New Section 179 Tax Deduction Entices Woodworkers to Invest in Labor-saving CNC Factory Equipment

The Python XPR is a one-operator machine that reduces labor and is simple to operate–built in Santa Ana, CA by CNC Factory.

Deduct up to $1 million in equipment per Section 179 – ALL CNC Factory machines qualify

The Cabinet Shop will enjoy the tax savings on our 2019 tax return but we enjoy automating our production even more!”

— Curtis Urrutia, Owner of The Cabinet Shop

SANTA ANA, CA, USA, December 11, 2019 / — Cabinet and furniture makers can take up to $1 million in tax credits in 2019 with the new Section 179 tax deduction laws. In addition, they can write off 100% depreciation in the first year. Now when buying woodworking CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment for a business the full purchase price can be deducted from gross income – plus an extra 10% for the first year of depreciation.

“It's an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves,” Chris Corrales, Owner of CNC Factory says.

CNC Factory designs, builds and manufactures CNC machines in their Southern California facility. “This allows companies to buy their equipment before December 31, add the work capacity they need, while reaping the benefits of the tax savings,” Corrales explains. “Our one-operator Python XPR is a great example of how new technology allows companies to build more with less – quickly increasing production without adding manpower,” Corrales explains.

Curtis Urrutia, owner of The Cabinet Shop in Middleton, Idaho, uses the one-operator Python XPR to meet aggressive timelines every day. He also purchased the Badger Edgebander from CNC Factory, and will be taking advantage of the section 179 deductions. “We are growing quickly and the 179 tax incentives couldn’t have come at a better time. We needed CNC Factory’s six station edgebander to meet the demands of our customers and grow our capacity, fast!”

According to Corrales, the 2019 Python XPR is a game changer in the woodworking industry allowing woodshops of any size to benefit from:
1) automatic labeling and marking with post production instructions;
2) robotic arm to move materials from station to station; and 3) the ability to control the entire process with only one screen and one operator.

“I can’t tell you how many customers have thanked me for saving them so much time, making their shops run incredibly smoother, and making the new Python super-easy to operate,” Corrales says.

“The Cabinet Shop will enjoy the tax savings on our 2019 tax return but we enjoy automating our production even more!” Urrutia says.

To see the new Python XPR go to:

About CNC Factory
CNC Factory, Inc., located in Southern CA began 15 years ago as a one man business with a clear goal of helping company’s embrace CNC automation.

This vision is core to their legacy as CNC Factory designs and manufactures high precision CNC routers, dowel inserters, edgebanding and thermofoil 3D presses to meet urgent business needs of customers. At CNC Factory, providing the fastest, most accurate and dependable CNC Machines and supporting products is only the beginning of meeting customers’ needs. “We never leave customers all by themselves,” Owner Chris Corrales promises.

Power up your needs with CNC Factory and capture more opportunities within your market! 714-581-5999,, Visit the all new CNC Factory showroom, CNC University and CNC Factory corporate offices at: 4021West Chandler Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92704.

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Python XPR

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12 Week Entrepreneurial Course Successfully Graduates 16 Formerly impacted individuals

ReEntry Ventures Trenton 2019 Graduates

Class Rep Speech: Emmanuel Ross, Owner – AQ Lawn Care & Maintenance

Mayor Reed Gusciora with ReEntry Ventures Trenton 2019 Graduates

With 49,000 legal ways formerly incarcerated people are blocked from traditional employment, this course is a viable solution benefiting the entire community.

As a formerly incarcerated person, with very little prospects for employment, the Reentry Ventures course was just what I needed to begin to realize my dream of one day owning my own business”

— Emmanuel Ross

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2019 / — Tracey D. Syphax
Executive Director & Published Author
From the Block 2 the Boardroom, LLC
667 Martin Luther King Blvd., Trenton, NJ 08618

By: Tracey Syphax

12 Week Entrepreneurial Course Successfully Graduates 16 Formerly impacted individuals

On December 7, 2019 at Mercer County Community College in Trenton, NJ, 16 formerly impacted individuals graduated from an intense 12 week entrepreneurial workshop sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and the African American Chamber of Commerce of NJ. This workshop gives those that are rejected from normal hiring practices the chance to learn entrepreneurial skills. After the grueling 12 weeks, these future business leaders submitted their start up plans. Three of the students were selected to present power point presentations on their companies and they did not disappoint. From the tech start up company Slap Mobile to the medical training start up company Global Sterilization they showed why these type of programs work. 

