Dutch company launches the highest grade for leather – an innovation with major impact for fashion and leather industry

Its name, EXECUTIVE LEATHER, is related to the exclusive high standards of qualities, becoming one of the most important fashion improvements in recent history.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Undercolor B.V. is pleased to announce the exciting launch of its most anticipated product to date – its EXECUTIVE LEATHER.

Undercolor B.V. is a leather wholesale trading company, supporter of evolution, innovation, and creative trendsetter with authentic movements for the leather and fashion industry of tomorrow. The company’s mission is to always model respect for humanity, animal rights, and the ecosystem through its fair and sustainable production processes.

Today, Undercolor B.V. is announcing the official launch of its EXECUTIVE LEATHER, that possesses remarkable characteristics – making it one of the most important improvements in the fashion industry in recent memory.

“Together, with the management from my partner factory in India, we came up with the idea for EXECUTIVE LEATHER. It started in May 2020, during the ongoing global pandemic, when we realised that, from not being able to disinfect leather garments, would have become a banned product,” says Director of the company, Eliot Paus. “As such, we did a lot of research and now, with all the evolved product attributes, we have created an incredible innovation. By being able to properly sanitize leather, we have developed as a world premiere, fashionable leather socks available for customization as Private Label.”

The following characteristics of EXECUTIVE LEATHER, confirm the innovation status:

1. Machine washable at 30 degrees, using detergent for black laundry, or any other which does not contain bleach or sodium
2. Comes with a 3-year warranty for color, smoothness, and strength
3. Full-grain leather, exclusively top selected raw hides, sourced from sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide or buffalo
4. Occasionally, it can be placed in the dryer until semi-dry
5. Maintenance is not required
6. No need to feed the leather, the contact with body oils will do that
7. Tanning process made exclusively with vegetable extracts
8. Non-allergenic properties, chrome and iron free
9. No need for ironing, after washing, the leather does not wrinkle
10. Possesses industry records for the thinnest size while maintaining high strength. Its thinnest sheepskin and goatskin leather is 0.3mm, while cowhide is up to 0.6mm,
11. Can be produced with high elasticity
12. Produced matte or glossy
13. Breathable
14. Produced in any Pantone color
15. Sheepskin and goatskin leather are surprisingly perfect for summer clothing, as full leather outfit or combined with textiles; ideal for protecting body from fully sun and heat
16. Ideal for garments without linen or any inner impeachment
17. Proven safe for lingerie production
18. Safe for the environment as only vegetable extracts are used in the process, and sustainable, with raw skins coming from the meat industry
19. Even though it is a leading-edge product, is not overpriced
20. With all the above features, EXECUTIVE LEATHER can also be produced with waterproof attributes

According to the company, this product could potentially change the mentality of people who reject real leather for the fake one. Nowadays, very large amounts of hides from the meat industry are destroyed instead of being processed in a safe and sustainable manner.

“To license this innovation with global recognition, we have sent invitation to Guinness World Records and, within weeks, an Official Judge will assist at testing and validate the authenticity,” says Eliot. “To discover the unknown, we need to wish, stay positive, focus, accept and learn from failures, and work to create the impossible. The result will melt your heart when you become aware of the impact you create for the better world.”

For more information about Undercolor B.V. and its game-changing, EXECUTIVE LEATHER, please visit www.executive-leather.com.

About Undercolor B.V.

Undercolor B.V. was founded in 2018 by director, Eliot Paus in Amsterdam. Eliot boasts 8 years in event productions and holds a university degree in International Business. The company is the exclusive owner of EXECUTIVE LEATHER, and fully licensed on trading goods internationally, with garments being manufactured in Romania and leather produced in India.

Eliot Paus, Director
Undercolor B.V.
+31 6 11802611

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Twin Peaks Celebrates a Financial Advisor Who Gives Back to the Community

The Exemplary Employee Inspires the Company to Pay It Forward

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A proud Twin Peaks financial advisor, Vishal Kumar, partnered with Mount Pleasant High School math teacher Sudhir Karandikar to reward students with superior results. Vishal is a former top student of the latter, whom students lovingly call Mr. K.

