How can San Francisco be the most polluted city in the World ?

People wearing Air Mask in San Francisco

India Gate – Air pollution in Delhi – India

San Francisco – Before and After pollution

We had gone to Amsterdam for a destination wedding and heard about the Paradise fire but I had no idea of the impact it had on the Bay Area air quality.

Passive inspired Energy Efficient homes save up to 80% of the energy and also have the best air quality. SIDCO Homes build a home in San Jose with indoor air quality index of less than 50 today.”

— Mohan Mahal

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2018 / — I had just landed at the San Francisco airport and when I was waiting for the ride I saw people wearing masks. I turned around and looked back at the airport to confirm that I was at San Francisco airport and not in New Delhi.

I had never seen such a site in Bay Area where the air quality index was Very Unhealthy air quality. Next day I saw the air quality index maps and learned that the air quality in Chico next to Paradise fire was over 500 and San Jose air quality is Very Unhealthy.

I begin to question myself why and “How can San Francisco be the most polluted city in the world.” I left home in New Delhi to move to USA for it is the best place to get education, find work, enjoy the quality of life where the air is clean and the environment is healthy for all. After seeing the smog in the area because of the fire in Chico, I concluded that any thing is possible this could be the affect of the climate change? Our president Donald Trump has come to California to visit the affected site with fire may be he will realize that climate change is not a hoax and may have a change of heart and revisit the Paris Agreement to join the rest of the countries.

This high air quality index is an eye opener for all of us who do not live in the third world countries or the cities in the world that are polluted most of the times. New Delhi’s air index after Diwali festival was over 500, which is Hazardous air quality in most of the places in and around Delhi. So we can now imagine what life is like for the people living where the air is so polluted and sky is always smoggy and you cannot see things clearly during the daylight.

Living consistently in such an environment can have an adverse affects on your health please consult with your doctor for precautions and how to avoid exposure to bad quality air. One of the recommendations is to stay indoors where the air quality is better then outside air mostly.

I have recently built a very Energy Efficient Home where I use fresh air form outside to provide clean air as the makeup air rather then using the recycled air all the time. To my surprise I got a call from Cathy Haire my HVAC consultant advising me to put a switch so we can turn off the dampers to hold off the fresh air if the quality of the air outside is verse than the indoor air quality. I immediately agreed to install a switch to take care of this situation in San Jose, California.

We spend most of our life in the buildings and homes. So it is very important that these places are built to provide clean air. We have made a lot of progress in the commercial buildings where we build LEED Certified buildings, which conserve more energy and use sustainable building practices and pay attention to the air quality for the occupants. But for the Residential homes it is left to the contractors and the city code, which requires basic air filtration and normal insulation.

I was in Paris when China the largest producer of emissions and USA the largest per capita emitter of emissions representing 40 percent of the global emissions formerly signed the Paris Agreement. As of today USA is not a part of the team. What President Barack Obama had accomplished President Trump got out of the treaty.

My curiosity to build the Energy Efficient Homes without using fossil fuel took me to a conference in Germany to learn about the Passive Homes from Dr. Wolfgang Feist. Now I build Passive Homes and I build them with the best air quality and energy conservation.

Know people will value the homes that are built by SIDCO Homes Inc – Sustainable Innovative Design & Construction because we build homes to the Highest Energy Efficient standards. Our goal is to build homes that minimize the use of gas or any burning fossil fuel. Each home comes with prepaid solar panels warranted for 25 years. The homes have a car charging station for an electric car.

SIDCO Homes have no heating furnace in the house, we have switched over to the Heat Pump technology for heating and cooling, this is many times more efficient than the regular furnaces. The whole house is completely sealed with closed cell foam for insulation and air tightness. We perform the door blower test to check for leaks and the performance of the HVAC for the house. HERTZ test is conducted for the certification of the ducts, which are new and have a R8 rating for insulation.

The owner of the home Mr. Hiralal Lulla and Dr. Sulochina Lulla who is a specialist in allergies sees the value of the clean living environment. According to her any one with chronic respiratory disease will benefit living in a clean and healthy MERV 10 filtered comfortable living environment.