“As a formerly incarcerated person, with very little prospects for employment, the Reentry Ventures course was just what I needed to begin to realize my dream of one day owning my own business.” – Emmanuel Ross Owner, AQ Lawn Care & Maintenance

      Reentry Ventures was launched in 2016 in partnership with From the Block to the Boardroom and Open for Business Ventures. Both companies shared the goal of helping returning citizens through entrepreneurship, development workshops and online support networks. With successful pilot programs launched in Washington. D.C. and Petersburg, Va., Reentry Ventures has been leading the charge for change and how we look at owners of start up businesses. Today 346 inmates at the Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C. are learning entrepreneurial skills using tablets with the Reentry Ventures online course created by CJ Meenan and Tracey Syphax. Collectively these two organizations value the benefits of creating revenue generating opportunities for formerly impacted individuals. Reentry Ventures entrepreneur workshop, models a smart on crime initiative, saves taxpayers money by reducing public charges post incarceration and also contributes to developing safer, economically viable communities. As a formerly impacted individual, Tracey Syphax is now the Executive Director of From The Block to The Boardroom LLC, a published author and dedicated advocate for criminal justice reform and smart on crime initiatives. CJ Meenan is a 30 year educator who has written several books on entrepreneurship. 
“One of the most important needs for those reentering society is securing a job. However, legal and practical barriers (49,000 collateral consequences, to be exact), routinely prevent them from accessing employment that earns a living wage and more over, avoids poverty. As the number of people going to prison has risen in our country, so has the number of people leaving prison. Facing insurmountable challenges, the unfortunate likelihood is that many will end up back in prison which is why we created Reentry Ventures.” ~ Tracey Syphax

     Mr. Syphax made history in 2011 as the first African American and formerly incarcerated individual to be named “Entrepreneur of the year” by the then 51 year old Princeton Chamber of Commerce. In 2014 out of a unprecedented 900 nominees through out the country Mr. Syphax was 1 of 12 White House “Champions of Change” for his work in Reentry & Employment. Mr Syphax was named one of 25 Most Influential African Americans in the State of New Jersey in 2016 by the South Jersey Journal and on December 22, 2018 outgoing former Governor Chris Christie gave Mr. Syphax a full pardon of his decades old criminal record.  

For interviews and more information contact; 609-989-0111,

Tracey Syphax
From the Block to the Boardroom
+1 609-209-3285
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Peter J. Burns III Is Singled Out as Entrepreneurship Expert on National Radio

Peter J. Burns III

Peter J. Burns III

Peter J. Burns III, founder of Burns Funding, was interviewed in early December on one of iHeart Radio’s highly respected syndicated radio shows.

I am what one might call a serial start-up entrepreneur. That means I like to come up with the concept, put it into business form and see if I can sell it to somebody. This is how it evolves for me.”

— Peter J. Burns III

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2019 / — Peter J. Burns III, founder of Burns Funding – a provider of alternative funding resources, was interviewed in early December on one of iHeart Radio’s highly respected syndicated radio shows, where he discussed his prolific career as a serial startup entrepreneur.
Burns, who has started more than 150 businesses in his many decades as an entrepreneur, told Jack Heath, a radio talk show host on iHeart Radio's "Movers and Shakers Show," about his journey as an entrepreneur, beginning when he was seven years of age right up through his latest venture centering on the development of group homes for the elderly. The interview can be heard here:
Dr. Deborah Osgood, the co-host of the show, noted how Burns has demonstrated the ability to “recognize a need and solve a problem.” Burns went on to elaborate that he is what he likes to call “a serial start-up entrepreneur.
“That means I like to come up with the concept, put it into business form and see if I can sell it to somebody. This is how it evolves for me.
“It is also sort of like your radio show, where you start on a track and make adjustments along the way. It is like that with a business, where you make modifications and adjustments, too. You may well find that the business concept has changed dramatically from the original concept. Its really about the process, or what I like to call, baking the entrepreneurial cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the correct proportions to make it work.”
Burns went on to add that he is “like the puzzle master. I can see the end game, before there even is a game. I can see the trends. Several decades ago, I brought mopeds to the U.S., which was the forerunner to eScooters. Twelve years ago, I introduced co-working space for entrepreneurs in Phoenix. Had I stayed with either one of those, I might have a couple Unicorns on my hands. But that’s not what I do.”
At least not until now. Today, Burns has added the people and infrastructure around his entrepreneurial engine in hopes of staying with the great ideas a bit longer to maximize his return. “That way, I can have the best of both worlds, maintaining the ultimate business model, while continuing to identify new verticals in that business.”
About Burns Funding
Burns Funding is an emerging aggregator of non-traditional tools for securing growth capital. Four of those tools, in particular, stand out.
First, Burns Funding has institutionalized the bridge funding process to help clients reduce credit card debt and obtain a higher credit score. This allows Burns Funding clients to secure more capital at remarkably low interest rates, in some cases as low as zero percent for an introductory period of 12-21 months.
Second, Burns Funding has pioneered the use of Cost Segregation to allow commercial real estate owners to generate capital (in the form of tax savings) based on a little-known IRS allowance. A cost segregation study identifies aspects of a property that can be placed on accelerated depreciation life cycles, typically resulting in huge tax savings for eligible property owners.
Third, Burns Funding offers a market in shelf corporations, which are business entities that are no longer being used because their assets have been sold, typically through acquisition. However, these corporations are still viable because they have exemplary credit records. While these entities typically range in cost from $5,000 to $10,000, their clean record can help clients secure lines of credit for growth.
Fourth, Burns Funding offers a blanket loan program, where through its prodigious lender network it can help entrepreneurs and investors consolidate many smaller loans into one blanket loan, typically at a lower interest rate, with considerably less maintenance. There are also cash-out opportunities with these loans, providing access to growth capital.

