sample paper-based job cards into electronic reports for free for new clients.

"We’re excited about this offer,” said FieldMetrix CEO and Co-Founder Derek Mitchell. “Electronic forms and job cards eliminate accuracy errors and provide real-time results.”

FieldMetrix, which recently celebrated 10 years in business, provides software that runs on the web and Android devices that enable companies to use mobile forms to capture data in the field. Data is visible in real-time on the company’s web interface that captures inspection forms, equipment maintenance checklists, signatures, and more.

FieldMetrix’s specialties include: customizable mobile forms, ad-hoc field data capture, reports, and assigning field tasks to mobile workers.

“We're offering this for free for new clients because customers seem to have a 'moment of truth' when they see their own job card or inspection list in PDF format with a picture, signature, and GPS fix,'” Mitchell said. “Your phone is increasingly becoming an important tool for business activities.”

Mitchell went on to question, “Are your field technicians completing their work on their Android phones?” If so, Mitchell noted, “They can track SLA compliance and reduce the cost of time finding completed work. Imagine having the peace of mind knowing you have met your SLA goals, and your technicians have completed their work scheduled for today, and the PDFs of the job cards or maintenance work are already in your inbox.”

Mitchell explained that FieldMetrix can create custom reports that allow for easier reading and understanding of what is really happening on the ground. This gives users the ability to respond more quickly and accurately using the information you have gathered in the field.

The company spokesperson reiterated that the PDF reports of all work done in the field are automatically emailed to clients or field service management within minutes of completion.

“You can customize the information displayed for proof of service or compliance regulations. This includes information such as work time stamps, GPS locations, or stock used,” Mitchell said. “It’s easy to replicate your current paper form with an electronic PDF customized to your requirements. If you would like us to show you what yours could look like, send us a copy of your job card to, and we will convert it.”

For more information, please visit and


Field Metrix

FieldMetrix’s software allows businesses to provide proof of service without an extensive IT infrastructure. You can manage and monitor the progress of work by field service technicians. No more lost paperwork! FieldMetrix has served over 2,388,467 job cards containing more than 3,473,178 GPS fixes. Total cost savings to our clients is approximately 156,072 days for their field technicians.

Contact Details:

1321 Upland Drive
Suite 5539
Houston, Texas 77043
United States

Ground Floor, Liesbeek House
River Park, Gloucester Rd
Cape Town, WC 7700
South Africa

Derek Mitchell
+27 216805007
email us here

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Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising Offers High-ROI Web Development Services

A Pennsylvania-based graphic design company is offering high returns on its web development services.

DOWNINGTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Representatives with Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising announced today that it offers high ROI web development services.

“Our websites are built with web best practices and focus on the easy integration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO),” said Matthew Weiss, Owner/Creative Director, and spokesperson for Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising, a company that recently celebrated eight years in business. “Professional web development provides a lasting impact on your customers, which, in the end, means increased brand exposure and more sales.”

Weiss explained that as it relates to websites, “when people trust your professionalism and feel that you care about their experience, they are much more likely to buy from you.”

Weiss went on to add, “Your budget is important to us; no company is too small or big to get the advantage it needs! You receive only the services you need and are a part of the process from beginning to end.”

Founded in May 2012, Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising, which was recently selected as the 2020 Best of West Chester Award for web development & graphic design, services include: branding/identity, brand management, web development, graphic design, printing, SEO, digital marketing, custom apparel, promotional items, trade-show booths, signage, and more.

Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising, which offers free branding and design consultations to help businesses stand out in the marketplace, has also been selected seven years in a row for the Best of West Chester Awards for web development & graphic design and now qualifies for the West Chester Business Hall of Fame.

Weiss noted that Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising, which is also featured in's List of Top 19 Web Developers in Philadelphia, fosters long-lasting partnerships with their clients and has years of experience walking businesses through the process of developing winning brand identities.

"A website is often the first impression you make,” Weiss stressed, before adding, “It’s where prospective clients and customers go to view your services/products. These first critical moments are when they make a snap decision if you are the right person for the job. Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising develops websites that have a strong focus on the user interface/UI (the layout of your website) and the user experience/UX (how easy it is for clients to easily navigate through your website).”

Weiss went on to point out that his company provides multiple ways for businesses’ customers to find their services/products on their website while using technologies like social media integration, front page image sliders, video, mobile-friendly displays, and active submission, digital marketing and custom contact forms that will allow customers and clients to easily reach them.

“This allows your sales staff to be better informed when reaching out to new customers and gives them the ability to provide top-tier service for the customers you already have,” Weiss said. “This means improved bounce rate, more sales, and happier end-users.”

For more information, please visit and


About Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising

Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising is a full-service design agency that has 2 decades of experience in web development, print/graphic design, branding/identity, promotional products, apparel, printing, and more. Far from a one-trick pony, they create unique and original brand identities that showcase the best aspects of each one of their clients.

Contact Details:

321 Lincoln Avenue
Downingtown, PA 19335
United States

Matthew Weiss
Hyland Graphic Design & Advertising
+1 484-879-6145
email us here

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Blackhawk Floors Offers Wood Walls Installation in Phoenix, Arizona

In an effort to provide its customers with the best solutions to wood problems, one of the nation’s best in hardwood flooring has added additional services.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / — Representatives with Blackhawk Floors, Inc. announced today that it is now offering wood wall installation in Phoenix.

Walls of wood are one of the ways of resolving the problem with focal walls,” said Jason Elquest, owner and spokesperson for Blackhawk Floors.

Elquest explained that wooden walls can add spiritual simplicity to that space behind the bed, warm the living room, or separate two different areas in the dining room.

“Focal walls in bathrooms are an interesting idea as long as the walls covered in wood slats or panels enhance the space and bring out the best in the bathroom’s design,” Elquest said, before adding, “Flawless modern design using walls of wood can accentuate the warm atmosphere of a house, be it minimalist, traditional or eclectic. Walls of natural wood connect the interiors to the peace-giving outdoors by reminding you to surround yourself with simple, natural materials.”

Elquest went on to point out that Blackhawk Floors is also now offering free estimates using COVID-19 protocols.

“Our team wears masks and maintains social distancing,” Elquest stressed. “Taking safety precautions is very important, which is why we’re taking an active approach to ensuring safety for everyone while offering free estimates using COVID-19 safety protocols.

In addition, Blackhawk Floors prides itself on its commitment to providing superior workmanship at competitive prices. Blackhawk Floors has always been the leader, from custom wood flooring installation and finishing of solid floors to pre-finished wood floors.

The company is recognized by National Wood Flooring Association Certified Installer, National Wood Flooring Association Certified Sand & Finisher, and the National Wood Flooring Association Certified Wood Flooring Inspector.

Blackhawk Floors’ in-house wood mill shop allows it to create custom moldings, transitions, treads, risers, curves, borders, designs, and more. In addition, Blackhawk Floors provides all clients with highly trained in-house personnel, which has served customers for the past 18 years.

For more information, please visit and


About Blackhawk Floors

Blackhawk Floors is a full-service hardwood flooring company that has provided high-quality wood flooring installations and service in the Phoenix area since 2002.

Contact Details:

15507 N Scottsdale Rd
Suite 150
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
United States

Jason Elquest
Blackhawk Floors, Inc.
+1 480-595-9554
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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