The Fazzaco Magazine – September 2021 (ONLINE EDITION) Is Here

The Fazzaco Magazine – September 2021

Cover Story – September 2021

CYPRUS, September 18, 2021 / — Other than the first printed issue, the online version of Fazzaco still continues!

The September issue of Fazzaco Magazine (online edition), a full record of the most noteworthy industry news, reports and expert insights in August, is now available on Fazzaco's web, mobile web, and App.

As always, we also interviewed multiple top-level executives of well-known brands in the industry in addition to the timely coverage of important news and trading metrics.

Here is a synopsis of the September issue.

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– Brokers and Sponsorship: News, Research and Analysis

– Main Label vs. White Label: What Makes A Choice the Right Choice?

– Exclusive Interview with Joy Li, Gold-i's Head of Business Development for APAC

– Forex Expo 2021, A Global B2B Event in the Forex Industry is Coming Back to Cyprus

– Usain Bolt Partners with Ava Trade as Brand Ambassador

– Institutional FX Trading Volumes Shows Slight Decrease in July 2021

– CySEC Cautions against Indian Imposter Website


And we are glad to announce our partnership with Qube Events, a cutting-dege international events company. Qube Events is going to launch a Vision Forex Forum on Nov. 17th-18th.

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As a high-quality source of information, the innovative Fazzaco App registered an all-time high in downloads in the previous two months. Furthermore, Fazzao has recently partnered with BrokersShow and Forexway to help promote brands globally.

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Dominic Kosteris Teaches Investors around Chicago the Art of BRRRR

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2021 / — Investing in real estate always comes with a fair amount of risk. However, the payouts can also be very large if the investor has the know-how and good timing. Investing in houses with the intention of flipping them can have a large potential for profit, though expenses and risks can sometimes be equally as high. Savvy investors always seek methods that reduce risk and increase profits. The BRRRR method is very safe compared to other forms of investing and can be used by anyone with a steady income. It is a very effective way to grow your wealth with limited downside risk and huge potential returns.

Dominic Kosteris has made it his mission to help people get ahead financially using the BRRRR strategy and has made a lot of money and continues to make more through smart investments while showing others how they too can use this useful tool.

What Is BRRRR Investing?

BBRRR stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. Just like you would expect, the BRRRR investing method involves buying a property, rehabbing it, renting it out, and refinancing. The process begins immediately upon purchase of the property.

B- Buy. I was fortunate to buy a house undervalued for 50k. I bought it outright with my retirement funds.
R- Rehab. I accessed an extra 5k for rehab that included paint, finish hardwood floors, and fix broken windows.
R- Rent. I rented it for $1,400
R- Refinance- I do business with a credit union. They appraised the unit for 90k and gave me a loan for 67.5K. I repaid my retirement savings. With the extra 12k that I made, I used that to buy another unit by putting down the required 20%
R- Repeat- I'm on the prowl for another house that's undervalued now that I have my retirement funds reimbursed.

The entire goal is to do this over and over again while growing your passive income.
While most investors get excited about the idea of flipping houses for huge returns, there can be some difficulties involved with this process. Flipping properties is not for everyone if you are uncomfortable with putting time and money into a project. It also involves a lot of risks because you must buy low, renovate high and then sell higher. There are times when the sale will fall through, and your plans will have to be altered, which can cost you more in opportunities than you can afford.

The BRRRR Method and Rental Properties

Dominic Kosteris started by explaining that there are so many similarities between buying stocks or real estate and let's face it – real estate investment offers a lot more "bang for your buck." It is a great way to build wealth, and it also offers a lot of flexibility. There is a lot less risk involved in investing in real estate, and it has the potential to offer huge returns when done correctly.

How does the BRRRR method work?

This technique works really well if you are looking into investing in real estate where you buy an investment property at a low price and rent it out to tenants for income via your bank account or with another person's bank account while waiting for the value of the house to go up so it can be sold for more money than purchasing costs.

Dominic Kosteris made a fortune exploiting the BRRRR strategy. His latest acquisition was a 3 bedroom 1 and a half bath property he purchased for 50 thousand dollars total, including repairs and purchase price. He started rented it for $1400 and also took out loans against his retirement fund to finance this project, spending 56 thousand in all on the construction, of which 75% was financed by credit union lending institution, allowing him to reap maximum profit while minimizing risks through clever financial management skills.
Dominic Kosteris used the money from his credit union to buy a house in his neighborhood. He then put down 20% of the cost required by FHA and saved himself on interest payments for years! He then collected rent from the renter, and he continued to save hundreds of dollars on interest for years.

