Major Art Insurance broker shares tips on protecting outdoor sculpture

Bruce Gendelman shares his teams approach to mitigating outside art collection risk

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — One of the foremost insurers of art collections in the country, The Bruce Gendelman Company, Inc. has offered sound advice on protecting sculptures. From table pieces to large-scale, site-specific sculptures for architectural, urban, or landscape settings, how and where a sculpture is positioned, preserved and protected can impact the art form as dramatically as the piece itself, according to Bruce Gendelman, chairman of Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services.

Bruce Gendelman notes “While many clients have expressed the feelings that not much can happen to sculptures, our experience with claims tell another story.” Over the past 40 years of insuring art internationally we have experienced major damage to all forms of sculpture from hurricane damage to transit damage and theft we have seen it all.”

In one example a hurricane caused a large palm tree to fall on an important Henry Moore reclining nude causing impact damage to the masterpiece. After a complete restoration our engineers designed a summer hurricane “proof” covering for the piece.

The Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services chairman goes on to add that, “large scale Corten steel installations such as those created by american minimalist sculptor artist Richard Serra
can pose as an attractive nuisance risk for vandalism. For both museum and personal clients with grand sized outdoor pieces, our team performs extensive property access reviews and security reviews. Large limit liability policies are also very standard.”

Bruce Gendelman also explains “that outdoor works will require constant care as they remain vulnerable to
damage from strong winds, floods, exposure to precipitation, humidity, pollution, sunlight, and extremes of temperature, small children, animals, and vandals. Proper curatorial review and processes such as waxing bronzes is part of the routine risk assessment the Gendelman team provides.”

The risk of loss must of course include the proper analysis that in case of a total or partial loss, the FULL value of the art is paid for the insurance company. The policy forms for art insurance vary greatly and thus a very careful and detailed review by a fine art insurance expert is also vital. Bruce Gendelman, who is also and attorney states “ with insurance you are buying a piece of paper as your financial guaranty, you better be damn sure what that paper says, what the credit that is backing you up is, and the claims reputation of that carrier. Just this week we had a client with an art collection lose their entire home in the wildfires in Malibu California. Their previous carrier was Lloyds with a very basic policy, fortunately for the client we switched them to one of the premier insurance carriers.”

The Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services, is able to offer among the very best insurance programs and expert loss control services, working hard alongside clients to put in place effective action plans in order to help protect their most valued interests and assets," adds the chairman, wrapping up, "including sculptures and other fine art."

To learn more about Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services, please visit or call 800-845-4145 ext 13 to speak to an insurance concierge.

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ソウル, 大韩民国, November 14, 2018 / — ブロックチェーン専門企業「Glosfer」(代表:キム・テウォン)は、ソウル市監査委員会主催の「2018不正腐敗の防止に向けた優良事例公募」において、ソウル・永登浦区役所に導入したブロックチェーン基盤の「提案評価システム」で最優秀賞を受賞する快挙を果たした。同公募は、ソウル市役所や附属機関、自治区の不正腐敗の防止および撲滅につながるような優良事例を発掘・発信し、望ましい組織文化を定着するために行われた。





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首尔, 大韓民国, November 14, 2018 / — 区块链专门企业Glosfer(代表金泰元)为首尔永登浦区政府构建了“基于区块链的建议评价系统”。该系统在首尔市监察委员会主办的“2018年反腐败优秀案例”征集活动中,荣获了最优秀案例奖。本次案例征集活动旨在提高市政府、下属机构以及自治区各部门内部的清正廉洁度,同时为反腐败工作做出贡献,本次活动大力发掘并宣传相关案例以营造更为廉洁的组织文化。

永登浦区政府推出的“基于区块链的建议评价系统”主要发挥以下两方面作用: 第一,在区政府进行评价的过程中(建议评价委员会等),可防止发生造假或篡改等问题;第二,可消除投标企业及区民对招标结果的疑虑,能保证评价结果的透明性。此外,该系统还可简化了招标部门的行政业务量。