This air quality index in the Bay Area is a clear indicator that we should demand that building contractors and professionals should design and build homes with clean air quality that is monitored. The technology is here and we have the expertise to convert older homes and bring them to the standards approaching that of a passive home.

If you plan to do a major remodeling to the house demand that you want to make it Extremely Energy Efficient and have the air quality index of less than 50 which is good for a normal day.

Mohan Mahal
SIDCO Homes Inc
+1 408-314-3454
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Interview with the home owners Hiralal Lulla & Dr. Sulochina Lulla specialty in Allergies. It has the with Air Quality index of below 50 today.

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Executing Grant Writing Successfully in Today’s Competitive Market

Dynamic; Hands-On; Intensive Grant Writing Seminars now offered at Atlanta Technical College by Ms. Deborah Williams of New York

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 21, 2018 / — Atlanta Technical College is bringing one of the most sought after and preeminent Grant Writing Specialist in the U.S. to its Atlanta, Georgia campus. As part of ATC’s new partnership with CellBotics Performance Training Center; Ms Deborah Williams of New York; will be instructing these hands-on professional, intensive seminars.
Ms. Williams’; successful Grant Writing seminars have garnered millions of dollars in grant revenue for her clients. She has a proven methodology to help clients navigate searching for and writing grants that receive the funding for their intended projects.

Registration is now available for the December Grant Writing seminar:

Who should attend these dynamic seminars?

Anyone without or with minimal grant writing experience. Experienced and/or professional grant writers looking to enhance their skills. Anyone looking to start a new career or further their current grant writing career.

The CellBotics Grant Writing seminar difference:
 We develop and train beginners in this industry
 We offer Immersive Hands-On development
25 + years of experience in Grant Writing
 Step by Step instruction; (not Theory)
 Participants leave with a fully written Grant to execute

Professional completing this course will be able to:
• Identify possible funding sources and respond to Requests for Proposal (RFP)
• Outline and complete the proposal narrative
• Design research methodology consistent with RFP and project objectives
• Project and prepare a budget to cover administrative and operational costs of the project
• Produce and submit a competitive grant proposal

Successful Grant Writing Course Objectives

1. To understand the competitive marketplace of grants, research grants that will fit with your organization’s strategies and capabilities, and develop systems for continuously identifying the best prospects.

2. The ability to write professional grant proposals for corporate, private foundations and government grants that present your organization with the maximum opportunity of getting properly executed grants approved.

3. Understanding the relational element of getting your grant approved including identifying contacts, getting meetings, presenting your opportunity in person and how review and approval processes work.

Class sizes are limited for maximum effectiveness; reserve your seat today!

Deborah Williams
CellBotics Performance Training Center.
+1 518-5422888
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Source: EIN Presswire declares the finest Digital Marketing Companies of Nov 2018

Top Digital Marketing Companies - 2018

The Finest Digital Marketing Companies of 2018

Through an in depth analysis compiled the list of best digital marketing firms to empower organizations by reaching out to a wider audience.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2018 / —, after a dedicated search mission for the top digital marketers who can undoubtedly create an identity for the brands and businesses among the targeted community, has come up with this list.

The digital marketing agencies assorted and listed here can set a mark for your business and make you get noticed online intuitively through their extensive experience in internet marketing. We have churned thousands of companies, their services, and projects to collate the actually competent digital marketing agencies in the market.

A recent survey has revealed that more than 68% of the brands have successfully taken their business and services ahead by choosing digital media advertising and utilizing digital marketing strategies for endorsement.

Digital Marketing for Effective Endorsement

Unlike a few decades back, marketing through digital media is very much effective as over two fourth of world’s population is now active on social media, 2.77 billion active social media users worldwide, it is expected to reach 3.2 billion by 2021 while the world population is 7.7 billion as of November 2018. So, it is obvious that anything on digital media will reach a larger population than the other traditional mass media. Hence, digital marketing is an excellent way to position your brand name and to get your USP identified effectually to your prospective consumers. The degree of your expression, thoughts, ideas and your level of creativity will give your business a special recognition among the many in this digitally carved modern society.