Dominic Kosteris found an ingenious way around that pesky rule about not being able to get an investment loan with Federal Housing Administration financing when he bought a home just like everybody else- but instead of taking out a mortgage, Dominic paid cash upfront using funds given by the Credit Union. He used the money from this refinance to buy more rental properties using the BRRRR strategy. Not only did he save on interest payments, but he also acquired a pretty sweet deal for himself.

However, the BRRRR method is a great way to secure real estate and get ahead! It can be a great way to get started in real estate investing without having your life savings tied up.


The BRRRR method is one of the most popular ways to start real estate investing without draining your savings. It may not always be an easy way, but it can prove profitable in the end if you are willing to put in a little bit of work upfront.

Dominic Kosteris has recently been featured on Inspirery and Dotcom Magazine. For more information, visit

Dominic Kosteris
Kosteris Real Estate
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Savhera is a premium social impact wellness company providing dignified employment to trafficking survivors.

Savhera and NYC-based anti-trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom co-host a mixed media exhibition supporting survivors of human trafficking.

At Savhera, we observe the resilience of survivors every single day. We are excited for the community to get to experience it, too, at The Art of Freedom!”

— Vanessa Bouché, Founder + CEO

PLANO, TX, USA, September 17, 2021 / — Savhera PBC, a premium social impact wellness brand that provides economic empowerment to trafficking survivors, has partnered with Beauty for Freedom to host a mixed-media exhibit–The Art of Freedom–that supports survivors of human trafficking.

“At Savhera, we observe the resilience of survivors every single day. We are excited for the community to get to experience it, too, at The Art of Freedom!” said Vanessa Bouché, Founder + CEO of Savhera.

In 2020, Beauty for Freedom partnered with local DFW anti-trafficking non-profits UnBound North Texas, Traffick 911, and Valiant Hearts to provide art therapy to the survivors they serve. The result was a collection of empowering artwork which will be showcased at the event. 100% of the sales of the survivor artwork will go directly to them.

The exhibit will also feature artwork by local Dallas artists Not.Travis and ThanxZoe. A percentage of the sales from the professional artists will be donated to participating anti-trafficking organizations.

“Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and sensationalization about trafficking. What gets lost is the encouraging and hopeful stories about the strength, courage, and tenacity of the overcomers. This event is a celebration of new beginnings, of healing, of rebirth,” said Bouché.

The event will be held on Tuesday, September 28th, 6-9 pm with a private press preview from 4-6 pm at The Gallery at the Legacy in Plano.

Savhera PBC
Savhera Press
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Roche Freedman Announces the Filing of a Class Action Against CorMedix, Inc., and Certain Officers – CRMD

CorMedix, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRMD)

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Roche Freedman LLP announces that a class action lawsuit has been filed against CorMedix, Inc. (“CorMedix” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: CRMD) and certain of its officers. The class action, filed in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, and docketed under 21-cv-16855, is on behalf of an expanded class consisting of all persons and entities other than Defendants that purchased or otherwise acquired CorMedix securities between October 16, 2019 and May 13, 2021, both dates inclusive (the “Expanded Class Period”), seeking to recover damages caused by Defendants’ violations of the federal securities laws and to pursue remedies under §§ 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) and Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder, against the Company and certain of its top officials.

If you are a shareholder who purchased CorMedix securities during the Expanded Class Period, you have until September 20, 2021 to ask the Court to appoint you as Lead Plaintiff for the class. To discuss this action and/or obtain a copy of the Complaint, contact Ivy T. Ngo at or 646-392-8842. Those who inquire by e-mail are encouraged to include their mailing address, telephone number, and the number of shares purchased.

CorMedix is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing and commercializing therapeutic products for the prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases in the U.S. and internationally. The Company is focused on developing its lead product candidate, DefenCath, a purported novel antibacterial and antifungal solution designed to prevent costly and dangerous catheter-related bloodstream infections (“CRBSIs”). DefenCath has been available in Europe and the Middle East under the brand name Neutrolin since 2013.