Mr. K developed a system to encourage learning in the school by recognizing the top students in his class. With Vishal’s help, Mr. K’s top two pre-calculus students went home with brand new Macbooks. Next year, the celebrated financial advisor promises to reward ten other hardworking students with brand new Macbooks of their own.

When asked about his donation, Vishal said, “I know the struggles of the students attending Mount Pleasant High School because I was once like them. Not everyone in the community gets the same opportunities and resources as students in other places. Mr. K’s support meant the world to me, and giving back to the community through his program made sense.”

He added, “I would not have been the successful financial advisor that I am now without Mr. K; I’m sure of it. It’s now my turn to inspire the community the way supporters of Mr. K’s program had during my high school years.”

To the community’s delight, Vishal’s random act of kindness has inspired Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors to give back to the community that has helped them grow over the years.

Twin Peaks CEO Tushar had this to say about Vishal’s generosity, “Vishal is not only an exceptional financial advisor, but he’s a good-hearted guy as well. I’m proud to say that he began a movement in our company, and now all his colleagues have started thinking of ways to give back to our beloved community.”

Tushar adds, “He has inspired the top management at Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors, as well. We are happy to announce that we have opened an internship program for college and high school students. It’s the first of many corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects we’re launching this year.”

The Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors program aims to help interns boost their confidence by enhancing their business expertise, including the following fields:

● Marketing and Business Development
● Financial Management
● Customer Service
● Communication

Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors is a local company specializing in financial planning, insurance, investment services, and more. Get in touch through tushar@twinpwa.com or 415-870-4517 to learn more about their CSR projects.

Tushar Kumar
+1 415-870-4517
Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors
email us here

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The Approaching Anniversary of Federal Protections for Wild Horses Should be a Time To Celebrate an American Icon

Wild horse photo

Wild horse photo

This won’t happen in 2021.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

— Helen Keller

ATLANTA , GA., UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 drawing near, it’s reasonable to believe that the country’s wild horses and burros are safe and cared for on America’s public lands. This isn’t the case. The Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, WFRHBA, is an Act of Congress that received unanimous support in the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Richard Nixon on December 18, 1971. The Act required the protection, management, and control of wild free-roaming horses and burros on public lands.

President Nixon’s full comments about the Act can be read in this link.
Excerpt: “I believe that S. 1116, which I am approving today, prepares us to take just such measures. Embodying the best judgment of both the Congress and the executive branch, it should do much to insure a continuing safe habitat for wild horses and burros on the public lands of the United States.”

Wild horses are being rounded up and removed from public lands in accelerated numbers. Record setting heat and ongoing drought are occurring in the western states and are the reasons given for mass removals. But the advocacy community is asking why the horses and burros, protected by law, are being removed first and privately owned livestock are remaining. Supporters believe the Bureau of Land Management should remove the livestock from Herd Management Areas first, then work to protect the food and water resources for the horses.

The Bureau of Land Management published their updated Wild Horse and Burro Gather Schedule on August 2nd. They released information to the public regarding additional upcoming removals, some with only three days public notice. At the present time, Congress is funding the wild horse and burro program under a plan opposed by many advocates called the Path Forward. The Administration did not respond to recent requests for help from the public during July’s phone-call and email campaigns or the rallies held in Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. A Judge recently denied a request for an injunction to put a stop to the Onaqui wild horse roundup in Utah.

The items listed below are a few ways people can help with equine protection efforts:

. Get to know key staff members in your lawmakers’ offices and contact them routinely.

. Support organizations working to locate adopters and sanctuaries for captured mustangs.

. Maintain communication with and provide information to news outlets.

The country’s advocacy community is facing a challenging road ahead. Together they will move forward and continue working to protect wild horses and burros. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,”- Helen Keller.