The business sectors are many and not all the businesses have similar target groups or consumer community hence, every campaign has to be planned and designed precisely. The digital marketing agencies listed here know the knack and have substantiated their potential in creating brand awareness. Digital transformation and the services of popular enterprises and the specialties of many startups have also been promoted through their creative digital marketing campaigns and strategic social media promotions. easing your search for digital marketers

To effectively endorse your services and promote your company, brand, business firm or organization, we have brought to you the list of the best and reliable digital marketing service providers of the world.

There are many social media platforms for promotion, only the professionals know the right elements that will meet the prospects on different platforms. These agencies perform effortlessly in conducting successful campaigns and attaining client trust as they know what exactly will work better on any particular platform. This they have earned through their extensive experience and proficiency in social media data analytics skills.

Be it a startup or a known business, the digital marketers listed by can get you a grand recognition and reception among the targeted customers.

Here is the list of top Digital marketers identified by

Top Digital Marketing Companies
Straight North, Ignite Visibility, Ruckus, Lever Interactive, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Geekschip, Perfect Search Media, RNO1

Leading Digital Marketing Agencies in USA
WebFX, Location3, Dash Two, 97th Floor, Stryde, Directive, Effective Spend, Digital Success, Cynexis Media

Best Digital Marketing firms in India
Digital Web Avenue, RedCube Digital Pvt. Ltd., Submitcube, KrishaWeb

Check the complete researched list of top digital marketing service providers on TopDevelopers.

About is a leading directory for mobile app, web and software, and digital marketing service agencies. With an opportunity to understand and know the developers market worldwide, they research, analyze and choose among the best firms before listing them as a top-rated service provider. TopDevelopers introduces the service providers to their seekers in order to find the best for the seekers needs.

Gillian Harper
+1 551-226-9519
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Micro Job Market offers a Fair Trade Platform for Freelancers offers simple interface to search and hire freelancers

Freelancers can join a new, online platform called Micro Job Market ( that offers a far better experience for the workers themselves.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, November 21, 2018 / — Freelancers can join a new, online platform called Micro Job Market ( that offers a far better experience for the workers themselves.

Micro Job Market is considered the first decentralized freelance platform. It takes 0 percent commission on any closed deal, provides support services to help freelancers build their brands, allows freelancers to contact clients directly, and more.

As a freelancer himself, company co-founder John Hirsch knows what a freelancer needs to succeed.

"All freelancers should sign up to mJobMarket because we allow freelancers to add links to their blog, website and even their profiles on other freelance sites," Hirsch said. “Link them all to, and you can start building your personal brand right away."

Depending on existing, centralized platforms might give freelancers an easy start, but it doesn't help to build an independent business in the long run, according to Hirsch.

Branding and relationship-building are essential to a freelancing business, but the major freelance platforms forbid freelancers from communicating directly with clients. As a result, freelancers can experience trouble getting their services noticed once they leave the platform.
Other services Micro Job Market provides include marketing tips, payment suggestions, useful legal documents and a supportive global community of freelancers.

The freelance economy is growing rapidly. According to the U.S. Freelancers Union, 35 percent of the U.S. workforce, or 55 million people, were freelancers in 2016. It is predicted that half of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers by 2020.

Freelancing is easy to start, and you can do it alongside your full-time job. As your private clientele grows, you can make it a full-time affair and reach financial freedom.

mJob Market calls on all freelancers who want to run a successful business to sign up and use the platform. Freelance service buyers who hire freelancers on mJob Market will benefit greatly, because they can contact and pay freelancers directly, it lowers the cost and direct communication is the key to a successful project.

Micro Job Market
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The Westport Big & Tall Spring/ Summer 2019 Photoshoot Captures a Life of Luxury

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2018 / — Every year, the month of November marks the beginning of the busy Holiday retail season, but it is also a time when Westport Big & Tall makes essential preparations for its next selling season.