Glosfer的负责人对此表示:“基于区块链的建议评价系统并不是先引入区块链技术,而是先找出地方政府在业务革新过程中最需要改善的部分,其后再共同商讨如何使用区块链来解决这一问题,因此这次的案例意义重大。”同时他还指出:“首先向永登浦区政府获得本次奖项表示衷心祝贺,日后我们还将继续努力,争取能与其他机构和企业合作推出类似的案例。 ”

Glosfer对依靠自主技术开发出的区块链平台“HYCON”进行了优化并提升了竞争力。目前Glosfer正在加速扩大业务实际落地的涵盖领域,例如: 基于信息通信技术的生物保健服务、执行2018韩国互联网振兴院(KISA)的海运物流领域试点课题、著作权、流通平台,以及金融服务等。

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Glosfer’s Blockchain-based Proposal Evaluation System Wins Seoul Government’s ‘Best Anti-Corruption Practice Award’

Public-Private Collaboration Case of Blockchain Adoption to Boost Innovation and Efficiency in District Office

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 14, 2018 / — Glosfer’s blockchain-based proposal evaluation system built for Yeongdeungpo-gu Office won the ‘2018 Contest for Best Anti-Corruption Practice’ organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Audit Committee. The contest was designed to discover and promote use cases that eradicate corruption and boost the integrity of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and affiliated organizations and district offices, with the aim of improving the overall organizational culture.

The blockchain-based proposal evaluation system prevents falsification, removes any element of doubt bidders or residents may have in the bidding process and makes the evaluation results completely transparent. It also streamlines the administrative work of relevant departments throughout the process.

This is the second time Glosfer has successfully established a blockchain-based solution for a local government. Previously Glosfer launched Nowon Cash, a blockchain-based local cryptocurrency, in Nowon District of Seoul.

CEO Taewon Kim of Glosfer said, “The blockchain-based proposal evaluation system is a meaningful case in which we cooperated to find areas that need innovation the most and discuss ways of using blockchain to provide solutions, rather than blindly applying blockchain technology.” After extending his congratulations to the Yeongdeungpo-gu Office on winning the contest he added, “We will work hard to create more cases like this for other organizations and companies.”

Glosfer has been boosting its technological competitiveness by enhancing HYCON, the blockchain platform developed with its own technology. The company has also expanded the scope of application to include Korea Internet & Security Agency’s pilot project in shipping logistics, a copyright distribution platform and financial services.

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New Book, "Start Something, Do Something" by Kelvin Broadus Teaches Entrepreneurship

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 14, 2018 / — Stepping Out and Starting Something

Far too often, people live life feeling trapped in their jobs and frustrated with a lack of opportunities to advance, feeling undervalued and taken for granted. Entrepreneurship is the recommended solution for this issue, according to Kelvin N. Broadus in his new book, “Start Something, Do Something: Stepping into the Wild World of Entrepreneurship.” The author, who is also host of the “Life Worth Fighting For” podcast and owner of Artistry At Its Finest media company (AAIF Media) believes that though jobs are great, people can enhance their lives and financial status even more by stepping out and creating their own paths.

Previous books written by Kelvin Broadus include:
• Creative Expressions
• Daily Doses of Divine Wisdom
• Independent Entertainers: Breaking into the Entertainment Industry on Your Own

Additionally, Kelvin Broadus is available for speaking engagements (corporate, non-profit, etc.) and radio or television interviews, and provides life and business coaching. For more information about Kelvin Broadus, visit his website at: You can also listen to and subscribe to the “Life Worth Fighting For” podcast at:

Interview Contact: Kelvin N. Broadus
Telephone: 678-995-3320

# # #

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InnoVacient delivers the first Market Academy for Saudi Arabia’s technology entrepreneurs.