Donna Brorein
American Equine Awareness
+1 770-870-7589
email us here

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Amit Unadkat of Logic20/20 receives 2021 Tech Innovator Award

Built In honored Amit Unadkat as a 2021 Tech Innovator of the Year for his revolutionary work in automation.

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Business and technology consulting firm Logic20/20 announced today that Amit Unadkat, Senior Manager, has been selected as a recipient of Built In’s 2021 Tech Innovator Award. He was recognized for his work in automation and the game-changing solutions he is developing for clients.

The 2021 Tech Innovator Awards were created by Built In to honor highly skilled technologists across the United States for their creative and impactful contributions. The award recognizes those who are rising in their careers and who will continue to innovate as the tech leaders of tomorrow.

"Over the past year, we've learned the companies that will thrive in uncertain times are those whose tech employees work with an unyielding commitment to innovation and barrier breaking," says Sheridan Orr, CMO, Built In. "This awards program celebrates and amplifies the impact of these professionals — whether they're working to improve the quality of patient care, leverage robotics to support the environment or reshape the modern customer experience."

Unadkat was recognized for his work using natural language processing and machine learning to help his client improve customer service. COVID-19 caused many customers to experience financial hardships, and his solution helped the client open lines of communication, detect whether customers were experiencing hardship, and guide service reps in offering options for continued service to customers in distress.

“Being selected as a 2021 Tech Innovator is truly an honor, and a milestone achievement in my career” says Unadkat. “I want to thank all the teams I’ve worked on for persevering through complex business and technical problems, honing our approach, and focusing on impact. I wouldn’t be in this position today without those people. Onward and upward!”

Award recipients will be recognized at a virtual ceremony in August. Learn more about the Tech Innovator Awards and view the full list of honorees at builtin.com/corporate-innovation/tech-innovator-award-winners-2021.

Courtney Lynch
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Canadian Leaders and Partners Appreciate Iglesia Ni Cristo's Humanitarian Efforts as Church Celebrates 107 Years

<img src="final BANNER.JPG" alt="photo collage involving representatives from True North Aid Foundation happily receiving a cheque for 20,000 Canadian dollars from the Iglesia Ni Cristo on June 11, 2021, together with donations of 100 sets of school suppl

Kim Sigurdson and Kenneth Smid, from True North Aid Foundation, gratefully receive $20,000 cheque from Iglesia Ni Cristo on June 11, 2021, together with donations of 100 sets of school supplies, school bags, beddings, blankets and pillows for indigenous communities.

<img src="final 2nd photo copy.jpg" alt="Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) ministers and members in happy group photos in front of blood donation centers in Alberta province during their blood donation drive from May to June 2021, which involved

Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) ministers and members take group photos at blood donation centers in Alberta province during their blood donation drive from May to June 2021, which involved 135 INC donors.

<img src="3rd photo certificates" alt="Congratulatory letters from Mayor Marianne Meed Ward (City of Burlington) and Mayor Ed Holder (City of London) for the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ on the occasion of its 107th anniversary." />

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward (City of Burlington) and Mayor Ed Holder (City of London) greet the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ on the occasion of its 107th anniversary.

INC, a global church, is recognized by mayors in Canada and Canadian Blood Services, amongst others, for generous donations and diligence in outreach events.

CANADA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Various leaders and community partners in Canada greeted the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) during the international religious organization’s 107th anniversary, recognizing the Church not only for taking care of the spiritual needs of its members, but also in helping communities worldwide amid the pandemic through its various “Aid To Humanity” events.

In her letter dated July 27, 2021, Mayor of Burlington Marianne Meed Ward also cited the “amazing leadership” of the Church.

“Congratulations on the celebration of the 107th Anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Your leadership and the establishment of Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines has been incredible, and you have truly displayed such amazing leadership.”

On behalf of the city of London, Ontario, Mayor Ed Holder also sent his “sincere congratulations” on the INC’s 107th anniversary and thanked the Church for making a difference in its humanitarian outreach projects not just on his city but around the world.