Westport specializes in high-end and luxury menswear, and is one of the few remaining retailers that consistently promotes its product through a flagship print catalog. It relies on a mix of traditional product photography and atmospheric fashion shots, which depict the affluent lifestyle of someone who has achieved their dreams. This makes for a creative way to show off the garments selected by Westport’s buyers, which are combined into interesting yet functional outfits and shown against a scenic backdrop in a unique location. All of this makes the experience of flipping through Westport’s catalogs and picking out new clothes feel like more than just another chore. It’s a way to give a customer new ideas to help them expand on their personal style, with some entertaining imagery thrown in for fun.

The setting for this season’s photoshoot is a magnificent 8,000 square foot, European-styled villa located in Jupiter Island, Florida. Every part of the villa’s exterior is painted stark white: from the building’s tiled rooftop, to the columns supporting the elegantly arched windows, to even the large vases and furniture on the outdoor patio. The all-white mansion sits on a massive green lawn, equally uniform in color and neatly trimmed like a golf course, flanked by tall palm trees.

The estate also includes various amenities and props that are perfect for Westport’s lifestyle-oriented photography. In the back is a private beach with a narrow dock, leading to the estate’s massive, 55-foot Azimut yacht – a luxury Italian-made vessel that’s a wonder to behold. And on the front tile-brick driveway stands a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, which is also done in all-white and sporting a light cream leather interior. The vehicle’s clean, Art Deco-inspired interior and large 3-spoke steering wheel, along with the unmistakable Rolls Royce hood ornament over the front grille, make it a great complement to the opulent Floridian villa.

The catalog photo team has plenty of material to work with, and once the models are outfitted with the latest in Westport’s luxury menswear, the fashion photography will be ready to proceed. Westport executives Tom Altieri and Bob Beausoleil are on the set observing the progress and making adjustments where necessary. They know that when it comes to representing a luxury brand through a national catalog – every detail matters.

Westport Big & Tall works to provide high-caliber, stylistically relevant, and aesthetically appealing menswear to big and tall customers with discerning tastes. The Pre-Spring 2019 catalog will be mailed to customer right after Christmas, and will serve as an introduction to the upcoming Spring and Summer 2019 catalogs. All merchandise collections will be available for viewing and purchase on Westport Big & Tall’s website. Please also visit Westport’s Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage, or read the Westport Big & Tall Blog for specialized knowledge and articles pertaining directly to dressing the big and tall gentleman.

By Stephan Belov

Bob Beausoleil
Westport Big & Tall
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Items pertaining to history's greatest figures can be purchased in time for the holidays in University Archives auction

Two-page letter, written in French in a clerical hand and signed by Napoleon Boanaparte, dated 1807.

Huge black and white photo of Muhammad Ali, shown glowering over Sonny Liston, signed by Ali.

Letter penned extensively on all four sides by Charles Darwin. dated Feb. 9, 1861.

One-page letter written and signed by Alexander Hamilton in 1799, with military content.

Letter written in 1782 by George Washington, as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.

Items for Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, JFK, George Patton, Abraham Lincoln and dozens of other luminaries throughout world history and popular culture.

This is our largest auction to date, in terms of value, and there are many rarities to be had. Who wouldn’t like to own a large and powerful bust of Napoleon, or a two-page letter hand-signed by him?”

— John Reznikoff

WESTPORT, CONN., UNITED STATES, November 21, 2018 / — WESTPORT, Conn. – Items pertaining to Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, JFK, George Patton, Abraham Lincoln and dozens of other luminaries throughout world history and popular culture can be purchased in time for holiday delivery during University Archives’ internet-only auction already up and online. Live bidding will begin Wednesday, Dec. 5th at 10:30 am Eastern.

As with all University Archives auctions, this one is packed with rare and highly collectible autographed documents, manuscripts, books, photos and relics. The full catalog showing all 284 lots can be viewed now, at Online bidding is being provided by and Telephone and absentee bids will also be accepted.

“If payment is prompt, bidders can receive a truly unique gift item delivered in time for the holidays,” said John Reznikoff, the president and owner of University Archives. “This is our largest auction to date, in terms of value, and there are many rarities to be had. Who wouldn’t like to own a large and powerful bust of Napoleon, or a two-page letter hand-signed by him?”