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Leather Canadian motorcycle license plate from 1907 brings CA$10,620 at Miller & Miller auction held Dec. 7th in Ontario

Ontario leather motorcycle license plate from 1907, one of only a few known, with original brass grommets and remnants of the original white paint on the numbers (CA$10,620).

1930s Orange Crush single-sided lithographed tin sign, Canadian, 59 inches by 35 inches, marked “C-12N – St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd., St. Thomas, Ont” (CA$5,959).

1898 French advertising poster for Cleveland Cycles (Toledo, Ohio), with artwork by Jean Pal de Paleologue, made just prior to the crash of the worldwide bicycle boom (CA$3,835).

1937 Canada Cycle & Motor Company “Flyte” bicycle – the rarest of all the CCM bicycles, an expensive-for-its-time model that ceased production in 1940 (CA$3,600).

All original Coca-Cola school zone sign with a policeman graphic, made in the United States and in excellent condition, with original hardware and virgin color and gloss (CA$3,540).

Also, an Orange Crush tin litho sign from the 1930s brought CA$5,959 at the Advertising & Historic Objects auction held online and in the New Hamburg gallery.

We had a ton of fun selling the stuff and collectors had fun buying. It was a positive, upbeat day in so many ways. The market is alive and well.”

— Ethan Miller

NEW HAMBURG, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 11, 2019 / — A leather motorcycle license plate from 1907 sold for $10,620 and an Orange Crush tin litho sign from the 1930s brought $5,959 at an Advertising & Historic Objects auction held December 7th by Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd., online and at the gallery in New Hamburg. Both were Canadian antiques. Prices quoted are in Canadian dollars.

The leather motorcycle plate, extremely rare, measured 6 ½ inches by 4 inches and was listed in the 1910 directory as issued to Walter H. Gurd, 185 Dundas Street in London, Ontario. The Orange Crush single-sided lithographed tin sign, a recent find, was 59 inches by 35 inches. It was marked “C-12N – St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd., St. Thomas, Ont” on the lower center edge.

“Two days before the sale we were contacted by a construction firm that had uncovered a layer of early tin Coca-Cola and Orange Crush signs behind the wall of a building that was slotted for demolition,” said Ethan Miller of Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd. “Among those signs was the Orange Crush. The energy in the room was already electric, but then it was totally bolstered.”

The auction featured the collection of John McKenty – the Canadian historian and author whose collection tells the story of the rise and fall of the Canada Cycle & Motor Company of Canada. Mr. McKenty gave a special presentation the Friday evening before the auction. He was once described as “Canada's premier authority to the community that collects anything CCM related.”

A 1937 Canada Cycle & Motor Company “Flyte” bicycle – the rarest of all the CCM bicycles, an expensive-for-its-time model that didn’t sell particularly well and ceased production in 1940 – sold for $3,600. The bike had an unusual fork and frame design and the original “Lucien Bicycle Service” dealer decals on the seat tube and down tube. It also had correct Dunlop chrome rims.

The McKenty collection featured CCM bicycles, advertising, sports memorabilia, catalogs, brochures, photographs and paper ephemera. “The literature performed especially well,” Mr. Miller said. “Results were strong, most on the high-side if not exceeding estimates. Such an offering of CCM memorabilia would be hard if not impossible to replicate anytime soon.”