The INC has conducted various humanitarian outreach projects such as food donations, PPE donations, school supply donations, and even blood donations, as the Church geared up for its 107th anniversary this July 27.

In Alberta, Canada, 135 volunteers of the INC, from Red Deer to Calgary, participated in a blood donation drive last May 2021.

Marissa Stryker, Canadian Blood Services Territory Manager for Central Alberta, applauded the INC for its motivation and unending generosity in donating blood to families in need during the pandemic.

“Huge thank you to [the Iglesia Ni Cristo] for organizing [this event], to the ministers [who were able to] come and be a part of this [event], [and to] the brothers and sisters who donated blood,” said Stryker.

In June 2021, National Partnership Manager of Canadian Blood Services , Beth Frize, officially recognized the Church Of Christ through the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation for its humanitarian efforts in Canada. This recognition was not only for the notable 400 donors within Ontario province back in May of 2020 but also for the INC’s ongoing energetic efforts of blood donations in other provinces of Canada.

In June this year, Indigenous Advisor and Board Member, Mr. Kim Sigurdson, and the Executive Director, Kenneth Smid, from True North Aid Foundation also thanked the Church for its donation of 100 sets of school supplies, school bags, beddings, blankets, pillows, as well as a cheque for 20,000 Canadian dollars, for the benefit of indigenous communities in Canada.

In July 2021, one of the highlights of the INC’s celebration in Canada was the dedication and opening of the renovated house of worship in Surrey, British Columbia.

Consul General Maria Andrelita S. Austria of the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver also expressed her appreciation to the INC for sustaining their bonds as a community and their respect for Philippine culture and the country. She also recognized how the INC generously donated to various communities throughout the pandemic.

“Throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, the Iglesia Ni Cristo continued to reach out to those who were more vulnerable and in need through socio-civic activities and generous donations, keeping the “Bayanihan Spirit” (spirit of civic unity and cooperation) alive,” she said.

Consul Austria also cited how the INC congregation “played a big part in uplifting the spirits for front liners in British Columbia and other parts of Canada.”

“During these challenging times, faith remains critical in offering strength and guidance to our Kababayans (countrymen) in your community, as well as giving inspiration and a sense of purpose, as we build new lives here, in Canada,” she added.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo was first registered in the Philippines on July 27, 1914, by Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

After 107 years, it has spread to 158 countries and territories, and its members belong to 147 nationalities and races.


About the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ
For more about the Church and its activities, please visit www.iglesianicristo.net and https://incmedia.org/press-room/

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ)
+1 647-500-6446
Visit us on social media:


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Meratas Receives First Ever Income Share Agreement (ISA) Servicing License In California

Meratas, the Income Share Agreement leader

Income Share Agreement (ISA) program manager Meratas receives a servicing license by the California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation (DFPI)

We are excited to work with the DFPI in its efforts to craft ISA-specific regulations for the benefit of all industry participants”

— Darius Goldman

STAMFORD, CT, USA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) today entered into a Consent Order granting the first ever conditional license under California’s Student Loan Licensing Act (SLSA) to income share agreement (ISA) program manager Meratas Inc.
With this Order, Meratas is permitted to service income share agreements (ISAs) and student loans in California pursuant to the SLSA. In turn, Meratas will share key data with the DFPI related to certain of its portfolios.

The California DFPI’s license action is an important milestone for the burgeoning ISA industry, says Meratas founder and CEO Darius Goldman. “Because income share agreements do not fit neatly into existing federal or state legal regimes, we felt it prudent to be proactive at the state level, starting with California. We are excited to work with the DFPI in its efforts to craft ISA-specific regulations for the benefit of all industry participants. Our partners take comfort in knowing that Meratas continues to be the leader in responsible and consumer-friendly ISA programs.”

By working with the California DFPI, Meratas is leading the way for public-private collaboration between key regulators and stakeholders in the ISA industry. This license approval makes Meratas the first and only ISA program manager to obtain authorization to service ISAs in the state of California.