The Napoleon lots are expected to do well in the international arena, where University Archives has been gaining a strong foothold in recent auctions. “We’re enjoying continued strength as the leader in Americana, with a rapidly expanding offering of foreign personages, which often sell to our international clientele,” Reznikoff said. “We have registered bidders in over 50 countries.”

The two-page letter, written in French in a clerical hand and signed by Napoleon (as “Napol” at the top of the second page, verso), was penned in Germany on March 29, 1807. The letter is addressed to Napoleon’s Minister of War, Henri Jacques Guillaume Clarke, chastising the Prince of Isenburg for disobeying orders and calling him “ridiculous.” It should sell for $2,000-$2,400.

The Napoleon bust after an 1885 model by Italian sculptor Renzo Colombo (1856-1885) is 21 ¾ inches tall and is in excellent condition, with the original patina. It depicts the French Emperor as dignified and serious, with firmly set brow and intense eyes. Colombo executed numerous casts of Napoleon, and this example stands as one of his finest. It carries an estimate of $3,000-$4,000.

A 1909 metal casting of an 1860 “life mask” of Abraham Lincoln by Leonard Wells Volk (Am., 1828-1895), with the casting executed by Caproni Casts in Boston, should reach $7,000-$8,000. Also, a letter written in 1782 by George Washington, as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, to New York Gov. George Clinton, expressing outrage over Native American and loyalist attacks on the New York frontier, four pages, signed, is expected to finish at $18,000-$20,000.

A single-page letter written and signed by Thomas Jefferson as President, dated Oct. 29, 1803, in which he invites the French Ambassador Louis-Andre Pichon to dinner, right after completion of the Louisiana Purchase, has an estimate of $9,000-$10,000; while a one-page letter written and signed by Alexander Hamilton on Jan. 31, 1799, to George W. Kirkland of Philadelphia, in which he supports Kirkland’s idea of Army recruiting at Tioga Point, should hit $5,000-$7,000.

A scarce engraving on rice paper of the Declaration of Independence, printed in 1848 by Peter Force, boasting remarkably exact renditions of the signers’ hands and perhaps one of as few as 500 copies issued, should command $6,000-$7,000; while a bi-fold manuscript document from 1779 signed by George Taylor (1716-1781), among the rarest of the Declaration signers since he only served for seven months in the Continental Congress, has an estimate of $18,000-$20,000.

A letter from 1947 written in German and signed by Albert Einstein, expressing appreciation for a 75th birthday present from a Mrs. Damann that prompted him to recall and sketch a childhood dexterity game called “Pigs into the Sty”, should reach $12,000-$14,000. Also, a letter penned extensively on all four sides by Charles Darwin, dated Feb. 9, 1861, in which he reflects on social and religious adversity while revising Origin of the Species, should rise to $6,000-$7,000.

An unframed 8 inch by 10 inch photograph of Babe Ruth, signed by the Bambino himself (“to my pal, Cyril, Sincerely, Babe Ruth”), depicting Ruth in street clothes, with a cigar in one hand, with a letter of authenticity from PSA/DNA, should breeze to $4,500-$5,000. Also, a huge black and white photo of Muhammed Ali, shown glowering over Sonny Liston, signed by Ali using a blue Sharpie and double matted in a 35 inch by 29 ½ inch frame, has an estimate of $800-$1,000.

A copy of the book Poems (N.Y., 1844) by Clement C. Moore, author of the classic Christmas poem A Visit From St. Nicholas (“Twas the night before Christmas….”), inscribed by Moore to Janet Drake de Kay (“with the respect of the author, Mar. 1846”) should garner $6,000-$8,000; while a partially printed document from 1793, signed by the poet (and legendary drinker) Robert Burns, in which he signs a permit to grab a cask of rum, is expected to gavel for $4,000-$5,000.

As with all University Archives online auctions, this one is packed with important, scarce and collectible signed documents and other items relating to some of the most famous names in all of history. The firm has become world-renowned as a go-to source for rare material of this nature.

University Archives was founded in 1979, as a division of University Stamp Company, by John Reznikoff, who started collecting stamps and coins in 1968, while in the third grade. Industry-wide, Reznikoff is considered the leading authenticity expert for manuscripts and documents. He consults with law enforcement, dealers, auction houses and both major authentication companies.