The auction also contained other advertising items and signs, automobilia, sports memorabilia and historical ephemera, much of it Canadian in origin. In total, 589 lots crossed the auction block in a sale that grossed just over $280,000. “We had a ton of fun selling the stuff,” Mr. Miller remarked, “and collectors had fun buying. It was a positive, upbeat day in so many ways.”

Following are additional highlights from the auction, which attracted an audience of around 175 people live to the gallery. Another 391 folks placed a combined 6,087 bids online, via the Miller & Miller website ( and “The market is alive and well,” Mr. Miller said. All prices quoted here are inclusive of the buyer’s premium.

An 1898 French advertising poster for Cleveland Cycles, with superb artwork by Jean Pal de Paleologue, gaveled for $3,835. The poster was executed right before the crash of the worldwide bicycle boom. Also, an early CCM Automobile Skates sign from around 1910, 59 ¼ inches by 31 ¼ inches, advertising CCM’s foray into the manufacture and sale of skate blades, hit $2,655.

A tin litho Goodyear Service Station sign, made in America in the 1920s and impressive at 71 ½ inches by 24 inches, marked “American Art Works, Coschocton, O”, in the original painted wood frame, finished at $4,720. Also, a tin litho “Atom Jet” Japanese friction race car toy made by Yonezawa, the largest variant, marked “Atom Jet” and “No. 58” on the sides, made $3,900.

A group of 20 regimental military uniform buttons, mostly from the Civil War era, with many undug examples, the buttons marked on the rear, from the Horace Weed collection, sold as one lot for $6,000. Also, a 1950s-era Coca-Cola school zone sign with policeman graphic, made in the U.S. and in excellent condition, with original hardware and great color and gloss, hit $3,540.

A Butler Dawes Brewery black horse statue, 18 inches tall, plaster cast in the 1930s by famed Ontario sculptor Ross Butler (1907-1995), known for his butter sculptures at the Royal Winter Fair, fetched $3,540. Also, a purple Kawasaki KH400 Triple three-cylinder motorcycle showing just 10,401 actual miles on the odometer, VIN # S3F-39392, found a new owner for $3,835.

A Canadian 1923 Quebec Central Railway timetable in the original oak frame, 16 ¼ inches by 24 ¼ inches, originally displayed in rail stations on the Quebec Central Line, garnered $2,875; while an early visible gas pump, made in the 1920s, possibly Canadian but the maker unknown, used on the Zoeller farm (Wilmot Centre) during the mid-20th century, changed hands for $3,245.

Miller & Miller’s next big event is a Canadiana & Historic Objects auction planned for next year, on Saturday, February 8th, also online and in the New Hamburg gallery at 59 Webster Street. Quality consignments are currently being accepted for this auction. To inquire, call (519) 573-3710 or (519) 716-5606; or, you can send an email to

To learn more, please visit

# # # #

Ethan Miller
Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd.
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GoodLife Home Loans Helps Seniors Improve Cash Flow in 4 Steps

Reviewing Reverse Mortgage

Reviewing Reverse Mortgage

Many retirees struggle to cover expenses during retirement. Goodlife offers home equity conversion mortgages that allow seniors to access equity in their homes.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, USA, December 11, 2019 / — Many retirees struggle to cover all of their expenses during retirement. Goodlife Home Loans (“GoodLife”) offers home equity conversion mortgages (HECM Reverse Mortgages) that allow seniors to access the equity in their homes for an additional source of retirement funding.

Building substantial retirement savings is an essential part of financial planning. Unfortunately, many Americans have fallen behind in their ability to plan ahead for retirement. A survey by Nationwide Bank found that the average retirement savings for a retired older adult is just over $95,000 – well short of the often-recommended $1-1.5 million. This is why many retirees turn to alternative sources of funding when looking to supplement retirement expenses.

GoodLife Home Loans offers a reverse mortgage solution for eligible seniors who have substantial equity in their homes and are looking for ways to supplement their retirement income. A home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), often referred to as a reverse mortgage loan, is a way for retirees to access the equity in their homes while still continuing to live in the home. This type of loan may benefit seniors who wish to age in place rather than a costly retirement facility. GoodLife outlines the 4 Step Reverse Mortgage process retirees can follow for loan approval, summarized below.

1. Start with education
The first step to take when considering a reverse mortgage is to learn more about the topic. You can speak with a GoodLife expert who will help you assess whether you are eligible for a HECM loan. You can also read more about reverse mortgages and other aspects of the senior experience on GoodLife’s website.

2. Meet with an approved counselor
The FHA requires that all reverse mortgage applicants meet with a counselor who has been approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). During this meeting, seniors learn more details about the HECM program as well as how the loan may affect their heirs and revenue streams. They will also walk seniors through loan options that could help supplement retirement income if a HECM does not fit their specific situation.