In the U.S., CorMedix completed Phase 3 of clinical development of DefenCath in July 2019 and finally appeared ready to submit a New Drug Application (“NDA”) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for approval, including its manufacturing information, on October 16, 2019. That day, the first day of the Class Period, the Company announced that “[t]he FDA was supportive of Neutrolin’s proposed manufacturing program, including the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), the container closure and testing, and indicated that it will conduct a thorough review of all of the CMC [“Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control”] information as well as assess the commercial readiness of the various manufacturing facilities at the time of NDA filing” and that “[n]o further CMC meetings with FDA [we]re planned prior to NDA submission.”

In February 2020, CorMedix began its rolling submission of its NDA for DefenCath as a catheter lock solution with an initial indication for use of preventing CRBSIs in patients with end-stage renal disease who are receiving hemodialysis via a central venous catheter. The NDA submission was completed in July 2020.

The complaint alleges that, throughout the Expanded Class Period, Defendants made materially false and/or misleading statements, as well as failed to disclose material adverse facts about the Company’s business, operations, and prospects. Specifically, Defendants failed to disclose to investors: (i) deficiencies existed with respect to DefenCath’s manufacturing process and/or at the facility responsible for manufacturing DefenCath; (ii) in light of the foregoing deficiencies, the FDA was unlikely to approve the DefenCath NDA for CRBSIs in its present form; (iii) Defendants had downplayed the true scope of the deficiencies with DefenCath’s manufacturing process and/or at the facility responsible for manufacturing DefenCath; and (iv) as a result, the Company’s public statements were materially false and misleading at all relevant times.

On March 1, 2021, CorMedix issued a press release “announc[ing] that the [FDA] cannot approve the [NDA] for DefenCath . . . in its present form.” CorMedix informed investors that the “FDA noted concerns at the third-party manufacturing facility after a review of records requested by FDA and provided by the manufacturing facility”; that the “FDA did not specify the issues and CorMedix intends to work with the manufacturing facility to develop a plan for resolution when FDA informs the facility of the specific concerns”; that, “[w]hen we are informed of the issues, we will schedule an investor conference call to provide an update on our expected timeline for resolution”; and that, “[a]dditionally, FDA is requiring a manual extraction study to demonstrate that the labeled volume can be consistently withdrawn from the vials despite an existing in-process control to demonstrate fill volume within specifications.”

On this news, CorMedix’s stock price fell $5.98 per share, or 39.87%, to close at $9.02 per share on March 1, 2021.

Then, on April 14, 2021, Defendants announced that CorMedix would have to take additional steps to meet the FDA’s requirements for DefenCath’s manufacturing process, including “[a]ddressing FDA’s concerns regarding the qualification of the filling operation [that] may necessitate adjustments in the process and generation of additional data on operating parameters for manufacture of DefenCath.”

On this news, CorMedix’s stock price fell $1.44 per share, or 15.37%, to close at $7.93 per share on April 14, 2021.

Finally, on May 13, 2021, CorMedix announced that “[b]ased on our analyses, we have concluded that additional process qualification will be needed with subsequent validation to address the deficiencies identified by FDA.” After an analyst pressed for clearer information on DefenCath’s manufacturing deficiencies on a conference call held that same day, Defendant Phoebe Mounts, CorMedix’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel, finally disclosed, inter alia, that “there are times when there may be unexpected results obtained”; that the FDA “expect[s] us to generate sufficient data to demonstrate that[ the filling] process is a controlled process and is consistent with the agency’s requirements for good manufacturing practice”; that “sterility is a very important part of that process,” as well as “the accuracy in making sure the right volume of DEFENCATH is loaded into the vials”; that “we are talking about thousands of vials during the manufacturing run”; that Defendant must “generat[e] of a lot of data to make sure that . . . all the equipment has been qualified for the intended use and every step in the manufacturing process has been qualified”; that “th[e] process needs to be very robust, [and] needs to be reproducible”; and that “the burden is on the manufacturer to demonstrate that the facility can do that process reducibly and generate the required product for commercial distribution.”

On this news, CorMedix’s stock price fell $1.51 per share, or 19.97%, to close at $6.05 per share on May 14, 2021.

About Roche Freedman LLP

Founded in 2019, Roche Freedman LLP is a national law firm comprised of innovative and tech savvy attorneys with stellar credentials. With experience from some of the most prestigious litigation firms in the country, RF's legal team has a successful and decades-long track record of consistently achieving outstanding results in high-stakes and notable disputes on behalf of sophisticated clients. RF's legal team has extensive experience litigating complex commercial securities, antitrust, class action and derivative matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of industries. RF couples a unique brand of creative thinking and technical expertise with well-balanced aggressive advocacy to achieve impressive results in complex, high value, and class action matters. As the firm continues to grow, it has focused on building a diverse attorney pool with cross-functional expertise.