About Meratas:

Meratas is the leading ISA program manager, providing a full-service, turnkey, software platform to design, originate, and service ISAs. As a market leader, Meratas carefully monitors developments in the ISA ecosystem and advocates for best practices that enhance its product offerings and strengthen consumer protections.

Learning and skills-training institutions partner with Meratas to achieve clear strategic objectives: improved retention, increased enrollment, and better outcomes tracking. With Meratas, schools can quickly and cost-efficiently launch a fully customized ISA program with best-in-class scalability and an unparalleled emphasis on provider and consumer benefits.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jamie Davis at Jamie@meratas.com.

Engage with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Jamie Davis
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Businessman and Author Goes from the First Seat in the Dumb Row to Owning a Private Island in New York

Author Joe Massaro leads tour of his Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house

Author Joe Massaro leads tour of his Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house on Petra Island

Patio of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home on Petra Island with owner and builder Joe Massaro

Patio of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home on Petra Island with owner and builder Joe Massaro

Book cover: The Impossible Road - From the First Seat in the Dumb Row to my own Private Island by Joe Massaro

The Impossible Road – From the First Seat in the Dumb Row to my own Private Island by Joe Massaro

In “The Impossible Road”, author Joe Massaro weaves an inspiring memoir that sometimes makes you ask, ‘What’s wrong with you?’

Thinking outside the box wasn’t really an option for me because I had no box! Instead, I created a successful method of trying and trying and trying again.”

— Joe Massaro

MAHOPAC, NY, US, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — First-time author and longtime businessman Joe Massaro launches his new book, “The Impossible Road — From the First Seat in the Dumb Row to my own Private Island”. Joe’s collection of life and business experiences recounts a journey of extraordinary tenacity. From academic failure and drag racing with Don Garlits to hidden drama at the 1980 Winter Olympics and a dream of constructing a Frank Lloyd Wright master’s masterpiece on Petra Island, Joe hits all the peaks and valleys on his Impossible Road.

“What’s wrong with you?” This is a question that I heard throughout my life. From the Catholic school nuns I spent 10 years of my early education with, to the CEOs of industry-leading businesses. I was used to this question but I wasn’t offended by it. I just figured there was a lot wrong with me. I never passed a year of school until eleventh grade, when I discovered I was good at building.

Looking back, it is pretty clear that I had a learning disability, but with no diagnosis back then, I was on my own to figure out how to manage what was “wrong” with me. Thinking outside the box wasn’t really an option for me because I had no box! Instead, I created a successful method of trying and trying and trying again. I learned that if I tried enough stupid, crazy, “what’s wrong with you” kind of stuff, eventually something would work.

And you know what… I was right, boy was I Wright!

Find additional highlights from the book here. To set up an interview with Joe Massaro or to request a review copy of the book for editorial purposes, please contact Lisa Kaslyn at lisa@prospercomm.com.

“The Impossible Road — From the First Seat in the Dumb Row to my own Private Island”

By Joe Massaro

ISBN: 978-1-0879-5856-9

Available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

About the Author

Joe Massaro was born into a working-class Italian family from Westchester County, New York. Growing up, he struggled with school but later learned of his talents in the sheet metal industry after working for his uncle Vincent. He saw his career take off from apprentice to owner of the Elmsford Sheet Metal Works, the largest privately owned sheet metal company in the six counties north of New York City. He now spends his time in Mahopac, NY, at the Frank Lloyd Wright home on Petra Island and his beachfront property in Florida. Please visit Joe’s website for more information: joe-massaro.com.


Lisa Kaslyn
prosper communications

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New York Life Leads Million Dollar Round Table for the 62st Consecutive Year

EL PASO, TX, USA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Outstanding client service, ethics and professionalism have elevated Elizabeth Dipp Metzger of New York Life’s El Paso General Office to qualify for the exclusive “Top of the Table” of the Million Dollar Round Table — The Premier Association of Financial Professionals.® In addition to being a New York Life agent since 2010, Dipp Metzger is a 11-years MDRT member and a 6 time Top of the Table qualifier.