InnoVacient, an advisory firm specializing in Strategic Transformation and Innovation, delivers a Market Academy for Saudi Arabia’s technology entrepreneurs.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — InnoVacient, a leading advisory firm specializing in business and operational transformation, delivered our exclusive Market Academy for InspireU, Saudi Arabia’s leading hub for technology entrepreneurship. InnoVacient recently signed an exclusive multi-year contract with InspireU to design specialized programs and provide educational content to develop and facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs and technology startups within InspireU and across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

InspireU, the dedicated innovation arm of STC, the Kingdom’s largest telecom company, is the most successful and recognizable incubator/accelerator for technology startups in the MENA region. InspireU is also one of the first entrepreneurial initiatives created in support of Saudi’s “Vision 2030”, a 15-year plan to completely transform the economy of Saudi Arabia and a leading contributor of high-tech job creation across the Kingdom.

In September 2018, InnoVacient delivered InspireU’s first Market Academy, focused on helping InspireU startups understand complex market landscapes and create focused market strategies. Saied Alzahrani, of Braq Aerospace, an InspireU startup, stated “The Market Academy helped us create targeted marketing strategies for our industrial robotic drone platform. The Academy was expertly delivered, using both content and examples of proven high-tech marketing techniques. The Academy helped me create targeted market-focused strategies to announce our company at the GITEX conference in Dubai, the result of which has already created significant commercial and investment interest”.
InnoVacient has a proven history of delivering technology and innovation centers-of-excellence, incubators and accelerators for corporate clients and governments around the world looking to strategically transform business models through the power of new technology innovation.

Kenneth Ferderer, Founder and Managing Partner of InnoVacient on the announcement, “I could not be more excited about the startups at InspireU, and I am very impressed with their focus and dedication. The Market Academy was the first of 5 specifically designed academic tracts that InnoVacient will provide to InspireU. Each Academy being a critical component to the ultimate success of commercializing new innovations across the MENA region. We look forward to working with all the startups and helping them become critical contributors to the Vison 2030 transformation.”

About InnoVacient
InnoVacient is an experienced advisory firm specializing in STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION. We provide clarity, vision and direction for clients planning or undergoing strategic business and operational transformation initiatives. The InnoVacient team has successfully advised governments, global Fortune-500 companies, non-profits and startup clients around the world and across all industries leveraging our DIRECTED TRANSFORMATION FRAMEWORK™ methodology. Visit or email for more information.

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Jackson Family Dynasty Expands into the World of Technology

Jaafar Jackson becomes one of the first American music artists to utilize Blockchain Technology to launch JUSIC entertainment

Tokenizing my debut project will allow me to leverage technology to globally connect and share my music and passion for humanitarian causes." says Jackson”

— Jaafar Jackson

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , November 13, 2018 / — In 1983, Micheal Jackson released the Thriller album making his second single, "Billie Jean" the first video to break MTV's rock only format. 35 years later his nephew, Jaafar Jackson continues the family's legacy of innovation by integrating Blockchain technology and music. With the help of music veteran/entrepreneur Jimmy Thomas and Blockchain platform, NASGO, Jackson is one of the first American recording artists to utilize blockchain technology to launch his entertainment company and recording label JUSIC.

Jaafar Jackson, the second youngest son to legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Jermaine Jackson and nephew to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had aspirations of being a professional golfer, however, having grown up surrounded by a family that notably holds the most iconic musical influencers in the world, it was only natural that Jaafar followed suit. After several guest music appearances with the Jackson family, he officially had his first solo performance at the NASGO Nation Celebration "The Reveal" with the band "1500 or Nothin' at Hollywood Dolby Theatre last week.

In his first official JUSIC vlog, Jaafar reflects on the musical influences, family work ethic, and debut project. He also discusses his recent trip to New York City to visit the United Nations and New York Stock Exchange where he reaffirmed his commitment to using his voice to advocate for social issues.