Ivy T. Ngo
Roche Freedman LLP
+1 646-876-3568

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Local Entrepreneur Forms A+R Investment Holdings to Make Local Northern Michigan Investments

A+R Investment Holdings Logo

A+R Investment Holdings

I see tremendous potential with such diverse business & industry in the area. When I began looking at new business and investment opportunities, I couldn’t think of a better place to begin my search.”

— Rachel Ray, Founder and CEO

TRAVERSE CITY, MI, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Local entrepreneur and Interlochen resident Rachel Ray has formed her new enterprise A+R Investment Holdings, LLC (“A+R”) in Traverse City, MI. This Michigan native has identified and is currently reviewing many small business opportunities within this region of the state. She formed A+R to take advantage of these opportunities to grow her enterprise and put more economic drivers back into the local economy. “As I move around the region, I see tremendous potential with such diverse business and industry in the area,” states Founder and CEO Rachel Ray. “I love Michigan, it’s my home, and when I began looking at new business and investment opportunities, I couldn’t think of a better place to begin my search.”

When created, along with a regional focus, A+R designated areas with which to seek business investments that cover a wide range of industries in which the group’s collective experiences and skill sets intersect. Those current industries of interest include, but certainly are not limited to existing operations in food service, consumer products and services, real estate and wholesale manufacturing and distribution. In addition, A+R will be looking to develop and grow new businesses in the area from the ground up and is currently developing several potential brands for launch in late 2021 or early 2022. “First and foremost, our objective with the company is to build a robust and diverse portfolio of companies that will drive greater economic development throughout the region,” states Ray. “With so much loss during the preceding two years of a global pandemic, the opportunities to grow sustainable operations are available now, and it is my hope that Northern Michigan gets to participate in the inevitable growth to take place.”


A+R Investment Holdings, LLC, founded in 2021 by CEO Rachel Ray, is a strategic investment company designed to make investments in, and operate small businesses principally in Northern Michigan as well as seeking to develop and grow new brands nationally. For more information go to


Trevor Gordon
A+R Investment Holdings, LLC
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Quadrant Biosciences to Offer Affordable Clarifi COVID-19 Testing to Businesses

To help meet the new federal government testing mandate, Quadrant Biosciences is offering affordable COVID testing to businesses throughout NYS.

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, September 17, 2021 / — Quadrant Biosciences Inc., a developer of molecular diagnostic tools, announced today that they will offer New York businesses with 100 or more employees affordable, weekly COVID testing to help meet new testing mandates that were announced by the federal government this week.

The company’s Clarifi COVID-19 Test, developed in partnership with SUNY Upstate Medical University ("SUNY Upstate"), is a non-invasive, and easy to administer saliva swab test, and one of the few saliva tests to have received FDA emergency use authorization for pooled testing. Moreover, with a limit of detection (“LOD”) of as few as 600 copies of the SARS-CoV-2 virus per mL, the Clarifi COVID-19 test is the most sensitive saliva test currently on the market as referenced by the Food and Drug Administration¹.

The federal government recently announced that the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is developing a rule that will require all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated, or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a weekly negative test result.

To date, Quadrant’s Clarifi COVID-19 pooled testing program has been successfully adopted by numerous universities, K-12 schools, and government agencies. Recognizing that many private businesses across New York state, as well as the country, may need to quickly implement a testing program to satisfy this impending mandate, Quadrant is now offering its comprehensive and affordable testing solution to businesses. In addition to providing the test kits, the Clarifi COVID-19 testing program includes lab processing, result access via custom web app, training materials, and an account mentor to walk you through the onboarding process.

The Clarifi COVID-19 Saliva Test is authorized for self-collection, so employers and employees can easily test on-site, with test results being delivered within 24-48 hours of samples arriving at Quadrant’s lab. Employees, as well as designated “Organization Managers” for the company, will be able to quickly access results via an exclusive web app and make informed decisions should a positive case arise.

To learn more about COVID workplace testing, visit or request more information by completing a COVID request form.