Dipp Metzger is president of Crown Wealth Strategies, a comprehensive wealth strategies firm in El Paso, TX serving clients nationwide. As a Financial Professional, Lizzie provides clients with an integrated retirement and insurance strategy focused on maximizing value over the course of their lifetime. Lizzie’s focus is physicians, professionals, and business owners in the affluent market. Lizzie provides holistic strategies for retirement, college funding, business planning, and wealth accumulation.

Top of the Table status is the highest level of MDRT membership and places Dipp Metzger among the top professionals in the global life insurance and financial services industry. It recognizes her for demonstrating exceptional professional knowledge, client service and ethical conduct.

Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is an international, independent association of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of sales excellence in the life insurance and financial services business. Crown Wealth Strategies is independently owned and operated from Eagle Strategies LLC and its affiliates.

Elizabeth M Metzger
Crown Wealth Strategies
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T&C Foundation curates visionary Korean modern art exhibit and with an exclusive NFT drop on Featured by Binance

Us and Them by Chloe Kim

Us and Them by Chloe Kim

Two People by Yongju Kwon

Two People by Yongju Kwon

The Room of Reflection by Airan Kang

The Room of Reflection by Airan Kang

The PODO Museum in South Korea is hosting the exhibit, "The World We Made." Seven of Korea's most acclaimed modern artists are engaged.

From the viral sensation Gangnam Style to the stadium-filling concerts of BTS to the Oscar-winning movie Parasite, there is little doubt that South Korea has established a global connection with its media and arts. Even beyond pop culture, artists from South Korea have also been earning attention and praise across international museums and galleries. Critics and collectors alike have been drawn to the contemporary art scene that has fueled the engine of this cultural powerhouse.

PODO Museum, located in the luscious island of Jeju in South Korea, is presenting an exhibit featuring seven of Korea’s most acclaimed modern artists. The exhibition, “The World We Made,” offers stunning pieces from the multidisciplinary artists, highlighting the oneness of our humanity. Offering commentary on the issues we face, the pieces speak to the borderless nature of the problems we encounter as well as the hopes and dreams that we share. The more viewers dive into the collection, the more they can peel back the layers of our common existence.

In addition to the physical exhibit, the team behind the concept worked with the artists to create a new way for a global audience to engage. Featured by Binance, a decentralized NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplace, has prepared a virtual NFT collection of the exhibition, allowing fans and collectors alike to buy NFTs minted on the Featured by Binance platform.

“We are excited to collaborate with forward-looking partners, T&C Foundation, to bring a contemporary art exhibit into the NFT realm. The exhibit "The World We Made" touches on many pressing issues in our present era. Besides the wonderful aesthetics and creativity, we hope that these NFTs will serve to generate awareness and discussions on these topics.” said Teck Chia, CEO of Featured by Binance.

T&C Foundation is minting the NFTs on Featured by Binance, and investors on the platform can directly trade and sell the NFTs on the secondary market built directly into the platform.

The exhibition has been curated by Chloe Kim, Creative Director of PODO Museum and the CEO of the T&C Foundation. The pieces spotlighted by the collection include the works of Yongbaek Lee, Seonglib, Yongju Kwon, Sujin Choi, Airan Kang, and Kijong Zin as well as Director Chloe Kim. There will only be one edition for each NFT, and the auction will launch on August 8th until August 15th. The highest bidder of the campaign will also be able to host a private event at the beautiful PODO Museum for one day.

About T&C Foundation
T&C Foundation (established in 2017) curated the apov (“Another Point of View”) exhibition, “The World We Made.” The foundation conducts scholarship, education, welfare, academic research and support projects to resolve educational inequality and foster empathetic talent. Under the “apov project,” the T&C Foundation plans and operates exhibitions, conferences, and publications, leading an in-depth discourse on an empathetic society.