3. Home appraisal and application
For your convenience, GoodLife offers an online calculator that can be filled out on their website. After filling out the calculator, seniors who meet the qualifications are contacted by a representative who will walk them through their options. An independent appraiser visits the retiree’s home to assess its value. This helps determine the size of the loan they may be eligible to receive.

4. Underwriting and Funding
GoodLife must confirm that the senior is the legal owner of the home. Any outstanding debts or liens related to the home are also assessed during this period and paid off with the proceeds. Once all aspects of the loan have been approved by GoodLife, retirees are permitted to close the loan and access their equity in any manner that makes sense for them. The senior tells GoodLife how they want to access their proceeds – either monthly, or in a lump sum, or a combination of the two.

Although relatively few seniors have saved enough to maintain their standard of living in retirement, many seniors do have substantial equity in their homes. The problem is how can a senior access this equity. That’s where lenders like GoodLife step in. A HECM loan can be a viable way for seniors to access some (not all) of their equity and use it to live a more comfortable retirement. For over 1 Million homeowners (since 1988), the reverse mortgage has helped seniors to live a happier retirement, with less stress.

About the Company

GoodLife Home Loans is a certified lender specializing in Reverse Mortgages and HECM loans. They help eligible seniors access a portion of equity in their homes so they can continue to live The GoodLife in Retirement. By improving their retirement cash flow with a reverse mortgage, seniors may be able to pay for day-to-day expenses that might otherwise be out of reach. You can visit them at to learn more.

GoodLife Home Loans
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FHA Announces 4 New Rules for Reverse Mortgages on Condos

Reverse Mortgage Condominium Changes

Reverse Mortgage Condominium Changes

Goodlife Home Loans can now offer its reverse mortgage loan services to owners of condominiums after changes to Federal Housing Administration guidelines.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, USA, December 11, 2019 / — Goodlife Home Loans (“GoodLife”), announces it can now offer its reverse mortgage loan services to owners of more types of condominiums after recent changes to Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guidelines.

A home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), often referred to as a reverse mortgage, can be difficult to obtain on condominiums. Historically, this product was geared toward eligible property owners of single-family detached homes. In fact, only 6.5% of condominium projects are approved by FHA, according to GoodLife Home Loans.

However, recent changes from the FHA have made it easier than ever for seniors to access a reverse mortgage. The FHA, which is overseen by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), introduced new changes in October, 2019, that will significantly increase the number of condo units that can be approved for reverse mortgage loans. The policy went into effect on October 15, 2019.

Goodlife, a well-known reverse mortgage provider, has recently released a guide to FHA changes, detailing the conditions that would-be loan applicants must satisfy in order to benefit from reverse mortgage proceeds. They report four (4) big changes that will have the greatest effect in expanding the pool of applicants who qualify, listed below.

1. Single unit approvals
Previously, an entire condominium project had to be FHA-approved in order for an owner of an individual unit to apply for a HECM loan. With the new regulation, the entire complex no longer needs to be FHA-approved. A “single unit” can now be eligible. However new rules also apply: the condo project must be completed and no more than 10% of units can be FHA-insured in complexes with more than 10 units (or no more than two FHA-insured units in complexes with few than 10). Still, these restrictions are less stringent than they were before.

2. Multi-use complex rule change
Multi-use complexes are a combination of residential and commercial spaces. The new FHA guidelines specify that non-residential space must be limited to 35% or less of the complex’s floor area. Previous regulations capped the percentage of non-residential floor area multi-use complexes could have at a much lower level. These “mixed use” types of properties are now more likely to be eligible for a reverse mortgage.

3. Owner occupancy ratio decrease
The past regulations, which were put in place after the 2008 financial crash, specified that 80% or more of the units in a condo complex must be owner-occupied in order for an individual condo to qualify for a HECM loan. Now, only 50% of units must be occupied by owners – and in some cases this rate can be as low as 35%. This means more people can qualify for a reverse mortgage even if the condo is not approved by FHA.

4. Insurance maximum increase
The last major change to FHA guidelines on HECM loans is an increase in the number of units it will insure in approved condo complexes. That number is now 50%. In addition to this change, recertification on condos has been changed to be once every three years – a one-year increase from the previous requirement. The whole purpose of these 4 positive changes is to help condo owners qualify for a reverse mortgage even if FHA did not approve the entire condo complex.

GoodLife has updated their own eligibility requirements for reverse mortgage applicants to match these newly expanded rules. This is good news for seniors who live in condominiums and are considering ways to supplement their retirement income.