For more information about University Archives and the Wednesday, December 5th internet-only auction, please visit

# # # #

John Reznikoff
University Archives
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Royston Carr Asset Management Comments as EU Investor Sentiment Dips

Royston Carr Asset Management – In spite of a robust earnings season, investor sentiment in Europe remains unstable.

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, November 21, 2018 / — Royston Carr Asset Management analysts report that European equities lost ground last month in spite of the majority of businesses reporting strong earnings in the third quarter.

Europe's benchmark Stoxx 600 index decreased 6 percent in October, even after a rally of 1.7 percent in the final trade session.

Taylor Newman, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at Royston Carr Asset Management says that although revenue and earnings-per-share growth stayed strong and the majority of European firms have maintained their full year guidance to the market, investor confidence remains unsteady.

A decline in demand from China for exports from the euro zone, growing trade tensions and Italy's budget issues have negatively affected European expansion sentiment. Royston Carr Asset Management analysts believe there may be room for recovery but that certain things will need to change.

Although defensive stocks have mostly outperformed expectations, Royston Carr Asset Management analysts say sectors which are more affected by global economic turmoil have sold off materially.

At the end of last month, 125 businesses on the Stoxx 600 index had reported earnings for the last quarter. More than a third of these companies’ results had exceeded market expectations. Consumer cyclicals, healthcare and technology have reported the highest number of earnings beats while basic materials and telecommunications reported the highest number of misses.

Royston Carr Asset Management analysts say Europe’s automotive sector is currently one of the least popular in Europe with investors showing concern over the effects of regulatory shifts in the industry and the US-China trade dispute.

Also contributing to a decrease in automotive sales in Europe in September was the introduction of new emissions regulations. This decline in sales impacted performance in the sector for the third quarter.

Sophie Shen
Tag Leaf
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ChiXi Consultants – Short Week in US – Tech Stocks Continue to Lead Markets Lower

US Markets Closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday

Stocks got no reprieve on Tuesday.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2018 / — Apple was the biggest drag on the Dow, as the index plummeted 551 points sending it into the red on the year.

The S&P 500 fell 1.82% on Tuesday and erased all of its year-to-date gains. The Nasdaq tumbled 1.7%, or 119.65 points and is down nearly 15% from its all-time highs.

Retail giant Target reported weaker-than-expected earnings for Q3 and sank more than 10% during Tuesday’s trading session. Same-store sales, a key metric for retailers, also came in lighter than anticipated. Home improvement chain Lowe’s and big-box retailer Best Buy also tanked following their earnings.

Crude oil joined the broader selloff in equities and plunged more than 6% to more than one-year lows and snapped a four-day winning streak. The commodity has been under pressure lately as global supply surplus concerns weigh on prices. Oil has fallen 30% from the four-year highs it hit in early October.

Economic calendar and earnings

With the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, earnings remain light on Wednesday and for the remainder of the week.

Retailers Foot Locker and Gap both reported better-than-expected earnings after the bell on Tuesday. Despite beats on both the top and bottom lines the stocks moved in opposite directions after hours. Foot Locker shares soared 12%, while Gap shares fell 1%.

Deere is set to report Q3 financial results before market open on Wednesday.

On the back of the housing starts and building permit data released on Tuesday, existing home sales and mortgage application data will be released on Wednesday morning. Economists polled by Bloomberg are expecting existing home sales to have grown 1% in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.20 million units. The housing market has been in focus lately as rising rates and higher costs have been hammering demand. Confidence in U.S. homebuilders is at its lowest level in two years.

About ChiXi Consultants:

ChiXi Consultants is a Financial Planning and Investment Advisory firm that is geared toward individuals and institutions who are looking to achieve extraordinary levels of success. Our clients range from entrepreneurs, executives, board members and institutions who demand the same excellence in their advisors that they have demonstrated in their own lives. They require an intensely personal approach that relies upon years of experience, attention to detail, and above all else, objectivity and this is what ChiXi Consultants prides itself on providing.