About PODO Museum
PODO Museum is located on the stunning Jeju Island just off the southern tip of South Korea. The museum itself is a destination, its architecture a nod to Korean minimalism sitting in the midst of natural wonder and beauty. Inside its walls, PODO Museum serves as a culture space and curates exhibits that lend to its mission of promoting diversity, equality, and ecological awareness. For its first exhibit, PODO Museum invited T&C Foundation, a foundation dedicated to educating children through culture, to hold “The World We Made” and “Käthe Schmidt Kollwitz — It is Spring, My Son” exhibitions. The exhibits will be on display until March 2022.

About Featured by Binance
Featured by Binance (Featured.Market) is a non-custodial, on-chain NFT platform incubated by Binance X, the innovation arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume. The platform runs on Binance Smart Chain and facilitates the full life cycle of NFTs for creators, brands, and their fans, including minting, marketing, distribution and secondary trading. Visit: https://www.featured.market/

Abe Chu
Featured by Binance
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The World We Made, an Exhibit in the PODO Museum

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Artworks by Ram Kumar, Jean Charlot and Jehangir Sabavala will be offered in Bruneau & Co.'s Aug. 19 online-only auction

Oil on canvas by Jean Charlot (Hawaii/Calif./Mexico, 1898-1979), depicting three round-faced children, signed (estimate: $7,000-$10,000).

Oil on canvas by Jean Charlot (Hawaii/Calif./Mexico, 1898-1979), depicting three round-faced children in an oval-shaped forested world, signed (estimate: $7,000-$10,000).

Abstract architectural oil painting by Ram Kumar (India, 1924-2018), depicting brown buildings against a vibrant blue sky, signed (estimate: $25,000-$35,000).

Abstract architectural oil painting by Ram Kumar (India, 1924-2018), depicting brown buildings against a vibrant blue sky from the opposite side of a river, signed (estimate: $25,000-$35,000).

Graphite on paper drawing by Jehangir Sabavala (India/France,1922-2011) depicting a nude male figure with soft facial features (estimate: $6,000-$9,000).

Graphite on paper drawing by Jehangir Sabavala (India/France,1922-2011) depicting a nude male figure with soft facial features and thick curly hair (estimate: $6,000-$9,000).

Large and ornate 19th century French figural cartel wall clock, 32 ½ inches tall by 21 inches wide (estimate: $3,000-$5,000).

Large and ornate 19th century French figural cartel wall clock, 32 ½ inches tall by 21 inches wide and housed in a gilded bronze case (estimate: $3,000-$5,000).

Natural Colombian trapiche emerald, unpolished with a vibrant green coloration (estimate: $3,000-$5,000).

Natural Colombian trapiche emerald, unpolished with a vibrant green coloration, weighing 25.5 grams (estimate: $3,000-$5,000).

Over 400 quality lots, from prominent estates and collections across New England, will be sold, at 6 pm Eastern time. Online bidding is on multiple platforms.

It’s exciting to see this assemblage of items from New England collections. From Indian artists to Jean Charlot and the amazing collection of mineral specimens, there's something for all collectors.”

— Kevin Bruneau

CRANSTON, RI, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Original oil on canvas paintings by Ram Kumar (India, 1924-2018) and Jean Charlot (Hawaii/Calif./Mexico, 1898-1979) will headline an online-only Summer Antiques & Fine Art estate auction slated for Thursday, August 19th, by Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers, beginning promptly at 6 pm Eastern time. Over 400 quality lots will come under the gavel.

The catalog is packed with paintings, decorative arts, furniture, jewelry, silver, Asian arts and collectibles, pulled from prominent estates and collections across New England. Internet bidding will be available on multiple platforms: LiveAuctioneers.com, Invaluable.com, Bidsquare.com, bidLIVE.Bruneauandco.com and the mobile app “Bruneau & Co.” on iTunes or GooglePlay.