About the Company

GoodLife Home loans is a certified Reverse Mortgage HECM lender that provides retirement solutions for retirees. They help eligible seniors tap into a portion of their home equity and convert it into loan proceeds in the form of cash, a line of credit, or monthly payments. These funds can be applied to retirement expenses that are necessary for maintaining a better retirement. You can learn more by visiting and downloading their GoodLife Guide, which is a comprehensive guide to reverse mortgage loans.

GoodLife Home Loans
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Corporate Renaissance Group Signs Distribution Agreement with IDU

Corporate Renaissance Group has announced it has finalized a distribution agreement with IDU, a corporate budgeting, forecasting and reporting software.

Quisitive (TSX:QUIS)

We're delighted to partner with an industry leader like CRGroup to extend our reach in North America and the Caribbean. ”

— Kevin Phillips, CEO of IDU

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, December 11, 2019 / — Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup), a Quisitive Company (TSXV:QUIS), has announced it has finalized a distribution agreement with IDU, a corporate budgeting, forecasting and reporting software.

IDU's flagship product, idu-Concept(TM), provides budgeting and financial reporting for medium-sized to enterprise businesses. idu-Concept has been named a leader in the budgeting and reporting category and a high performer in the Corporate Performance Management Categories of the G2 Crowd(TM) Fall 2019 Report, as well as being named one of the top financial planning applications by Gartner(R). idu-Concept was developed to eliminate barriers to reporting by allowing businesses to leverage existing systems and tools for extensive reporting and data visualizations.

The agreement grants CRGroup the right to market, sell and implement idu-Concept across North-Eastern United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

This partnership with IDU not only strengthens CRGroup's position in the FP&A transformative space but addresses a need in the marketplace for affordable budgeting software that leverages existing technical investments and data reporting platforms like Microsoft Power BI(TM), SQL(TM), and Azure(TM).

"We are very excited to strengthen the idu-Concept footprint in the North American and Caribbean markets," said Thomas Ironstone, Manager, CPM/BI at CRGroup. "Adding idu-Concept to CRGroup's toolset of CPM and FP&A solutions provides our customers with a powerful, affordable, flexible and secure system that leverages the Microsoft(R) platform – both on-premise and in the Cloud."

"We're delighted to partner with an industry leader like CRGroup to extend our reach in North America and the Caribbean," said Kevin Phillips, CEO of IDU. "idu-Concept is built on the values of increasing financial accountability, transparency and empowerment throughout an organization, said Kevin Phillips, CEO of IDU. "We enable non-financial managers to engage with budget, forecast and financial information in ways that make it easy to understand. The formalized partnership with CRGroup provides us access to enterprise businesses looking for a reliable cost-effective solution that fits within the terms of their IT strategy."

About IDU

IDU delivers top of class packaged budgeting, forecasting, performance management and reporting tools to simplify financial management. Our flagship product, idu-Concept, provides easy, effective budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting for medium-sized to large businesses. idu-Concept integrates easily with ERP software, but unlike more cumbersome offerings, idu-Concept can be implemented quickly, requires little or no ongoing consulting and reduces budgeting cycles from months to weeks. For more information on IDU, please visit

About CRGroup:

Since 1989, Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup), a Quisitive Company (TSXV: QUIS), has been delivering expert guidance and leading technology solutions to help organizations transform enterprise performance. With over 4,500 customers worldwide, CRGroup has established itself with expertise in business management, financial management, consulting and software development. Working with its technology partners such as Microsoft, Board, Adaptive Insights, Tableau, IDU and Atlassian, CRGroup delivers solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Office 365 (O365), Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Business Intelligence (BI). These solutions and more cover the full business spectrum, consistent with CRGroup's Level 7(TM) Framework. To learn more about CRGroup, visit

About Quisitive:

A premier Microsoft solutions provider, Quisitive empowers enterprises to skillfully navigate the ever-changing technology landscape through the utilization of Microsoft cloud technology including Microsoft Azure, Dynamics and Office 365.

Named the 2019 Microsoft U.S. Country Partner of the Year for demonstrated excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft cloud technology, Quisitive is uniquely poised to help businesses harness the power of the cloud.

Quisitive combines technical expertise, internal Independent software vendor capabilities and proprietary SaaS solutions, such as CRG emPerform (TM) and LedgerPay to create impactful solutions that drive transformation for their clients. Whether it's moving to the Microsoft cloud, understanding the implications of operating in the cloud, or pushing the boundaries of cloud innovation, Quisitive offers a variety of services that can be implemented individually or layered to create a unique solution to fit an organization's specific needs.