To watch the video visit:

NASGO is poised to be the worlds first Trillion Dollar Blockchain Platform. The blockchain is peer-to-peer technology that protects the integrity of digital information. NASGO aims to use an extensive decentralized network to make transactions instantaneous, transparent and secure. Find out more on Nasgo and Blockchain here.

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Jaafar Jackson Introduces JUSIC

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New Funding Program Announced For Minority-Owned Small Businesses

Business Credit Literacy Initiative, a 501(c)(3), recently announced a new grant-funded program to increase access to capital for minority-owned businesses.

ST. LOUIS, MO, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Business Credit Literacy Initiative (BCLI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit recently announced a new grant-funded program to increase access to capital for minority- and women-owned businesses.

The funding program incorporates SBA loans of up to $150,000 with a grant-funded "capital ready" program assisting participants with bank-compliant business plans, financial projections, feasibility data, and business credit profiles. Historically, many small business owners failed to meet the underwriting criteria of low-cost bank and SBA loans. Now, other than a refundable deposit, qualifying entrepreneurs have access to professionally created loan documentation at no cost. Through this program, participants are guaranteed a minimum of a $100,000 capital raise however there is no maximum or ceiling to the amount of funding available.

The SBA guarantees the loans and participating banks have agreed to relaxed underwriting criteria including:
• Start-ups are eligible
• Low interest rates
• Low payments as repayment period is a full ten years
• Flexible use as funding is considered a "working capital" loan
• Easy credit requirements of only a 165 FICO

To assist its membership, the National Association of Black Women in Construction (NABWIC), a Florida-based, not-for-profit organization, is an example of an organization that is proactively taking this message to its membership. Ann McNeil, founder of NABWIC stated, "I wish BCLI existed years ago when I was getting started as an entrepreneur and needed help in building business credit and funding. We are excited to bring this valuable program to NABWIC members nationally. I know first-hand what a positive opportunity the BCLI program is!" Through a partnership with another 501(c)(3), Stars & Stripes Financial Literacy, this program is also available to qualifying veterans.


Small businesses wishing to take advantage of this free, grant-funded program should complete a simple intake form on or contact BCLI directly at

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Cloudingo™ Makes it Possible to Complete Data Merging Tasks Not Natively Possible in Salesforce®

Salesforce deduplication and data management application

Data Quality Platform Now Makes it Possible to Merge Contact and Account Records with Multi-Account/Contact Relationships Enabled in Salesforce®.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Symphonic Source today announced new functionality added to Cloudingo, its leading cloud-based Salesforce deduplication and data management application. Cloudingo now solves data loss and blocked merges in Salesforce orgs using multi-account/contact relationships. It is the first and only dedupe platform to solve this problem.

When merging contacts with different direct account relationships natively in the Salesforce platform, the account relationship to the non-master contact was lost instead of becoming an indirect relationship to the merged contacts. Further exacerbating this problem are redundant relationships between account and contact records. In the Salesforce UI, attempting to merge two contacts that are indirectly related to the same account, or attempting to merge two accounts that are indirectly related to the same contact, the merge is blocked and throws an error requiring the redundant relationship be manually removed before the merge can proceed. Cloudingo's new functions solve these problems. Using Cloudingo's powerful merge capabilities, redundant relationships no longer cause a merge to fail, nor require manual intervention, and correct direct and indirect account/contact relationships are maintained.

"The relatively new multi-account/contact relationship structure in Salesforce is incredibly useful, however, before we added this new function to Cloudingo, it meant customers had to choose between dirty data, or risk losing important relationships when cleaning data," said Beth Turicchi, Head of Enterprise Customer Service at Symphonic Source. "This issue first came to my attention from a very frustrated customer, and I quickly realized we needed to come up with a solution. I'm proud of the fact the Cloudingo has solved this problem in a seamless and elegant way when no other vendors have been able to do so."

Cloudingo is Symphonic Source's flagship application, and a leading dedupe and data quality resource for Salesforce users. Its availability on the Salesforce AppExchange means it is easily installed in a Salesforce org with no software to download or maintain, and easily connected to the Cloudingo web portal.