“These online auctions have become a fixture for us throughout COVID-19,” said Travis Landry, a Bruneau & Co. auctioneer and the firm’s Director of Pop Culture. “Even though everyone is bidding from the comfort of their homes, it is a great learning experience for all involved to see antiques and collectibles, their value and how the market has changed throughout the last year.”

Kevin Bruneau, the company’s president and owner, added, “It’s very exciting to see this assemblage of items from New England collections. From the Indian artists to Jean Charlot and the amazing collection of mineral specimens, there is something for all collectors being offered.”

With a pre-sale estimate of $25,000-$35,000, the abstract architectural oil painting by India’s Ram Kumar is the sale’s expected top lot. Part of the artist’s Beneras series, the work depicts brown buildings against a vibrant blue sky from the opposite side of a river. It’s signed and dated (“Ram Kumar 07”) on verso and measures 36 inches by 24 inches (the canvas, minus the frame).

Kumar was a prolific artist and one of the most important abstract painters of modern India. He studied at the Sarada Ukil School of Art in New Delhi before traveling to Paris to study art under Andre Lhote and Fernard Leger. In 1969, Kumar traveled to the United States and Mexico on a Rockefeller Scholarship. Kumar's career has been highlighted by numerous solo exhibitions and retrospectives. His work is highly prized by collectors.

The oil painting by Jean Charlot is a whimsical figural illustration depicting three small, round-faced children wearing glasses and straw hats in an oval-shaped forested world, surrounded by colorful birds. The work is inscribed, signed and dated (“For H.F.D., Jean Charlot 1945”) and is housed in a 36 inch by 56 inch frame (estimate: $7,000-$10,000).

Charlot was born in France and studied at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris. After WWI, he moved to Mexico, where he befriended Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose Orozco, establishing himself within the Mexico City art scene. In 1947, he moved his family to Colorado to become head of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Art School. He then moved again, to Hawaii, where he continued to teach at the University of Hawaii.

A nude drawing by Jehangir Sabavala (India/France,1922-2011) depicts a sculpted male figure with soft facial features and thick curly hair. The graphite on paper work is signed and dated (“Sabavala Paris ‘48”) lower left corner, and measures 28 ½ inches by 12 ½ inches (sight, less frame). It’s from a collector in Texas and was purchased directly from the artist by the present owner's father in Mumbai in the 1960s (estimate: $6,000-$9,000).

Sabavala was born to an affluent Parsi family, earning a diploma in art at Mumbai's Sir J. J. School of Art in 1944. From there, Sabavala studied at the Heatherley School of Fine Art, Academie Andre Lhote, Academie Julian and the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere.

A large and ornate 19th century French figural cartel wall clock, the largest and highest-quality cartel clock Bruneau & Co. has ever offered, 32 ½ inches tall by 21 inches wide, carries a pre-sale estimate of $3,000-$5,000. The clock boasts a white face with Roman numeral numbering and is housed in a gilded bronze case decorated with acanthus leaves framing a bare breasted woman feeding birds while a putto reaches towards a rooster.

Rounding out just a few of the sale’s expected star lots, a natural Colombian trapiche emerald, unpolished with a vibrant green coloration, weighing 25.5 grams, should bring $3,000-$5,000. The stone comes directly from the collection of a Smithfield, R.I. estate.

Previews of all individual items will be available by appointment only, the week of auction. To schedule an appointment, call 401-533-9980; or, send an email to info@bruneauandco.com. The gallery is located at 63 Fourth Avenue in Cranston. All COVID-19 protocols will be enforced.

Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers is always accepting quality consignments for future auctions, with commissions as low as zero percent. Now would be a perfect time to clean out your attic. To contact Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers about consigning a single piece or an entire collection, you may send an e-mail to info@bruneauandco.com. Or, you can phone them at 401-533-9980.

To learn more about Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers and the Estates Fine Art & Antique auction planned for Thursday, August 19th, please visit www.bruneauandco.com. Updates posted often.

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