About Quadrant Biosciences
Quadrant Biosciences is a life science company developing molecular diagnostic solutions for large-scale health issues. The company has entered into collaborative research relationships with a number of institutions including SUNY Upstate Medical University and Penn State University to explore and develop novel biomarker technologies with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder, concussion, and Parkinson's disease. Recently, it has leveraged its expertise in RNA analysis to address the Covid-19 pandemic. Quadrant participates in the Start-up NY program, a New York State economic development program. For more information about Quadrant, please visit

The Clarifi COVID-19 Test Kit has not been FDA cleared or approved. It has been authorized by the FDA under an emergency use authorization for use by authorized laboratories that are certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), 42 U.S.C. §263a, and meet requirements to perform high-complexity tests. Clarifi COVID-19 has been authorized only for the detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2, not for any other viruses or pathogens, and is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of in vitro diagnostic tests for detection and/or diagnosis of COVID-19 under Section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1), unless the authorization is terminated or revoked sooner.

David MacLean
Quadrant Biosciences Inc
+1 585-415-6684
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Delicia Gunn’s New Venture HEMPSULATION Challenges Construction Industry to Take Bigger Steps to Reduce Carbon Footprint


WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Delicia Gunn, President and CEO of Indigo Engineered, celebrated the launch of her new venture, HEMPSULATION LLC, and trademark approval of its debut product, HEMPSULATION®, a sustainable building insulation for commercial and residential use. The non-toxic, negative carbon footprint building material offers thermal, environmental and health benefits surpassing mineral wool, fiberglass, rockwool and other synthetic building insulation products.

Gunn, a mechanical engineer and advocate for sustainable infrastructure development, challenges consumers to get educated about the benefits of hemp derived insulation and for the construction industry to do better when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

“What’s behind your walls matters,” said Gunn during the trademark and launch celebration held on Wednesday night at The Showroom in Washington, DC. “Choosing a carbon-free building insulation not only affects your individual health, it impacts the health of the globe. Reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint is key to reducing climate change.”

The construction industry is the largest carbon dioxide contributor of all industries. It produces 38% of today’s global carbon emissions, of which 10% are attributed to construction materials made from steel, concrete and glass – common ingredients in traditional insulation products. Traditional building insulation adds up to 50 years of carbon emissions to a building’s carbon footprint.

“HEMPSULATION®, Makes it Easier for the Construction Industry to Commit to Carbon-Free Building,” said Gunn.

Gunn’s product aligns with commercial industry trends towards innovations that enhance building efficiency, combat material shortages and accommodate ongoing demands for sustainable, disaster-resistant, and healthy construction while ensuring short and long-term financial benefits.
“Hemp insulation outperforms most traditional insulation with an R-value that increases over time rather than eroding over time,” said Gunn.

Hemp insulation is natural, recyclable, resistant to pests, and non-irritating to the skin and lungs. Hemp fiber is breathable, and acts as a filter for condensation, slowly dissipating any moisture which prevents mold.

“If you experience water damage from something like a pipe leak, you could literally remove, dry and replace the insulation in the wall,” said Gunn.
Architects, builders, investors, real estate developers, housing authority officials and other industry influencers had a chance to experience HEMPSULATION® in a unique setting as part of the trademark and launch party. The boho chic decor featured lounges, bars and displays with exposed wall and ceiling activations that gave guests a chance to see, touch and manipulate the insulation within the wall framing.

Brand Ambassador and urban jazz harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet — who received national and international media attention for the innovative way he transformed his gutted out property into an innovative performance space during the early days of COVID — performed and spoke to guests about his plans to use the product in his home renovation.

“I struggled with asthma growing up so the non-toxic and anti-mold properties of the insulation made installing it in our property a ‘no-brainer.’ Layer on the fact it can lower my monthly utility bills and increase the overall value of my home? I’d say ‘this is the house that hemp built!’”

For information about HEMPSULATION® visit:


Hempsulation LLC is a small, black woman-owned business based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to reduce climate change by offering building insulation products made from industrial hemp that reduce the built environment carbon footprint. It’s debut product, HEMPSULATION®, is a non-toxic insulation with a negative carbon footprint. It offers thermal, environmental and health benefits surpassing mineral wool, fiberglass, rockwool and other synthetic building insulation products.


Delicia Gunn is a mechanical engineer and Founder and CEO of Indigo Engineered, an engineering firm committed to sustainable infrastructure development. A native of Baton Rouge, LA, Gunn’s interest in environment and human health issues was inspired when a childhood friend was diagnosed with cancer attributable to environmental toxins. Her mission is to promote policies that support sustainable infrastructure development globally. Gunn’s new venture, HEMPSULATION LLC, will position her to develop and support construction products that improve the health of individuals and the earth. Gunn has worked with clients on major projects including the The Smithsonian, DC Sustainable Energy Utility, DC Water, DC Convention Center Authority, DC USA Mall, The Wharf, Architect of the Capitol, City of New Orleans, Doha Hamad International Airport in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, City Center, DC Government, and the Historic Howard Theatre. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in International Development at American University.