To find out more about ChiXi Consultants, contact us at for further information or visit our website at

Jonathan Worthin
ChiXi Consultants
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Blockchain-based International Remittance Project REMIIT Partners With HYCON

REMIIT Signs Partnership With HYCON to Expand International Remittance Ecosystem

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 21, 2018 / — Blockchain-based international remittance project REMIIT announced on November 20th that it has signed a partnership with Glosfer/HYCON to collaborate on blockchain projects and international remittance services.

Under the agreement, REMIIT and Glosfer/HYCON will work toward mutual development utilizing the infrastructure of HYCON, a blockchain platform with its own mainnet. The two will also collaborate on establishing an international remittance service within the HYCON ecosystem.

REMIIT is a blockchain-based, decentralized remittance and payment platform. BluepanNet, the mother company of REMIIT that provides inexpensive and safe international remittance and trading service, launched the international cryptocurrency remittance service after its establishment in April 2015. Starting with the Philippines, service soon became available in six countries including China, Vietnam, Australia and Hong Kong. With a retention rate of 90%, REMIIT reduced time and cost for foreign workers transferring money to their home country.

REMIIT’s token economy is designed with REMI and REMD supplying consistent liquidity, which enhances stability and security of trading. REMI is listed on exchanges and therefore freely traded, while REMD tokens are provided to market participants as an incentive. Those who wish to use REMD for international remittance must first obtain REMI and stake it and then convert the tokens to REMD. To facilitate smooth exchange, an incentive is provided proportional to the amount of REMI being staked and the staking period.

CEO Taewon Kim of Glosfer/HYCON said, “With the partnership with REMIIT, a leader in blockchain-based international remittance service, the HYCON ecosystem will be able to expand to finance and international remittance services.”
Kim, an advisor to REMIIT, launched Korea’s first international cryptocurrency remittance service and developed it into a first-generation blockchain company in Korea.

HYCON, which recently succeeded in doubling the network’s transactional throughput capacity, and BluepanNet/REMIIT, leader of international cryptocurrency remittance service in Korea, are expected to create an unconventional ecosystem for a blockchain-based remittance and trading platform.

Glosfer/HYCON is planning the grand opening of the HYCON Adventure Platform in December. The HYCON Adventure Platform aims at creating a hub for HYCON where HYCON holders can participate in ICOs, airdrop events, markets, games and other events using HYCON in return for various benefits.

Holders will be charged a fee of 0.5%-3% in HYCON when they participate in the HYCON Adventure Platform. All coins used to participate in the events except for the fees are returned to the holders and they can also receive other cryptocurrency airdrops. Glosfer/HYCON aims to expand HYCON’s ecosystem with the Adventure Platform and the international remittance service.

Glosfer Inc
+82 2-6478-7000
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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 21, 2018 / — 基于区块链的跨境汇款项目REMIT(代表安赞秀)于20日宣布,已与Glosfer•HYCON(代表金泰元)就“区块链事业及跨境汇款服务相互协作”建立了合作伙伴关系。



REMIT代币经济(token economy)为了提高交易的稳定性和安全性而采取了双重机制,将代币分为REMI及REMD,以此来保证稳定的流动性供给。REMI在外部交易所上市可进行自由交易,而REMD则作为市场参与者的激励。想要使用REMD进行跨境汇款时,用户首先要获得REMI,在进行权益累积(staking)后兑换成REMD。为了保证兑换的顺利进行, REMIT把一定比率的REMI作为激励,且激励与进行权益累积的REMI金额及时间成正比 。

Glosfer•HYCON的代表金泰元表示:“在区块链跨境汇款领域,REMIT一直扮演着领军企业的角色,通过这次与REMIT达成的伙伴关系,将有望构建HYCON生态系统所追求实现的的金融领域,并实现跨境汇款服务领域的进一步扩大。 ”


Glosfer•HYCON目前正在筹备将于下月盛大开启的“HYCON冒险平台(HYCON ADVENTURE PLATFORM)”。“HYCON冒险平台” 旨在构建以HYCON作为参与方式的中心枢纽,在这一平台上可以使用自身拥有的HYCON参与ICO、空投、活动、市场以及迷你游戏等优惠服务。


Glosfer Inc
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