Quisitive is comprised of experienced Microsoft partner leaders and technologists who share a deep understanding of market needs and the appropriate application of Microsoft cloud technology. The company's expertise and focus are on helping industries such as financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail, drive innovation using Microsoft cloud-based technologies.

Natalie Trudel
Corporate Renaissance Group
+1 6132324295
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Executive Search Firm Launches Early Stage Venture Fund

Cowen Partners Executive Search Launches Venture Fund in 2020

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2019 / — Cowen Partners founders Shawn Cole and Ash Wendt build things. Both are serial entrepreneurs who met each other while employed as recruiters. Soon after, they launched Cowen Partners, which has quickly become one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading executive search and consulting firms. Clients range from startups backed by venture capital to Fortune 100 public companies. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite and include director and manager level leadership roles. Cowen Partners has particular expertise in finding highly qualified CFO’s and building world class sales teams.

Their next project is a new venture capital fund, dubbed the Cowen Partners Venture Fund, that will focus solely on seed funding and early stage startups in the Pacific Northwest. Besides being successful entrepreneurs themselves, Cowen Partners has vast experience in identifying the core strengths and skills that provide effective leadership for venture capital and portfolio investment companies.

“This is really exciting for us and frankly makes a lot of sense. We have the capital to invest, have access to a large network of talented and successful people, and work with a lot of venture backed clients.” Shawn Cole, President

The Cowen Partners Venture Fund has raised an undisclosed amount of money and is derived almost entirely from company and personal contributions of its Founders, Shawn Cole and Ash Wendt. According to Cole, it is small by design.

Cole shares, “The fund is intentionally small because let’s face it, this isn’t our day job. The capital is almost entirely made up of investments from the company and its founders, not endowments and pension funds. We only partner with a select group of community organizations so we can really get involved and identify potential investment opportunities early on.”

Focusing almost entirely on niche markets, community businesses, and minority entrepreneurs, Wendt refers to their investments as an experiment.

Wendt states, “The Cowen Partners Venture Fund is part community and part experiment. The concept is to bring together our existing network of successful founders and operators who have built companies from the ground up. The goal is to come together, pool capital, networks and expertise to support the next generation.”

Both Cole and Wendt are looking forward to giving back to their local business community, inspiring like-minded entrepreneurs to reach their true potential with the necessary resources and support.

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Cowen Partners
Cowen Partners is a national executive search and consulting firm. Our clients are both small and large, publicly traded, private, and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically $50 million to multi-billion dollar revenue Fortune 100 companies or have assets between $500 million to $15 billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite and include director and manager level leadership roles.

In addition to executive search, Cowen Partners Consulting offers CEO succession planning and CFO consulting for middle market companies on an interim, project, and fractional basis. CFO consultants provide forecasting, financial cashflow, treasury, software implementation, and M & A services. Cowen Partners maintains a multimillion dollar payroll service for even the largest of client consulting and staffing engagements.

With our proven processes and guaranteed results, we have successfully placed hundreds of candidates in industries including technology, commercial real estate, healthcare, financial services, sales and finance.

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Fueled Stands Still Among the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies at GoodFirms

Top Mobile App Development Companies

Top Mobile App Development Companies



At GoodFirms, Fueled stands out in the list of top app development companies for its ability to deliver award-winning mobile applications.

Fueled has been acknowledged for offering latest cutting edge mobile applications for emerging businesses and enterprises.”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2019 / — Fueled is a trusted app development agency for developing and designing unique and attractive mobile apps for different platforms like Android and iOS. It has eventually set a benchmark in providing outstanding services to various sectors of industries. Presently, Fueled has nailed its position among the Top Mobile App Development Companies globally at GoodFirms for delivering excellent customized apps that harmonize different client needs.

Internationally, recognized GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform. Its main objective is to assist the service seekers in associating them to find the perfect partners. GoodFirms analyst team conducts a profound assessment following a strict research process.

The research process includes three main key factors that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Each element is sub-divided into several parameters, such as identifying the complete background of every firm, years of experience they obtain in their proficiency area, strong market penetration and client reviews.

Further, focusing on an overall assessment, each agency is provided with a score that is out of a total of 60. Thus, considering these points, all the service providers are indexed in the catalog of top companies as per their categories.

Fueled is a reputed and award-winning mobile app solution provider situated with headquarters in New York. It was founded in 2007 with an enthusiastic team of professionals that are highly skilled and well-versed with the latest trends in the IT industry.