About Symphonic Source
Symphonic Source, Inc. delivers a full range of data management and data quality tools and services, from data cleansing, and integration, to deduplication, enabling users to realize the full potential of cloud-based and service-oriented architectures (SOA). Its mission is to provide customers with resources to manage the exponential growth in data, saving time and money and adding efficiency. Symphonic Source’s data quality products, Cloudingo, DupeCatcher, and Cloudingo Studio make it possible to eliminate and prevent duplicates and manage data in the Salesforce database. Its customized data management services make it possible for small to enterprise level organizations to fully take advantage of their investment in valuable data resources. The company is privately-held with offices in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit or call 972- 241-1543

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An Enterprise of Innovation

Enterprise Group

Enterprise Group



Enterprise Group Inc Artic Therm

Enterprise Group Inc Artic Therm

An Enterprise of Innovation by Michael Kryton, EQUITY IR contributing writer

Enterprise Group (TSX:E)

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, November 13, 2018 / — Investors are attracted to innovation that works, especially in the oil and gas sector. That’s why they like Enterprise Group Inc (TSX: E), named one of Alberta’s Fastest 50 Growth Companies (Alberta Venture Magazine 2014). Founded in 2005, Enterprise provides specialized equipment and services supporting the energy, pipeline, and infrastructure construction industries. Services include flameless heating, climate control solutions and mobile oilfield site infrastructure services.

The Company’s strategy is to acquire complementary service companies in Western Canada, consolidating capital, management, and human resources to support continued growth. In the past few years, Enterprise has acquired Artic Therm International, Hart Oilfield Rentals, and Westar Oilfield Rentals.

In addition to reporting successful growth thanks to a robust acquisition business model, a diversified cashflow, multiple avenues of growth, and exposure across Western Canada, Enterprise has clearly differentiated itself through innovation. The company boasts 28 industrial design patents (Cdn and U.S.) for products they have invented, all of which are currently deployed in the field across the western region.

Joel Bardwell, Senior Manager & Technical Development at Hart Oilfield Rentals, leads the team behind the innovations. “We are always developing innovations that increase efficiencies for our clients and deliver increased profitability. For example, our CSG (Combo Scissor Generator) integrates the generator, fuel and stadium lights in one portable, efficient & versatile package. The notion that the oil and gas sector is averse to diversification is unfounded. Suppliers like Hart and, in fact, all the divisions within Enterprise, are focused on innovation.”

Other innovations within Enterprise include Artic Therm International’s advanced and patented flameless heaters that produce outputs up to 3.3 million BTUs. Recently, Enterprise also announced enhancements to its proprietary dispatch & asset tracking software known as “StarChain.”

[The innovation and expertise of Enterprise’s operating companies have distinguished them as “best in class” to their blue-chip client base.]

The client roster tells the story; among them —Encana, Suncor, Cenovus Energy, and Husky Energy.

On the ledger side of things, Enterprise reports solid numbers with $65 million in total assets, $50 million in appraised equipment/property assets, and a market capitalization of $22.1 million with an estimated value at $28.6 million. Despite the reduced activity during the second quarter (traditionally the slowest quarter in the industry cycle), the company generated positive cash flow from operations of $1,857,387 (for the six months ended June 30, 2018).

The company’s philosophy is to respond “to an uncertain resource environment through proactive cost reductions and a disciplined capital deployment strategy”. Their tactical innovations drive their exposure and growth at sites across Western Canada. Once the issues around the pipelines and other projects on the table are resolved, Enterprise is the company poised to make the biggest gains in their niche. With a near-term goal to reach $150 million in annual sales, they may very well surpass that number sooner than later.

[Once the issues around the pipelines and other projects are resolved, Enterprise is the company poised to make the biggest gains in their niche.]

To get the complete picture, check out the Enterprise Investor Presentation on their website.

View source version on

Continue watching this space for more news about this innovative company. TSX: E

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