Urban Jazz Harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet received national and international media attention for the innovative performance space he created in the early days of COVID. He transformed a gutted-out property into a COVID-conscious rehearsal studio, outfitted with floor to ceiling clear dividers to create rooms for each musician so the band could safely come together to create music. Each weekend for eight months, the band opened the windows from the makeshift studio, flooding the block with music. Neighbors listened from their porches, passersby watched from the sidewalks, and virtual neighbors worldwide tuned in on Instagram and Facebook to eavesdrop on his jam sessions. Dubbed Jazz Club Quarantine,Yonnet also streamed live from the IG site of legendary DJ D-Nice.

Carla Sims
Hempsulation LLC
+1 202-360-9959

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Quantum Assurance International Announces Insurtech Acquisition

In our commitment to democratize insurance and provide agents with the tools they need to compete in the digital marketplace, we are excited to announce that Quantum Assurance International will be acquiring insurtech Quotehound Inc.

In our commitment to democratize insurance and provide agents with the tools they need to compete in the digital marketplace, we are excited to announce that Quantum Assurance International will be acquiring insurtech Quotehound Inc.


Quantum Assurance

Quotehound Insurance

Quotehound Insurance

In our commitment to democratize insurance, we are excited to announce that Quantum Assurance International will be acquiring insurtech Quotehound Inc.

This acquisition will help agents compete in the digital space and will have a positive impact on businesses across the country.”

— Justin Eggar, Chief Executive Officer at Quantum Assurance International

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Quantum Assurance International, Inc, the leading insurtech agency activator today further enhanced it’s support system for agents in it’s announcement to acquire insurtech Quotehound Inc., a digital lead solutions company. This acquisition strengthens Quantum’s commitment to helping agencies succeed and providing them with the tools they need to scale in the modern market.

Quotehound Inc, is an online insurance marketplace that connects consumers with multiple insurance companies and local insurance agents across the United States. They leverage internal and external technology to deliver performance-based marketing in the form of leads, clicks and calls. Quotehound's business model allows its partners to build scalable marketing plans and deliver an agency’s ideal customer to them from across the country using proprietary technology and formulas. Acquiring Quotehound will better connect Quantum agents with the most cutting-edge lead marketing strategies and aligns with Quantum’s vision to provide agents with an ecosystem that supports high-volume new business growth.

“We are committed to serving agents and consumers as we transform how clients experience insurance in the digital marketplace. This acquisition will help agents compete in the digital space and will have a positive impact on businesses across the country as they broaden their reach and better meet the needs of the modern client.” – Justin Eggar, CEO, Quantum Assurance International.

Jeff Shi, a Quantum cofounder, is joining in the acquisition by stepping into a new role as CEO of Quotehound.

“The Quotehound team is committed to supporting agents with the vital tools they need to stay relevant and succeed in a highly competitive environment. Agents deserve transparency as they build their digital marketing plans and we look forward to partnering with them to fuel their growth.” – Jeff Shi, CEO, Quotehound

Shi’s new role at Quotehound will work to bolster their organization's impact on the industry as they continue to seek ways to disrupt and improve the insurance world. Quantum expects the acquisition to close later this quarter.

About Quantum Assurance International, Inc.:
Quantum Assurance International is an independent insurance organization serving clients through their direct channel and agency force. We were founded on the belief that insurance should fit the needs of the modern client, and work to redefine what consumers expect from their insurance experience. By leveraging cutting edge technology and insurtech solutions, we reduce friction for the client and help match them with premier choices from top-rated insurance carriers across the country. To learn more about becoming a Quantum Assurance International Independent Agent, visit:

Connect with Quantum Assurance on social media:
Instagram: @quantumassurance

About Quotehound:
The Quotehound team provides transparent and industry leading marketing solutions to insurance agencies across the country. We fuel the growth of your agency by empowering you to broaden your geographical reach and build client relationships in the digital space. To learn more about Quotehound, please visit:

Connect with Quotehound on social media:

Abby Thoresen
Quantum Assurance
Visit us on social media:

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Urban South Brewery Launches Benefit for Hurricane Ida Relief

New Orleans’ largest craft brewery revitalizes Coastal Harmony Fund to raise money for neighbors in need

As neighbors, colleagues and family members, we felt called to contribute to the rebuilding process that we know will be dealt with for many months to come.”