Fueled has been building digital products for clients related to various sectors of industries from Fortune 10s like Apple and Google to unicorn start-ups like Warby Parker and QuizUp. Fueled has also won app of the year from Apple, and the products have processed over $10 billion transactions.

According to GoodFirms research, Fueled has also secured a position in the list of Top App Designers in the United States for emphasizing quality UI/UX services for enhancing user experience.

Take a Look at the Couple of Client Reviews Received by Fueled:

Fueled was brought in as a dev team on a high profile mobile project. Together we delivered native apps for iOS and Android. The team was organized and easily able to assume a leadership role across several vendors on the project. The timeline was fixed and the scope was non-negotiable. I trusted my team as SMEs and was impressed with their ability to remain Agile on a project with so many fixed constraints. – Ryan Schwartz, Sr. Mgr – Mobile Applications at Alterra Mountain Company

Overall we had a great experience with Fueled. The app was completed on time and with the budget that was originally stated. The project was well managed from beginning to end, and the final product looked quite nice for an MVP. (Other people with experience seeing typical MVP products told us this.) Also, when an issue was identified after the project was completed, Fueled fixed the issue at no cost and in a reasonable time frame. – David Wender

About Fueled:

Fueled is a reliable digital transformation company based in New York. It offers the finest application development services for start-ups and fortune 500 companies. Fueled has certified professionals that deliver outstanding solutions to keep their clients ahead of their competitors. Fueled dedicated team specializes in iPhone Apps, Android Apps, product design, Product development, Web Design, venture capital, Digital Product, UI/UX, Technology, Start-up, Enterprise, Consumer products, and Co-working.

About GoodFirms:

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient mobile app development companies that deliver results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

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Living Well Disability Services Increases Wages Above Industry Standards

Direct Support Professional Jade sits in the grass with Sheila who loves being outside in the sun

DSP Jade’s daily support gives Sheila C. independence & dignity

Orange and Blue lettering of Living Well Disabilities Logo with "transforming lives" beneath

Living Well Disability Services’ Logo

Despite staffing challenges in the field, local non-profit makes investment in employees

We must do all that we can to recognize the impact of the essential services provided by Direct Support Professionals. Individuals with disabilities are important members of our communities.”

— Julie Manworren

Contact: Julie Manworren, President & CEO
Phone: 651.688.8808

Living Well Disability Services Increases Wages Above Industry Standards
Despite staffing challenges in the field, local non-profit makes investment in employees

[Mendota Heights, MN, December 4, 2019] —Minnesota Governor Tim Walz spent a day in the life of a Personal Care Assistant, November 22nd to bring attention to the overwhelming shortage of direct care workers and resulting crisis in Minnesota. While clearly the rewards of working as a Direct Support Professional aren’t always monetary, like any other employee, Direct Support Professionals must pay their bills.

Despite an inadequate State reimbursement rate, the board of directors and leadership of Living Well Disability Services recently increased its hourly rate of pay for new hires from $12 to $13.25/hour and raised the hourly rate of pay for tenured Direct Support Professionals. Comprehensive training and employee benefits are also provided.

Living Well Disability Services is a nonprofit organization that provides exceptional services that transform the lives of people impacted by disabilities. Living Well Disability Services is particularly well known for supporting people who have complex medical conditions, in addition to cognitive disabilities. It employs 550 employees.

Julie Manworren, President and CEO of Living Well Disability Services said, “Our remarkable Direct Support Professional employees transform the lives of people who need 24/7 support in order to stay alive and engage in life. Sadly, the profound value of Direct Support Professionals’ work is not adequately reflected in the state’s payment system.”

Though many similar organizations in the field start at a dollar less per hour, Pat Connelly, Director of Human Resources said, “We prioritized this significant commitment to the staff who are the heart and soul of our mission.” The raise resulted in many meaningful improvements for the staff. One employee said that prior to the raise she could not qualify for a decent apartment. After the increase, she qualified and now lives in her new home.

Living Well Disability Services is in its 47th year of operations and provides care through its 34 homes, and in individual’s own homes, located in neighborhoods throughout the greater metro area. Living Well Disability Services is recognized as a Top Workplace by the Star Tribune.

Julie Manworren encouraged all Minnesotans to speak up and demand higher wages for professionals who provide care and support for individuals living with disabilities. “We must do all that we can to recognize the impact of their essential service. Individuals with disabilities are important members of our communities.” Reach out to Governor Walz and your legislators now and tell them why the wages for professionals who care and support people with disabilities matters. Click here to get more information Please join us in supporting these extraordinary professionals who transform lives every day.


Julie Manworren
Living Well Disability Services
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