— Kyle Huling, Urban South Brewery

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, September 17, 2021 / — Urban South Brewery has launched a new benefit in an effort to raise funds for those impacted by Hurricane Ida, one of the most powerful storms in regional history that made landfall on August 29, 2021. One dollar from every Who Dat six-pack purchased at the taproom or in stores, as well as a percentage of Who Dat pint sales at bars and restaurants that carry the beer, will be donated to the Urban South Coastal Harmony Fund.

Funds will be rapidly directed to organizations doing on-the-ground hurricane relief work in the southern region of Louisiana, plus those focused on the long-term work of rebuilding and fighting climate change. The brewery has set a $50,000 goal it hopes to achieve before the end of the year to help those in the community who have been affected by Hurricane Ida. Urban South’s New Orleans distribution partner, Southern Eagle Sales & Service, has generously agreed to match up to $12,000 in donations.

“As neighbors, colleagues and family members, we felt called to contribute to the rebuilding process that we know will be dealt with for many months to come,” said Kyle Huling, Co-Founder of Urban South Brewery. “Instead of doing a taproom release as we have in the past, we wanted to go broader with the hopes of raising more money. We couldn’t think of a better beer for this initiative than Who Dat, which is not only available throughout our distribution footprint, but is a representation of the cultural fabric of the state we love so much.”

Urban South created the Coastal Harmony Fund in 2020 in response to Hurricane Laura, which made landfall on August 27, 2020. The brewery raised more than $3,000 in taproom proceeds through the release of a limited edition Coastal Harmony beer.

The brewery hopes to raise more funds for Hurricane Ida relief by choosing a beer available year-round in cans and on draught at bars, restaurants and stores throughout Urban South’s distribution footprint (currently Louisiana and Alabama). A phrase that carries the New Orleans spirit and a beer that embodies the “Who Dat” lifestyle, Who Dat Golden Ale is brewed with pilsner and flaked barley, fermented with a hybrid yeast to produce a crisp and refreshing sip. Citra hops and Hallertau Blanc add a punch of lemongrass, green grape and grapefruit.

To learn more about the Coastal Harmony Relief Fund or to find out where Who Dat is sold near you, visit:

About Urban South Brewery
Founded in 2016, Urban South Brewery inspires community and fellowship through the gospel of good beer. With deep roots in Louisiana and a new satellite location in Texas, Urban South – HTX, the award-winning brewery is making its mark in the beer industry. Recent accolades include: 2021 Can Can Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze), 2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards (Gold), 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship (Silver), 2020 Great American Beer Festival (Gold), and 2020 Beer Army Awards (Gold and Silver). Urban South prides itself on being a strong community partner, and – with a belief that beer is a family affair – the brewery features a family-friendly taproom. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest information on events and new releases. @urbansouthbeer @urbansouth_htx


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Crossvale Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Status

One of the nation’s niche consulting firms in rethinking digital transformation establishes another critical cloud partnership.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Crossvale, a Red Hat APEX Partner, announced today that it has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status.

“We are very excited about this,” said Todd Millard, vice president of sales and spokesperson for Crossvale. “It only makes sense that we and businesses move in this direction.”

Conor Brankin, CEO, and visionary for Crossvale, explained that Microsoft has something special with Azure.

“It gives you the ability to extend your local IT infrastructure into a trusted cloud while leveraging many of your established security and IAM controls will allow your teams to move at the speed of business,” Brankin stressed before adding, “In this time of hardware shortages, a hybrid cloud move allowing expansions of hardware throughput within minutes.”

Crossvale is known for their work with integration platforms such as SoftwareAG webMethods and hybrid cloud implementations with the Red Hat OpenShift product. The company has now expanded its capabilities further by securing their Gold Partner status within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

In addition to achieving Microsoft Gold Partner Status, Crossvale was recently named Customer Solution Success Partner of the Year by Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open-source solutions. The award is part of the annual Red Hat North America Partner Awards, which aims to honor partners for continued efforts to support customers on the path to IT modernization and open hybrid cloud.

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Crossvale supports you in rethinking digital transformation. Our team provides expertise in every area to meet the needs of your modernization initiative.

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